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Automation Testing Tutorial Guide for Beginner

Testing has become a need of the hour. There used to be times where a product or the software was tested once it was completed. But far gone are those days. In today’s world, companies conduct testing at almost every stage of the product development lifecycle. Today we shall discuss Automation testing and various nuances related to it. The blog covers the following topics-

What is Automated Testing?

Automated testing is a procedure to approve that product capacities suitably and meets necessities before it is discharged into creation. This type of programming testing utilizes scripted successions that are executed by testing tools.

Automated tests can run over and over whenever of day. This methodology fits in with nonstop testing just as consistent mix and constant conveyance (CI/CD) programming improvement rehearses, which plan to carry code changes to creation without doors that require manual interference.

Why is Automated Testing required?

Automated software testing has for some time been viewed as basic for enormous programming improvement associations yet is frequently thought to be excessively costly or troublesome for smaller organizations to execute.

Benefits of Automated Software Testing

Benefits of Automated Software Testing Automated Testing Saves Time and Money

Programming tests must be rehashed regularly amid improvement cycles to guarantee quality. Each time source code is changed programming tests ought to be rehashed. For each arrival of the product, it might be tried on all upheld working frameworks and equipment arrangements. Physically rehashing these tests is exorbitant and tedious. Once made, mechanized tests can be kept running again and again at no extra expense, and they are a lot quicker than manual tests. Computerized programming testing can diminish an opportunity to run dull tests from days to hours. A period of investment funds that interpret of legitimately into cost reserve funds.

Vastly Increases Your Test Coverage

Automated software testing can build the profundity and extent of tests to help improve programming quality. Protracted tests that are regularly abstained from amid manual testing can be run unattended. They can even be kept running on numerous PCs with various setups. Robotized programming testing can glimpse inside an application and see memory substance, information tables, record substance, and inward program states to decide whether the item is carrying on not surprisingly. Test robotization can without much of a stretch execute a huge number of various complex experiments amid each trial furnishing inclusion that is incomprehensible with manual tests.

Testing Improves Accuracy

Indeed, even the most upright tester will commit errors amid tedious manual testing. Robotized tests play out similar advances unequivocally every time they are executed and always remember to record point by point results. Testers liberated from dreary manual tests have more opportunity to make new mechanized programming tests and manage complex highlights.

Automation Does What Manual Testing Cannot

Indeed, even the biggest programming and QA offices can't play out a controlled web application test with a large number of clients. Computerized testing can recreate tens, hundreds or thousands of virtual clients associating with a system, programming and web applications.

Automated Testing Helps Developers and Testers

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Shared automated tests can be utilized by designers to get issues rapidly before sending to QA. Tests can run consequently at whatever point source code changes are checked in and inform the group or the designer if they fizzle. Highlights like these spare developers time and increment their certainty.

QA and Dev Team Morale Improves

This is difficult to gauge however we've encountered it direct. Executing redundant errands with robotized programming testing gives your group time to spend on all the more testing and compensating ventures. Colleagues improve their ranges of abilities and certainty and, like this, pass those additions on to their association.

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What Test Cases to Automate?

It is difficult to computerize all testing, so it is critical to figure out what experiments ought to be automated first.

The advantage of robotized testing is connected to how often a given test can be rehashed. Tests that are just played out a couple of times are better left for manual testing. Great experiments for computerization are ones that are run as often as possible and require a lot of information to play out a similar activity.

You can get the most advantage out of your automated testing endeavours via automating:

  • Repetitive tests that keep running for various forms.
  • Tests that will in general cause human blunder.
  • Tests that require numerous informational collections.
  • Frequently utilized usefulness that presents high hazard conditions.
  • Tests that are difficult to perform physically.
  • Tests that keep running on a few diverse types of equipment or programming stages and arrangements.
  • Tests that require a lot of exertion and time when manual testing.

Accomplishment in test automation requires cautious arranging and configuration work. Begin by making a mechanization plan. This enables you to distinguish the underlying arrangement of tests to mechanize and fill in as a guide for future tests. In the first place, you ought to characterize your objective for robotized testing and figure out which kinds of tests to computerize. There are a couple of various kinds of testing, and every one has its place in the testing procedure. For example, unit testing is utilized to test a little piece of the planned application. To test a specific bit of the application's UI, you would utilize usefully or GUI testing.

In the wake of deciding your objective and which sorts of tests to computerize, you ought to choose what activities your robotized tests will perform. Don't simply make test steps that test different parts of the application's conduct at one time. Expansive, complex robotized tests are hard to alter and investigate. It is ideal for partitioning your tests into a few sensible, little tests. It makes your test condition increasingly reasonable and sensible and enables you to share test code, test information and procedures. You will get more chances to refresh your computerized tests just by including little tests that address new usefulness. Test the usefulness of your application as you include it, as opposed to holding up until the entire element is executed.

Process of Automation Testing

Test Automation expands endeavours required for conveying test results and abbreviates test execution cycles. Propelled tests and ideal inclusion help to convey programming of superior quality. Also, test computerization is a well-customized process with characterized stages.

Any procedure begins with definition, so before applying to test mechanization, you ought to characterize the computerization scope. When beginning tests improvement, a tester should, as a matter of first importance, decide request as indicated by the tests' need rate.

Everything matters in extension definition.

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Having very significant involvement in robotization testing, I can say that, automated tests should cover the most steady piece of usefulness alongside the one that gets rather frequently tried for around 3-4 times each week. When in doubt, a smoke test is picked for that very reason or another piece of relapse tests.

When the degree is characterized, a tester moves to the determination of mechanization instruments. The tried interfaces characterize the bundle of connected devices. Distinctive kinds of interfaces assume diverse apparatuses' range; there is no general choice. Having settled on the instruments, testers get to structure execution.

Selection of tools

Selection of tools Step 1: Understand your project requirements thoroughly

Keeping up the virtue of an application by conveying a sans bug item is vital for the accomplishment of any undertaking. Mechanized testing can help improve the nature of a task and increment scope and profundity of the tests. For this, get a profound comprehension of your venture necessities, for example, venture type (web/work area/versatile), the extent of the undertaking, and existing group's quality on code language before you begin the procedure. There is no such instrument that is positive or negative, yet the ROI of any apparatus depends on the need, for example, what does one have to mechanize and what measure of experiments needs automation?

Step 2: Consider your existing test automation tool as a benchmark

  Let us say that you considered the Selenium Test Automation Tool as a benchmark to assess and decide the best mechanization apparatus for their venture. The favorable circumstances and downsides of Selenium Web Driver structure should be comprehended before assessing different apparatuses.

Selenium is a free, open-source apparatus accessible to test web applications and sites. It gives the record-playback apparatus to create and record playback test contents. It gives language backing to C# Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Node.js however needs appropriate client bolster administrations. Testing groups influence Selenium if they are alright with coding procedures and they test web applications through the UI. Support would be a bad dream with Selenium for a lone tester who must administer both Manual and Automation Testing and may likewise require a full-time Developer for upkeep. Program similarity is the other test with this device.

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Step 3: Identify the key criteria suitable for a project

  There are many key focuses one ought to consider before choosing the best-fit mechanization apparatus for a venture. Here is the rundown of a few key criteria that was utilized to assess the best apparatus for our situation.

  • Ease of Developing and Maintaining the Scripts: Development and upkeep of test contents ought to be as basic as conceivable to diminish the human and time asset usage.
  • Ease of Test Execution for Non-Technical user: The test suite execution ought to be basic for any venture part to run them effectively as and when required. Additionally, it ought to be simple for manual testers who have next to no or no specialized information.
  • Support to Web, Desktop & Mobile application: Leveraging three distinct instruments for three sorts of stages for test robotization is a confounded undertaking to deal with. It is smarter to choose an apparatus that bolsters all three stages.
  • Intuitive Test Report: Test reports builds certainty; thus the reports should be natural and straightforward for the supervisory crew to see effectively.
  • Cross Browser Testing: Support to Cross program testing is an unquestionable requirement when there are numerous end-clients and no specific program confinement.
  • Support for Keyword & Data Driven Testing: Keyword driven testing goes about as an augmentation to the information-driven testing structure. At the point when a venture ends up complex, the test system should be broadened.
  • Technical Support and Assistance: Automation Engineers unquestionably need assistance while taking care of basic issues of a venture. The apparatus that gives specialized help and help would be of extraordinary help.
  • Language Support like C#, Java, Python, and others: Every test situation can't be recorded. At times, the tester must compose the code. Along these lines, the apparatus that underpins the expected language to compose the tweaked contents would be useful.
  • TFS DevOps integration with builds: Support to coordinate with Continuous Integration apparatuses for computerized fabricates and arrangements is fundamental.
  • Pricing: Depending on the above characteristics and venture cost gauges, assess the cost contrast among the other accessible automation tools.

Define the scope of Automation

The extent of mechanization is the region of your Application Under Test which will be computerized. Following focuses help decide scope:

  • The highlights that are significant for the business
  • Scenarios which have a lot of information
  • Common functionalities crosswise over applications
  • Technical plausibility
  • The degree to which business parts are reused
  • The multifaceted nature of experiments
  • Ability to utilize a similar experiment for cross-program testing

Planning, Design, and Development

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Amid this stage, you make an Automation methodology and plan, which contains the accompanying subtleties

  • Automation instruments chose
  • Framework plan and its highlights
  • In-Scope and Out-of-scope things of mechanization
  • Automation testbed arrangement
  • Schedule and Timeline of scripting and execution
  • Deliverables of Automation Testing

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What is Test Execution?

Test execution is the way toward executing the code and contrasting the normal and real outcomes. Following variables are to be considered for a test execution process:

  • Based on a hazard, select a subset of a test suite to be executed for this cycle.  
  • Assign the experiments in each test suite to testers for execution.
  • Execute tests, report bugs, and catch test status constantly.
  • Resolve blocking issues as they emerge.
  • Report status, modify assignments, and rethink plans and needs day by day.
  • Report test cycle discoveries and status

Test automation frameworks

An organization implements test mechanization with a structure that incorporates regular works on, testing apparatuses and measures. Information-driven and catchphrase driven test computerization systems are normal, as a structure for straight scripting and particular testing.

The direct scripting structure suits little applications since it empowers the utilization of a test content with small arranging; however, does not bolster reusable contents. In particular testing structures, a product tester makes contents as little, autonomous tests to diminish excess, yet this procedure ordinarily expends more opportunity to set up. Information-driven structures empower programming testers to make contents that work for numerous informational collections for wide quality inclusion with fewer tests than particular choices. Watchword driven testing systems utilize table organizations to characterize catchphrases for each capacity and execution strategy; programming testers without profound programming information can work with the catchphrases to make test contents. Half breed driven systems consolidate at least two practices to have the advantages of both.

What Types of Testing Can Be Automated?

Types of Testing Can Be Automated Unit Tests

The largest portion of your mechanization tests comprises of your Unit Tests. Unit Tests will be tests that are quick, solid, and just test little bits of code rationale. Since mechanized Unit Tests rush to create and can be effectively fused into your Continuous Integration process, these tests involve the biggest segment of your robotized tests. I would urge your product engineers to make loads of Unit Tests and to perform test-driven advancement with all new programming code.

Integration Tests

Next, have your testers make automated Integration Tests for all zones that can't be Unit Tested. These tests are considerably harder to compose, run all the more gradually, and require a great deal of coding. Given the colossal assets required, it's basic to organize which Integration Tests to mechanize utilizing an organized mechanization overabundance. At any rate, make a mechanized Smoke Test to add to your Continuous Integration process. A Smoke Test is an abnormal state, fundamental test to uncover straightforward disappointments extreme enough to dismiss an imminent programming discharge.

GUI Tests

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) likewise should be mechanized to practice all the usefulness and ways of the application. GUI computerization is precarious because it's typically contained various conditions. For instance, some users of the framework may just be cultivated by following an unpredictable succession of GUI events. Since the GUI may change essentially crosswise over adaptations of the application, GUI tests can every now and again break, so this bit of mechanization should make up the littlest level of your automated tests.

Automation Testing Tools 

Here is a list of a few very famous automation testing tools Automation Testing Tools  Conclusion

In this blog, we have covered quite a few basic related to automation testing. You now know how to select test case, how to plan, what testing frameworks are, what should be the tool selection criteria, etc. if you have any queries related to anything feel free to contact us.

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