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Top 7 Ways to Start a Career in Tableau

In this blog for Tableau careers, we will discuss why you should opt for Tableau, Tableau career opportunities, Tableau career path, and top 7 ways on how to start a career in Tableau. We will also give you an overview of Tableau’s salaries in brief.

Let us know first what Tableau is? Tableau is one of the most amazing BI tools. It can also be named as the data visualization tool that is used to deploy data in easy ways. Instead of the size of the company, everyone loves to adopt Tableau for its daily data management jobs. If you look at google trends, I must say that it is just the right time to start a career in Tableau and to explore wider Tableau career opportunities

If you are not sure of why you choose Tableau as the career path, don’t panic. We will give you the most recommended reasons that cannot be denied by serious learners.

  • Tableau – A real-life use case
  • Skilled Tableau Developers are high in-demand
  • Lucrative Tableau Careers
  • Leading industries are hiring Tableau experts
  • Multiple Tableau Career Opportunities
  • The future of Tableau careers

Tableau – A real-life use case

In this data-driven world, it is necessary to adopt visualizations for understanding customer needs deeply and to work on problems in business processes. If you can use visualization to find the solution to a problem it is just the perfect idea to succeed further. This is the reason why Tableau is in high-demand today.

Before we check on amazing Tableau career opportunities, Tableau Salaries, and the future of Tableau’s career, let us first understand Tableau with the help of a real-life use case. It is about Uber and how data analysis is carried out in Uber. Today, everyone is using Ola and Uber to travel from one place to another. 

As soon as we book a ride from Uber, we provide real-time information to them by enabling our location. They keep the record for each of their rides. Once data is recorded well, they analyze the movement patterns for that particular location and the number of people hiring Uber services daily. This data analysis helps them to provide pick up services quickly without any delay and the best routes for travelers. Also, it optimized daily rides too for Uber.

The below graph shows the analysis of the number of travelers who used Uber for a particular month in a specific hour.

The graph makes it clear that Uber has a depth visualization of data for targeting more customers in the future. The discussion concludes that visualization has become a vital part for businesses and Tableau is such an amazing tool to help you with the best data visualizations.

Skilled Tableau Developers are high in-demand

By 2022, it is expected that the total amount of data generated by the world will increase up to 50 times when compared to recent stats. To manage voluminous data, Companies need a robust data analytics tool that can help to derive meaningful insights from the collected data. Tableau can help industries exactly the same way and this is the reason why skilled Tableau developers are higher in demand today. 

It is not only about the demand for skilled Tableau experts but their salaries are also up to the mark and really attractive when compared to similar IT fields. According to Indeed, the average salary of a Tableau developer is $115K and it may go higher as per the experience and the location. If we talk about the zip recruiter then the average salary is given around $110K per annum.

Further, the salary of Tableau experts can be differentiated on the basis of location as given below:

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According to quick research through current job openings across top job portals, it is clear that leading companies have adopted Tableau and are looking for skilled professionals too. Some popular companies are Facebook, Dell, Booz, Bank of America, Uber and more. So, if you want to work any of these good names then a career in Tableau can be the easiest way towards them.

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Multiple Tableau Career Opportunities

When you choose Tableau as your career, there are multiple job roles to start with. Here is a quick look at different job titles in the Tableau domain and their respective salaries.

  • Tableau Analyst - $158,000
  • Tableau Developer - $109,761
  • Tableau Consultant - $102, 200
  • Tableau business Analyst - $101,320

There are more options too and you can choose any of them to start a career in Tableau eventually.

Tableau is a leader in BI and data visualization today. It has successfully secured the second position in BI and data analytics by 2010. The tool has an amazing ability to execute multiple data files together and deriving meaningful insights from the available data. The stats make it clear that Tableau has a bright scope and Tableau careers will surely go upwards by the end of 2020. Just advance your existing skills and don’t feel behind to get on the right career track.  In the next section, we will tell you how to advance your skills or how to start a career in Tableau.

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My name is Ella and I have been working as a Tableau developer since 2016. Here are some great things I learned that will definitely increase the chances of getting hired for job seekers in the Tableau space. For beginners, Tableau is generally used to derive meaningful insights from the collected data. Additionally, the tool is equally important to maintain effective communication with stakeholders. 

It is pretty obvious that you must be eager to know how to get a higher level of competence and confidence. You don’t have to panic as we have curated an effective list here on how to start a career in Tableau, boost your existing IT skills and propel a successful career in the data analytics space.

Before you start working as a Tableau expert, practice a few projects to master the Tableau fundamentals. When you start practicing basics, you encounter some issues daily and work on solutions as well. This habit will make you industry-ready and you can showcase your skills in the best possible way to the outside world. 

Don’t forget to join some communities where fresh posts are added every day. It is a platform where you can share your thoughts and improve your skills eventually. when you face some issues, you are sure of getting constant support, feedback, and the right inspiration every week. 

Similarly, there are practice exercises available online to give your thoughts new wings every week. Further, you should try communicating with other people working on the same platform for years to gain real insights and the right information. In brief, grow your Tableau network and start searching for Tableau job opportunities worldwide.

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Certification is a definite medium that can take you higher and helps you to stay ahead from the crowd. When you are a certified Tableau expert, Tableau’s career opportunities are also higher than usual. The best idea is to take Tableau training online and earn related skills as needed. You must be thinking of free resources where you can improve your skills and they are easy to start as well. 

In my opinion, you should opt for taking training classes where you can upgrade your skills and become a Tableau Pro. Also, formal training is an excellent way to learn the tool more effectively and efficiently. If you don’t have any budget issues, join the training classes online quickly. Instead of opting for some random training provider, do your research and look for the best option only. 

JanBask Training is one of the premier training institutes to join online classes and start flying in the IT space to the higher. Tableau offers a certification exam too where you could demonstrate your skills and put the certification in your resume as well to give it more weight and make it more impressive.

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3.3 Showcase your Skills

When you are going to attend some interviews, be prepared with a data story. Try to explain your findings in an interesting way to showcase your data analysis skills. Usually, data insights help in decision-making. So, you must have impressive presentation skills to increase your chances to win the game. You can practice these skills by using Tableau everyday or work on 2-3 projects minimum.

As a Tableau expert, you have to be very cautious about your choices and data visualizations. Also, make sure that users can follow the instructions as given on the screen. Work on demos and create the shortest solutions first that can be completed with a minimal number of clicks. Make sure that you have understood the concept well and you can use it for the future too.

Moreover, the best way to learn something is to teach others. To grow your skills, make an effort to help others. When you start teaching, a lot of questions strike to the mind immediately and you will get an exact idea of your knowledge. Make sure to ask for feedback from others on your ability to explain analytical concepts and complex calculations.

Tableau is an amazing tool to support data analytics features. Further, Tableau Public platform can be used to share your work and grow your own portfolio. Anything you publish can be seen publicly. So, you have to be careful while publishing your stuff. Also, you can personalize the dashboard design with superstore data or other public datasets before you publish them.

Over time, people will start noticing you for your creativity and expertise. You can start a name for yourself and show the work of how your skills are growing regularly. If you have older dashboards that are so well, don’t delete them but it will show your progress that matters the most. 

Publishing is not a self-promotion trick but it ensures you that your work and skills are visible to others. In global industries, most communication happens virtually and you will gain immense benefit from your online presence. Highlight your profile with some effective visualizations. You can opt for blogging as well and publish a few articles on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

If you are proficient in Tableau, what other skills should go hand-in-hand to increase your chances of getting hired by industries? You can learn using databases, get a solid understanding of statistics, you should know how to gather data from multiple sources and bring it all together nicely. The best way to choose skills is what’s available in your workplace. Don’t be rigid but make yourself flexible enough to learn new things in tandem with Tableau.

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3.7 Practice some soft-skills

Soft skills are impossible to quantify, but they are hugely important for the success of your Tableau job. The standard skills around teamwork and communication still apply, but I think in a Tableau context they can look a little different.

Soft-skills cannot be explained in a few words but they are considered important to succeed in the Tableau space. A few of them are teamwork, communication skills, etc. As a Tableau expert, you must know how to express your thoughts nicely. Be concise for everything and try to explain your message in the best possible way. You can use data visualizations too if needed. Recheck your work and evaluate if you have used canvas to the full advantage or not.

Do you know how to make charts? If yes, another thing to focus on here is chart titles. The chart title should be pretty clear so that you can convey your message quickly. Don’t forget to consider the logo, color, shape, font, etc. For internal reports, use effective visualizations and stats in their place. Make your font easy to read and understand. Also, the dashboard should be neat and clear.

You cannot succeed anywhere if you are not a good team player. You should know how to work independently and together. your work is accessible to thousands of people inside or outside the organization. You should be thoughtful for each and every action. Try to pick the most relevant data all the time with effective resources. 

You must have a good understanding of different areas of an organization and get in touch with subject matter experts for getting detailed information. Don’t forget to communicate with IT teams who are going to use the data as well as business users who will consume dashboards.

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3.8 Grow your network

It will be harder to explore Tableau career opportunities till the time you don’t talk with the right people. So, grow your network, get involved in Tableau communities, take inspiration from successful Tableau experts and look out for suitable Tableau job opportunities later.

Don’t forget to join some communities where fresh posts are added every day. It is a platform where you can share your thoughts and improve your skills eventually. when you face some issues, you are sure of getting constant support, feedback, and the right inspiration every week. 

Similarly, there are practice exercises available online to give your thoughts new wings every week. Further, you should try communicating with other people working on the same platform for years to gain real insights and the right information. In brief, grow your Tableau network and start searching for Tableau job opportunities worldwide.

Let us focus on helping each other. When we help each other, nothing can stop us to become the best Tableau developer, analyst, designer, etc. Tableau’s career path should be kept in mind before you start exploring Tableau’s career opportunities. Other than a Tableau career path, the future of Tableau careers is also potentially brighter. So, get exceptionally good at everything that you do and don’t forget to see where it takes you in the future. We will be extremely delighted to be a part of your Tableau journey to take you to your destination. Also, we would love to hear your story. All the Best!

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