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The Salary of a Tableau Developer

Tableau is the latest technology platform with different job titles and roles in the IT marketplace. The demand and higher adoption of the platform have made the Tableau Developer as the most sought-after profile in the industry. Also, getting trained and certified in Tableau will give you the credibility to meet the tough industry standards. So, what does it take to become a Tableau developer, and what are the average salaries of a Tableau developer in the USA?  Before we move ahead, let us see quickly different job titles in the Tableau domain and their respective salaries.

Tableau Analyst


Tableau Developer


Tableau Consultant

$102, 200

Tableau business Analyst


In this blog, we shall talk about all these things and give you a complete idea of career opportunities and salaries once you have decided to become a Tableau expert. Take a Quiz first before you check on Tableau Salaries.

Tableau Salary

Who is a Tableau Developer?

Tableau developer is a person who builds solutions using data visualization processes and enhances the overall business outcome. His job comprises of various tasks like working with other developers, designing powerful BI dashboards, BI reports, deriving insights from feedback sessions to systems. If someone has strong business acumen, then he is perfect to become a Tableau developer with a maths background and exemplary data warehousing skills.

He is known as the leader in using BI tools, and it has been acknowledged as the most growing field and an amazing reporting tool by Gartner. According to Gartner, Tableau won the excellence award sixth consecutive times in a row, and it is expected to grow with the same pace shortly too.

Additionally, there is a huge demand for Tableau experts who are skilled and knowledgeable. When you go through popular job portals like Indeed, you can quickly find plenty of job options available currently. Tableau experts are getting higher salaries these days with an average of $110K per year as of May 2019. There are tons of jobs which require Tableau as the major skill. So, if you are planning to enhance your existing skills base, then you should choose Tableau definitely to give a new boost to your career. Before you start training with Tableau, check our syllabus in detail first.

Tableau Developers Average Salaries

As of Jun 11, 2019, the average annual pay for a Tableau Developer in the United States is $110,942 a year.

As of May 2019, the average salary of a Tableau developer is $110,942 a year in the USA. According to ZipRecruiter, the salary of a Tableau developer can go as low as $65,000 at the fresher level with no coding background and as high as $158,500 for senior Tableau experts. So, there are immense chances of getting attractive salary hikes with Tableau after a few years of experience.

Tableau Developers Average Salaries

According to current job postings, the job market for Tableau developers is highly active in both countries like India and the USA. People with the right skills and technical background, especially in SQL can earn an average salary of $110 K or $53 per hour at the beginners’ level. This salary is ranked 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Tableau developer salaries. This is the most recent database from ZipRecruiter and gives you a clear idea of job options and salaries in the Tableau space.

Tableau Developer Salary at the entry-level and experienced level

The average salary of a Tableau Developer at the entry-level range from $65,000 to $110,714 per year. At the beginner level, he is responsible for basic things like using data storage tools, BI tools, preparing reports or technical documents, etc. Anyone at the entry-level with a degree in IT or business field can get into Tableau domain.

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The average salary of a Tableau Developer at the experienced-level range from $137K to $157K per year. At the experienced or intermediate level, he is responsible for performing more tasks like handling SQL databases, working with MI concepts, online analytical processing, advanced technical documentation, and more.

Entry-level Professionals

No Experience



2-3 years of Experience



5+ Years of Experience


Advanced Workforce

10+ Years of Experience


Tableau developer Salary by Location

Tableau Developer, New York

$60 per hour

Tableau Developer, Charlotte

$42 per hour

Tableau Developer, California

$54 per hour

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Tableau Developer, Chicago

$52 per hour

Tableau Developer, Houston

$89,206 per year

Here, the salary is given by location in different states of America. Obviously, it varies from place to place, and nature of the Company still Tableau experts earn high salaries as compared to other IT experts.

Tableau Developer Salary in India

The average salary of a Tableau Developer is ₹ 8,39,799 per year that is calculated by taking estimation from 117 salaries across the nation. The data is collected from present job advertisements on Indeed during the past 36 months.

Tableau Developer Salary in India

Tableau Developer Salary by Location in India 

Tableau Developer, Bangalore

₹ 819,502

Tableau Developer, Pune

₹ 923,446

Tableau Developer, Chennai

₹ 830,967

Tableau Developer, Hyderabad

₹ 790,567

Tableau Developer, Delhi

₹ 11,95,174

 Average Salary of Tableau Developers for different Job Profiles in India

Senior Data Analyst

₹ 816,296

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Software Engineer

₹ 447,272

Senior Software Engineer

₹ 661,488

Analytics Consultant

₹ 1,033,036

Data Analyst

₹ 502,774

BI Consultant

₹ 602,335

BI Developer

₹ 520,949

Role and Responsibilities of a Tableau Developer

The role and responsibilities of a Tableau developer depend on the Company; he is interested in working with. Here are a few typical role and responsibilities of a Tableau Expert you should know.

  • Build solutions: the primary objective of a Tableau developer is designing and developing powerful technical solutions tailored to the business requirements. It can be done by finding solutions to tough business problems and translating business requirements.
  • OLAP: He is expected to create tools for data preservation within an organization that is termed as the online analytical processing as well.
  • Testing: they can make database queries and conduct tests to analyze or troubleshoot problems. Testing is an integral and ongoing part of the development that occurs continuously for a project.
  • System Enhancement: The major job role of a Tableau developer is evaluating and improving existing systems. It includes collaboration with other team members and incorporating new system solutions by streamlining Company processes and workflows.
  • Documentation: one of the important tasks given to Tableau developers is designing reports or powerful technical documentation with senior developers and colleagues within the organization.
  • Proficiency with Tools: A Tableau developer should know how to use tools in addition to other applications like:
    • Data analytics tools: OLAP (online analytical processing), and ETL Frameworks.
    • BI technologies: Power BI, Oracle, etc.
    • SQL language – SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Storytelling and Forecasting: When you are working with Tableau platform, you may explore amazing features like storytelling and forecasting. Here, one can connect with the data personally and understand the depth of analysis. Further, Forecasting uses techniques like exponential smoothing in Tableau.

Skills Requirements to become a Tableau Developer

Here is a quick idea of skills requirements to become a successful Tableau developer.

  • He should have a bachelor's degree in business, IT, or any other similar field.
  • He should have experience in the whole life cycle management of apps at the enterprise level.
  • He should know how to maintain proficiency with SQL for large datasets.
  • He should be able to solve development issues within a project from the beginning to the end.
  • He should be creative to face tough business challenges.
  • He should give strong attention to details for supporting coding errors.
  • He should have the knowledge of data architecture that is recommended.
  • He should have strong oral and communication skills.
  • He should have working experience with BI and reporting tools.
  • He should know how to work with data storage tools or online analytical processing.
  • He should know how to conduct tests to troubleshoot or analyze the issues. It is an ongoing part that goes throughout a project.
  • He should know how to evaluate or improve existing systems.
  • He needs to be collaborated with other team members and incorporate new systems for streamlining Company processes and workflows.
  • He should know how to prepare technical documents as a Tableau Developer.

The Future Scope of Tableau

The major reason for opting Tableau among others is BI tools that offer a wide range of options in terms of connectivity like databases, spreadsheets, Big Data, data warehouses, etc. you may access cloud applications too that include Salesforce, Amazon, or Azure, etc. It can possibly connect you with any type of data that you may think of. Apart from this, Tableau is equipped with a Web Data connector and used to pull API directory from the web to connect with desired data sources.

Tableau authorizes business users to quickly and immediately find the most valuable data in their huge Hadoop datasets. It eliminates the need for its users to have knowledge of query languages that makes engagement with big data more feasible and flexible with stakeholders.

If we talk about the near future, then Natural language processing and Machine Learning are two things that Tableau is focusing on. It is integrating with new technologies to enable futuristic approaches to view data. It is also going to launch a hybrid data connectivity facility for the cloud. With Tableau, one more advantage is a new live query agent that will act as a tunnel for on-premises data.

Final Words:

The wide adoption of Tableau has created a lot of job openings for the future within the Companies that require various skilled Tableau professionals to fill these vacancies Soaring Demand for Tableau Professionals and Rewarding Tableau Careers are the major reasons you should start a career in Tableau space.

So, what are you waiting for? Most business Intelligence professionals have already started working as per the trend and are busy with mastering Tableau skills to upscale themselves. Don’t fall behind and learn Tableau to get on data visualization bandwagon now!

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