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Learn to code and program natively and develops apps like a pro!

A real-time and project-oriented android development certification course from JanBask Training

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Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
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USD 499
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
12.20 - 12.20 PM
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Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
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Integral Features
  • Free Demo Classes to get good understanding on course offerings& Teaching Style
  • From beginner level to advanced techniques; by experienced working professionals.
  • Focus in this course is very practitioner oriented.
  • Weekdays & Weekends classes based on Student’s convenience.


Android Training Course - Syllabus

Java Introduction

OOPs Concepts, Inheritance in detail, Exception handling, Multi threading

SQL Introduction

Basic Queries, DDL, DML

Introduction to Android

Basics of Android, Setting up development environment, Dalvik, Virtual Machine, Basic Building blocks, UI Components, Components for communication, Android API levels

Application Structure

AndroidManifest.xml, Layouts, Activities and Activity lifecycle

Emulator-Android Virtual Device

Launching emulator, Emulator settings, Introduction to DDMS

Basic UI Design

Form widgets, Layouts


SharedPreferences, Preferences from xml


Option menu, Context menu, Sub menu, Menu from xml


Explicit Intents, Implicit intents

UI Design

Time and Date, Images and media, Composite

Styles & Themes

Drawable resources, styles.xml, Style attribute

Content Provider

SQLite Programming, SQLiteOpenHelper, SQLiteDatabse

Adapters and Widgets

Adapters, ListView, Custom listview, GridView using adapters


Broadcast Receivers, Services and notifications

Custom Components

Custom Tabs, Custom animated popup panels


Threads running on UI, Worker thread, XML Parsing, JSON Parsing, Accessing Phone services, Network connectivity services

Core Data

Basics of Core Data, Store/Retrieve data using core data, Google Store Basics, Memory Management tools


How Our Expert Android Instructors Will Help You?

Become job-ready with an industry recognized certification curated by experts.

JanBask Training is highly regarded as the ideal online mobile application development training academy. Enroll into our self-paced course to leverage the complete expertise of our certified and professional instructors. The course content is aligned to global App Development Standards that are prevalent in companies like Google, Sandbox etc. Our trainers are expert developers themselves with 15+ years of industry experience. Till date JanBask Training Academy has churned out over 30,000 successful students. Your course takeaways and our program highlights are as follows:

Your course takeaways and our program highlights are as follows:

  • Learn basic Android Development tools
  • Use various Layouts and Widgets
  • Communicate between fragments and activities
  • Customize a widget
  • Create interactive applications in android
  • Generate a dynamic web application
  • Publish your App on Google Play
  • Form smooth flow from basics to advance level programming
  • Leverage complete course packaging to engineer Business-Critical Programming
  • Learn agile App development approach
  • Meet the speed-to-market objectives in the Android App industry
  • Undergo a rigorous training with live projects
  • Develop the confidence in yourself as a participant
  • Test frameworks and automation strategies
  • Ensure quality of the App development process as a product
  • Focus on innovative thought process development
  • Leverage the complete potential of our in-house developed training patterns
Learn Android App Development Course

Student's Testimonials

Learn Android App Development Course

When I joined JanBask Training, I started learning Android Application from the scratch and at the end of the course I was able to develop my dream application and this App works perfectly fine. I can apply the acquired skill on Android at my work to develop smart embedded systems. Thank you the entire JanBask Training Team!

Learn Android App Development Course

The Android course at JanBask Training was better than any real-time classes I ever attended. The faculty is wonderful and always available. The classes are practical oriented and it has been a great learning experience. I am so happy and satisfied. Good job JanBask Training Team!

Learn Android App Development Course

I had a great experience learning Android Development 'online' with Team JanBask Training. The great support, light atmosphere and answering every question never made me miss blackboard, chalk and duster. Recorded sessions and 24*7 support are really good advantages and helps learning easy without any limitations on timings.

Do you have questions before you start your Android Application Development Training?

We help hundreds of students every month by providing them the platform their Android Application Development Training. JanBask Training Experts have provided them the clear path and guidance to their career as an Android Professionals in IT industry.

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Quick Facts about Android Apps that you must know!

Android is dominating the global smartphone operating system market

  • Android operating system is on a Unix kernel that runs on mobiles, smartphones, tablets, touch screen devices, tv and other devices globally.
  • This popular OS powers maximum new smartphones across the globe. According to Heavy.com, as of May 2013, 900 million Android devices had been activated.
  • Along with iOS, Android has definitely crushed competition. According to Heavy.com, also, as of the Q4 2012, Android owned 52% of the U.S. mobile market share and an astounding 70% globally.
  • Android has more than a billion users. According to Heavy.com, as of May 2013, there had been 48 billion app installs from the Google Play store.
  • Android is open source and free for other companies unlike Apple iOS.
  • A major issue with Android devices is fragmentation, which revolves around phones and carriers that are unable to release Android updates on a timely schedule.
  • Native Android apps use Java programming language, and are easily ported to Blackberry, Symbian and Ubuntu. Microsoft has also announced that it will render an easy method to port Android apps to Windows 10 devices.

Android app development skills will help you to take the next big leap in your career

Learn to describe an application's key functional and nonfunctional requirements like a pundit

Android app development from the time of its inception has been instrumental for the hoarding of different applications on Google Play. The huge amount of fame received by the Android platform can be credited to the buyers and clients who have struggled to incorporate various applications in different industries all over the world. Android is fast becoming one of the biggest platforms for programmers today. There is a huge demand for skilled Android developers all over the world. Most businesses across multiple domains are building Android Apps both for enterprise and retail products. Whether you are student or in the IT industry, possessing Android Development skills will help you take the next big leap in your career.

Learn Android App Development Course

Why Learn this Coarse with Janbask?

Learn Android App Development Course

Instructor-Led Live Classes

We have a community forum for all our customers wherein you can enrich your learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing for free.

Learn Android App Development Course

Real Time Examples & Case Studies

Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project where you will be expected to create an App in Android. This live project will make you job ready and industry compliant.

Learn Android App Development Course

Hands-on Assignments & Doubt Clarifications

Each class will be followed by practical assignments which can be completed before the next class. Your course is self-paced and your trainers are approachable on all seven days in the week.

Learn Android App Development Course

Certification & Daily Support

We have 24x7 online support team available to help you with any technical queries you may have during the course.

Android Training - FAQs

Who will be the Instructor?

Our instructors are working professionals from the Industry with relevant experience of 10-12 yrs. They are the experts and well trained for providing online training so that candidates get a great learning experience.

What if I’m not from an IT Background?

We deliver the training from very basics so Trainer would start from the Scratch, It’s not necessary to be from an IT background to become a master of a certain technology, all you need is enthusiasm and guidance from our instructor.

Are there course textbooks?

There are no required textbooks for JanBask courses. We often recommend additional resources and books that you may find helpful, but any materials you need are usually free or optional.

What about the Hands on Experience?

The training is going to be more what we call as practical; you’ll be given exposure to the real time project.

Can I get a demo session?

Yes, we can help you out with 1 demo class or a previous class recording so that you can understand about the Online Classes.

How can I enroll?

To enroll, you can Register on our website or can send us an e-mail at training@janbask.com and also you can give us a call at +1 908 652 6151.

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