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Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Tester To Become Job-Ready


Let me first applaud you by saying you have made a great choice for your career.

You have chosen yourself to be part of an industry that is expected to grow by 14.2% CGAR from 2021 to 2026.

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, markets started concentrating on automating IT activities to recover from the crisis. As COVID-19 comes with its different variants, companies are leaning more toward digital transformation and investing more in artificial intelligence and advanced robotics. Pandemic has made automation a necessity.

Through this blog, we get you every information related to making a career in test automation and what roles & responsibilities you might have to shoulder to cater to all the requirements of an automation engineer job description. We will also guide you about the best Automation Testing Certification that will kick-start your career correctly! You will learn about:

  • Path to becoming a certified QA Automation Tester and the roles and responsibilities of an automation tester
  • Job description for QA automation engineers in top companies like Google
  • What sectors are looking for QA Automatic testers?
  • How much can you earn being a certified automation tester?

Why are Automation Testers so Much in Demand?

How will you adapt to changes if you don’t test and implement? Automation test engineers reduce time and money and assure quality with the best utilization of resources. Quality of testing is increased in Automation testing and reduces the chance of human error of missing any requirement. They make the process simple for DevOps to make the required changes and come up with an analysis that helps shape up future courses of action benefiting the organization.

Roles And Responsibilities of Automation Tester

When discussing the roles and responsibilities of a tester, there are several tasks they meet on a daily basis. To shoulder these job responsibilities, one needs advanced skill sets that you can gain through a credible QA Certification course. Here is a list of closely examined basic automation test engineer job duties:

test automation

When discussing the roles and responsibilities of an automation tester, there are several tasks they meet on a daily basis. Here is a list of closely examined automation test engineer job duties:

Test New Software and Applications

This is the main part of the job description for a QA automation engineer. They run various tests on new software to ensure that programs satisfy all specifications and requirements and run smoothly. They look into any bug that needs to be fixed. After issues have been fixed, QA testers do additional tests before releasing products for customer purchase.

Assist Software Developers 

QA testers work closely with the software development team to apply their knowledge early in the development lifecycle. They collaborate closely with developers to identify potential operational issues, analyze risks, and fix problems before the new program is released. This is also a prime function to answer what QA tester responsibilities are. Learn more about the essential skills of an automation tester through our comprehensive automation testing tutorial.

Take Note Of Defects and Issue Reports

QA tester records and creates reports of all the defects further distributing these reports for error fixation. Creating and maintaining documents like changelogs helps in the quick resolution of the problem area.

As you are reading the automation testing roles and responsibilities, and you know what is a test engineer, you might be thinking why do we even need an automation tester if the system is already automated? Well, You must have heard of the term “technical glitches”, no wonder, technology is made by humans and has to be maintained by humans too. Automation tester plays the role here. Let’s see the steps where we need an Automation tester. Also to learn more about Automation testers, check resources on Janbask Training.

automation testing steps

Requirement: It is the most crucial and initial step of the process. Here a tester has to understand the requirement of the product that will be implemented in the development process.

  • Communicate with the Client or stakeholders: The tester needs to be in frequent contact with the clients and the stakeholders to retrieve the information and demands to ensure the quality of the product.
  • The tester needs to be a part of the automation setup to check for errors during the setup.


In this phase, the tester checks if all the specifications are included as per the customer’s requirement.

  • Identification: Here the tester needs to identify the test case for testing.
  • Creation: After identification, the tester will make a test plan using scripts, that will automatically test functionality and get it approved.
  • Configuration: Then the tester will configure the Selenium Test Environment (STE) for set up to manage activities and predict the time required.


This process includes the development of the test cases, that are written and designed previously.

  • Applying the design: In this step, the pre-made designs will be executed in the test cases.
  • The implementation needs to be done according to the design structure.


This is one of the most crucial and critical stages of the process, where the product goes through several tests to pass the requirements. 

  • It involves running tests for databases, systems, networks, applications, software, and hardware which includes execution of the test cases to analyze and understand the quality issue and bug and then, enhance, and debug the test cases.
  • Then comes the management of changes and run regression test cases and then collate, organize and monitor the defect management process.
  • Tester needs to come up with the exact needed solution to increase the performance and reliability of the product.


The last step of the process is to keep checking if the product is working well and maintaining its performance. The tester needs to create a software defect tracking report too so that the client can see the status of the project.

If you want to know more about the roles and responsibilities of selenium automation testers, read this blog prepared by our experts: Selenium tester roles and responsibilities.

Check the difference between automated testing and manual testing below

QA testing

Automation Test Engineer Job Description and Duties At Various Levels

So, now you are clear about the crucial automation testing roles and responsibilities let’s know what skills you will be needing in different phases of your automation testing career. Also, we suggest you join our Software testing community for better insights!

Automation Engineer Job Description  (8+years of experience)

  • Reporting and presenting to stakeholders and senior management is part of senior automation tester roles and responsibilities.
  • Leading and supervising the planning and execution of functional tests.
  • Selenium or Katalon Studio can be used to automate testing.
  • As to defect tracking and test management tools, use Jira, Xray Test Management, or similar Jira plug-ins.
  • Job responsibilities of QA automation tester also involve working with java scripting or related programming languages within the context of developing automated test script solutions
  • Quality assurance of projects related to Fair Hearings applications, is also part of automation test engineer job duties.

Automation Engineer Job Description and  Roles and Responsibilities (3+ years of experience)

  • Automated testing, test plans, and test cases should all be developed and implemented
  • During the development cycle, thoroughly document test results and identify flaws
  • To discover solutions, collaborate with analysts and software/data engineers
  • Make proofs-of-concept to show that the options you're considering are viable

Now you know about automation engineer job description, Let’s know what does an automation Tester has to do on a daily basis.

Roles And Responsibilities of Automation Tester on Daily Basis

While discussing the roles and responsibilities of an automation tester, it is important to look at the daily tasks which an automation tester needs to perform-

Your daily task as an automation tester will be: 

  • Doing backlog automation
  • Check and fix the issues in the failed test cases
  • You have to also help other ( Software development engineers in test)SDET and manual testers and designers.
  • You need to review the code
  • Attend the scrum with the team and the client to give the update.

Below you can see the life cycle of automated testing to justify the automation engineer job description described through a picture.

Autometed life cycle

Automation Tester Job With Google


What Skill-Sets Are Required To Carry Out The Roles And Responsibilities of Automation Tester?

With automation testing in high demand, there is much that is expected out of them. Here are the key skill sets that are imperative for an Automation Engineer job description.

technical skill

Looking at the roles and responsibilities of automation testers, it in itself is a reflection of the kind of skill sets these minds possess. Automation testing is a very lucrative job role thereby learning more about the career path of an automation tester. They have strong technical and soft skills along with the aim to reach the pinnacle of success. When planning to begin your journey to handle automation tester roles and responsibilities, ensure you demonstrate these skill sets in your profile.

Technical Skills Required to Fulfill Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Tester Efficiently

Coding and Scripting - The first two bases you should cover will be coding and scripting along with knowledge and experience working with languages: C and its varieties, Python, Pearl, Java, SQL Ruby, and Shell. 

Testing Tools - Troubleshooting and testing various solutions is also going to be one of your main skills as an automation engineer.

Designing Test and Execution - QA automation engineers design automated tests for application validation, further creating execution plans to implement these scenarios.

Identification of Bugs and Reporting - QA automation engineers analyze bug reports and highlight problem areas. They then present the same to other stakeholders.

Identify Quality Issues - QA automation engineers ensure that all quality checks are done for the effective functioning of the app. 

Some More Skill-Sets

  • Applying testing programs to new software
  • Identifying and resolving issues in new systems
  • Create reports 
  • Assuring that new software products are consumer-ready.
  • Working with development teams to prevent issues with new products

Learn more about Automaton testing and crack any interview with confidence. Impress your interviewer by flaunting your expertise by glancing at this blog on “Automation testing interview questions and answers.

Soft Skills Needed to Perform The Roles And Responsibilities of Automation Tester

The roles and responsibilities of an automation tester involve a lot of communication and collaboration. Possessing strong soft skills creates opportunities for moving up the ladder.

  • Being clear about priorities, and coming up with what requires immediate attention. Not all need to be automated no matter how tempted you are to do so.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders as required. They work closely with other team members of the engineering team to come up with the best solution. 
  • QA automation engineers are detail-oriented professionals.
  • Creation of bug reports, prioritization of tasks, and many such roles and responsibilities of automation testers require high Analytical skills. 
  • QA automation engineers use their problem-solving skills to find bugs and fix them.
  • Communication skills are a must.  To effectively work with the engineering team, QA automation engineers require strong verbal communication skills.

Automation Tools

Automation tools are vital and commonly used in automated testing. It helps to automate alerts for businesses, integrate QA processes. They can also assist in delivering reports, providing solutions, and automating the QA testing process.

Some of the automation testing tools are:

  • Katalon
  • Selenium
  • Avo Assure
  • Eggplant
  • LambdaTest

Learn more about software testing tools.

Automation Engineer Job Description - QA Tester Tools of the Trade

The employment growth is predicted to be 22% from 2020 to 2030 for quality assurance analysts and testers according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics.

For completion of tasks and automation test engineer job duties, they rely on certain tolls throughout their workday. When planning to become and fulfill the roles and responsibilities of automation tester strong understanding of the following is essential:

  • Defect Management Tools — QA testers must be well-versed in a variety of defect management systems, such as Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and JIRA
  • Database Management solutions are used to write queries and upgrade databases after product problems have been debugged or repaired
  • Basic familiarity of programming principles and languages, such as C# and Java, is beneficial for persons in this profession.

How To Become A Test Automation Engineer?

Here is the roadmap on how to become an automation testing engineer:

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, IT, software engineering, or a related discipline is required to fulfill the automation engineer job description.
  • Learn the basics of testing really well to create a strong foundation for testing and related areas. 
  • Essential Certifications: Automation Engineer Job Description requires a credible certification, you need proper guidanceand hands-on training by industrey experts. Check our Automation Testing training to get all these. there are quite a few great certifications providers by premier platforms to help you validate your automation skills. You’ll want a well-rounded technical background in IT, and there may be certifications that are industry-related, but there are asome other handful of automation-specific certifications you can earn: 
  1. ISA Certified Automation Professional (CAP)
  2. ISA Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST)
  3. ASTQB Test Automation Engineer Certification (ISTQB)
  4. IIST Certified Software Test Automation Specialist (CSTAS)
  5. IIST Certified Software Test Automation Architect (CSTAA)
  6. ISA Control Systems Engineer (CSE) Licensing
  • Polish your Skillset Much Earlier – on the open-source tools that are available free of charge. Install one of the tools on your personal computer and give it a try. You can utilize Gmail, Amazon, or even Microsoft Office as generic applications.
  • Learn to code in order to fulfill all the requirements of an automation engineer job description, as the roles and responsibilities of an automation tester require a lot of coding work. 
  • Get through knowledge of programming languages like C, Java, Python, SQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, or XML. 
  • Don’t miss on manual testing

Get a certification course to master the technical skills that you need to become complete all the requirements of an automation engineer job description: 

  • Test design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance testing 
  • Test architecture
  • Configuration management
  • Continuous delivery, agile, and DevOps
  • Communication between teams 
  • Manual testing agility and interaction

Ask yourself these questions to check if your base is strong enough, if not get certified by enrolling for an online course. 

Which platform is the application built on? 

  1. What programming languages did you use to create the application?
  2. Which databases does it involve? 
  3. Can you create a flow of what are the features and functionalities expected from the application? 
  4. Can you manually test an application?
  5. How will you know if there are any unresolved bugs or other serious issues? 
  6. How will you judge the expected delivery date of the application?

Read more about how to Automation Testing here.

Get knowledge of automation testing tools, so that you are ready for any situation and task. 

  • Learn ATLC methodology, ATLC stands for the automation testing lifecycle.
  • Get experience in areas such as:
  • Automation tools, 
  • the automation testing process, 
  • Decision-making in automated testing, 
  • test planning, design, and development, 
  • test script execution and management, 
  • assessment and review of test programs. 
  • Learn how to create a test automation strategy so that you open up the path to move to a higher role, and don’t forget to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. 

These are just a few examples, and they may vary depending on the application's complexity. As a result, a test automation engineer must have a thorough understanding of the applications they will be automating.

QA Automation Engineer Salary and Outlook

According to Glassdoor, the average annual income for an automation tester is $ 85,221. At a higher level as per Payscale, that number averages around 97,000 USD per year and can go up to 130,000. The average salary for senior automation engineers is $100,269.

Computer systems analysts (including QA automation engineers) earn a median yearly salary of $92,936, according to Glassdoor. An entry-level QA automation engineers earn a median pay of $90;557 per year.

Along comes a lot of benefits in terms of health, dental, life, and vision insurance benefits, along with retirement options. QA automation engineers are entitled to vacation and sick days after three months of employment. Some large firms provide QA automation experts with additional benefits such as free meals and gym memberships.

However, automation testers with Selenium skills are paid differently according to different factors like work location, skills, knowledge, resume and experience level. To learn more about this, read our blog on Selenium automation tester salary.

Every Sector Is Looking For Certified Automation Engineer

Today almost every sector requires an automation engineer to streamline its processes and make it bug-free. Some common fields:

  • Energy industry
  • Pharmaceutical and food sector
  • Automotive
  • Shipping and distribution

Become a Competent Automation Tester

Don’t think much when planning to launch your career in the automation testing field. Automation tester is one of the most sought-after professions these days. Make sure you make yourself ready for the complex world of applications, testing, bugs, analysis, and much more through our automation testing training program. You will be able to follow the best practices and be on cutting-edge technology to stay ahead with our course.

Handling the roles and responsibilities of an automation tester will add exceptional skill sets to your profile. But, this demands a lot of dedication and proper guidance. You can get advanced training, hands-on learning experience, and guidance from industry experts at JanBask Training and prepare to become an automation testing expert fitting well to the automation engineer job description. Enroll now.


Q1. What is Automation testing?

Ans- Automation testing is the process of software testing and other technical products to meet their requirements.It is done for testing of bugs or defects that can arise during the development cycle.

Q2. Why is automation needed?

Ans- Automation reduces the time in testing of products thereby, leading to efficiency and productivity. Automation testing means more testing which increases the overall functionality. It can deliver more accurate results than manual testing and makes the product ready for the market.

Q3. What are the benefits of automation testing?

Ans- Some of the benefits of automation testing are-

  • Detailed reporting- Automation testing uses well-crafted test cases which provide in-depth and detailed reports in a short time.
  • Error removal- Automation testing easily detects bugs and other flaws which cannot be performed by a human alone.
  • Simple- Automation makes the testing process a simplified one. The test scripts are reused in this testing which makes the process simple.

Q4. Which tests can benefit?

Ans- Automation testing should be done of tests that can fail due to human error, extensive tests that require multiple data and are monotonous, tests that cannot be performed manually and takes a longer time.

Q5. What are the objectives of learning an automation testing course?

Ans- The online automation testing course is designed to give a depth idea of software testing concepts such as testing frameworks, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, learn to automate web UI, and more. With this QA automation training program, you can start a successful career in the automation testing domain and employ the right skills and technical knowledge in the workplace.

Q6. Will I get job placements through this course?

Ans- Getting placed in leading Companies is not easy, but you have to go through a tough selection criterion and showcase your skills in the best possible way, why are you more proficient than others. JanBask team will help you to go through the selection process with ease.


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