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All You Need to Know About Tableau Certification

Why Go for Tableau Certification?

When we look at picture A, we are sure to understand the reason behind the frustration of both the presenter and the attendees in the meeting compared to the sorted and calm environment in Picture B.

Why go for Tableau certification

The better visual presentation you have for showcasing the data, the easier it is for the people around you to understand the same.

There are certain tools, which help in a similar manner on a larger scale to the organisation. Tableau is one such powerful tool which not just makes visualisation of data easier but also adds meaning to the business intelligence.  

The world has generated 50 times more data as compared to the previous ten years together by 2020 according to International Data Corporation (IDC). This arises the need for professionals who have the skill-set to handle this data be in terms of storage, or even visualization of the same. One such tool is ofcourse, Tableau which is a data visualization tool and is high-on-demand. 

Tableau is one of the most impactful and widely used visualization tools that is empowering the Business Intelligence Industry in an effective way. This software tool helps to present the raw data in a simplified manner that could be comprehended by professionals even without technical knowledge or coding knowledge.

Tableau Certification and its Rising Popularity

The growth in the demand for Tableau certified professionals in the world is evident from the rising trend of jobs in Google trends.

According to the data from various credible sources, as of May 6, 2019, the average annual salary of Tableau certified professionals is $108,697. In fact, the average Salaries are also rising, reaching as high as $158,000.

Not just these but also having Tableau Certification, will help you get an opportunity to the topmost companies across the world such as Facebook, Dell, Applied Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton,  NetJets, University of California, Groupon, General Motors, Sony Electronics, Sunguard, Bank of America, KPMG, Verizon and many more.

Gartner Research has ranked Tableau on the top when it comes to Data Visualization and Business Intelligence, not just once but 7 consecutive years in a row. Nevertheless, it has moved gracefully to position 2 in February 2019. And it is still a leader in terms of its ability to execute; it is considered as a Leader for Completeness of Vision.  

Do you find this Stats appealing enough to start a career in Tableau and go ahead with the Tableau Certification? Are you willing to know more about the Tableau Certification associate or professional level? Let us quickly have a look at the information listed here about the types of Tableau Certification in brief:  

Tableau-types of Certification:

Tableau offered 3 levels of Certifications:

  1. Tableau Specialist
  2. Tableau Certified Associate
  3. Tableau Certified Professional

Tableau Specialist Certification

Tableau Specialist Certification is for professionals with foundation skills and understanding of Tableau Desktop. Along with that they need to have three months of understanding of applying the same understanding.

More Details on Tableau Certification Exam Format:

More Details on Tableau Certification Exam Format:

Tableau Certified Associate

Tableau Certified Associate is for professionals with a complete understanding of functionality in Tableau Desktop and expertise in handling Tableau for at least five months.

Tableau Certified Associate

Tableau Certified Professional

Tableau Certified Professional is for professionals who have better knowledge and skills on Tableau Desktop along with the ability to apply visual analytics methods to help people understand the data well. 

More Details on Tableau Certification Exam Format: 

More Details on Tableau Certification Exam Format:

Tableau Certification for Beginner & Advanced

In total there are three levels of Certification and the difference can be read with the titles itself. Tableau Specialist certification good understanding of basic Tableau with three months of experience is required with no pre-requisite and hence it is a good option for Beginner level. Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, Certified Associate, is needed to have a complete understanding of the functionality of the software with five months of hands-on experience. This is also suitable for beginners level

On the other hand, Tableau Professional certification is for an advanced level with a good understanding of Tableau and it is aimed at learning the advanced level features of the platform. 

Where and How to Apply for Tableau Certifications Types?

To Apply for any Type of Tableau certification:

To apply for any type of Tableau certification:

Tableau Certification Syllabus Details

Here is a detailed breakdown of Syllabus for the Tableau Certification Exam:

Connecting to & Preparing Data

Connecting to & Preparing Data

Exploring & Analyzing Data

Exploring & Analyzing Data

Sharing Insights

Sharing Insights

Understanding Tableau Concepts

Understanding Tableau Concepts

How Tableau Certification or Tableau Certification Training is Going to be Helpful for You?

Going for Tableau Certification can be beneficial for you and here are some facts you should be aware of when you decide to start preparing for the Tableau Certification Exam. Let us have a look at the top points to ponder which can be beneficial for you in case you choose Tableau Certification Path:

  1. Tableau has become the market leader as it helps professionals with the ability to execute, and it empowers them with better application of analytical reasoning for solving problems. 
  2. Data Expansion is one of the business implications in most businesses, and you need tools that can help in analyzing and extracting actionable insights. Hence, professionals are needed who are trained in such tools, Tableau is again to mention, is the top tool in these terms.  
  3. According to the sources, in the US, salaries are rising, and average salaries could reach an upper limit of US$ 158,000 per annum when it comes to Tableau certified professionals.
  4. Help you get better opportunities to be a part of top-notch organizations which not just offer you greater challenges, experience, exposure but also let you grab lucrative jobs with more job security.  
  5. Even at the time of the interview, you get an edge over other candidates when you have certifications to speak for your skills such as Tableau Certifications. 
  6. When you are Tableau certified, you open the doors to apply for most of the job profiles related to the certifications. Some of the job profiles you can apply post Tableau Certifications are:
  • Tableau Consultant
  • Model Developer
  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Strategist 
  • Data Quality Operator
  • Change Manager
  • Data Visualization Analyst
  • Workflow Integrator
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Business Intelligence Developer

Do you think we have missed some of the job profiles? If yes, then please take some time and add some valuable comments below, so that we can quickly add them to the list here.

Why do Companies Hire People with Tableau Certification?

There has been an increase in the number of open positions for Tableau Certified professionals in the IT industry. More organisations are coming up with the need for people who have done Tableau Certification online or Tableau Certification training. There are certainly some obvious reasons why people with such qualifications are needed in the top organisations.

Some of these reasons are listed here:

  1. Why would an organisation bear the additional cost on getting the employees trained for certification when there are professionals out there who have done Tableau certification online or have undergone Tableau training. It makes it obvious and hence reduces the expenditure of the organisation. 
  2.  In addition to the fact mentioned above, it can be said that professionals who are certified can be an added resource to the organisations. They can help in creating tableau certification material or may train the resources in that organisation as and when required. So, you can be chosen as a high-level resource who could be additionally beneficial for the organization when it comes to Tableau Certification.  
  3. Certified professionals with Tableau Certification are credible enough when it comes to taking care of the IT-related issues in their projects. They can be counted upon when it comes to handling the issues or major glitches causing hindrance in some project or even the growth of the business in that matter. 
  4. You can set a standard or benchmark for other professionals in the organization or maybe in the job market. The certification will always help you stay ahead in the competitive job markets. 

Starting the Preparation:

Tableau certification Preparation Guide: When you start preparing for the tableau certification exam, then you need to follow some of the most important tips and tricks to stay efficient during the preparation. Some of these tips are mentioned here, let us have a look at these:

  1. Start researching on time: If you want to start with Tableau Certification, you are advised to start on time with doing your research. Tableau certification preparation guides are available on various platforms, but it is important that you research to find a credible source.    
  2. Choose Tableau Training Online or Offline: Tableau certification preparation material is good to start with however, you are required to get online or offline training. This in turn helps you stay prepared for real-time tasks. Hand-on is done minutely with trainers when we talk about Online or offline Tableau Certification Training.  
  3. Brush-up with regular quizzes and mock tests: Mock tests and daily quizzes should be taken on a regular basis in order to stay updated with your preparation. This is also needed to prepare you better and make your Tableau Certification exam ready.
  4. Know everything related to Tableau Certification Exam: Try finding out the questions and the divisions focused more on the Tableau Certification Exam, about the exam dates, passing score and much more about the exam or the Tableau Certification that you opt for. 
  5. Enhance your knowledge with the best Documents online: Keep yourself up to date with the Tableau Certification Dumps, tableau certification questions, tableau certification questions and answers pdf, Whitepapers, Online Docs or pdfs. This helps you have the required information available readily. 
  6. Read about Tableau Certification, and choose the right one: There are a number of Tableau Certifications available, and it is advisable that you choose the one which matches your skill-sets and your level of expertise in the relevant field. You can analyse on the basis of the fact if you are at an advanced level or beginner level in a professional career.    
  7. Do not forget to apply for the Tableau Certification Exam on-time: The Tableau Certification Exam Dates should be scheduled on time, this makes it easier for you to prepare in advance and in a better manner before the final day.
  8. Take Part in discussions online or offline: Tableau Certification Reddit, Quora or many such online discussion forums, or even offline discussions with some professionals is helpful in keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the relevant field.
  9. Stay Calm and relaxed to give your best in the examination: In order to keep your anxiety or nervousness in control, it is advisable that you revise the syllabus on time and take proper sleep before the exam day. Staying calm boosts your confidence level and helps you perform at your best level.
  10. Do take down your own notes: Your notes which you might have prepared during the whole preparation duration, are going to prove fruitful at the end just before the Tableau Certification Exam. The last-time revision is best achieved with the help you notes which you have prepared on your own. 

Who can Apply for Tableau Certification Badges or Exams?

Do you wish to know more about the Tableau Certification eligibility and better clarity on the fact as to who can apply for the Tableau certification online? If yes, then here you have all the information listed in a lucid way. Professionals at beginner level or at the advanced level both are eligible for different Tableau Certifications. Here is a detail on the same:

  1. Professionals who have undergone the Tableau Certification Training or Tableau Certification Tutorials can apply for different types of Tableau Certification which he or she finds suitable.
  2. Professionals who have expertise in similar fields or even those who have worked on Tableau at a beginner level can go for Tableau advanced certifications.
  3. For professionals who need a boost in their careers, it is important for them to go for Tableau Certifications for Advanced levels.
  4. When you wish to relocate from one location to another for career prospects and need to go for any certification, then Tableau Certification could be one choice as well.  
  5. If you wish to enjoy better Salaries or packages with other employment benefits then you can go with Tableau Certification for sure. 
  6. Also as we all know that Business Intelligence has captured the market for the reasons that it lends benefits and contributes to the growth of organizations. This adds to the importance of Tableau Certifications. You can apply for the following positions when you are Tableau Certification Associate or Professional: 
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Statisticians and Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Managers

What are the Pre-requisite Skills for Going for Tableau Certification?

For Tableau Certification, there are no such pre-requisites or skill sets required. However, it is good to have an understanding of the following languages to give you an edge over others. 

  • A prior knowledge of R Language
  • Basic concepts related to Data analytics 
  • SQL Essentials, will be helpful.

Final Words on Tableau Certification and Tableau Certification Exam

Professionals who wish to have a career with Tableau Certifications can be assured of a lucrative career, secured job in the future too. Owing to the rising popularity of Tableau usage in the IT Industry as well as to the effectiveness in the development of this tool. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have the Certification and then keep yourself up to date with the technologies in the relevant field to stay one step ahead. You are also advised to choose a job profile that is suitable for you such that you can have job satisfaction. There are several other details related to each one of the certifications in Tableau and you get all under one roof here.

If you wish to start your career in Tableau Certification and wish to know more about the courses or Tableau Certification Tutorials, Contact us. We will assist you.

Are you a working professional in Tableau or in any of the Job profiles where you use this tool, comment below and us know about the job profile. Share your experience with the people out there. 


Here is a list of questions that might have bothered you when you think, if Tableau Certification is worth it or not. Let us know the answers to these questions:

Tableau Certification can be chosen based on the expertise you have in the field and the understanding of Tableau that you. The certification which is good for you is the one that is suitable for you based on your skill-set and understanding of the platform Tableau. 

  • Q2: What does the Tableau Certification cost?

Tableau Certification Cost varies from $100 to $ 800 or even more depending on the types of Tableau Certification you choose. It is advisable to explore the options suitable for you and know the details from any tableau certification preparation guide online. 

  • Q3: Is Tableau Certification free?

Tableau Certification is not free, you need to pay some fees while you register for the certification online. You are advised to go for some tableau certification training online to help you have the confidence to clear the Tableau Certification Exam in one go and hence not wasting the money spent on the fee for Tableau certification.   

  • Q4: How difficult is Tableau Certification?

Tableau certification is not very difficult; however, it is advised to have a complete understanding of the syllabus and Tableau Platform. You can even go for some tableau certification training online to be more sure about the exam pattern and get better hand-on practice. You can go through the documents available online to have a clear understanding of the exam-related queries.   

  • Q5: How to pass Tableau Certification? 

You need to start your preparation in advance and do research on the syllabus which you have for Tableau Certification.

This will help you have a better understanding of the whole exam process. You can also refer to some Tableau certifications training online wherein all the answers to these questions and much more will be readily available.

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