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How well do you know about Data Science

Data Science is among the hottest fields of ITs today. Data Science deals in researching and probing it by leveraging tools such as statistics, automation, modeling, mathematics, and analytics to extricate meaningful insights from them to optimize business growth. Because of the emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT, data has become the currency of every company; and the majority of the companies are fighting to have a major share of it. Skilled data scientists are in great demand. Data Scientists own a research mindset and an extensive range of analytical and technical skills. This Data Science quiz will help you test your knowledge in the skill set which the Data Scientists require.


  • The Data Science quiz is free of cost and can be attempted five times in total
  • Quiz Duration: 2 Minutes 30 seconds
  • Number of questions: 10 Multiple Choice Type Questions containing one mark each
  • Each question is followed by multiple options out of which one option is correct
  • There is no negative marking
  • You cannot pause the test in midway. If in case you press the close button, then you need to retake the test

As per the opinion of our experts, you are recommended to take the quiz only when you think you are ready to give it a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Data Science online practice test enables you to look deeper and examine your data analytics and logistics skill set. The test will help you to distinguish your exercised topics with the topics that need refinement. The short quiz will also help you to know either you fit best to become Data Scientist, or there are specific subject areas which you need to practice. The test has ten multiple choice type questions that are to be solved in 2 minutes 30 Seconds.

Data Science quiz can be accessed online by-

  • Anyone who has strong statistical and mathematical skills
  • Anyone who can create a knack for coding
  • Anyone who can deal with large or complex data processing strategies
  • Anyone who has mastered Data Visualization
  • Anyone ready to compete with scientific methods and algorithms

The Quiz is designed from the curriculum perspective for a novice to pro. The topics covered in this test are:-

  • Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Data Analytics & Decision Making
  • Introductory knowledge of Hadoop and Spark
  • Introductory knowledge of Python and R programming
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning etc.

If you want to take the quiz, it is necessary to register yourself on the website, as this will help us to drop your score directly at your inbox. When you register yourself on Janbask Training, a verification email will be sent to your email id. Click on the button to verify your email. A link for the quiz will be sent to your verified email id using which you can take the quiz. Your performance score will also be shared via your registered email id. The information you’ll provide while registration with Janbask Training will remain secure and private. Read Privacy Policy

No, there is no negative marking. JanBask Training

Data Science is all about processes and systems which are used to withdraw knowledge or insights from terabytes and petabytes of data. The test you to analyze these skills so that you may prepare yourself for advanced level certifications and take your career beyond.

You are allowed to reattempt this test 5 times only.

Unfortunately, if your web browser turns off, or accidentally you click the back button, you may not be able to continue the same test. You’ll have to retake the test. Performance, in this case, will not be saved.

To perform this test, you need to-

  • Register yourself at Janbask Training
  • Have basic knowledge of Data Science and Big Data
  • Vigorous learner

The questions are designed in a way that the novice and pro both may embark the test. If you do not get a good score in the quiz, need not worry, you have five attempts in total. The test will help you to the know-how required to implement Data Science successfully in your organization. And if you’re planning your career in Data Science, you’ll be able to identify the patterns, trends, and relationships in giant data sets. Thus, after getting the results of this test, you may be able to know the topics you need to work upon.

For beginners, the test is a great experience to discover the scope of Data Science. And for professionals, this may end up becoming an addictive challenge which you cannot deny to solve.

The questions in this quiz are Multiple choices based questions carrying one mark each.

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