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Online Dot NET Training Course

Dot NET, one of the most simple and easy to understand languages
  • It provides a consistent programming model
  • It provides direct support for security
  • It has simplified development efforts
  • It is easy to deploy applications, maintain and assemble

What is Microsoft .Net ?

Become an industry expert in DOTNET by learning with us

Dot Net is software framework which is primarily developed Microsoft. It is object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an evolution of the classic programming language, implemented on the .NET Framework. The Microsoft.Net platform is very dynamic and provides robust solutions to the industry needs. It is one of the high in demand programming languages. Come; join Janbask Training for the best and most interactive .NET and online Java training.
Developers and professionals in this domain, are and will be in huge demand. Even during the recession, layoff rate in the IT sector was very less. It provides an enhanced solution to wide range of applications from a standalone application to distributed application, simple applications with static content to dynamic, data-driven applications for both web and windows.
With the advancement of C# and ASP.NET with new technologies it has made development easy and also dynamic that IT managers now have multiple options to choose from and can select options which according to them most suits their business needs. With more than half of the world still not connected to the internet, the scope of web and windows applications is very bright as these applications will be made mainly on C# and ASP.NET only. Projecting 10 years from now web applications will generate lacks of jobs across the globe. It has been about 14 years since Microsoft has launched .NET Applications and it’s still running great due to timely and innovative upgrades.

Benefits of being a .NET Professional

Enjoy innovative web development by being a .NET professional

  • Involves less coding for the developers as its framework works on object-oriented programming
  • Help improve the productivity of developers
  • Considered one of the best platforms to develop fully functioning and interactive websites with exclusive user experience
  • Provides a base-class library that supports innovative web development
  • One can fulfill varied functions like file reading, graphic rendering etc.
  • Developers and system administrators can specify method level security
  • It has a consistent programming model


The JanBask Training Advantage

Join us today to learn the most advanced concepts from the industry experts

  • Pioneer in providing online IT training since 2007
  • Expert trainers for all IT Technologies with wide industry experience
  • Provide A-class placement to our students worldwide
  • Self-paced online courses with complete industry relevance
  • Friendly and highly skilled trainers provide 24×7 support and guidance to students
  • LIVE Training to students at affordable fees and flexible timing
  • Video Recording of Online Training provided to all students


Future Scope of .Net Development

What is the future scope of Dot Net?
  • There are 500+ companies looking for fresh graduates who have complete knowledge in the area of VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET.
  • We can’t predict what will happen in the next 100 years but we can be sure that the future of .NET for the next 5 years is very bright. We think the future of .NET for the next 10 years is also very bright.
  • See, over a period of time, software evolves. Microsoft introduced VB.NET in 2002. After 12 years, here we are. .NET is still here. It may have evolved a lot since then.

Windows Applications and Web Applications are being developed at a very high rate which means that there is a huge demand for software developers. How will the developers develop applications? Obviously, by programming languages and ASP.Net and C# is a great option.

Unique features of VB.Net online training at Janbask Training
  • We train you with the real time projects and scenarios.
  • One-time pay and take advantage of unlimited lectures till the duration of course.
  • You develop real time applications under our guidance. Your idea, our training!
  • Highly skilled, industry experienced trainers.

Training Course Highlights – Dot Net?

Dot Net Online Training Course Highlights:

Be A C#

Online C# Training

C# belongs to the “C” family and has carried many things from C programming language. Today C# is one of the most popular and modern languages that is used for programming. Online C# training at JanBask Training gives you an edge over the others as it gives you the complete knowledge that is required for application development using .NET technology. We have expert trainers who are highly skilled and experienced in imparting you the best guidance on the subject. We not only provide best Online C# Training but also prepare our students for interviews and help them in getting placed in the best industries.

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Be A Visual Basic .net

Online VB.net Training

Online VB.net Training at JanBask Training gives you the best knowledge to program from the scratch with Visual Basic. We have highly dedicated, qualified and experienced trainers who can help you achieve the highest level of proficiency in the language. Professionals find that this language is one of the simpler artificial languages to work with. Online VB.net Training with us will start with the overview of Microsoft .Net and gradually take you to higher levels like Distributed Application Development, Managed and Unmanaged Code. We provide extensive training to all our students through real-time scenarios and making them gain expertise in industry related projects.

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Learn ASP.net Online

Online ASP.net Training

These days, developers prefer to use ASP.net for creating dynamic websites. By going through Online ASP.net Training at JanBask Training, we prepare our students to create web form pages, external CSS pages, and SQL server data. We provide thorough training from the scratch to advanced levels, which boosts the confidence of students at all levels, be it beginner or advanced and they can develop all kinds of applications in ASP.net. Our trainers come with a strong industrial experience and are highly skilled to guarantee that all our students get the best knowledge in the subject. The Online ASP.net training has helped many programmers in getting amazing job opportunities.

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Online MVC Training

MVC is next big thing in .NET Platform and it’s better to start early as in coming future ASP.NET MVC will be used for web development and will be preferred over other languages as it is latest and most advanced and has very user-friendly features such as unit testing, more control over generated HTML, etc. We at Janbask Training are here to get you ready for the latest technology and with our expert guidance and best in class tutorials you can be assured that you will be best in this domain. Our Online MVC Training modules are very easy to understand and practical tutorials will give toy insight to industry experience and enable you to secure a job in this domain.

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Be A Windows Presentation Foundation

Online WPF Training

WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation is used for creating graphics, images, movies with help of Rich UI Windows Applications. It is far advanced with respect to earlier used Winform API. Our training modules cover all aspects of WPF Training and will help you make rich and advanced applications. We explain each and every topic with specially designed sample programs and tutorials which will help you understand this topic in an easier and efficient manner. We have sample projects for every module and our expert tutors are having rich experience in WPF domain and can guide you in every hurdle you may face. With this course, you will have the insight into industry practices and will easily get a share in this exponentially rising domain.

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Be A Windows Communication Foundation

Online WCF Training

WCF or Windows Communication Foundation is a secured channel to process business transactions. It also has chat service, supplies current data to others, like traffic reports or other monitoring services. With increasing globalization and business opening its branches across the globe, WCF is increasing its popularity and have found many users from small scale to high-end enterprises. We at JanBask Training have highly trained tutors with great in-depth industry experience and with help of their experience and our systematic process management we have created highly efficient online training tutorials which will help you learn all details about WCF and will help you get a job opportunity in this domain.

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Be A Silverlight

Online Silverlight Training

We at JanBask Training provide in-depth training modules for online Silverlight Training which will enable and empower you to gain access to unlimited career opportunities in this domain. With help of Silverlight Training, you can create interactive user experiences for Web and mobile applications. It is basically a free plug-in on .NET platform and have the advantage of compatibility with multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems. Our expert and easily understandable training modules will help you deliver a new level of interactivity in web and mobile applications. With the scope of web and mobile applications rising, with our online training course you can have an excellent career in this field.

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Be A Web Services

Online Web Services Training

JanBask Training provides best in class online training in Web Services and helps you get your share in this highly popular field. Our experts are having rich industry experience from top companies in this domain. We offer highly interactive modules which will make web services easily understandable and you can be expert in this domain by the end of our training course. We provide projects which are undertaken in the actual industry to get you exact insight of industry. With our online courses, you have the advantage of learning at your ease and courses are specially designed to give you real classroom experience.

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