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Microsoft Dot Net Training and Certification Course in Live Classes. Learn C# Programming Language, MVC, ASP .Net, WCF, WPF and visual studio with real-time classes and hands-on practice to improve your programming skills. Grab the opportunity to become potential .Net Expert headed by Microsoft framework.

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Do You Know Why .Net Training is Necessary to Grow Your Career?

Instructor-led Live Online Classes - .Net Certification

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.Net Certification Training Course Roadmap

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Introduction & (WFA)

  • Introduction to Computer Programming, OOPS, Dot Net, ADO Dot Net

    • Computer Science Basics.
    • Programming Basics.
    • Getting Started with .
    • Object Oriented Programming.

    Windows Forms Application (WFA)

    • Windows Forms Overview.
    • Creating a new Windows Form.
    • Creating Event Handlers in Windows Forms.
    • Adjusting the Size and Scale of Windows Forms.
    • Changing the appearance of Windows Forms.
    • Windows Forms Controls.
    • User Input in Windows Forms.
    • Dialog Boxes in Windows Forms.
    • Windows Forms Data Binding.
    • Windows Forms Security.
    • ClickOnce Deployment for Windows Forms.
    • Enhancing Windows Forms Applications.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

    • Windows Communication Foundation (WPF) Architecture.
    • WCF Fundamentals.
    • Messaging and Endpoints.
    • Communication Protocols.
    • Message Patterns.
    • WCF Terms.

Windows Presentation Foundation Application (WPF)

    • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Architecture.
    • System.Object.
    • Presentation Framework.
    • Presentation Core.
    • System.Threading.DispatcherObject.
    • System.Windows.DependencyObject.
    • System.Windows.Media.Visual.
    • System.Windows.UIElement.
    • System.Windows.FrameworkElement.
    • System.Windows.Controls.Control.

Web Development & ASP Dot Net

    • Introduction to Web Development (HTML, CSS, Java Script).
    • Advanced Web Development Concepts.
    • Introduction to ASP Dot Net.
    • Architecture of ASP Dot Net.
    • Advantages of ASP Dot Net.
    • Separation of Code from HTML.
    • Support for compiled languages.
    • Use services provided by the .NET Framework.
    • Graphical Development Environment.
    • State management.
    • Update files while the server is running.
    • XML-Based Configuration Files.
    • ASP Dot Net Web Forms (ASPX) applications.
    • Advanced concepts of ASP Dot Net Web Forms & its configuration.
    • ASP Dot Net Web Services (ASMX) applications.
    • Advanced concepts of ASP Dot Net Web Services & its configuration.

ASP Dot Net MVC (Model, View, Controller)

    • ASP Dot Net MVC Overview.
    • Support for Test Driven Development.
    • When to create an MVC Application.
    • Advantages of MVC-Based Web Application.
    • Features of ASP Dot Net MVC Framework.

Entity Framework

    • Introduction to Entity Framework, Modeling & Mapping.
    • Entity Framework Overview.
    • Mapping Objects to Data.
    • Accessing and Changing Entity Data.
    • Data Providers.
    • Entity Data Model Tools.
    • Advances Configurations and Considerations.


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.NET Corporate Training

.Net Corporate Training & Certification

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Gavin Scott

I had a great experience to learn the coding domain, but it was difficult in the beginning. The course structure is designed in such a way that even non-engineering students can also learn with rigorous practice.

Ruchika Singhania

The best part in the training was the trainer who made us understand the language in a very detailed manner and explains every feature incorporated in the language.

Steve Conner

Thank You JanBask for making me a DotNet developer. What I like the most is their syllabus which is professionally designed and instructions are very easy to follow. I highly recommend this online training.

Charlie McCarthy

Being an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate, I had never done any coding. And I took the wise decision to join the online Dot Net training. They will make you a developer in 45 days but with a promise to do regular practice.

Tiffany Ann

I have worked in IT for 7 years but took a gap of a few years for my family. I found the online training after some research and took the course. It was really very helpful to connect to the coding development part due to my past experience. The instructor is a master in his subject and taught the most complex topics with ease. Thank you, Sir!

Audrey Torres

Good .NET online training and the convenience to join from home also make it easy for people like me who have a family to look after.

Judy Caputo

The course is finely crafted and a naive like me can also learn to code with sheer dedication and instructor's guidance.

Ralph Myers

Thank you very much for the complete consultation and guidance, the instructor has a strong hold on his subject has developed a greater background in Dot Net technology with C#.

Chase Lucas

In the past, I took .NET classes from a classroom instructor but ended up not learning much due to the incompetent way they taught the.NET course. I got to know about JanBask online training by a friend who was taking a Salesforce course from them. The course instructor is highly experienced and thorough in his subject and makes the class very informative.

Mason Hall

This course is worth every single penny I have paid. I am confident and happy to take this course. Thank You

Prachi Nair

Thank you JanBask for your training and the first time in my life that I am able to understand C#, ASP.NET, WinForms programming. You have got the best instructor in the world.

Pratap Rana

Hi JanBask, your online videos are awesome and I am fully confident to work as a Dot Net developer.

Sankalp Rathore

One of the best .NET training available online and a must try for professional developers as well as newcomers. Kudos!!

Alyssa Scott

Good training and instructor for .NET online training

Aaron Patel

Thank for the best online training in a complex subject like Dot Net which only need experts to teach and I must say you have got the gem instructor.

Levi West

I was very nervous to join the .NET course because I am very new to IT but online training is the best source of knowledge for budding- developers. Thank you JanBask.

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