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Apache Hadoop Industry-Oriented Training at JanBask

Enhance Your Skills with Real-Time Hadoop Training at JanBask

Technology evolutions are presenting a game changing scenario every now-and-then in this revolutionary IT tech era. Hadoop is one of them to analyse and build big data applications at the speed of thought. It provides massive storage for any kind of data, enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs. A big share of the market has already embraced big data and so are identified as Leaders in IT industry. Be a part of this exponential growth and witness the dynamic career hike.

Advantages of Apache Hadoop Training at JanBask

Hadoop professionals are always in demand by industry giants

Since the arrival of Apache Hadoop (2005), an effectual transition is noted in information technology, an open-source software framework for distributed storage and processing of huge data. Traditional databases and data warehouses are now super flexible and scalable with the inventions of Hadoop.
To go with the flow and to be ahead of the curve – the aspirant needs a well-thought training module. Stay up-to-date with Janbask’s industry-oriented-timely-updated syllabi to stay informed about the newest technology adventure with 1-to-1 mentorship from top notch data experts. We get you through the real time exposure to use cases via practical hands-on approach and get hired from the leaders and lead your path.


Career and Future in Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is rapidly gaining its position in IT industry as it fulfil the thorough requirement of real-time applications and robust analytics of data. Accelerating results and outcomes from Hadoop innovation is making it popular with the time and efficient data architects significantly. It is becoming avital component in data stack empowering open management and rapid process enhancement. Following roles are desired by the ever-improving industry currently:

Top 5 roles of ‘Hadoopers’

Be a Hadoop Developer

Hadoop Developer Training

Hadoop developer is responsible for coding/programming. He will write MapReduce Code, Hive queries, PIG scripts, other tool based code, MapReduce jobs

Hadoop Architect

Hadoop Architect Training

Lead a team of Data Architects and Leads Data Engineers and collaboration. Key skills: Java, Hadoop, Hadoop Architect, H base, hive, pig, MapReduce etc

Hadoop Tester

Hadoop Tester Training

Hadoop Administrator

Hadoop Administrator Training

Hadoop Scientiest

Hadoop Scientiest Training

Know more about the various courses offered at JanBask Online Training
and explore more future prospects.

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Janbask’s Perspective to Learn Hadoop in a Market-Ready Approach

Become an industry expert in Hadoop by learning with us

Practical exposure to the technology makes a big difference in finding the true path of your career, and so industry-oriented training is what that reflects your best abilities. Whether you want to update your skills or willing to give a kick start to Apache Hadoop learnings – this curriculum is carefully developed by the world’s leading data expertise.

Why Janbask? What make us stand out?
  • Dynamic mentors are industry experienced professionals to make you understand real world scenarios
  • 1-to-1 mentorship will never leave your concepts unclarified
  • Certification to recognise and authenticate your qualification which is most sought-after in industry
  • Practical exposure to use cases and real examples to establish you as a leader in the field
  • Clear advantage of projects assigned to get positive outcomes and deeper understanding

Wise words from Janbask’ians

Meet our happy students and find why our Agency is the preferred choice.

big data hadoop training

Hadoop certification at Janbask helped me to build my knowledge thoroughly. Apache Hadoop technology is able to store and process huge amounts of any kind of data, quickly. I am confident to fulfil my responsibilities as a Hadoop Developer.

ManchunHadoop Developer
big data hadoop training

This cutting edge technology is having endless opportunities. With the training at Janbask, I am now able to develop my enterprise with greater computing power, fault tolerance, flexibility, low cost of operations and scalability.

Henry LaborinHadoop Architect
big data hadoop training

Before joining Janbask I was wondering and thinking about how organizations deal with large and varieties of data volumes and how it is affordable for them. Now I am serving as a Hadoop architecture, I thank Janbask for this achievement.

Kale ThomasHadoop Tester

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