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Salesforce Training
For Administrators & Developers

Get a comprehensive online Salesforce training that guides you through Salesforce Admin training and the Salesforce Developer training concepts to give you more advanced exposure in the field of Salesforce. It's time to take a shot at your chance of becoming the most demanded Salesforce Candidate.

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Why Salesforce Certification?

Checkout why Salesforce Certification Training is the hot topic in the job market

#1 CRM

Salesforce for the fifth consecutive year has been named the #1 CRM providers by International Data Corporation.


Salesforce leads the CRM market with a 19.7% of market share - Gartner

Salesforce Growth


As per International Data Corporation (IDC), Salesforce's ecosystem will create 3.3 million jobs by the year 2022

200 K

Companies have switched to Salesforce


the annualized job growth is expected to be 65%.

Dive deep into the Salesforce Career

Learn about Career benefits, in-demand skills, average salaries and tips to Crack Job Interview.

Salesforce jobs


Salesforce jobs are available in the US alone as per Indeed.com

Instructor-led Live Online Classes - Salesforce Certification

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Salesforce Training Course Roadmap

Scroll through the concepts that we cover in our Salesforce Course

Salesforce Configuration Introduction

    • Introduction to Cloud Computing
    • Introduction to Salesforce & Salesforce CRM
    • Salesforce Sandboxes (Dev, QA, Full, Prod.)
    • Salesforce editions/Licenses/Organisation setup
    • Salesforce Objects/Fields/Tabs/App Exchange
    • Salesforce object Relationships & Roll-Up Summary Fields
    • Understanding of formula fields, and creation formula field
    • (Text/Logic/Math/Date functions & Other popular Advanced functions)
    • Introduction to validation rule, Need, and Various popular functions.
    • Record Types/Page Layouts/Buttons
    • Introduction to Custom button and Custom link

Salesforce Security & Automation Process

    • User Setup/Profiles/Permission
    • Sets/OWD/Role-Hierarchy/Criteria Based Sharing/Manual Sharing
    • Introduction to User Management, User Object
    • Role Hierarchies- share record as per role
    • Sharing record-Manual and owner based
    • Introduction to Workflow Rules
    • Types of evaluation criteria in Workflow rules
    • Different workflow actions.
    • Understanding Approval steps, Approval actions, Rejection actions
    • Introduction to process builder and its action
    • What is the difference between workflow and process builder

Sales & Service Cloud, Data Migration & Analytics

    • Introduction to service cloud management
    • Brief in to Sales Cloud management
    • Campaign Management, Product & Pricebook Overview
    • Introduction to Web to case, email to case & auto response rule.
    • Introduction to Data migration
    • Overview to Data loader and its installation process
    • Introduction to salesforce import wizard
    • Difference between Data loader and import wizard
    • Types of Report and Dashboard
    • Understanding Sharing & Security of Reports-Dashboards

Apex Programming, SOQL & SOSL

    • Programming Introduction oops concepts & Apex class.
    • Understanding modifiers,Interfaces, Abstract classes and constructors
    • Understanding Data types-string,Integer,Decimal,Boolean
    • Debug & System Log' Purpose and Use
    • Apex Collections (List, Set, MAP)
    • Introduction to SOQL,types of SOQL
    • Introduction to SOSL
    • Difference between SOQL and SOSL
    • Introduction to DML Operation-insert,Update,Delete,Undelete,Upsert,Merge
    • Implementation of SOQL in DML operation
    • Best Practices in apex.

Apex Triggers & Visualforce Pages

    • Introduction to Apex trigger
    • Understanding Triggers/Trigger events/Trigger context variables
    • How to bulkify trigger.
    • Introduction to handler class and its usages
    • Best practices to write trigger.
    • Overview to test class
    • Importance of test class
    • Best practice to write test class
    • Visualforce Pages & Controllers
    • Visualforce actions.
    • Asynchronous apex-future/batch Jobs

Salesforce Lightning & Web Service

    • Advantages of developing UI using Lightning Components
    • Introduction to development using Lightning Component Framework
    • Development of Lightning App/Lightning Components/Controller And Helper classes
    • Introduction to lightning events
    • Deployment Methods to various sandboxes Change Sets & Eclipse
    • Introduction to web service
    • Need of Integration, Salesforce to any third party integrations overview
    • Introduction to SOAP & REST callouts
    • Understanding how to develop SOAP & REST webservices in Salesforce
    • Interview Que/Ans Guidance , Certification Dumps & Guidance

Salesforce Training Course Roadmap

  • Scroll through the concepts that we cover in our Salesforce Course

    Following our highly specialized curriculum of the Salesforce training course, over hundreds of students have already qualified Salesforce Dev, Salesforce Admin, and Salesforce App Builder certification over the past seven years and are placed with some of the leading corporations. Salesforce is the most sought-after skills today, and the demand is sure to increase further. Expert estimates future demand for Salesforce skills to stay exponential for at least the next 20 years.

    Here is what all we cover in our online Salesforce Course. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

Course Curriculum

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Course for testing Corporate Training

Salesforce Corporate Training & Certification

Enhance the skills of your workforce with a cutting-edge curriculum of our Salesforce Corporate Training Program

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