Business Analyst Certification Course for Beginners & Professionals

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Are you ready to be part of one of the most rewarding career options? Whether you're just starting your journey in the world of business analysis or looking to enhance your existing skills, our BA course offers comprehensive and practical training, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in this dynamic field.

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  • Industry-Recognized Certification
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
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Data-Driven Decisions Begin Here: Business Analyst Certification Program

Propel your career, get a BA certification, or expand your knowledge at any level with JanBask Training.


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Become a Certified Business Analyst: Your Path to Success

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Job Assistance Program

Unwavering support in securing your dream job.

At JanBask Training, we understand that landing the right job is essential for your career growth and success. That's why we've cultivated strong partnerships with trusted job placement experts and organizations to help you take your career to the next level.

Online Business Analyst Training Course Curriculum

Structured educational framework designed to equip learners with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as Business Analysts

  1. Business Analysis Introduction & career Path
  2. Business Analysis Framework & Techniques
  3. SDLC Models Overview
  4. Stakeholder Identification & Management
  5. Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement techniques
  6. Critical analysis of Business Process
  7. Business Process mapping and Modelling
  8. As Is - To be Analysis and Documentation
  9. Requirements Overview
  10. Requirement Types (Business, Stakeholder, Functional, Non-Functional and Transition)

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  1. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  2. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)
  3. BPMN Notations and Symbols
  4. Requirement Elicitation Tasks
  5. Manage Stakeholder Collaboration
  6. Requirement Management & Communication
  7. Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  8. Gap Analysis
  9. Impact Analysis & Risk Analysis
  10. Risk Mitigation Techniques

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  1. UML Overview, History and Its Importance for a BA
  2. Structural Diagrams (Class, Object, Package, Component, Composite, Deployment and Profile Diagram)
  3. Behavioural Diagram (Use Case, Activity, State Machine, Sequence, Communication, Interaction Overview and Timing Diagram)
  4. MS Visio and Balsamiq tool (Wireframe and Mock-ups) Overview
  5. Practical session of MS Visio (draw Use Case diagram)
  6. Practical session on Balsamiq for Wire Frame creation (Website homepage)
  7. User Stories Overview
  8. Business Requirement Document (BRD)
  9. Functional Requirement Document (FRD)
  10. System Requirement Document (SRD)

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  1. Enterprise IT Analysis Overview (PESTLE, PORTER'S 5 FORCES, SWOT, etc.)
  2. Assessing Capability Gaps and determine solution approach
  3. McFarlan's IT grid, Gartner's curve, Zachman's Framework and TOGAF Framework
  4. Agile Methodology overview and its manifesto
  5. Agile Software Development Lifecycle
  6. Scrum Concepts in detail
  7. Managing Sprint Planning, Daily SCRUM, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospectives
  8. Scum Master, Product Owner and Development Team in detail
  9. Kanban Overview
  10. Preparing User Stories, Product Backlog, Sprint Burn Down Charts overview

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  1. Database concepts and the 3rd Normal Form, Primary Key & Foreign Key concepts
  2. SQL DDL & DML commands
  3. SQL DCL & TCL Commands
  4. SQL Data Query Language (SQL Practical sessions)
  6. Data Modelling, OLAP, OLTP and ETL Concepts
  7. Software Testing (Manual & Automation)
  8. Types of Software testing and Importance of UAT
  9. Deployment Environments (Dev, Test, Staging and Production)
  10. Test Cases overview

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  1. Health Care domain overview
  2. Insurance domain Overview
  3. Banking and Financial Services (BFSI) domain overview
  4. E-Commerce domain
  5. Supply Chain Management and Logistics Overview
  6. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & Its Importance
  7. JIRA overview
  8. Basecamp & Mantis Overview
  9. Go to meeting & WebEx overview
  10. BA Certification & Resume preparation support

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Industry-Recognized Certification

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BA Training Cost and Batch Details


Live Class

45+ Hours of remote classes

USD 101915% Off

USD 1199

Course Duration : 6 WEEKS

Batch Type


Start Date

21 Jun


09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


12 Jul

09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


29 Jun

10.00 - 01.00 PM EST

  • Lifetime access to study material, PPT and videos
  • Learn from industry-best instructors with decades of big-tech experience
  • Real-time live chats, discussions, and Q&A sessions
  • Receive certification post completion of the course
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • 24*7 support from the experts
  • 4 week job assistance program
  • Help to market your profile
  • Industry-Relevant Projects
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

100% Job Assistance

One on One Module

45+ Hours of e-learning content

USD 169915% Off

USD 1999

Course Duration : 6 WEEKS

Batch Type


Start Date

21 Jun


09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


29 Jun

10.00 - 01.00 PM EST

  • 100% Job Assistance
  • One-on-One Student Interaction
  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Industry-Relevant Projects
  • Lifetime access to study material/PPT
  • Learn from industry-best instructors with decades of big-tech experience
  • Connect with the instructor on video call to resolve queries
  • Real-time live chats, discussions, and Q&A sessions
  • Receive certification post completion of the course
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • 24*7 support from the instructor
  • 4 week job assistance program
  • Help to market your profile
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

Self Learning

45+ Hours of e-learning content

USD 19950% Off

USD 398

Flexible Learning

  • Lifetime access to study material/PPT
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • Assignment/recordings by experts
  • Receive certification post completion of the course
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

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Turn Data into Insights with Our Business Analyst Certification

Enrolling in an online Business Analyst (BA) course can offer numerous career benefits, whether you are starting your career or seeking to advance in the field.

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Amongst the Top 10 highest-paying IT jobs in the United States

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According to the BLS, the role of business analysts is expected to grow 11% between 2021 and 2023.

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The maximum BAs make in the US ranges near $ 1,63,706 or even more in some cases.

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99,400 openings for Business analysts projected each year, on average, over the decade

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Business analyst positions within the broader DSA category are expected to grow about 17% annually.

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47000 +

Today's top 47000+ Business Analyst jobs in the United States. Leverage your BA Certificate and get hired.

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Between 2020 and 2030, Financial Analyst positions are projected to grow by 6%. Management Analyst jobs are expected to experience a 14% growth

BA Course Certificate

Elevate your career with our BA course certificate. It's time to get hold of your certification!

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Hear from Our BA Learners

review icon1 review icon2 review icon3 review icon4 review icon5 (4.9) | 16K+ Ratings

Matt Coleman icon

Matt Coleman

Matt Coleman review 5 icon0 Matt Coleman review 5 icon1 Matt Coleman review 5 icon2 Matt Coleman review 5 icon3 Matt Coleman review 5 icon4


I really like the fact that the BA course at JanBask prepares whoever is interested in BA role to get practical. It structures in a way that takes you through the process from the beginning to the very end. So it is cle...
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Robert Tedge icon

Robert Tedge

Robert Tedge review 5 icon0 Robert Tedge review 5 icon1 Robert Tedge review 5 icon2 Robert Tedge review 5 icon3 Robert Tedge review 5 icon4


I have taken business administration course in JanBask and I am very satisfied with course content, real-time classes support from experts of respective technology. I recommend JanBask is best for corporate learnings and...
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Ryan Ethan  icon

Ryan Ethan

Ryan Ethan  review 5 icon0 Ryan Ethan  review 5 icon1 Ryan Ethan  review 5 icon2 Ryan Ethan  review 5 icon3 Ryan Ethan  review 5 icon4


I was enrolled into BA training from JanBask, they provide a great presentation on the topic that helps to understand the in-depth of Business Analysis. I could not have asked for a better course for getting a head-star...
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Deepak Kumar  icon

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar  review 5 icon0 Deepak Kumar  review 5 icon1 Deepak Kumar  review 5 icon2 Deepak Kumar  review 5 icon3 Deepak Kumar  review 5 icon4


The BA course of JanBask Training provides a well-structured introduction to business analysis. Most of the information was in short digestible lectures which made the course easier to follow and made all the terminologi...
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Isabella Fisher  icon

Isabella Fisher

Isabella Fisher  review 4 icon0 Isabella Fisher  review 4 icon1 Isabella Fisher  review 4 icon2 Isabella Fisher  review 4 icon3 Isabella Fisher  review 4 icon41


I feel the information was good. I like the flow, the order, the content and also the simulations of a Business Analyst function. It has been proven that practice tests or blind practice are highly effective for retentio...
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Alex Hudson icon

Alex Hudson

Alex Hudson review 5 icon0 Alex Hudson review 5 icon1 Alex Hudson review 5 icon2 Alex Hudson review 5 icon3 Alex Hudson review 5 icon4


I recently graduated with a finance degree from a university, and as I've looked for jobs I found myself drawn to Business Analyst positions. So to learn more about Business Analyst position, I came across this course at...
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Anna Stone  icon

Anna Stone

Anna Stone  review 5 icon0 Anna Stone  review 5 icon1 Anna Stone  review 5 icon2 Anna Stone  review 5 icon3 Anna Stone  review 5 icon4


The BA course at JanBask gave me much more than what I was expecting. It includes detailed SDLC discussion, some part of the project manager's responsibilities, lots of practical advice and a lot more. Instructor's deliv...
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Sanjana Malhotra  icon

Sanjana Malhotra

Sanjana Malhotra  review 5 icon0 Sanjana Malhotra  review 5 icon1 Sanjana Malhotra  review 5 icon2 Sanjana Malhotra  review 5 icon3 Sanjana Malhotra  review 5 icon4


This online BA course was packed full of relevant information as well as gave more detail in some sections. It goes really in depth. The instructor at JanBask presented content in a clear, professional, concise way that ...
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Bentley Payne  icon

Bentley Payne

Bentley Payne  review 5 icon0 Bentley Payne  review 5 icon1 Bentley Payne  review 5 icon2 Bentley Payne  review 5 icon3 Bentley Payne  review 5 icon4


The course was insightful and the presentation was excellent. The instructor took time to explain the requirements needed to be a successful Business Analyst that is applicable both to a Beginner and Experienced Business...
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Harry Miller icon

Harry Miller

Harry Miller review 5 icon0 Harry Miller review 5 icon1 Harry Miller review 5 icon2 Harry Miller review 5 icon3 Harry Miller review 5 icon4


The BA course content is really amazing. I liked the flow and the way videos are compiled. Very informative and application-based course. Really looking forward to utilize the knowledge I have got from this online course...
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Anurag Bhatti icon

Anurag Bhatti

Anurag Bhatti review 5 icon0 Anurag Bhatti review 5 icon1 Anurag Bhatti review 5 icon2 Anurag Bhatti review 5 icon3 Anurag Bhatti review 5 icon4


The course had a great introduction to the BA role. Well structured. Trainer emphasizes important ideas through the structure as well as voice tone which is quite pleasant to listen to. With the help of the learnings fro...
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Emma Meyers icon

Emma Meyers

Emma Meyers review 5 icon0 Emma Meyers review 5 icon1 Emma Meyers review 5 icon2 Emma Meyers review 5 icon3 Emma Meyers review 5 icon4


The trainer of BA course was very good with real life experiences and examples. This course was very informative, specific to the job duties a BA will be performing as per the business cases and requirements.

William Galvin icon

William Galvin

William Galvin review 4 icon0 William Galvin review 4 icon1 William Galvin review 4 icon2 William Galvin review 4 icon3 William Galvin review 4 icon41


I am a fresher and I feel this course is very comprehensive and good for beginners. The course includes examples and illustrations, which could be more explanatory and interesting. It covers all the basics and it was ove...
Read More

Hetali Purohit icon

Hetali Purohit

Hetali Purohit review 4 icon0 Hetali Purohit review 4 icon1 Hetali Purohit review 4 icon2 Hetali Purohit review 4 icon3 Hetali Purohit review 4 icon41


The overall structure of BA course at Janbask is very simple and easy to understand. The course covers a lot of examples. The content is very informative and at the same time very precise. Overall, I am quite satisfied a...
Read More

Freddie Bennetts icon

Freddie Bennetts

Freddie Bennetts review 5 icon0 Freddie Bennetts review 5 icon1 Freddie Bennetts review 5 icon2 Freddie Bennetts review 5 icon3 Freddie Bennetts review 5 icon4


I am at my foundation level and found the BA course very informative and interesting. The lectures are very useful and give a learner an insight into the day-to-day of a Business Analyst and how to complete projects from...
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Kaden ball icon

Kaden ball

Kaden ball review 5 icon0 Kaden ball review 5 icon1 Kaden ball review 5 icon2 Kaden ball review 5 icon3 Kaden ball review 5 icon4


The BA course at JanBask, I would say is unassumingly packed with great information about business analysis. I feel that this course covers almost 90% of the conceptual topics in the training. I am impressed.

Abbie Rosir icon

Abbie Rosir

Abbie Rosir review 4 icon0 Abbie Rosir review 4 icon1 Abbie Rosir review 4 icon2 Abbie Rosir review 4 icon3 Abbie Rosir review 4 icon41


The course is simply brilliant, provides sound explanations of the fundamentals of business analysis. It provided many practical examples on some of the important topics and the course materials allowed me to understand ...
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Career Services By JanBask Training

Business Analyst Training Career Path


Course Completion

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you will receive a business analyst certification. This certification serves as evidence of your skills and knowledge.


Build a Portfolio

While completing the course, we work with you on building a portfolio of your projects and assignments. A strong portfolio showcases your practical skills to potential employers.


Interview Preparation

We assist you in preparing a professional resume that highlights your certification, skills, and any relevant experience. Additionally, practice your interview skills to discuss your qualifications.


Job Search

Start your job search by applying for business analyst testing positions. Utilize job search websites, industry-specific job boards, and professional networking platforms.


Job Applications

Submit tailored job applications and cover letters for business analyst positions that align with your skills and career goals. We assist you every step of the way.

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