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Tableau Administrator Resumes - 7 Steps to Write One + Free Samples


Have you ever given a thought that the average time spent by recruiters looking out at a resume is around 5-7 seconds? During that time, they look into your Tableau Administrator Resume all the way from the top to the bottom. And, if they find it suitable then you are called up for the interview or otherwise you get right away rejected. 

If you are planning to be that applicant whose Tableau server administrative resume makes it to the other level of the interview process; then they try to choose a format that is recent and is professionally accepted and state the knowledge, skills, educational background in the best way possible. 

Looking out for how to draft an effective tableau server administrator resume? Now let’s have a look at the recipe to perfect Tableau Administrator resume writing!

In this guide, we will help you walk around professional Tableau Administrator Resumes examples along with step-by-step guides to create Tableau Administrator Resumes from scratch.

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Tableau Server Administrator Resume Sample for Professionals

Here is a good example of a Tableau administrator sample resume for professionals that can get you job interview preference.

Tableau Administrator Resume Template

Samantha Williams 

Tableau Server Administrator 

(Your contact numbers) 

Professional Summary

Having 5+ years of experience in the areas of Tableau Server Administration, Managed Services, Software Application Support, IT Operations, Technical Support & Support Desk Management.

Work Experience

Tableau Server Administrator

Forrester Research Inc. 

March 2019 to Dec 2020 

  • Having a good experience with Installation, configuration, and upgrading the Tableau Server in all sorts of environments.
  • Performed support & administration across Tableau infrastructure inclusive of security administration, installation & configuration of the Tableau Server.
  • Supervising client communication and understanding the requirements for all projects.
  • Also having good experience in implementing High Availability (HA) for a Tableau cluster.
  • Proficiency in Server Backup, Restoration, and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Bellevue University

President of the student Tableau Server Administrator club for 1 year


  • Tableau Server Admin
  • MySQL
  • Windows Server Administration
  • PostgreSQL DB

Training & Certifications

Did 6 Weeks Tableau Server Administrator Training with Janbask Training

Enroll in our Tableau Admin Training for more Tableau Administrator Sample Resumes!

7 Steps to Write Tableau Administrator Resume from Scratch!

If you have been looking for “how to write a Tableau Server Administrator resume”, here is a quick step-by-step guide to preparing your Tableau Server Administrator resume from scratch.

1. Decide the Structure of Your Tableau Administrator Resume First


The First Step Is to Take Into Consideration the Layout of Your Resume, as It Is the Most Essential Step in Creating an Impression in Front of Recruiters.

  • Pick up a modern layout & follow a reverse chronological format, where all the current experiences or education are stated and next comes the experiences or education.
  • Make all the headlines of each and every section clear of the resume, so it is easy to read and easy to point out.
  • Try to make use of single line spacing or spacing of 1.5 in between the paragraphs.
  • There should be a margin of 1 inch for your Tableau Administrator Resumes.
  • Make sure your resume is not too much filled, must have some white space.
  • Make use of modern fonts, where the heading should be around 14-16 points and the text under the heading should be around 12.
  • The format of your Tableau Administrator Resume should be in PDF or any other format your job demands. 
  • Decide the resume length. Don’t go beyond one page, unless & until you have much detailed information to put. But even with detailed information, try to be crisp.

Identify What Key Sections Your Tableau Administrator Resumes Would Have:

  1. The first thing that comes in the little bio, like an introduction of you along with the contact information.
  2. The second section should be telling about the career objective or your professional summary.
  3. The third section should be professional experience consisting of overall work experience.
  4. Fourth should be Education, achievement, and interests or any accolades you won.
  5. The fifth should be Skills and competencies regarding your job.
  6. The Sixth & last section should have additional information related to other additional skills you have, language proficiency, any training, or any other information that you would like to share apart from your routine work.

2. Focus on The Header

This sector is not at all complicated, all you have to do is to put the correct personal information of yours for helping recruiters to act on your application & invite you for the next round.

The Header Should include Your:

  • Full Name, verified in documents
  • Title or Job profile, here it would be “Tableau Server Administrator” or could be “IT Tableau Server Administrator”. You can put in senior or junior before the title also based on your years of experience.
  • Social Media handles or email address - You can put Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter address here or any professional social media.
  • Phone Numbers - Try to add at least 2 correct contact numbers.
  • Your location - Helpful when you are applying for jobs abroad.


Career Objective

The career objective section is the most important section of your resume. As all you have to do is to summarize your lifetime journey in one place. Starting it from your capabilities and all your career objectives. Most importantly, how you can show or put yourself on paper for applying for the job.

 Write an Influential Career objective

Normally, candidates only try to put their career journey on a resume but don’t forget this section where recruiters would like to know whether they are worth an investment to them or not, like what capabilities you can bring to their company and help them grow eventually.

Which one to Pick: Professional Summary Or Career Objective?

There are two types where you can summarize your professional career; that is professional summary and career objective. 

  • Professional Summary should be approached by Tableau Server Administrators who have a good amount of experience in their respective career. 
  • And on the other hand, is the career objective, this is for the ones who have just begun their career such as, graduates, career changers, students, etc. They should focus on explaining their Tableau career path that specifies their vision  & capabilities without even any experience.

3. Jump to The Tableau Server Administrator Work Experience Section Next

The Tableau Server Administrator work experience section is also one of the most important sections of your resume. This section is for recruiters to know your experience in your profession, and most importantly the way you performed in your previous company. 

This Is How You Should Plan Your Work Experience Section in Tableau Administrator Resumes:

  1. Position Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Years of Experience
  4. Tableau Server Administrator Roles & Responsibilities Achieved There with Achievements (if any)

What If I am Starting Up Without Any Experience?

If you don’t have any long-standing experience to show in your respected Tableau Administrator Resumes, don’t worry! When you don’t have experience as being a graduate, fresher, or start-ups, you can do the following:

  • State about your internship, project, or freelancing job that you might have done.
  • Any project you might have done by your choice in your college.

As a Tableau Server Administrator, try to add something as per your profession that states your skills and expertise and can make you the only choice over others.

4. Focus on Putting Correct Education History

After the Experience, You Must Add All the Factual Correct Education History in the Following Order:

  • Your Master’s Degree
  • Name of the university/ College
  • Years of Passing
  • Honors, courses, extracurricular, achievements, training, GPA, or any other add-ons.      

5. Try to Add All the Important Skills in a More Appealing Way

There are a lot of skills a recruiter normally has in his list when looking out for a candidate. So, don’t forget to add it to your resume otherwise your resume might get rejected.

So, check all the points and skills you need related to the Tableau Server Administrator job and all the professional skills or transferable skills, which will be stating your qualities, character, qualities, and performance of your job. 

Keep in mind that:

  • Add on skills that are according to the job advertisements, which the companies with vacancies are looking for.
  • As a beginner, you might have knowledge of complex Tableau Server Administrator skills, where you especially need to advertise your soft skills and the qualification you have to have knowledge of this field. 

6. Add an EXTRA section to Your Tableau Server Administrator Resumes

This section is all about the added work experience, educational skill, and expertise. So, don’t forget to keep on a section where you can make your resume stand out. Here, is a list of extra but relevant things you must add to shine your resume:

  • Awards and certifications you got.
  • Any language you know other than your native one.
  • Interests & hobbies you indulge in your leisure time.
  • Any other knowledge you would like to share with recruiters that reflects your amazing personality.

List all the qualities, undiscovered talents, or any affiliations that you have in your resumes, this can boost your chances to score amazing attention during the recruitment process.

7. Detailed Cover Letter Along With Resume- Not to Be Missed!

A cover letter is mostly demanded by the recruiters these days, yes even for an intern profile. 

Here are the tips to write an effective cover letter for your candidature:

  • Your cover letter should have a strong statement depicting your true skills or abilities.
  • Add instances telling how you are a perfect fit for the job.
  • Avoid bullet points and emphasize your education, qualities, education, past experiences and tell how they would be helpful for the recruiter’s company.
  • Use a professional, simple & modern cover letter format.
  • Keep the length of the cover letter to a minimum of one page.
  • Don’t talk about remuneration expectations in your letter as this may appear negative.
  • End your cover letter by thanking the recruiter, ensure adding certain words that tell you are waiting for their response on your application & would love to hear from you soon.

Know-How Much Tableau Administrator Salary You Can Get!

According to Indeed, the average Tableau admin salary in the USA is $92,942 per year or $60 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $56,910 per year while most experienced workers make up to $140,000 per year. 

As per, the average salary for Tableau Administrator at companies such as TABLEAU SOFTWARE INC in the United States is $103,160, but the range mostly comes between $86,807 and $121,713 per year. The average Tableau Developer salary is $82,99, but the salary range typically falls between $69,849 and $99,089 per year. 

Final Thoughts on Tableau Server Administrator Resumes Examples & Writing Guide!

Hope this guide to Tableau Server Administrator resumes examples and writing guide helps you draft your upcoming resume & cover letter. We shared a few latest stages of creating a tableau administrator resume that recruiters expect from the candidates, be it all at entry-level or senior-level positions. And have put up a few good Tableau Server Administrator resume templates as well.

A resume is a really important element in the hiring process, you can’t go wrong about it. If you wish to have impeccable resume assistance, how about joining our 6 weeks Tableau Admin Training, where we give you preparation for the Tableau Server Administrator overall interview process with resume feedback and Tableau Certification guide.

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