How SQL server convert varchar to int?

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There is a column Varchar (20). It is meant to collect year data. It is transferred to an Int data type, however when the command below is executed, an error message pops up. ALTER TABLE mytable ALTER COLUMN1 int NULL. The error shown is : conversion failed while converting the varchar value 2010 to data type int. The table has 3 rows containing the value of 2010 in column1, but NO rows with 2010 as a value. I ran select len from mytable where column1 like 10%. I got 2 rows with a length of 4, and 1 with 5. When the row was upgraded with 5 length to contain 2010 as the value, the table could be changed. How 1 character length raises results in a period. I also don’t get any data to backup. How sql server convert varchar to int?

Answered by Dan Peters

SQL server converts varchar to int type by cast and convert functions. The varchar variable should have numericals. SELECT CAST (77788 AS INT): SELECT CAST (CAST (888.67 AS NUMERIC) AS INT). You should understand what character was in the first string. You must have a copy of the actual at a place.

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