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MSBI Certification & Learning Path: My Success Story You Must Know


It was 2017, and I was working with the software industry for more than eight years. My career graph was stuck at the very same point for quite a long time, and I was not able to see any growth in it. Hence, I thought of pursuing an MBA degree from some distant learning university. But it was not an easy task as I did not study anything for  a long time. With a little research, I came to know about the growing domain of database space, i.e. MSBI Development.

My first step was getting into the MSBI field internally, but it did not work out for me because of two reasons. First, I was not skilled enough to grep this position directly. Secondly, there was a need for the MSBI certification to add in the resume because only certified people were eligible for the post. So, I decided to take an online MSBI certification course to grow my skills and expand my existing knowledge base. Luckily, it was an informed decision that helped me in shaping my career eventually.

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Moving ahead, I want to discuss difficulties or my personal experiences that I faced during the career transition from mainframe developer to an MSBI Developer.

Benefits of Structured Career Transition

MSBI development is a challenging but the most rewarding career option for serious learners. Due to heavy personal responsibilities and a mainframe developer lead in my office, getting trained was highly challenging for me. But the training institute did support me in multiple ways in terms of weekend classes, flexible schedules, regular assignments, MCQs, and project work, etc.

Benefits of Structured Career Transition

We were evaluated every day how much we have learned and the scope of improvements, etc. Also, I got support from my peers, who were trained in the same institute. I still remember taking 45 to 50 minutes of class and everyday discussions to resolve queries. JanBask Training is the name that can give you the right career guidance and helps you in a structured career transition.

Also, you have the freedom to personalize the course content as per your expertise. For example, if you are a beginner, then start learning everything from scratch. If you are an experienced person then you can ask to skip certain topics that you already know well.

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My First Interview Date

An interview is a blind date where you are not sure of what is going to be the next. It is necessary to represent yourself in the best way of getting hired. For this purpose, you must showcase your skill set  confidently and you should know how to implement it in the workplace. As you belong to a different background, you should give a solid reason why you want to enter the MSBI world.

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It would be great if you can show the project work completed during training. Also, explain to the interviewer how you suggest the solution when stuck in tough scenarios. I want to thank the JanBask Training team here who mentored us fabulously. They helped us in preparing for interviews through personality development tips, project work, and interview questions answers. You would not believe that I was selected in my second interview and today working as a senior MSBI Developer with Oracle. If I can do it, then anyone can achieve this success by following the right career path and complete at least one msbi certification to give a new height to your career. Starting with enrolling yourself for a demo class to understand the structure of coursework. All the Best!

Challenges I faced during my Career Transition

I did face various challenges during my career transition phase. Here, I want to discuss a few facts that I learned as part of the success journey.

Challenges I faced during my Career Transition

1). Domain/Industry Expertise:

One of the common challenges faced by every MSBI developer is domain knowledge. If you are not good in your domain, then your engagement with stakeholders or other clients can never be successful. If you have domain-specific knowledge then it is easy to suggest relevant business solutions.

2). Aligning the Requirements:

For every business, it is vital to satisfy the customer. Once you have gone through the project requirements, it should be aligned with the business objective. A wise business solution can do magic and enhances the overall ROI. The business intelligence skills and your command on tools can take you higher and grow in your space like never before.

3). Knowledge of SQL/Databases:

The initial role of an MSBI developer is to query and play with the data stored in databases. The company will not add more resources, but an MSBI developer should know how to extract the data and use it to make insightful decisions.

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4). Business Intelligence:

It is a new field that has taken the IT industry on the storm. Here, developers have to apply AI skills and knowledge to find amazing business solutions. AI-enable solutions are generally more powerful and can discover the hidden strength.

5). Implement the Solution:

Whenever you are developing a business solution, try to suggest two-three models and implement the best one that suits the business requirements the most. You should know the clear objective and why you are developing this product.

6). Accept your Failures:

Most of the time, you may face troubles in the initial phase of your career. Every time you are presenting a solution to the customer, there are high chances that it may get rejected. It may be silly or big mistakes. But you should take it as part of your career and accept your mistakes and failures. It would be great to have a mentor who can guide you throughout the process and take you towards the success route.

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The Meta Critics

Before you are planning to switch careers or want to enter the MSBI space, don’t forget to ask these questions to yourself.

 planning to switch careers or want to enter the MSBI

1). Why do you want to switch your career?

Different people may have different reasons for a job change. A few are frustrated with their profile, and a few of them are not satisfied with their managers. Some of them want to change to increase their current salary packages. So, you have to ask yourself what is your reason to change the current job profile.

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2). Why switch careers after a high work experience?

If you have more than 5-6 years of experience in the same domain then think thrice before you change your career. Sometimes, when you are experienced in a particular domain, you generally don’t like experimenting with other things. Be pretty clear here and think wisely when planning to switch careers with high work experience.

3). Why do you want to get into MSBI?

There are multiple choices for the career change, and you should be sure of why you want to get into MSBI. Is it a lucrative career option or just a trend? You are planning to get into a field where initial phases can be tough for you. So, make sure that you are well trained and have gained all the necessary skills that are essential to becoming an MSBI Developer.

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4). What do you know about the MSBI in advance?

Mostly technical people are familiar with SQL queries before they are planning to switch. It makes them easy to learn other things and saves your overall time too. When you know the basics, it is easy to move ahead in the right direction.

What should be the career path?

Life special magical moments for those who can perform beyond their abilities. Here are some tips for people who are looking for the best career path to become an MSBI Developer.

  • Do a little self-research before getting into the MSBI space. You should check thoroughly whether you are fit for the role or not.
  • Try to communicate with people who are already doing very well in the same field. They can give you a lot of insight to start and grow your career. If you don’t want someone to communicate, put your queries in the forum and discuss with experts to help you out.
  • You can read related blogs or articles before getting into the domain. Also, do proper research before you register for any online MSBI training course. Compare prices and check out the feedback of training institutes or talk with previous learners. Instead of learning everything theoretically, it would be great joining some project-based courses where you may get hands-on expertise.
  • Never believe in false promises but choose your learning path and see what suits you the most. Spend at least two hours daily to master the topic and work on projects as well.

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MSBI Developer Certification Path

MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solution Associate is the most recognized certification for MSBI Developers. It validates your ETL and data warehouse skills, BI expertise, data modeling, and OLAP skills. On the successful completion of MCSA certification, you can quickly start applying for jobs and become eligible for the BI developer position.

MSBI Developer Certification Path

What is Involved?

  • In the first step, you should acquire basic computer skills. If you are confused about whether  you are equipped with basic PC skills or not, then join the related course and complete your learning. Companies usually hire people with fundamental skills.
  • Once you have gained fundamental skills, it is the right time to become a technical expert. For this purpose, join the online MSBI certification program and acquire all BI skills that are essential to get into the BI space.
  • On the successful completion of training, you can apply for MCSA certification and earn your certification. It is valid proof that you have all the needed skills and expertise. Sometimes, only certified candidates are preferred by Companies to avoid initial training and bottlenecks.
  • Once you earned your certification, the last step is to start applying for jobs and present your skills confidently. If you are confident and able to implement your skills in the workplace, then you will get hired by top Companies quickly. Also, keep your skills updated from time to time to become relevant in the industry.

Till the time, we have discussed a lot about MSBI skills, and you should gain them or master them for getting hired. Do you know what skills you should actually add to your resume? If not , don’t panic. We can help you in listing all the essential skills that can give you a competitive edge when compared to other candidates.

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What MSBI skills should I add to my Resume?

It is a good question, and the discussion is not complete if you don’t know what MSBI skills you should learn exactly.

MSBI skills

A). Understand the business to the Fullest:

One of the primary requirements to become a BI developer is to understand the business and associated people. It comes under soft skills, but it is equally important as technical skills. You should be able to conduct interviews and gain all the essential details that are needed for product development. Of course, it will help you to gain meaningful insights and make more powerful business decisions.

B). Data Warehousing:

Data warehouse keeps the utmost important for a BI Developer. A data warehouse is built using different techniques and agile methodologies. It helps in understanding business users and getting a fair return on investments. Data warehouse skills are vital for an MSBI Developer, so don’t forget mastering it and add the same your resume.

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C). Database Skills:

Most of the time, data warehouses are stored in databases, and you must learn how a database works . We are not saying that you should be a great DBA but learn basics about recovery and backup techniques. If somebody asks you which type of backup you need for your database, you can answer.

Try keeping the recovery model simple, and you have to use SQL queries sometimes at an advanced level. In brief, writing SQL queries is another important skill to master by BI Developers.

D). SharePoint:

It is not needed for every project, but reporting services can be required for some projects. For expert documentation or reporting, you can add SharePoint skills to your resume to get some added benefits at the time of hiring.

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These are the three MSBI tools, and they should be mastered by everyone who wants to get into the MSBI space. If you cannot learn all three together, then you can practice them one by one and gain a basic understanding of others. The hands-on expertise in MSBI tools makes you more eligible for getting hired by top companies. Instead of joining MSBI training, you can join SSIS training, SSAS training, SSRS training separately.

Next Steps:

Anyone planning to start a career in the MSBI field has to go through a huge learning curve, and it is not easy to get hands-on expertise in everything. So, we advise you to get a msbi certification and also focus on specific modules like SSIS training, SSAS training, SSRS training, etc. It will help you to focus on one tool at a time, and you can master the BI concepts in depth. Once you are sure of one platform, you can start learning the other and search for the relevant jobs in this meanwhile. It will make things a little easier and more manageable for you.

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The other possibility is to join a strategic training with one of the premier institutes like JanBask Training, as their Training Journey can make you quite competitive and demanding. They will give you the proper career guidance, and will also suggest the best MSBI training program as per your interests and background. So, what are you waiting for? Just give them a call and discuss your thoughts today!

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