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Let’s Know How To Build An Amazing Automation Tester Resume ( With Samples)


In today’s technology-driven world, everything around us has seen a rapid transformation: the way we eat, watch, listen, learn, work or even find work. How? Well, these days a lot of organizations (nearly 75% of them) are taking the help of Applicant Tracking System or ATS to scan and filter out resumes and other job recruitment documents for relevant keywords such as skills, job roles, experience or educational background. So how to ensure that your Automation Tester Resume passes the scan?

After all, you didn’t obtain certifications and training in automation testing or spent years in collecting relevant skills and experience only to submit automation tester resume selenium that no one will ever bother to read.

But good for you, we like seeing you achieve your dreams! So in this blog we will not only show you a step-by-step guide on how to make an automation testing engineer resume but also share an Automation Tester resume sample so you can get an idea about how to clear through the ATS and get the job of your dream. So whether you are an experienced Automation Tester with an impressive work history or a new candidate with his/her newly obtained Automation Testing training and certification, hoping to pursue a career in Automation testing, we have curated a list of some easy, doable steps to help you create an amazing automation tester resume.

Automation Tester Resume Samples For Beginners & Professionals!

No need to scour the internet to know, “Automation Tester resume example”  or “Automation Tester Resume selenium examples for freshers.” We’ve got your back! So let’s see an automation testing resume for 2 years in experience or automation testing resume for 3 years in experience to craft the best Automation Test Engineer resume:

Automation Tester Resume Sample for Entry Level 

This is how the automation tester resume selenium should look like for individuals who are applying for entry-level Automation Tester positions: 

-----> Your Name

 -----> Your Designation

 -----> Professional Email ids & Linkedin or Twitter profile (optional)

 -----> Your contact numbers

Career Objective

Seeking an Automation Tester position where I can contribute to developing and configuring

test automation network at XYZ Designs. Proficient in collaborating with product management and support engineers for delivering high-performing products through creating test strategies, conducting automation testing, resolving technical errors or issues with the help of software defect tracking.

Key Skills: 

  • Python
  • SQL 
  • C++ 
  • HTML 
  • Proficient in Defect Tracking Tool JIRA  

Work Experience

Junior Automation Tester (Selenium)

Maple Games

March 2017 to November 2020 

  • Conducted analysis of business requirements and specifications.
  • Checked Lab components of testing strategy, performed practical testing to discover various crucial points within the app and automated testing by utilizing Selenium WebDriver.
  • Took part in implementation of test Automation Framework built by using Selenium WebDriver, to address TestNG and Maven technologies using enterprise main design patterns and tactics.
  • Configured Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven tool and created Selenium automation scripts in Java, Python for an agile launch.
  • Carried out white field testing using TestNG for class, technique, & WebServices testing.  

Education Background

2015-2019, B. Tech in Computer Science

Durham University, Durham

  • President, Durham QA Club
  • GPA 4.3

Training & Certifications

  • Did 6 Weeks Automation Testing Training with Janbask Training
  • Acquired Automation testing certifications in Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE), CAST - Certified Associate in Software Testing, CTFL (Foundation Level ISTQB)  


  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Understanding of core Automation testing tools and software.
  • Understanding of business development and meeting clients' requirements with customized Automation testing solutions.
  • Ability to successfully accomplish business requirements by maximizing technical and communication skills to become a valuable support resource for all business users.
  • Competent knowledge of Automation testing services in the areas of mobile applications & Healthcare.

Automation Testing Resume for 10 years in experience Template

This is the Automation Tester resume for 10 years of experience or senior Automation Tester with an industry-recognized QA certification.

Career Objective

With 8+ Years of experience in conducting both manual and automated software Quality Assurance Testing, in-depth understanding of QA methodologies and expertise in performing different kinds of testing especially Functionality testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing and Cross Browser Functionality Testing, seeking a position to help business successfully complete SDLC and launching of the product.

Key Skills: 

  • Excelled in Software Quality Assurance, 
  • Database Management 
  • Proficiency in both Manual Testing and Automation.
  • SQL
  • Selenium
  • Mavin
  • JIRA
  • Defect Tracking Tools SpiraTeam, BackLog & Katalon  

Work Experience

Sr. Automation Test Engineer

Miz Mobile App Development Agency

May 2011 to October 2020

  • Used POM to create Object Repository for net UI elements, successfully completed data driven testing by utilizing JDBC as a facts source in cleaning UI and configured SQL queries to fetch information from the Oracle database.
  • Advanced test code in Java language the usage of Eclipse, IDE and TestNG framework.
  • Developed evolved test Frameworks in Selenium for UI Regression,  and executed Unit test Automation (Java /TestNG).
  • Reviewed low-level designs prepared by development teams. Collect user requirements and configure Automation testing to meet requirements.
  • Excelled in writing Automation scripts by using VBScript and Java.  

Key Achievements:

  • Conducted cross-browser mobile testing across iOS and Android devices using Appium for 3 clients.
  • Possess 7 years of working experience in the agile and scrum environment.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How to Create an Automation Tester Resume In 6 Steps!


Whether you are an experienced Automation testing professional or fresher planning to start his career with Automation testing, you need an Automation Test Engineer resume that displays your skills, expertise and showcases the overall personality that compels recruiters to ring you up for the interview call! So here are a few simply, easy to follow steps on how to create any automation tester resume selenium:

1. Choose the Automation Tester Resume Format

Selecting the right automation testing resume format is quite a crucial step in making an Automation testing resume. There are generally three formats that you can pick from chronological, functional, and combination resume or hybrid resume. If you want to make an automation testing resume for 2 years in experience or an automation testing resume for 3 years in experience then you should go for functional resume format since if you have little to no work or internship experience as in this format you primarily focus on what you have learned in school, college or through other experiences, focusing on skills rather than employment dates. But if you want to make an automation testing resume for 10 years in experience then use Chrono-functional resumes as you have plenty of professional experience and achievements to display.

Tip: while you enroll for a automation certification course at JanBask Training be assured to receive professional guide for resume development, career path and much more.

Here’s an Outline of the Automation Test Engineer Resume Format & Key Points You Must Remember: 

  • Format: Select from chronological, functional, & combination or hybrid automation Testing Engineer resume. 
  • Font: use a respected resume font like Verdana or Calibri for greater readability.
  • Font size: 12 points.
  • Resume headings: 13 points
  • Line spacing: 1.15 with white space between sections.
  • Resume margins: 1 inch on all four sides.
  • File type: send a PDF resume if the job doesn’t explicitly ask for MS Word.

And Here’s Your Automation Testing Engineer Resume Outline:

  • Header: your name and correct contact information.
  • Summary: the highlights of your resume in brief.
  • Experience: share your best Automation testing achievements.
  • Education: your degree plus other accomplishments.
  • Skills: filter for the ones stressed in the job posting.
  • Other Sections: include a portfolio link, email address, contact no, LinkedIn profile and projects to get more interviews.

2. Write an Eye-Catching Automation Tester Resume Summary

When you write a compelling resume summary you not only state who you are as a candidate but also can capture the recruiter’s attention and propel them to take a more detailed look at your qualifications. Doing so makes it easy for you not only to display your most relevant technical or qualifications but also give a compelling reasoning as to why you are the perfect fit for the job. But do ensure that you don’t go overboard while showing your skills to your potential employer, no one likes a show-off, so just focus on creating a compelling resume Summary and make that first impression in two or three lines.

3. Have A Separate Sections for Automation Testing & IT Skills

This is another crucial step that helps you stand out from the rest of your competition and is the way you display your testing and IT skills recruiters are looking for. There’s no harm in putting both automation testing and IT skills together but it won’t leave that of a mark. Since you’re applying for an Automation Tester job the recruiter will be interested in knowing whether you possess the testing skills they are looking for or not. So why not give them a separate section so as to quickly go through the testing skills and make their decision. It is best to put your automation testing skills in a bulleted list at the top of your resume but below your introduction section and above the section where you have presented your professional experience.

For Entry-Level Automation Testing Resume, It Helps if You Have:

  • Your  certifications
  • One or more projects with testing management tool(s)

For Experienced Automation Testing , It Helps if Your Resume Shows:

  • You've mastered Automation testing skills like SQL, MYSQL or Oracle, among other Automation testing skills.
  • You have Automation testing work history, understanding of Linux, proficiency over defect tracking tools and relevant Automation testing certifications.

4. Always Submit A Tailored Resume For Every Job

Customizing your Automation testing resume for every time you apply should be something you need to diligently follow. Why? Because every company has their requirements and expectations from their potential employers, even if the position is the same, you will notice that the job descriptions are varying from each other in one way or another. So spend some time visiting each company’s website and get an idea about their values, ethics and working culture and write your resume and cover letter surrounding what you learned about the company and the job they posted to stand out. Check out our complete guide on how to become an automation tester.

5. List Relevant Skills And Keywords

As mentioned earlier, companies these days are utilizing ATS to seek out the relevant job applications that match with their job description. One way to do that is to target keywords and relevant skills mentioned in the resume. So to ensure your Automation Resume clears ATS, go through the job description and focus on the job responsibilities and duties or skills that the recruiter has mentioned before you write an Automation Tester resume. After that assess your ability in each skill as honestly and accurately as you can and then only put them in your resume. Remember the more optimize your resume is with the role-specific keywords or skills that hiring managers look for whether sifting through a resume or scanning in an ATS- the higher your chance of hiring will be.

6. Beware of Formatting or Writing Errors

We can hardly read badly written, grammar-filled error messages, so imagine sending a resume with the same formatting or writing errors… who would want to read it, definitely not someone who has to go through thousands of resumes in a day. So do not take formatting your Automation Tester resume like a trivial task, especially if you want your first impression to be a positive one. Make sure that not only that you are minding the formatting style of your resume, styles, font colors or type, and keeping constant space throughout your automation tester resume selenium but also avoiding any grammatical errors or typos. 

Since you’ve sent the resume with the help of our guide, we’re sure you’ll get the interview call! Why don’t you go ahead and start preparing for your interview with our list of Top 100 Automation testing Interview Questions and Answers!

Automation Tester Career Path: Salary, Role, Skills & Job Outlook

Salary, Role, Skills & Job Outlook

Since you already possess a basic understanding of how to craft an Automation Tester resume along with two resume examples for a Junior Automation Tester and one for a Senior Automation Tester. Now we will give you an overview of the Automation Tester career path in which we will discuss briefly about Automation Tester salary, job trends and different roles & responsibilities she/he performs along with the top skills of an Automation Tester that will surely land you a job in software testing:

Top Automation Testing Skills That Will Land You The Job in 2021

Automation testing

Apart from clearing your Automation testing certifications and great working knowledge of the Automation testing platforms, you also need to excel in certain skills if you want to kickstart your Automation testing career like a pro. These are:

Technical Skills

  • Scripting languages (VBScript, JavaScript, C#)
  • Defect Tracking tools (QC, Bugzilla, Jira)
  • Selenium web driver
  • Manual Testing Skills
  • Troubleshooting The Automation Tools
  • Deep understanding of Business Requirements

You Need Both Automation Testing  Tech Skills and Soft Skills to Land a Job of Your Dream, so After the Technical Skills List, Here Is the List of Soft Skills That Makes You Stand Out:

  • Action-Driven
  • Attention to Detail
  • Analytical Skill
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Time Management
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills

What Does an Automation Tester Do?

Automation Tester

An Automation Tester is a professional who uses many testing tools & techniques to assess the quality of software to ensure that it meets given requirements and does exactly what it was designed to do. Quality assurance to check for bugs, errors or any other technical defects that may have arisen during product development. However, the roles and responsibilities also vary from your experience to the company you apply as an entry-level Automation Tester or as an experienced one. Here’s a quick overview:

Roles & Responsibilities of a Junior Automation Tester

  • Tasked with creating, organizing, and managing test automation resources such as Function Libraries, etc.
  • Managing duplicate objects or dynamic objects using index property and Regular Expressions.
  • Collecting test data for data-driven testing and improved software performance.
  • Creating test scripts using Selenium Webdriver, Java or TestNG Annotations.
  • Debugging and running and analyzing test results.
  • Identify and define the Automation test scenarios based on the company's or client's requirements.
  • Modifying tests and performing retests & regression Testing.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Senior Automation Tester

  • Collaborate with the development & QA team to outline a test method and create automation techniques after understanding the enterprise requirements.
  • Set up high-quality metrics and parameters to acquire, allow regular test automation reporting
  • Improve the deployment technique via automating configuration steps.
  • Preserve check Automation Framework and show customer it`s advantages
  • Monitor and manage nightly builds and write automation take a look at plans
  • Design, develop, and execute excellent, flexible and scalable applications, frameworks and tools.
  • Design, develop, and execute check plans, and test scenarios.
  • Automate tests, examine test results to ensure high functionality of the product and suggest corrective measures to enhance overall performance.
  • Discover, track, and verify defects within the software and keep & improve existing automated check suites or instances.

Take a short quiz on QA software testing and have fun!

How Much an Automation Tester Gets?

How Much an Automation Tester Gets?

The Automation testing  salary can be varying depending on factors, however considering the top job portals and the data from renowned sources, it is as follows for Freshers, Mid-level & Senior Professionals:

  • The average salary of an Automation Tester at an entry-level is nearly $71,000/year.
  • A mid-level Automation Tester Salary with Selenium skills earns around $89,569/ year.
  • The average salary for a Senior Specialist QA is roughly $115,000/year.

Do you want to know how much an Automation Tester with Selenium skills earns in the US, India, or UK or which tech giants hire Automation Testers? Well, go ahead and take a look into this amazing blog “Automation Tester Salary for Beginners & Professionals” & get your answers! 


We wish you  all the best for your interview preparation because we are sure when you follow this step-by-step guide on how to make an Automation Tester resume, you will get the call! 

In this blog we discussed a list of some doable but amazing steps on how to craft that perfect automation testing resume. We also shared an Automation Tester career path detailing key skills, salary trends and roles and responsibilities of an Automation Tester every recruiter looks for. So no matter whether you're experienced Automation testing  or an entry-level Automation testing, just keep trying to work for your dreams. Your hardwork, dedication, and an automation testing certification program will update your resume and won’t let you down because you will be ready to display to your potential employers exactly why you’re the right person for the job!

So go get the job of your dreams & all the best for your résumé preparation!

If you still have doubts about how to write an amazing Automation Tester resume? Or not sure how to list your skills or experience on your Automation Testing resume then drop us a comment and we’ll help you out! 


Q1. What is automation testing?

Ans- Automation testing is the process of reviewing and validating software automatically to meet its code styles, functionality and user-experience.

Q2. What are the types of automation testing?

Ans- These are the type of automation testing-

  • Functional testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing

Q3. Why should I join an automation testing course?

Ans- The demand for skilled automation test engineers is on the rise as companies rely on automation to speed up their development and to achieve bug-free and reliable output. Automation test engineers are considered important to control the execution of test cases and check for software problems carefully. 

Q4. What skills will I be learning in this course?

Ans- On the completion of the online automation testing course, you will have a sound idea of software testing concepts, software testing objectives, processes, testing criterion, testing strategies, and different testing methods. You will learn about automation testing frameworks such as Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, and automation of web apps, etc.

Q5. How will I know that I need an automation testing course?

Ans- If you want to start a career in the testing space then online automation testing training is just the perfect choice to consider. The real projects-based automation testing learnings during the training will give you an in-depth idea of software testing concepts, what is automation testing, testing frameworks, testing tools, Selenium WebDriver, and lots more.

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