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Round out your resume with SQL skills employers want. JanBask Training’s SQL and BI Training Program helps you learn the real-time working of SQL language, including Data Analysis and reporting environments. Understand the basic to advanced concepts of Microsoft SQL, SQL Server Programming, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Power BI, and SQL’s use within the custom applications.

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  • Earn Certification Post Completion
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
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Stop thinking, join the course that’s trending! Miscosoft SQL certification course can be a gamechanger for you.


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At JanBask Training, we understand that securing the right job is necessary. We have curated strong partnerships with the industry’s best job placement experts and organizations for your benefit. Buckle up because your career is ready to take off with the best.

Dynamic Microsoft SQL Server Training Course Curriculum

  • What is Structured Query Language, Version,
  • SQL architecture, client/server relation, and database types
  • Installations process
  • Transaction logs-ldf, MDF and ndf files
  • Different types of data types
  • What is a database, table, Key factors to create databases/tables?
  • DDL,DML,DCL and TCL statements
  • Insert record/data in tables
  • Modify/Update the existing data.
  • SQL Server Operators, Normalisation
  • Integrity, Constraints, CASE Statements and Case Studies
  • Joins, Sub Queries, and Nested Queries
  • Views and Database constraints
  • What are the differences between User Views and System Views?
  • Check option in SQL Server Views?
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on DDL & DML

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  • SQL Indexes, What are Indexes?
  • Indexes Types, its Usage - Purpose, and Performance?
  • Performance Comparison Of Column Store V/S Clustered Index.
  • Stored Procedures and Benefits
  • Error Handling in Stored Procedure?
  • Stored Procedure Without Parameter?
  • System Functions, User Defined Functions, and Joins.
  • Aggregate Functions, Statistical Aggregate Functions
  • Stored Procedures, Permissions on Stored Procedures
  • Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions and Triggers
  • SQL Triggers, SQL Triggers Types, and SQL Magic Tables.
  • Cursors, Stored Procedures, Common Table Expression ( CTE)
  • Difference between Temp tables and Table variables
  • Difference between CTE and Temp Tables
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on Indexes, Functions

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  • SQL Server Transactions Process
  • What are SQL Keys, Rank, Locks, and Isolation Levels?
  • Data Flow Control Flow Architecture in SSIS
  • Data Warehouse Design and SSIS
  • Fundamental concepts of Data Warehousing
  • How BI works with data-warehouse.
  • DW Components and SSIS Tools and SSIS Configuration and Catalog DB
  • SSIS Expressions & Debugging and Data Flow Transformations.
  • Deployment Versioning & Options
  • SSIS Deployment Phases & Manifest Files
  • Project Packaging, Validation & Verification Techniques
  • SSIS Checkpoints and Usage
  • Data Analytics, Debugging, Data Profiler & ADO Connection
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on SSIS and Deployment package

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  • Event Handling and Logging in SSIS
  • SSIS Package Security and Upgrades
  • Encrypting SSIS Catalogs
  • Project Business Requirement Document
  • Three-phase report life cycle
  • Report Engine Architecture
  • Brief into Reporting Services
  • Three-Phase Report Life Cycle
  • Report builder and report designer uses and scope
  • Report Manager
  • On-Demand and Subscription-based reports
  • Dynamic Datasets, Enterprise and Adhoc Reports
  • Report Design with Data Sets & Aggregates
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on SSRS report.

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  • Sub Reports - Parameters & Filters
  • Repeat Headers on Each Page in SSRS
  • Report Models and parameters
  • Keep Headers Visible While Scrolling in SSRS
  • SSRS Filters And Sorting Techniques
  • Report Server Configurations Tools
  • Delivering SSRS Reports Using Parameters
  • Managing Reports Using Procedures
  • How to pass stored procedures in SSRS 2014
  • SSRS Matrix Reports Using Wizard
  • Drill down in SSRS Matrix Reports
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on SSRS

  • Using a Stored Procedure in SSRS Reports
  • Matrix Reports
  • Different Types of Charts in SSRS
  • SubReports in SSRS
  • Deployment of SSRS Reports in the Server
  • Basic Data warehouse Concepts
  • Design Dimension and Measure Groups
  • Import Data in SSAS from various data sources
  • Different Types of Schemas-Star, Snowflake, Fact Constellation
  • Fact Tables and Dimensions.
  • Connecting an SSAS cube with SSRS
  • What is the Power BI and BI Reporting Tool
  • How to connect Power BI to the database, Basic dashboard design.
  • Data Source -- Connection with Data Source & File System
  • Connection with Web and Non-Conventional Data Source
  • Hands-on Assignment, Real Scenarios, MCQs, Practice Tests on SSAS, Power BI

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Microsoft SQL Certification Course Batch Details


Live Class

45+ Hours of remote classes

USD 101915% Off

USD 1199

Course Duration : 6 WEEKS

Batch Type


Start Date

26 Jul


09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


09 Aug

09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


10 Aug

10.00 - 01.00 PM EST

  • Lifetime access to study material, PPT and videos
  • Learn from industry-best instructors with decades of big-tech experience
  • Real-time live chats, discussions, and Q&A sessions
  • Receive certification post completion of the course
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • 24*7 support from the experts
  • 4 week job assistance program
  • Help to market your profile
  • Industry-Relevant Projects
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

100% Job Assistance

One on One Module

45+ Hours of e-learning content

USD 169915% Off

USD 1999

Course Duration : 6 WEEKS

Batch Type


Start Date

26 Jul


09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


10 Aug

10.00 - 01.00 PM EST

  • 100% Job Assistance
  • One-on-One Student Interaction
  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Industry-Relevant Projects
  • Lifetime access to study material/PPT
  • Learn from industry-best instructors with decades of big-tech experience
  • Connect with the instructor on video call to resolve queries
  • Real-time live chats, discussions, and Q&A sessions
  • Receive certification post completion of the course
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • 24*7 support from the instructor
  • 4 week job assistance program
  • Help to market your profile
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

Self Learning

45+ Hours of e-learning content

USD 19950% Off

USD 398

Flexible Learning

  • Lifetime access to study material/PPT
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • Assignment/recordings by experts
  • Receive certification post completion of the course
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

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Why Microsoft SQL Server Certification is The Best Move?

With the rising demand for SQL, you are in the right place to pursue Microsoft SQL Training. Our Microsoft SQL Course is the only thing you need right now to ensure a bright future.

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32,690 +

Over 32,690 SQL developers are employed in the US, and 89% of developers surveyed use SQL professionally.

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$9.21 Billion

According to research, the SQL market is estimated to reach over $9.21 billion by 2025.

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As of October 2021, SQL servers have a 51.65% market share among databases.

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428.69% Up

LinkedIn lists over 170,000 job openings mentioning SQL skills, and According to Glassdoor, the number of job postings for SQL Developer roles increased by 28.69%.

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Among software developers,95% use SQL regularly.

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8786 +

According to Stack Overflow's survey, SQL is the most popular data work language used by 8,786 data professionals. According to the DB-Engines Ranking Score, SQL Server is the third most popular database management system (1,283.66).

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90% Up

Over 90% of the Fortune 100 companies use Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server is used by 32.39% of the websites using databases, and over 150,000 organizations worldwide trust Microsoft SQL Server for their data and analytics needs.

Explore Microsoft SQL Server Certification

Kickstart your career with our Microsoft SQL Server Course. It's time to get your certification!

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Our Microsoft SQL Learners - Rising & Shining

review icon1 review icon2 review icon3 review icon4 review icon5 (4.9) | 18K+ Ratings

Albert Pinto icon

Albert Pinto

Albert Pinto review 5 icon0 Albert Pinto review 5 icon1 Albert Pinto review 5 icon2 Albert Pinto review 5 icon3 Albert Pinto review 5 icon4


Good course to have a complete understanding of SQL. It’s very well put together and clearly explains the concepts, after completing this course you will get confidence in SQL. Good job.

Elisa Barnes icon

Elisa Barnes

Elisa Barnes review 5 icon0 Elisa Barnes review 5 icon1 Elisa Barnes review 5 icon2 Elisa Barnes review 5 icon3 Elisa Barnes review 5 icon4


I'm really glad I came across this course. The course was informative, fun and easy to follow, whilst also being adequately challenging. I knew nothing of SQL before other than that it is used to analyze and extract pie...
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Deepak Arora  icon

Deepak Arora

Deepak Arora  review 5 icon0 Deepak Arora  review 5 icon1 Deepak Arora  review 5 icon2 Deepak Arora  review 5 icon3 Deepak Arora  review 5 icon4


The course is really useful and understandable. It gives insights into the high level of detail. There is a lot of knowledge provided through self-explanatory illustrations and examples. The course instructor is also ver...
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Rob Griffin icon

Rob Griffin

Rob Griffin review 5 icon0 Rob Griffin review 5 icon1 Rob Griffin review 5 icon2 Rob Griffin review 5 icon3 Rob Griffin review 5 icon4


It has been such an awesome course so far. I would recommend anyone with basic knowledge of SQL should get enrolled in this course. The instructor is very interactive and provides with the latest updated content.

David Woods icon

David Woods

David Woods review 5 icon0 David Woods review 5 icon1 David Woods review 5 icon2 David Woods review 5 icon3 David Woods review 5 icon4


The lecture is very helpful and helps you to build up your SQL skills. Lecturer also is very supportive and always ready to help with any questions/queries or related matters. I surely recommend you for this course.

Ethan Martin icon

Ethan Martin

Ethan Martin review 5 icon0 Ethan Martin review 5 icon1 Ethan Martin review 5 icon2 Ethan Martin review 5 icon3 Ethan Martin review 5 icon4


This is the best course so far. The lectures and course content are amazing and cover a whole lot of spectrum on Advanced SQL under one course. Recommend it all the way.

Jennifer Keller  icon

Jennifer Keller

Jennifer Keller  review 4 icon0 Jennifer Keller  review 4 icon1 Jennifer Keller  review 4 icon2 Jennifer Keller  review 4 icon3 Jennifer Keller  review 4 icon41


This is a good course. Teaching and the content are good. The best part of this training is we have example after all the lessons. It’s really helpful.

Paul Peterson icon

Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson review 5 icon0 Paul Peterson review 5 icon1 Paul Peterson review 5 icon2 Paul Peterson review 5 icon3 Paul Peterson review 5 icon4


It is really a pleasure to follow this course because the instructor explains in an understandable way. Emphasis is given on examples while explaining different concepts at the base of SQL.

Franco Chambers icon

Franco Chambers

Franco Chambers review 5 icon0 Franco Chambers review 5 icon1 Franco Chambers review 5 icon2 Franco Chambers review 5 icon3 Franco Chambers review 5 icon4


The course has easy to follow lectures and manageable assignments that serve the purpose of providing exposure to SQL. A good explanation is provided for the covered materials in a simple and direct way.

John Bell icon

John Bell

John Bell review 4 icon0 John Bell review 4 icon1 John Bell review 4 icon2 John Bell review 4 icon3 John Bell review 4 icon41


Good course and instructor. I would prefer assignments to be a bit more challenging and include all topics covered in the lecture. Overall I think the lecturer explained the material in a good way.

Christian Lewis icon

Christian Lewis

Christian Lewis review 5 icon0 Christian Lewis review 5 icon1 Christian Lewis review 5 icon2 Christian Lewis review 5 icon3 Christian Lewis review 5 icon4


The entire course content seemed really fun to learn and this is one of the best languages I've ever learned. The instructor helped me understand each and every bit of the course and the required depth in certain topics ...
Read More

Charlie Watson icon

Charlie Watson

Charlie Watson review 5 icon0 Charlie Watson review 5 icon1 Charlie Watson review 5 icon2 Charlie Watson review 5 icon3 Charlie Watson review 5 icon4


The Course is clear and concise. It provides a very smooth flow throughout the course and allows the user to understand it easily. The lecture was awesome and explained everything in length to absorb details.

Career Services By JanBask Training

Microsoft SQL Training Career Path


Course Completion

You will receive a Microsoft SQL certification after completing the course requirements. This certification serves as evidence of your skills and knowledge.


Build a Portfolio

While completing the course, we work with you on building a portfolio of your projects and assignments. A strong portfolio showcases your practical skills to potential employers.


Interview Preparation

We assist you in preparing a professional resume that highlights your certification, skills, and any relevant experience.


Job Search

Start your job search by applying for SQL developer positions. Utilize job search websites, industry-specific job boards, and professional networking platforms.


Job Applications

Submit personalized job applications and cover letters for SQL positions that align with your skills and career goals. We assist you every step of the way.

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