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Are you looking forward to checking your knowledge in DevOps? Or you want to give a try to inspect whether you are prepared enough for the DevOps certification or not? Then, don’t look further, as you can now test your DevOps skill set here! The DevOps practice exam is well-suited for those aspirants who want to methodically prepare for their advanced certifications. So, it’s time for a quick self-analysis.


  • The quiz is free of cost and can be attempted 5 times in total
  • Quiz Duration: 2 Minutes 30 seconds
  • Number of questions: 10 Multiple Choice Type Questions containing 1 mark each
  • Each question is followed by multiple options out of which one option is correct
  • There is no negative marking
  • You cannot pause the test in midway. If in case you press the close button, then you need to retake the test

As per the opinion of our experts you are recommended to take the quiz only when you think you are ready to give it a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

DevOps online practice test will help you examine how DevOps savvy you are. It will help you recognize your potential and the level of technical skills you have attained. This quiz will help you to distinguish your exercised topics with the topics that need refinement. As DevOps holds the key to solve the challenges surfaced by modern IT departments, this short test will help you in the preparation for the advanced level certifications. The test has 10 multiple choice type questions that are to be solved in 2 minutes 30 Seconds.

DevOps quiz can be practiced online by-

  • Anyone who wants to dive into the expertise of Development and Operations
  • Anyone who wants to judge his/her skills related to Development and Operations
  • Professionals, willing to become the DevOps expert.

The Quiz is designed from the curriculum perspective for a novice to pro. The topics covered in this test are:-

  • Fundamentals of DevOps
  • Overview of DevOps Tools
  • Public Cloud with AWS
  • System Monitoring
  • Vagrant etc.

Yes, if you want to take the quiz, it is necessary to register yourself on the website When you register yourself on Janbask Training, a verification email will be sent to your email id. Click on the button to verify your email. A link for the quiz will be sent to your verified email id using which you can take the quiz. Your performance score will also be shared via your registered email id. The information you’ll provide while registration with Janbask Training will remain secure and private. Read Privacy Policy

Luckily, there is no negative marking.

Yes, this test will help you to check your Development and Operations skills so that you may prepare yourself for advanced level certifications of DevOps. You will be able to clinch on the important concepts of DevOps which are actually mandatory to gain expertise in development and operations sector or in a combination of both.

As of now, you’re allowed to reattempt this test 5 times only.

It is recommended to not leave your system idle, otherwise, it will cause your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to halt which may result in a time-out of the test. Also, if in another case, your browser closes accidentally or click the back button or the close button, this short test will close and you need to retake the test. The performance will also not be saved.

In order to perform this test, you need to-

  • Register yourself at Janbask Training
  • Have basic knowledge of how development and operations work
  • Have the zeal to learn

This quiz will act as a stepping stone for your DevOps Certification. If you hit the skids to pass the quiz, need not worry, you have a total of 5 attempts. Or you may register yourself here to enroll in Janbask Training and learn DevOps thoroughly.

Yes, this is the beginner’s level quiz and the pattern is designed in such a way that a DevOps Geek and DevOps Professional, both may come up with the self-analysis of their knowledge. The goal of this test is to make you familiar with development and operations environment. You can brush up your DevOps Skills after passing this basic level.

The questions in this quiz are Multiple choices based questions carrying 1 mark each.

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