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How To Determine The Best Salesforce Plan For Your Company.

  • Salesforce provides feature and service bundles that are adapted to the specific needs of a wide range of businesses. The company Salesforce refers to these bundles as "Editions."
  • The look and feel of the programme is consistent across all editions of salesforce; however, each edition has its own own price structure, set of features, and set of capabilities.
  • The edition of a certain Salesforce instance determines which features are available to users of that instance.
  • The users of each edition of SalesForce have their own own set of licences, which when activated, open a variety of additional features throughout the platform. Because each edition provides a different set of capabilities and licencing options, companies need to familiarise themselves with each edition and the features it contains if they want to get the most out of the platform. Upskill your Salesforce knowledge by enrolling in Salesforce certification courses.
  • It is up to the companies to choose which version will work in their favour the most. A poor selection of the Salesforce edition might lead to either insufficient capability to fulfil all of the company's requirements or wasteful spending on more advanced features. Both of these outcomes would be undesirable.
  • As the needs of the company change, it is simple to switch to a newer edition.

1.Types of Salesforce Editions

Salesforce Cloud Editions range from Free to salesforce enterprise edition and include a wide variety of features. The following are the available salesforce editions:

  1. Essentials Edition in Salesforce
  2. Professional Edition in Salesforce
  3. Enterprise Edition in Salesforce
  4. Unlimited Edition in Salesforce
  5. Developers Edition in Salesforce

Learn how to create how to create a Salesforce developer account free with developer edition for creating Salesforce applications.

The complexity of a company and its need for customization are reflected in the graph following, which is the same for all versions of salesforce (save the developer edition). 

Refer to Salesforce self-learning course learn more

Essentials Edition in Salesforce

One of the four major fundamental editions, the essential edition is designed specifically with the needs of smaller companies in mind. It is a platform that is all set up and ready to go for efficiently managing small businesses and developing them. You may utilise its user interface that is simple to use in conjunction with its other user-friendly features in order to personalise and begin the process of deploying them. 

Professional Edition in Salesforce

For large companies looking to automate their complicated business operations with workflow and approvals, the Enterprise version is the ideal choice. The Professional Edition is equipped with a multitude of additional management tools, comprehensive customization options, and features that make it easy to integrate back-office systems. 

Enterprise Edition in Salesforce

For large companies looking to automate their complicated business operations with workflow and approvals, the Enterprise version is the ideal choice. The Professional Edition is equipped with a multitude of additional management tools, comprehensive customization options, and features that make it easy to integrate back-office systems.

Unlimited Edition in Salesforce

Large companies that have more than a thousand employees require an unlimited edition that provides premium support, an endless supply of online training, and more than a hundred other administrative services. If you purchase a subscription to this version, you will have the ability to create an endless number of individualised applications and tabs to meet the needs of your company. It gives the platform extra layers of flexibility for controlling and sharing on demand. In addition, administrators have access to many sandboxes for the purposes of testing and creating new features.

Developers Edition in Salesforce

In addition to the four basic versions described above, Salesforce now offers a developer edition that gives programmers the tools they need to create innovative and one-of-a-kind corporate and mobile apps. When developers use this edition of Salesforce, they have access to Salesforce APIs and the Lightning Platform, as well as the ability to interact with a variety of other apps in order to create new tools and applications.

1.2. Why Prefer Salesforce Cloud Solutions?

In recent years, Sales Cloud has emerged as one of the most popular hubs for sales professionals to utilise in order to manage the numerous responsibilities that they are responsible for. By transitioning from manual management to the automated procedures that are offered by a variety of vendors, business owners and top executives may be able to save time and energy salesforce editions.

The Sales Cloud will give you real-time insights on how well your teams are performing, which will enable you to increase productivity and more precisely forecast the results of your efforts. Additionally, Sales Cloud features an easy-to-use interface that can be customised in a variety of different ways. Anyone who has access to the internet can use Sales Cloud because it is housed in the cloud. It is not essential to invest thousands of dollars on the team's equipment or the licence fees for software. There’s an increasing demand for Salesforce cloud professionals. Join an online Salesforce training course and earn the most in-demand certifications. 

In addition, the service provided by Sales Cloud makes it possible for your business to grow as required. It is possible for you to begin using salesforce with its free version and then upgrade to a paid plan as your business grows. From among the available possibilities, pick the one that caters most closely to the requirements of your business. Selecting the appropriate version will ensure that your business continues to function normally.

For more use cases, refer Salesforce Service Cloud.

1.3.Top SF Edition Questions

1.3.1.  What is The Salesforce Performance Edition?

For example, Salesforce Professional Edition is no longer available for purchase. All the functionality of Salesforce Unlimited Edition and more have been removed once it was made available as a sales cloud solution.

1.3.2. Difference Between Professional and Enterprise Edition Salesforce?

While the Premium Version only allows for three initiatives per opening, the Standard salesforce edition allows for five. In addition to the tools included in the paid Pro plan, EE also gives customers access to the Salesforce application programming interfaces. The distinction between the two may be explored further as well.

1.3.3. What are Different Salesforce Licenses?

The amount of time a user spends on Salesforce determines the level of privileges that are granted to that user. The Salesforce licence that a user has purchased determines the very minimum of the features that person has access to. Users are only allowed to have one salesforce licence that is active at any given moment. The various different salesforce licences that are available are listed here:

  • Licenses for Chatter Users
  • Access to the Service Cloud Portal Access to the Authenticated Website Standard User Licenses for Sites and Site.com

If your organization uses Salesforce's customer portal or partner portal, Salesforce also provides the following licenses:

  • User Licenses for the Customer Portal; User Licenses for the Customer Portal's Enterprise Administration; User Licenses for the Partner Portal.
  • Modern-day online Salesforce admin training will help you master the basic to advanced concepts of Salesforce Administration through practical as well as theoretical learning.  

1.3.4. How Much is Salesforce a Month?

All Salesforce plans have a consistent monthly cost based on the number of users you have. The current salesforce editions and their respective prices are shown below.

Prices range from $25/month/user for the Essentials Edition to $75/month/user for the Professional Edition to $150/month/user for the salesforce enterprise edition to $300/month/user for the Salesforce Unlimited Edition.

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1.4.What Salesforce Edition Should I Choose?

Your company and team size will dictate the Salesforce version that will be most beneficial to you. It's important to give serious thought to the intricacies of your business and procedure, as well as any needs for bespoke features.

By investigating each of these points in detail, you may determine whether or not the features and workflow restrictions of the various Salesforce editions suit your requirements.

To effectively manage your sales operations and acquire a high-performing sales staff, you must choose the one that best suits you.

So, which salesforce edition do you think is best for a firm like yours?

Just in case you find yourself in need of some professional guidance! Rave Digital is eager to lend its expertise in this area.

1.5.Salesforce Editions and Pricing:

It's important to consider a variety of factors, including Salesforce pricing and editions. But given that there are several plans you can require, figuring out how much Salesforce costs can be extremely difficult. So let's break down the costs of the plans so that it is simpler to choose which is best.

How to Check the Current Edition?

The features and capabilities that are offered in the org are determined by the Salesforce version. The Organization Edition on the Company Information Page can be used to determine the most recent edition.

Take the Following Two Actions:

  • Enter the company information in the fast find box and select the Company Information under the Setup option.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll see the Organization Edition. It resembles the picture below.
  • As we can see in the image above, the edition is Professional Edition, and the features of the organisation differ depending on the edition.


You should spend some time planning and outlining the goals that drove you to deploy a CRM in the first place, as this will help you narrow down your options and make an educated choice on which edition is best for your company. Spending some time planning and outlining the goals that drove you to deploy a CRM in the first place is a good idea. It is important to develop a budget in order to guarantee that you are able to fulfil the requirements of your sales force without going bankrupt.

Your company may be able to accomplish its goals and scale new heights with the assistance of a customer relationship management (CRM) system like Salesforce. This type of software helps businesses streamline and automate their sales and customer service procedures. Depending on the requirements and objectives of your business, different Salesforce editions provide a variety of features and functions to choose from. 

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