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Tableau Careers - Know Why & How to Make a Career in Tableau!

The need for Data Visualization has outgrown ever since business data generation & consumption has started soaring high. Businesses are vouching for the Tableau tool, because it has made it possible to perform data visualization & analysis in minutes now, without any complexity, time & effort. The Tableau tool & its solutions are in heavy demand right now, & so are the Tableau career options.

In such envisioned popularity, are you doubtful about the Tableau career in 2020 or beyond or more specifically...

  1. How does the Tableau career provide a stable platform, is Tableau a good career and how is the Job Demand for it?
  2. Which IT companies are hiring Tableau developers & Tableau Admins?
  3. Is Tableau easy to learn? What should be my educational or technical background to make a career with Tableau?
  4. Which Tableau careers I should go for - Tableau Developer, Tableau Admin, Tableau Data Visualization Engineer, or Tableau Reporting Analyst?
  5. Can I earn a very good salary in Tableau technology?
  6. How easy is it to get jobs in Tableau technology?
  7. Is it compulsory to write Tableau Certifications, if yes; which ones?
  8. How to start career in Tableau?
  9. Can an experienced professional from another field, switch to the Tableau domain, without difficulty?

It’s quite natural to have these doubts, especially when you are branching towards a new skillset. Tableau is a perfect choice in terms of reskilling & making a long-term career. With data generation in every second, the data visualization acts as a brilliant means to understand & consume data for better business outputs. If you are determined to learn Tableau, get ahead & follow this complete Tableau career path/guide.

Tableau Career Path

Tableau History, Present & Beyond!

Find out when Tableau technology was coined & why it is in utmost important even till now in small scale, medium & big scale enterprises.

When was the Term Tableau Coined?

  • Tableau was coined in the year 2003 in Mountain View California, US by 3 geniuses Christian Chabot, Pat Hanrahan and Chris Stolte
  • The Tableau software company launched its first IPO in 2013 & raised about $250 million.
  • In Gartner’s magic quadrant, Tableau is shown as a leader in business intelligence and analytics.
  • Till its launch, the Tableau software has never looked back & till lead is a #1 for data visualization solutions to data-concentric companies.

Why do companies need to leverage Tableau technology?

  • Tech-industries are at number one in generating volumes of data. Tableau helps these tech-giants to create intuitive & performant visualizations, which helps explore & understand the heaps of data in just minutes for business & its stakeholders.
  • The company so reliably uses this tool as it helps them explore, visualize, and analyze any format of data or information, be it infrastructure event log, customer buying habit, website clickstream, or more.
  • Tableau helps them translate the chaotic data into meaningful information which helps businesses in making accurate decisions, faster time-to-market, improve products, operations & user-experience, and work on only success parameters.

“Lenovo got a 95% improvement in efficiency across 28 countries via Tableau’s Visualizations & Analytics.” “By working with 14,000 items in Tableau, Cisco is now able to identify the profitable supply chain network Opportunities.”

Why companies are looking for skilled & certified Tableau Developers?

Companies need Tableau Developers to:

  • Design & Develop Data Visualization solutions for dashboards & reports.
  • Manage software development tasks throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.
  • Create custom tools to store & manage the data carefully.
  • Execute strategic solutions & data analysis as needed.
  • Develop & implement effective Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Design the search schema for integrating the data into Tableau.
  • To render the advice on data migration & software updates.
  • To debug or troubleshoot Tableau Visualization issues by managing database queries or conducting the unit test.
  • To work in coordination with the development & technical team.
  • To Analyze data, create dashboard reports, BI reports, be present in feedback sessions for improving the systems.
Tableau Career Path

Tableau Career Opportunities - Tableau Job Trends Globally!

#8Consicutively 8 years

Gartner Research has declared Tableau as the leader in the “Business Intelligence & Data Visualization” for 8 years consecutively (since 2013).

50End of the year

As per IDC, by the end of the year 2020 & following, the world will have 50 times more data than the previous decade. This will further intensify the need for glorious data visualization Tableau tools & its experts across any location globally.

#1 Increasing Tableau jobs

According to Google Trends, the search & requirement for Tableau jobs is increasing speedily.

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100 Skill and Certified

Skilled & Certified Tableau specialists are required in every business vertical or industry like tech, hardware, healthcare, banking, retail, eCommerce, supply chain, telecommunication, media & advertising, utility & many more where data generation & consumption is heavy.

Top Companies Hiring for Tableau Professionals Globally!

Tableau Career Options

What all Tableau Career Profiles I can Choose From?

Here are the 4 explicit profiles that you can pursue under Tableau technology, despite your technical or non-technical work & educational background.

Tableau Admin

If you are interested in overseeing the Tableau tool & BI software, creating & managing site users, cleaning or arranging the data sources, setting user permission, you can be that Tableau Admin .

Tableau Developer

If you are interested in developing & maintaining analytics, advanced reporting, dashboards, & other BI solutions, performing data analysis, improving existing systems --- You can be that Tableau Developer.

Tableau Reporting Analyst

If you are interested in designing, analyzing, and circulating reports based on collected data to insights on project performance, you can be that Tableau Reporting Analyst!

Tableau Data Visualization Engineer

If you are interested in developing interactive visualizations using Tableau from different data sources for creating meaningful customer-centric dashboards & reports on a constant iterative basis, you can be a Tableau Data Visualization Engineer.

Tableau Careers

What Educational Background/Prerequisite Skills I Need to Pursue Tableau Career Path?

“Having doubts about how I can pursue a Tableau Careers’ despite my non-technical work & educational background?” Tableau Careers are possible to follow for every individual from technical to non-technical work & educational backgrounds. (Yes, even you reading this)!

  • To start with Tableau careers, focus on having a basic knowledge of Tableau as a data visualization technology, its application, benefits, purpose, and more.
  • You don’t need to belong from any technical work profile or educational background to pursue this Tableau career. You can be from any work/education field and still make a profound career in Tableau.
  • If you are from some IT background, it's great, it gives you an extra edge to get started with your Tableau career training journey. But, in case you are from a Non-IT background; take it as an opportunity to accept this challenge of learning a new skill & mastering it by practicing well. You can definitely learn this data visualization tool well with a little hard work, training, and practice (Learning Tableau is no Rocket Science 😊).
  • You can be a recent college graduate or some advanced professional stuck in some stagnant work profile, and still branch out towards a Tableau career in 2020 & beyond. You just have to display little dedication, and for rest, our real-field expert trainers will leave no stones left unturned to polish you into a well-rounded Tableau Developer cum Admin.
  • We still have quite a lot of enrolments from individuals who aren’t from any particular career & work profile and showing great dedication and willingness to shape their career into this famous Data Visualization technology called Tableau --- which is the need for the hour.
Tableau Career Path

Tableau Salary - What Salary Can I Earn As Tableau Developer or Tableau Admin?

Check out the Tableau Developer, Tableau Admin, Tableau Data Visualization Engineer, Tableau Reporting Analyst Salary in 4 popular countries in the U.S, UK, Canada, India.

USA flag USA flag
India flag India flag

Want to Know Some Tips to Attract a Higher Salary from the Starting Level?

You can try to follow these tips if you are too scared that entry-level Data Science jobs won’t get you that fat juicy paycheck as desired.

Relocate to the countries where pay scales are quite higher than others!

  1. You can relocate to top-places like the UK, USA, India, Canada, Australia as here the pay scale is good.
  2. The demand for Tableau experts is exceptionally high globally. You will easily find jobs throughout the globe.
  3. Just take a quick Tableau experts Training online, and then move out where Data Science career opportunities seem to be huge.

Keep on learning new concepts & things around Tableau!

  1. The aspirants who reflect high-level knowledge, get great recognition & preference in demanding salary as desired.
  2. Better focus on keeping the learned concepts intact & grasping the latest knowledge & innovation around Tableau experts practices from its communities, forums, whitepapers & more.

Surround yourself with Tableau expertsExperts!

Be around the industry’s Tableau experts experts as it will help you with knowledge building as well as attract lucrative compensation opportunities.

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Work hard & keep your self-belief intact!

  1. Hard work & self-belief can do wonders! In the end, it’s your exceptional knowledge & confidence that take you towards high-paying Tableau experts career opportunities.
  2. Don’t doubt your abilities, just let us help you get trained, acquire certifications, and take you towards much-needed Tableau career opportunities.
Tableau Career Path

Tableau Certifications - Which one Should I Go For?

After completing the Tableau training, don’t forget to get the Tableau certifications as they will help you get recognition in the hiring process, confident enough to ask for the best negotiation, the right job opportunity, and long-term career growth.

What are Tableau Certifications?

  • Tableau certifications are the exams that test your industry-specific knowledge of Tableau methods for Data analysis.
  • The exams are checked by the highest authorities. Once you qualify for the exam with flying colors, you get a certificate declaring your competency for real-time Tableau corporate jobs.
  • With certification for Tableau, you can apply in any job of industry like software, Healthcare, banking, retail, eCommerce, and a lot more.

Why must I write these Tableau Certifications?

By having the Tableau certifications in your portfolio, you:

  • Get great preference during the interview rounds over others.
  • You feel confident to approach the right job, project, or assignment.
  • You get to ask for the desired salary package when you portray both effective knowledge & highly recognized certification in hand.

Which Tableau Certification can I write?

  • Tableau Desktop Specialist
  • Tableau Desktop Certified Associate
  • Tableau Desktop Certified Professional
  • Tableau Server Certified Associate
  • Tableau Server Certified Professional

But...Tableau Certifications alone doesn’t guarantee you a job. They just help to get you near to the desired job at wealthy paychecks. If you have relevant knowledge skills along with certification, you can easily qualify for the right job.

Tableau Career Path

How to Start a Career in Tableau? Here are the 6 Steps to Get Started!

Step - 1 Do Your Research on Tableau Tool from a career point of view!

Perform your Exhaustive research on Tableau career to know:

  • How does this visualization tool is the right fit in terms of an IT career?
  • What all job profiles this tool offers?
  • Is it easy enough to learn or re-skill with?
  • Is it practical is it to form a long-term career with and that too in different work industries?
  • What salary package & promotion opportunities can you expect as a Tableau developer or admin? Gather answers to all these questions to make up your mind!

Step - 2 Get that Tableau Career Advice or Counselling!

  • Talk to some mentor or elder working in IT, to get the best tableau career advice. Find someone who can personally help you point out the Tableau career benefits.
  • And if you don’t have someone to give you Tableau career advice, you can always have words with JanBask Training’s expert counselors for free, who will give you 24/7 assistance on how to proceed with the Tableau career path or any other technology.

Step - 3 Make a Decision, Don't Keep on Waiting!

Quickly decide because good opportunities don’t wait & last long. If you will decide now, you will experience career gains early on.

“Don’t take 6 months or a year to decide, have a quick decision to score amazing Tableau career opportunities!”

Step - 4 Get that Formal Tableau Training!

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To enter the Data Visualization world, skill-building is a must. There is no better way than joining a professional Tableau Training platform.

Formal Tableau Training will:

  • Give you real-time knowledge of Tableau job roles.
  • Help you prepare for the Tableau Certifications.
  • And become fully prepared for lucrative Tableau job opportunities.

“You are a quick Training away to start your amazing Tableau careers”

Step - 5 Ace that battle of Tableau Certifications!

“Don’t forget the Tableau certifications. Train for them, ace them, and give your resume & portfolio an edge.” Tableau certifications are the best ways to validate your skills & knowledge by the highest authorities and get yourself that recognition during the hiring process. Some companies even prefer hiring skilled & certified Tableau developers or Admins. .

Step - 6 Network, Practice & Start Applying for jobs!

  • Socialize, network with Tableau developers or Tableau Admins to expand your reach for knowledge-sharing & cracking some exclusive Tableau career opportunities.
  • Always practice whatever you have learned as well as new things added to the Tableau technology ecosystem via online communities, forums, or industry whitepapers.
  • Start applying for Tableau jobs, internships, projects to pursue a promising Tableau career.

Tableau Career Path

Most Asked Questions Around Tableau Career Guide!

#1. How is Career in Tableau?

With data growing each minute, it’s getting nerve-wracking for businesses to explore, handle, and use it rightly. Every data-driven company today needs Data Scientists to help them distill & transform the voluminous data into meaningful information that can lead to successful business decisions & outcomes. We can say, Tableau is an unwavering need for businesses this year & in years to come, approaching this technology as a career is only gainful.

#2. Is Tableau easy to learn?

Learning Tableau is no rocket science. You can be a pro at this data exploration & analysis technology earlier than you think if you show little dedication for learning during the Data Science Certification Training course online. Just pick up an accredited training course where instructors are industry experts & the course material is based on real business problems, and rest you will be good to go.

#3.How to start a career in Tableau?

To start a career in Tableau, follow these 6 easy steps:

  • Research about Tableau as technology & career
  • Take expert career advice Tableau-related from someone known or our Expert Career Counselors.
  • Don’t wait up, decide whether you want to pursue this technology as a career or not.
  • Take an accredited Tableau Certification Training online.
  • Clear the popular Tableau exams to get an edge during your interview.
  • Socialize with real Tableau experts, start applying for the Tableau jobs you see around.

To always get better Tableau career options, make sure you are keeping your Data manipulation & analysis knowledge up-to-date, and have well-polished communication skills & overall personality. To know “How to Start Career in Data Science” in detail, hop onto our free demo class!

Closing Thoughts on Tableau Career Path!

Tableau is a desirable career in terms of pay, job satisfaction, learning, growth & whatever else conditions you often look for. And with this Data Analysis technology’s crazy demand (today & in years to come) in data-concentric entities, you won’t have to be worried about your Data Science career growth. With this complete Data Science Career Path or guide, we hope we helped you find answers to your endless queries regarding:

  • Why Tableau career path? “Or how is a career in Tableau good?” Or “Is Tableau a good career option?”
  • How is the Tableau career in 2020 or beyond?
  • What Tableau roles or profiles to choose & how?
  • Which Tableau careers are right for me?
  • What is the demand for Tableau roles like?
  • What is the average pay of a Tableau Developer or Tableau Admin?
  • Why are Tableau certifications so much in demand?
  • How to start career in Tableau?

Don’t remain undecided about the exciting Tableau career opportunities. If we have left some of your doubts still unanswered, we would love to hear from you in the comments down below. Or if you are interested in more detailed Tableau career advice, how about scheduling your free Tableau career counseling with us?

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