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Tableau Server Certification Associate Preparation Guide


Tableau: Also known as the Leader of Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms! It has proudly maintained its position for the ninth year in a row according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2021. This widely used tool has significantly helped in data visualization and business intelligence. 

In case you have planned for the tableau server certified associate preparation, this blog has everything you need. Let us have a look at the details for the exams and go step-by-step with the planning in order to prepare better.

Here we have covered:
  • Details on what is Tableau and what is tableau server, certified associate?
  • Why own a Table Server Certification?
  • How can you apply for Tableau Server Certification?
  • How can I prepare for the Tableau Server Certification?
  • Sample Questions from tableau server certification dumps
  • FAQs on tableau server certification guide
Let us get started:

What is Tableau Server Certification Associate?

Tableau server Certification Associate is for professionals who have a complete understanding of Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment. Also, the professionals need to have approximately 4-6 months of experience. 

The Typical roles for professionals post Tableau server Certification Associate would include System Administrator or Consultant. In case, you have chosen it as a career for yourself, be sure to review the full Tableau server Certified Associate Exam Prep Guide before registering.

What are the Prerequisites for Tableau Server Certification Associate?

There are no prerequisites needed for this tableau server-certified Associate exam. Professionals learn differently and everyday usage of Tableau varies. Recommendations for learning resources and experience with the product are considered under the guidelines, however not as requirements.

  • Fee:$250
  • Required Prerequisites: None
  • Suggested Product Experience: 6+ Months
  • Product Version: Currently testing on 2020.1
  • Title Valid For Two years

Exam Format Tableau Server Certification Associate

  • Exam Format Time Limit: 90 minutes (please plan for extra time for online exam setup) 
  • Passing score: 75% Number of Questions: 80 Scoring: Automatically scored 
  • Question Format: Multiple choice, multiple responses, true/false 
  • Language(s) Offered: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, International Spanish 
  • Delivery Platform: Windows Virtual Machine containing Tableau Server

Exam Syllabus for Tableau Server Certification Associate Skills Measured

Preparation - 20%

User Experience

  • User Interface
  • Navigation


  • Identify client components
  • Identify server components
  • Describe how they work together


  • Understand:
  • How to identify the current version of Tableau Server
  • Where to obtain the latest release of Tableau Server
  • Where to access release notes of Tableau Server
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Understand:
    • RAM requirements
    • CPU requirements
    • Hard disk requirements

Software Requirements

  • List the supported Operating Systems
  • Understand:
    • Browser requirements
    • Options for email alerts
    • Anti-virus concerns
  • Identify the SMTP Server
  • Be familiar with potential port issues
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of a dedicated server
  • Identify the considerations for running in the Cloud Licensing
  • Understand user-based licensing
  • Describe the different license types
  • Describe how license types map to site roles

Server Processes

  • Describe each Tableau Services Manager and Tableau Server process
  • Understand:
    • Default process count at installation
    • Multiple-instance processes
    • Process-to-process workflows
    • Processes in distributed and high-availability


  • Purpose of a load balancer
  • Data Source Identification
  • Identify the ports required
  • Identify the necessary database drivers
  • Understand the differences between:
  • File vs. Relational vs. Cube
  • Extract vs. Live Connections
  • Explain the benefits of published data sources

Infrastructure Network

  • Understand network latency implications
  • Explain the risks of Dynamic-IP addressing
  • Installation & Configuration - 25%


  • Understand installation steps and options:
  • Install Path
  • Gateway port
  • Understand Identity Store and SSO options:
  • External (Active Directory) vs. local
  • Trusted Tickets
  • SAML
  • Kerberos and OpenID Connect
  • Describe the impact of the automatic-login


  • Understand how to set up SSL
  • Understand Tableau best practices for installing a
  • single-machine environment
  • Server Certified Associate Exam Guide January 2020

Skills Measured (cont’d)

  • Understand silent installs

Tableau Server Configuration

  • Understand cache settings
  • Understand how to:
  • Apply process distribution
  • Configure Email alerts/ subscriptions
  • Configure optional customizations
  • Describe:
  • Site configuration options
  • User quotas
  • Storage quotas
  • How to enable and edit site subscriptions
  • Project configuration options
  • Group and User Configuration options
  • Understand who can add users

Adding Users

  • License type and site role
  • Admin level
  • Publisher level
  • Importing via Active Directory or Local


  • Describe the security configurations for:
  • Site-level
  • Project level
  • Group level
  • User level
  • Data source level
  • Workbook level


  • Understand:
  • System permission composition
  • The ramifications of permission design
  • The Tableau Security Model
  • Describe the differences between Allow v. Deny v.


Administration - 36%

Understand how to:

  • Maintain Data connections
  • Create schedules
  • Create, edit and delete Subscriptions
  • Perform Server analysis
  • Complete a backup and restore
  • Perform cleanup
  • Add, remove or deactivate users
  • Update licenses
  • Start, stop or restart
  • Utilize tsm and tabcmd
  • Use REST API
  • Work with Log Files
  • Understand Embedding
  • Monitor Desktop license usage
  • Manage workbook and data source revision


Describe how to:

  • View server status in multiple ways
  • View email alerts
  • Set data-driven alerts
  • Use built-in administrative views
  • Create custom admin views
  • Create a performance recording
  • Create a nested project
  • Work with Sites and Site Admin options
  • Contrast end-user with System-administrator


  • End-user Abilities


  • Table recommendations
  • Publishing views and data sources
  • Renaming a workbook
  • Interacting with a view via the Web
  • Web authoring & editing
  • How to share views
  • Data Source Certification

Server Certified Associate Exam Guide January 2020

Skills Measured (cont’d)

  • Extract caching

Troubleshooting - 13%

Understand requirements of third party cookies in a browser

Understand how to:

  • Reset passwords for a Tableau user or Tableau
  • Run-As Service account
  • Package log files for reporting
  • Use them to validate site resources
  • Rebuild the search index
  • Use maintenance analysis reports
  • Create/open support requests

Migration & Upgrade - 6%

  • Understand the upgrade process
  • Explain how and why to perform a clean reinstall
  • Describe how to migrate to different hardware
  • Understand backward compatibility


  • Completing a task effectively and efficiently has
  • become a standard that organizations expect from
  • employees. This exam is timed because we view time
  • as a critical competency needed to be successful.

Why own a Tableau Server Certification Associate?

  • Stay ahead and add a feature to your understanding of the Tableau platform.
  • Open doors for better job opportunities.
  • Try your luck at the world’s renowned organizations.
  • Contribute immensely to the overall growth of organizations you work for.
  • Stable job with lucrative salaries and secure future.
  • Grab the confidence you need to become a leader and much more. 

How can you apply for Tableau Server Certification Associate?

  • Step 1: Visit and then click on the learn section.
  • Step 2: Now you have to go for certifications.
  • Step 3: You have to select the desired certifications which is Tableau Server Certification Associate in this case.
  • Step 4: A process with registration and you can schedule your exam as per your preference. 

Alternatively, you can directly go to and continue with the “Register now” process. 

How can I Prepare for the Tableau Server Certification Associate?

Tableau certification Preparation Guide: When you start preparing for the tableau certification exam, then you need to follow some of the most important tips and tricks to stay efficient during the preparation. Some of these tips are mentioned here, let us have a look at these:

  1. Start researching on time:- If you want to start with Tableau Certification, you are advised to start on time with doing your research. Tableau certification preparation guides are available on various platforms, but it is important that you research to find a credible source.    
  2. Choose Tableau Training Online or Offline:- Tableau certification preparation material is good to start with, however, you are required to get online or offline training. This in turn helps you stay prepared for real-time tasks. Hand-on is done minutely with trainers when we talk about Online or offline Tableau Certification Training.  
  3. Brush-up with regular quizzes and mock tests: -Mock tests and daily quizzes should be taken on a regular basis in order to stay updated with your preparation. This is also needed to prepare you better and make your Tableau Certification exam ready.
  4. Know everything related to Tableau Certification Exam: -Try finding out the questions and the divisions focused more on the Tableau Certification Exam, about the exam dates, passing score, and much more about the exam or the Tableau Certification that you opt for. 
  5. Enhance your knowledge with the best Documents online:- Keep yourself up to date with the Tableau Certification Dumps, tableau certification questions, tableau certification questions, and answers pdf, Whitepapers, Online Docs, or pdfs. This helps you have the required information available readily. 
  6. Read about Tableau Certification, and choose the right one: -There are a number of Tableau Certifications available, and it is advisable that you choose the one which matches your skill-sets and your level of expertise in the relevant field. You can analyze on the basis of the fact if you are at an advanced level or beginner level in a professional career.    
  7. Do not forget to apply for Tableau Certification Exam on time:-The Tableau Certification Exam Dates should be scheduled on time, this makes it easier for you to prepare in advance and in a better manner before the final day.
  8. Take Part in discussions online or offline: -Tableau Certification Reddit, Quora, or any such online discussion forums, or even offline discussions with some professionals is helpful in keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the relevant field.
  9. Stay Calm and relaxed to give your best in the examination: -In order to keep your anxiety or nervousness in control, it is advisable that you revise the syllabus on time and take proper sleep before the exam day. Staying calm boosts your confidence level and helps you perform at your best level.
  10. Do take down your own notes:- Your notes which you might have prepared during the whole preparation duration, are going to prove fruitful at the end just before the Tableau Certification Exam. The last-time revision is best achieved with the help of notes which you have prepared on your own. 

Sample Questions from Tableau Server Certification Dumps

Q1. The minimum amount of RAM recommended for any production use of Tableau Server is: 

  • a. 8 GB 
  • b. 16 GB 
  • c. 32 GB 
  • d. 64 GB 
  • e. 128 GB 
  • f. There is no minimum. 

Answer: c

Q2. Which of these user interactions will utilize the Data Server? (Select all that apply.) 

  • a. A user publishes a workbook that uses an extract. 
  • b. A user publishes a data source. 
  • c. A user creates a new workbook from a Tableau Server Data Connection. 
  • d. A server administrator accesses an administrative view. 

Answer: c

Q3. For a given workbook, what is the best way to see how a permission rule impacts the effective permissions for a list of individual users? 

  • a. Navigate to the host project’s Permissions page, and then click All Users 
  • b. Click Explore on the menu, click All Workbooks, and then click to List view. 
  • c. Navigate to the workbook’s Permissions page, and then click the permissions rule. 
  • d. Click Groups on the menu, and then click All Users.

Try answering this in the comments section.

FAQs on Tableau Server Certification Guide

Q 1. Is Tableau certification good?

Ans:-Tableau Certification can be chosen based on the expertise you have in the field and the understanding of Tableau that you gather. The certification which is good for you is the one that is suitable for you based on your skill-set and understanding of the platform Tableau. 

Q 2. What has the tableau server certification cost?

Ans:-The tableau server certification cost is $250. 

Final Words on Tableau Server Certification Associate

When you wish to get a comprehensive Tableau Certification Guide, be it for any certification, it is advisable to go for training such that you remain sure you have the right knowledge as well as exposure to the type of questions asked. You can surely reach out to us, as we have a dedicated team to handle each of your queries with patience and the right knowledge required. Feel free to contact us!

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