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How To Start Your Career As MSBI Developer?


MSBI full form is Microsoft Business Intelligence. MSBI is a powerful business intelligence tool that helps to overcome all IT issues at pocket-friendly prices. It is considered as the best option among all BI tools available so far. The wide adoption of the tool by leading industries is one of the major reasons why MSBI is a lucrative career choice for learners looking to grow in the database space.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner in your IT career, starting as an MSBI developer can be a daunting task. You must be technically skilled and there is a need for numerous soft skills that can contribute to your success.

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Dianna is an expert in Dotnet programming language and database technologies and she is working in the IT domain for  the last two years. She has good programming knowledge and basic analytical skills. She is highly interested in learning MSBI but she doesn’t have any idea of how to start a career as MSBI Developer?

Which MSBI tool she needs to learn? Is it necessary to learn all three tools together or she can start her career with one as well? Did she make the right career decision? What are the career opportunities and work profiles in the MSBI field?

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So, let us start our discussion on how your journey should look like when planning an MSBI career. The career path of a SQL Server Developer

Which MSBI Tool Should You Master?

Different experts have different opinions. The most rated tool is SSIS generally required for ETL analysis. After this, you can learn SSAS that helps you in analyzing information spread across various databases. In the end, complete your training with SSRS that helps in robust reporting or documentation.

Besides, you may get some experience in VB or C# for the fast implementation of functions in SSIS. So, it is always better to take benefits from programming skills when you are planning to start a career in MSBI.

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What are the skills needed to become an MSBI expert?

When you have a basic knowledge of the .net programming and databases, career transition can be easy for you in the MSBI space. Learning MSBI tools concurrently can be a wonderful experience when learned systematically. Additionally, if you want to master these tools practically, you should know about the organization and its varied processes. Let us discuss MSBI developer skills that are needed either technical or soft skills when starting your career as an MSBI professional.

MSBI Skills Expert

1). Database Skills

The primary requirement for starting a career as an MSBI developer is building software and you should know about the best practices for software development. He should know how to gather requirements, design or create objects, implement logic, reporting, testing, source code management, the best deployment procedures, etc.

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2). MSBI Tools

SSIS is an ETL tool that helps in reading data from various sources, transforms the data into meaningful content, and uploads it to the destination. SSIS Training makes you familiar with the basic ETL functionality so that you can apply the same knowledge in the workplace

I must say SSAS is one of the typical tools to learn and needs little extra effort and dedication. Before you start a career in MSBI, the basic knowledge of SSAS objects and dimensional modeling is vital. The other important aspects of the tool include KPIs, structures, cubes, dimensions, etc. it uses MDX database language to query the multi-dimensional data.

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Last is the SSRS tool that allows creating and deploying reports to a web server. You may write complex SQL queries for populating the report. The most important objective of using this tool is preparing powerful reports that could convey some meaningful content to the user. Also, you have to learn how to use graphic elements effectively without making a report too messy.

3). Troubleshooting Performance Issues

An MSBI Developer should know how to troubleshoot performance issues. There can be multiple ways of generating effective outcomes for a business. Still, a poorly designed SQL query may result in potential performance issues over time. To avoid any serious business issues, he should ask the following questions to himself.

If you are using MSBI tools then you have to check them for effective implementation. Ask yourself how much of a problem is created by any particular tool? Is there any possible solution to deal with these issues? Is there some query returning the waste data? How much data are you sharing across the network? Data shared by you over the network is safe or you need to take certain actions?

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Just note down all these questions separately and try to solve them one by one. Also, prioritize the business problem in which you want to solve the first. With the right approach, you can always win the race without any conflicts or performance issues.

MSBI tutorial for beginners

4). Focus on the Data Security

These days, data security is a major concern faced by big industries. So, you should ask yourself that business objects you are creating allow data integrity, data availability, and data confidentiality. You have to make sure that data exchange across networks is safe and properly secured.

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Try to secure all database sources by following the industry standards appropriately. When you are using SSRS, you don’t have to worry about the security as it is taken care of by the tool itself.

5). Basic Testing Skills

When you are building software, it is necessary to perform the required testing at each stage. Testing is done for multiple reasons. For example, you can check either data is processed or displayed correctly or not. You also have to make sure that objects are managed carefully. When using the SSIS tool, it takes care of error handling for its database objects. At the same time, the SSAS tool also has error handling options that can be used by you and the testing team.

6). Excellent Communication Skills

To excel in any IT career, it is vital having excellent communication skills. He should be a good listener. He has to understand the client’s requirements and translate them into working solutions. Also, he has to communicate with other members of a team. This is the reason why you have to be a good communicator to be a good MSBI Developer and get MSBI developer job

7). Domain-specific Expertise

If you are an IT graduate then can we expect from you to sell paint, make delicious food, or be an aeronaut. Of course, it is not possible to go beyond your expertise. Your degree speaks itself `about your knowledge areas. From the first day of your job, you have to know how to use your technical knowledge to deliver powerful business solutions. You have to learn the industry nature, how does it work, and how BI can help you to overcome tough business challenges. Once you are sure of all these facts it is easy to start and grow your career.

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MSBI Developer – Job Role & Responsibilities

Before you start your career as an MSBI Developer or getting placed in MSBI developer jobs you must understand the major job responsibilities that you have to perform in your workplace. If you are comfortable with the profile only then you should start your career as an MSBI expert.

  • You must know how to design, develop, maintain powerful BI solutions.
  • You have to craft and execute queries as needed.
  • You have to present information in the form of reports or attractive visuals.
  • You must understand client requirements and translate the same into powerful business solutions.
  • You must know about reporting tools to design, develop, and deploy BI solutions.
  • You must know about a data analytics platform for processing or transforming the data.
  • You have to create tools for storing and managing data.
  • You must have basic testing and troubleshooting skills.
  • You must know how to evaluate existing BI systems and suggest ways to improve them.
  • You have to collaborate with other team members for building effective BI solutions.
  • You must know how to write or execute SQL queries to query the data.
  • You have to prepare technical documents too using the SSRS tool.

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MSBI Developer – Job Description

Companies are generally looking for an MSBI Developer who can create or manage BI analytics solutions. He should know how to collect and process the data. For this purpose, an MSBI Developer should have a background in data analysis. He should be a good communicator and a good listener. He should have an excellent problem-solving attitude so that he could solve tough business problems and able to make powerful business decisions.

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  • He should have proven experience as a BI Developer.
  • Few companies prefer industry experts or add project work in your resume.
  • He should have a depth understanding of MSBI tools, OLAP, ETL tools frameworks, database languages, etc.
  • He should know how to take initiative and be innovative.
  • He should have analytical skills with a problem-solving aptitude.
  • If he could add one or two MSBI certifications to his resume then there are more chances of getting hired as an MSBI Developer.
  • He should be well familiar with BI technologies and other popular tools that are frequently used by industries.

MSBI Certifications – Your Winning Journey

MSBI Certifications Skills

MCSA is the most common certification for MSBI Developers. It validates your ETL skills, database skills, OLAP skills, data warehouse skills, and BI expertise. Once you have completed this certification successfully, there are more chances of getting selected by top industries as compared to non-certified people. Here are a few steps to follow when you are planning to earn an MSBI certification.

MSBI Winning Journey

1). Get the necessary PC skills

At the first step, you should acquire the basic PC skills. It is a basic rule when you are applying for IT jobs. If you don’t know how to use a computer, then it may leave a negative impact on Companies.

2). Get the Fundamental BI Skills

The next step is to acquire fundamental BI skills. You can do it by self-study or join a training program to gain all necessary BI skills. Online MSBI Training will certainly help to start and grow in the MSBI space.

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3). Apply for the Certification

On the completion of your MSBI Training, the next step is to apply for certifications as per your interests and knowledge area. Mostly, certified people are preferred over graduates who have not taken any professionals course or they are not trained well.

4). Apply for Jobs

Once you are done with the certification, start applying for jobs and showcase your skills more confidently. If you are not able to implement your skills in the workplace then your training and certification would be merely a waste of time.

Top 7 Reasons Why to Choose MSBI over other BI Tools

MSBI helps to overcome all IT issues at very good prices. Here are a few reasons why businesses love adopting MSBI as compared to other BI tools.

MSBI over other BI Tools

A). Data Exploration and Visualization is Easy

In this big data world, visualizing and exploring data is vital. For this purpose, businesses need an effective tool that can help you with amazing analytics and visuals. MSBI is the solution that can help a business in every possible manner. It is the reason for the wider adoption of MSBI and huge career opportunities in the BI domain.

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B). Easy to Use and Manage

Earlier, BI tools were used by experts only, but MSBI can be used by almost everyone having little knowledge of BI fundamentals. It is easy to use and manage as compared to traditional BI tools. It demands less training and effective outcomes in the long run.

C). Fully Based on Microsoft Excel Features

As an IT professional, if you know how to use excel, then it is easy to switch over MSBI. With Excel, it is easy to collect, store, and manage the data. Further, the same data can be used to design reports and expert documents.

D). Intuitive Dashboard & Scorecards

You can access almost any data source using an MSBI dashboard. There is a scorecard that combines data from different sources and converts them to a single personalized experience. When all data sources can be accessed and manipulated at a single place, it results in effective business solutions and attractive returns.

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E). Web Services Support

MSBI can be integrated with third-party tools or web services to make it even more amazing for the enterprise. You can integrate one of the most desired web services that are vital for your business, or it may result in precise outcomes.

F). End-to-end business Solutions

MSBI is a great BI tool that results in the effective deployment of business products and enhances the overall quality of business services. It helps in making stronger business decisions too, with strong data analytics and data mining.

G). Data Warehousing

MSBI tool carries solutions for almost all data analytics needs. SSIS will get you a data warehouse where you can store, manage, or process the data. Once data is extracted, it has to be processed and loaded into the data warehouse.

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Next Steps

It is not easy to start an MSBI career but you have to follow a strict learning path as discussed earlier. It is obvious you cannot learn everything but try to master basic tools and modules that can help you to start your career eventually. You should start with a wide plan and try to learn only one MSBI tool at one time.

Hope, your answer to how to become MSBI developer. The MSBI developer salary, as per the statistics of Indeed is $92,950 per year. And yes, do not forget to update MSBI developer resume. If you are dreaming of a successful MSBI career, you can make it a reality by joining the strategic MSBI training online with JanBask Training. The training journey at the institute can make you more competitive and demanding in the IT industry.

JanBask Training Support team will give you expert career guidance and they will help you with resume building too. I hope you must have prepared your mind for the right things now. Just give a call to experts and start a successful career journey with JanBask Training right away.

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