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6 Steps On How to Build an Impressive Tableau Developer Resumes (With Samples)


Do you know that employers only spend about 5-7 seconds looking at a single resume?

Now you can imagine how tough it will be to apply for a role as popular as Tableau Developer? Yelp. No pressure.

After all, it doesn’t matter how qualified as a Tableau developer you are if you cannot display your skills and experience compellingly and concisely. Especially in certain large corporations, where applicant tracking systems are used to screen out tableau developer resumes that do not contain the appropriate skill keywords. So, when it comes to writing Tableau Developer resumes, don't skimp. One wrong move in your resume creation and that can encourage the recruiters to hire one of the 300+ Tableau Developer applications, instead of you!

Did we scare you too much? Relax, the situation is really not that grim. If you know how to write strong Tableau Developer resumes, then chances are no human or machine will skip over your resume. And if you don’t know how to do that, then we are here to make writing Tableau Developer resumes a little easier for you. So whether you are an experienced Tableau Developer with an impressive work history or an Analyst with newly obtained Tableau Developer training and certification, we have curated a list of some easy, doable steps to help you create Tableau developer resumes. Additionally,  we will also be sharing the Tableau Developer sample resume, which is designed keeping in mind all the freshers and professionals--all suggested by industry experts.

Job Winning Tableau Developer Resume Sample For Beginners & Professionals!

Tableau Developer Resume1

If you were spending hours after horse looking for “Tableau Developer resumes sample”  ora Tableau Developer Resume sample for freshers,” then put an end to your hunt. Put an end to your search as here we are presenting you a Tableau Developer sample resume that will help you to land on jobs 10x faster:

Tableau Developer Resumes Template for Entry Level

This is how the Tableau Developer resumes should look like for individuals who are applying for entry-level Tableau Developer positions: 

Shanaya Mathews  -----> (Your Name)

Entry Level Tableau Developer Solutions Tableau Developer ---------> (Your Designation) ---------------> (Professional email ids with social media handles of Linkedin or Twitter (optional))

(Your contact numbers) ----> (any one or two digits)

Career Objective

Seeking a Tableau Developer position where I may be able to use my business communication. Strong understanding of Software Development life cycle (SDLC) Phases such as Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment of Business Intelligence and Database Platforms.

  Key Skills: Tableau, Oracle 10, MS Excel, Toad, MS SQL Server, HDFS, PIG, SQOOP, HIVE.

Work Experience

Junior Tableau Developer

Mattsen Crown Ltd

March 2019 to Dec 2020  

  • Analyzed existing requirements with the end-user and documented them for Tableau.
  • Extracted metadata and source queries from SSRS reports.
  • Developed new versions of reports in Tableau using Analysis on older SSRS Reports.
  • Prepared and published customized reports/dashboards.
  • Created different Action filters, Parameters, and calculated fields to make the most uncomplicated dashboards.
  • Worked with Tableau administrator in managing Production, Test, and Development environments.

Key Achievement

  • Successfully migrated customers to the latest virtual server and storage technologies to improve performance, provide highly available systems, the lower total cost of ownership, and increase scalability and manageability.
  Education Background

2015-2019, BSc in Computer Science 

Durham University, Durham

  • Excelled in database management classes.
  • Presented a Paper at iSphere Seminar
  Training & Certifications
  • Did 6 Weeks Tableau Developer Training with Janbask Training
  • Acquired Certified Tableau Desktop 10 as well as Tableau Server 10
  • Certifications 


  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Analyzed existing requirements with the end-user and documented them for Tableau.
  • Extracted metadata and source queries from SSRS reports.
  • Developed new versions of reports in Tableau using Analysis on older SSRS Reports.
  • Created different Action filters, Parameters, and calculated fields to create the most uncomplicated dashboards.
  • Worked with Tableau administrator in managing Production, Test, and Development environments.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Tableau Developer Resume for 5 years experience or more Template

This is how the Tableau Developer resumes template for Tableau Developer resume for 5 years experience or more in the field of Tableau:

Career Objective

Professional Certified Tableau developer with 5+ years of experience leading highly technical Tableau and data analysis projects across insurance, finance, banking, healthcare, and retail industries. Seeking to enhance business intelligence for Krum Pictures Well-versed in data/business analysis, system analysis, and design, development, testing, and implementation of BI/data warehousing projects using Tableau and MicroStrategy.

Key Skills: 

  • Tableau Desktop
  • SQL (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
  • ETL frameworks
  • Data Warehousing 
  • Salesforce
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills 

Work Experience

Software Developer

Bytes Motion 

May 2011 to October 2019

  • Worked closely with DevOps and management teams to create IT and data visualization solutions in a consumer products firm with $80M in annual revenue.
  • Supported Sales targets with cohort analysis, driving up-sells +40%.
  • Generated advanced Tableau dashboards to track and improve customer units’ KPI by 12% within a month.
  • Created 50+ dashboards to analyze POS data with Tableau 8.0.
  • Provided 24/7 production support for Tableau users.
  • Developed 3 Tableau dashboards, providing insights that allowed management to focus on loyal customers, raising revenue by 15%.
  • Created predictive analysis that improved scheduling accuracy 20%

Key Achievements:

  • Developed a 360° business dashboard with 18 panels that became a favorite sales tool for the sales force at SM.
  • Worked with Client Services/Finance/Fraud & Risk teams to gather requirements for designing a data warehouse model that raised efficiency by 27%.

Here Are 6 Simple Steps On How to Create Tableau Developer Resumes Like A Pro!

Create Tableau Developer Resumes

Whether you are an experienced Tableau Developer professional or fresher planning to start your career with Tableau, you need a Tableau Developer resume that displays your skills, expertise, and your overall character that fits the role. So here are a few simple, easy to follow steps to create any Tableau Developer resumes:

  1. Select the Right Tableau Developer Resumes Format

There are so many Tableau Developer resumes formats out there. Still, you cannot just pick any random Tableau Developer resumes format. You need to have different sections listing your work history as a Software Developer, Tableau skills, IT skills, and your Tableau certifications on resume templates for other non-IT or other IT resume templates. So your Tableau Developer resumes format must follow these key points:

  • Format: Use Chrono-functional resumes if you have enough professional experience and job skills to show them off on your resume. Or else go for Functional resumes when you have little to no work or internship experience. In this format, you primarily focus on what you have learned in school, college, or through other experiences, focusing on skills rather than employment dates. 
  • Font: use a respected resume font like Verdana or Calibri for best UX.
  • Font size: 11–12 points.
  • Resume headings: 13–14 points
  • Line spacing: 1 to 1.15, with white space between sections.
  • Resume margins: an inch on all four sides.
  • File type: send a PDF resume if the job doesn’t explicitly ask for MS Word.

And here’s your resume outline:

  • Header: your name and correct contact information.
  • Summary: the highlights of your resume in brief.
  • Experience: share your best Tableau developer achievements.
  • Education: your degree plus CS accomplishments.
  • Skills: filter for the ones stressed in the job posting.
  • Other sections: include a portfolio link, email address, contact no, LinkedIn profile, and projects to get more interviews.
  1. Write a Strong Resume Objective or Resume Summary

Since most hiring managers get swamped up with resumes, they don’t have enough time to go through your entire Tableau Developer resumes at once. So they generally skim through your Resume Objective or Summary to get a better understanding of your candidature ship. A resume summary highlights your most impressive skills and qualifications. So, using them ensures that the first thing a hiring manager will see on your resume is the list of your technical skills and how you excel at them. This also makes it easy for you to display your most relevant technical skills and brand yourself to your potential employer.

  1. Make a Separate Section For Tableau Developer Skills & IT Skills

It’s not just about listing your Tableau skills randomly. You need to list them in a way that impresses the hiring manager. So you have to make a difference and keep a separate section for your Tableau skills and your other IT skills if you want to emphasize your Tableau to be quickly seen. So, put them at the top of your resume, just below where you have given your introduction and above your professional experience, and present them in a bulleted list for easy reading. 

For entry-level Tableau Developer, it helps if your resume has:

  • Your Tableau Desktop  certifications
  • One or more real-world project(s)

For an experienced Tableau Developer, it helps if your resume shows:

  • You've mastered What-if Analysis, Cohort Analysis, External Services Integration
  • Python, Predictive Analysis, Data Visualization, among others.
  • You have Tableau work history, skills, and relevant Tableau certifications 
  • You’ve gained experience in SQL (MS SQL, Oracle or/and MySQL)
  1. Customize Your Tableau Developer resumes. Always

Not only staying up-to-date with your Tableau Developer skills is essential, but also it is essential for you to not repeat the same resume for different companies. You may be applying for the same SAs role, but every company has its requirements and expectations that are usually unique to them. So make sure that you are only listing and keeping those Tableau Developer skills or IT skills lists at the top of your resume that the recruiter or your potential employer has explicitly asked for. 

  1. Compare Your Skills to What Employers Want

There are specific Tableau Developer skills that a hiring manager requires or are desirable that he is actively looking for. So it makes sense that whenever you come across a job posting, you should go through it carefully to know what the employer actually wants. Assess your ability in each skill as honestly and accurately as you can, and then only put them in your resume by writing a sentence about how you could use the said Tableau Developer skills in the job you opted for.

  1. Be Consistent With Your Writing & Formatting Style

Formatting your Tableau Developer resumes may sound like a trivial task, but it is crucial since this is the first impression that you will leave on your potential hiring manager. You’d want it to be a pleasant one. So not only ensure that you are following the same formatting, styles, colors, and space throughout your Tableau Developer resumes and thoroughly proofread your resume to avoid any grammatical or typos. This shows how professional you are, but it also reflects positively how dedicated and committed you are to your job.

Top Tableau Developer Skills That Will Land You The Job in 2021

Apart from clearing your Tableau Developer certifications and a working knowledge of Tableau, you also need to excel in specific skills if you want to kickstart your Tableau Developer career like a pro. These are: 

Tableau Developer2

Technical Skills

  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • What-if Analysis
  • Client Interaction
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Warehousing
  • Statistics
  • External Services Integration
  • Python, R
  • Tableau Desktop
  • SQL (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Presentation Skills
  • ETL frameworks

You need both Tableau Developer tech skills and soft skills to land the job of your dream, so after the technical skills list, here is the list of soft skills that makes you stand out:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Analytical Skill
  • Great Problem Solving Skills
  • Time Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Customer Service Skills

If all these skills seem too overwhelming to obtain or you don’t know what the future holds for Tableau, then check this insightful blog on a Tableau Career path to know why you should opt for Tableau, what are Tableau career opportunities and how you can start your career in it.

Tableau Developer Job Outlook: An Overview

Tableau Developer Job

A Tableau developer manages multiple software development tasks for the Tableau software and provides data visualization solutions to improve business processes. But the roles and responsibilities vary from the company you apply to or whether you are a professional Tableau Developer or at an entry-level: These duties are:

Roles & Responsibilities of a Junior Tableau Developer

  • Translate business requirements into well-architected solutions that best leverage the Salesforce Tableau CRM platform
  • Developing data flows, data sets, lenses, and dashboards
  • Modify dashboards and reports based on provided user feedback
  • Create complex SQL queries and perform ad-hoc and exploratory data analysis.
  • Provide data-driven insights to marketing, operations, and product teams.
  • Create data visualizations using Tableau.
  • Develop, own, and present dashboards to Senior Management that provide actionable insights.
  • Investigate data anomalies and perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Roles & Responsibilities of a Senior Tableau Developer

  • Determining the correct license types for the organization, managing the product’s installation, and making recommendations to leverage the product features available.
  • Working hands-on with Tableau Desktop (dashboard creation, reporting, troubleshooting, and data source management).
  • Experience creating with Oracle and SQL queries within Tableau.
  • Providing reports that will interface with Drupal-based websites.
  • Creation of interactive filters, parameters, and calculations for preparing dashboards/worksheets in Tableau.
  • Working with various departments, including business stakeholders and technical persons, to correlate ideas.

How Much a Tableau Developer Gets?

Tableau Developer

The Tableau Developer salary can be varying depending on factors, however considering the top job portals and the data from renowned sources, it is as follows for Freshers, Mid-level & Senior Professionals:

  • The average junior or entry-level Tableau Developer Salary is $74,542 per year, which can be around $35.84/hour.
  • A mid-level Tableau Developer can earn an average annual salary of $81,007, which equals $38.95/hour.
  • A senior Tableau Developer salary can be $108,681/ year, which equals $52/hour.

Are you wondering how much a Tableau Developer in India or UK earns on average or is a Tableau Developer career even popular these days? Well, good news for you! We have a fantastic blog, “Tableau Developer Salary for Beginners & Professionals,” to help you find answers to these questions!


Of course, it’s really not an easy task to write a fantastic Tableau Developer resume. There are so many factors like different companies’ job descriptions, skills, or experience, among others, you have to keep in mind. Always remember that you only have one opportunity to make the first impression in front of the recruiters with your Tableau Developer resumes, so be sure to make the best use of it.

However, you don’t have to spend days or weeks drafting excellent Tableau Developer resumes. Now, take a deep breath. We have done all the necessary research and have looked over 3,000+ samples for Tableau Developer resumes knowing exactly what you need on your resume. No matter whether you're an experienced tableau developer or an entry-level tableau developer, with our step-by-step guide on how to create Tableau Developer resumes, stay sure that your resume will capture exactly what you can bring to the table and get that dream job of yours!

However, if you still have some doubts about the steps to create Tableau Developer resumes or in the samples, we are just a comment away from helping you out!

Good luck with your resume preparation!

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