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The Best of Tips on Tableau Certification


If you are thinking of Business Intelligence and not thinking of Tableau, then there is a serious disconnect. Tableau has emerged as one of the burning trends in business intelligence around the globe. I did my Tableau certifications last year and life has known no rest since. Every day comes loaded with its bag of experiences, learning and fun! You know, you really like it when you realize that you are growing. Success, I must say comes in many forms every day and the best one I tasted was to get into my current job. Did it come easy? Not really! 

Are you wondering, out of all the courses that are present in the career spread, why I picked Tableau? I mean, I know there are many of you there who are caught up in the tangles of the career puzzle. Relax! For it happens to all. 

Imagine going forward this choice will become even more difficult. Why? 

Technologies are growing vertically and horizontally. Every day sees a new entrant and the beauty is that many of them are gaining acceptance. However, despite the expanse, remember there are some technologies that are bound to stay. The reason being, their relevance will never be undermined. 

So, when you are confused about what to pick, the best way forward is to read. Having clarity of vision always helps. The idea of this blog is to bring you closer to how to get tableau certification, tableau certification preparation and is tableau certification worth it First, let me take it from the beginning of the string.

What is Tableau?

If you have been following IT, data, and software, then you must have come across this word named Tableau. This tool for data visualization is gaining immense popularity in the industry for its unique set of uses and properties. Basically, Tableau is a tool for data visualization that has found extensive use in the Business Intelligence industry. Simply put, it helps in the transformation of raw data into a highly understandable format with absolutely zero technical skills and knowledge of coding.

As we march ahead towards 2020, you need to understand that data is going to be the buzzword in all business verticals. This trend has already shown up and widespread. Most businesses today are moving online. The Internet meets nearly 380 new websites every minute. Imagine, that kind of growth will spell how much data to be produced every day. Going forward this is all set to increase. Hence, the need for data visualization becomes even more pronounced. 

The Best of Tips on Tableau Certification

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We, humans only understand data that is sorted and is streamlined. Tableau enhances the understanding of data. It helps in giving easy access to data in visuals that are easily digestible. We all know that graphics present a powerful way to depict data. Tableau is thus used, in the translation of raw data queries into visualization. It helps in managing metadata. It helps to import data of all ranges and is also useful for someone who does not know how to code. 

Now that you have a fair knowledge of what Tableau is all about, it now makes more sense to know why should anyone be using Tableau.   

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Why Should One Study Tableau?

Tableau helps in the creation of dashboards that give workable and actionable insights and helps in taking the business ahead. It works in a virtualized environment that is properly configured based on an operating system and hardware. It is useful in the exploration of data with endless possibilities of data analytics. It is endowed with features like real-time analysis, data blending, and collaboration by working on data with or without technical knowledge. 

Here let me present some compelling reasons. How is Tableau certification really worth it?

  • Increased Demand for Tableau Professionals: Many studies have suggested that the world will see nearly 50 times more data to be generated by 2020. International Data Corporation said that such huge amounts of data will have great implications for business. Many business organizations will need highly interactive and easy-to-use tools for both data analysis and deriving actionable insights from it. This is where Tableau comes into the picture. 
  • Highly Rewarding Careers: Tableau professionals are in high demand that is bound to grow in the coming days. Even the salaries for certified professionals are high with an average annual pay for Tableau Developer is around $108, 697 a year. Even the average salaries are on the rise going up as high as $158,000. 
  • Attractive Career Options: If you happen to look at and go through various job portals you will realize that many top companies are constantly on the lookout for Tableau talent. Some of the known names include Facebook, Dell, Netjets, General Motors, Groupon, Sony Electronics, Bank of America, KPMG, etc. Now think of how, far a certification in Tableau takes you. There is no end to the success, you can imagine to attain. Not only this, there are many job roles that can be offered viz. a Tableau Consultant, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Developer, and Manager. 

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Well, it must be making more sense for you to get a Tableau certification now. The primary reason is that a Tableau certification will help you to set a standard and place you on a higher pedestrian. Every time you get a certification, you are put ahead of your competitors. It adds to your credibility that you know Tableau well and you have learned the practical concepts of Tableau to use in the workplace.  Trust me it goes along to get you rightly placed. The certification will help you gotting hired with the best companies in the world and will also help to get you your dream salary. The hike is at least 10 % more for certified Tableau professionals than non-certified counterparts. Getting certified is essential, in this world that shows you are highly committed to your profession and serious about taking your career to the next high. So in my opinion, tableau certification worth it because using Tableau is increasing the opportunities to use these valuable skills everyday

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What are the different types of Tableau Certifications Available?

Broadly, there are two types of Tableau Certifications:

  • Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam: It is designed to test the candidate’s ability for connecting the data, organizing and simplifying the same for doing basic calculations and creation of powerful visualizations just like charts, graphics, etc.
  • Tableau Server Qualified Associate Exam: It is specifically designed for testing the ability of the candidate for the installation of Tableau server, managing users, content and many other data sources. One also learns about monitoring the server status and even troubleshooting of the errors, etc. 

Before I take you through how to answer these examinations, I think we should spend some time in knowing the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server better. 

What is the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server?

  • Tableau Desktop: It allows users for the creation of dashboards, worksheets, user-stories, etc. that often connect to other sources of data like files, servers, etc. It is possible for the users to get their work shared locally by sending the workbook to the recipients who also have Tableau Desktop. Hence, the persons who receive it are also able to make changes to the original file or workbook thereby creating many versions of the same file. One primary feature of the same is that the report creation feature allows report generation by the users and also makes their stakeholders make better decisions. 
  • Tableau Server: In contrast to the Tableau Desktop, the Server lets the users publish the dashboards data, worksheets, etc. which are often created by the former. Once the same has been uploaded to the Server, recipients only need credentials of the Tableau Server for accessing the file without the installation of the Tableau Server. Even individual permissions can be established by making use of the Tableau Admin. If there is editing permission, changes like existing files can be made by the users by making use of the Desktop. It is considered highly useful for the analysis by the decision-makers without making any tools. 

Now, I’m sure we are in a better position to understand the exams. 

Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam

It is meant for anyone who has a sound knowledge of the basics of the Tableau Desktop and nearly 5 months of implementation experience. The exam is of 2 hours duration and it comes in the form of multiple-choice or true/false questions. There are 36 questions in all and 75 % is the qualifying score. However, there are certain prerequisites that one to adhere to before attempting the test:

  • Server Connection: The candidate should be able to connect to the Tableau Server, and also carry out an external query. They should also be able to perform the parallel aggregation, execution of the parallel query, and even using data protection. 
  • Data Organization: You should also be able to filter, sort and even group all the available data. Also, many interactive charts like the histograms, heat maps, tree-maps, bar charts, bullet maps, etc. should be created with the help of this Business Intelligence tool. 
  • Calculations: It is again important. You should be able to reach a conclusion on every calculation on the data that is available. It is possible before one can create charts and graphs. Thus, if you are taking up the Tableau Desktop Associate Certification test, it is important for you to have sound knowledge of the table calculations, data-and-time calculations, and many other types of logical calculations. 
  • Mapping: There are many functions in Tableau that fall under the realm of mapping. Hence, a sound knowledge of the same, in terms of filtering, map layering, custom geocoding, etc. becomes essential. 
  • Analytics: Again, if you need to be successful in the test a proper knowledge of the reference-lines, box plot, trend lines, forecasting, etc. become important. 
  • Creation of Dashboards: Dashboards comprise the most important parts of the Tableau software. Therefore, knowledge of the publishing and sharing of various reports like dashboards, and other reports become important. 

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Tableau Server Qualified Associate Exam

This certification is meant for all those aspirants who intend to become Tableau Administrator or a Tableau Consultant. All those professionals who have a sound knowledge of the Tableau Server and hands-on experience on the same for about 5 months are essential for this certification exam. This exam lasts for 1:30 minutes and has nearly 80 questions on the multiple-choice or true/false format. The qualifying score is 75 percent. Again, for this certification, you need to have certain prerequisite.

  • Understanding Versions: You should be completely aware of all the clients and components of the server and other versions of the Tableau Server. In addition, one also should know the various hardware and software requirements of the Tableau Server. 
  • Installation: Another vital requirement if you are considering to going in for the certification is that you need to be completely aware of the installation and configuration of the gateway port, guest account, Kerberos, SSL, etc. Approximately, 30 percent of the questions are based on these concepts. 
  • Tableau Server Administration: Nearly, 30 percent of the test questions are based on the administration of the Tableau Server. Some of the basic skills are the maintenance of the data connections, creation of the schedules, server analysis, addition or removal of the users, and even handling of the log files. 
  • Troubleshooting and Upgrading: One of the major topics that will comprise 13 percent of questions of the examination. There are some of the basic topics that a professional should definitely know like password resetting, running of various user functions, handling of cookies, and even maintaining various analysis reports. Also, you need to be completely familiar with system up-gradation, etc. 

Now, that you are aware of all the aspects of the certifications. Let us go through some strategic insights to crack the certification exam. If you are thinking which Tableau Certification is good, then I must say it will depend on your core interests.

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Tableau Certification Exam Strategies And How to get Tableau Certification

You should always remember that there are always some particular strategies to work on the multiple-choice tests and they are more or less the same irrespective of which exam you are tackling. If you have answered tests on this format before, which I assume you must have, and there were some tips that proved useful, just keep them handy. 

  • Flag the Questions: This one is simple but trusts me when it comes to answering an exam of this stature this one proves really handy. Make sure you mark the questions that you do not have immediate answers for. The test environment has a built-in feature that completely allows you the same leeway. These questions have to be attempted after the first pass. This also meant that the ones that I had attempted were the ones of which I was completely sure.  Thus, it gave me confidence in how far I have I come and how much further I need to go. Then you come back to these marked questions and attempt them after conducting online research. Yes! online research is allowed in the exam. 
  • Break Down every Question into Action: Pay attention is all I must say. You should have a clear idea of what has been asked for. Once you fully understand the question you should deconstruct the same. Every piece you so get is present for a reason and you will have to translate them into actions by making use of Tableau.

In addition, keep a note of the following tips:

  • The exam can be attempted at your convenience. It means you can give the exam from anywhere but the only thing is that it will be proctored. 
  • The exam has to be conducted to be in a Virtual Machine that has a proper installation of the Tableau desktop and other data files. Data files have to be properly reviewed. 
  • Also, before you actually start attempting the question, you need to add a Dashboard in your workbook and drag a TEXT element in the view and start noting down various questions/points.
  • Dashboard questions are easier and minute details of the same can be ignored. 

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In this blog, we tried to give a brief introduction about what tableau desktop and tableau server as a software provide to an organization and how is tableau certification worth it for your career and future.

Hence, if you are planning a career in the same line, then yes, it is the right time you get yourself certified in Tableau. Tableau Certifications are essential for you to move ahead and get you better placement and package. So, all the best and happy learning!!

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