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Manual Testing Salary in Top Locations, Industries & Companies


While some people are actively typing on keyboards for manual testing salary for their big career move, there are others who are delusional & thinking that manual testing will soon hit a dead end.

We know this is a very controversial debate & let’s clarify that first. Automation testing was introduced in the first place to automate testing for speedy software delivery & removing human errors. Its aim was never to wipe out the manual testing jobs. It was to ease up & speed up the manual testing process.

Manual Testing is still the hottest profile because:

  • It does what automation testing can’t --- which is to check the software & digital products from a real human experience & usability perspective. To find the gaps that so-called 100% automation testing might miss.
  • The demand for manual testers is still very high. Companies are looking for manual & automation testers to create a collaborative environment.
  • The manual testing salary is quite attractive to start with. Down the line, it gives you the liberty to stick to it only or switch to automation testing, if you are afraid to continue on this manual testing road. But that would just require an upskilling for automation testing.

Now you know why manual testers are so hyped, let’s know how much is the QA manual tester salary based on location, work experience, top companies, and industries. And also learn what skills to add in a resume for a salary push along with other profiles that you can switch to if being in the same manual testing profile bores you, after some point.

Why am I Paid Less as a Manual Tester? Factors Affecting Manual Testing Salary!

Here are the factors why you could be making less manual testing salary than you expected.

1. Work location

Demand & supply of certain professions like manual tester is different in different places because of the cost of living in the city, hence the reason why you earn less QA manual testing salary. Better move to locations like the UK, USA, Canada, India, Australia as there the demand is huge & pay is comparatively even bigger.

2. Manual Testing Training & Certification

Manual Testing seems very easy but it requires important skills & certification to validate your true knowledge in the eyes of recruiters. If you fail to show the right skills for the job, you might be hired for training but could be underpaid. 
It would be better to take time in hand & get trained & become certified in manual testing method & techniques & then demand the expected salary.

3. Experience level

If you are starting as a fresher, there is no way you can expect to start earning senior QA manual testers, with years of experience. The more experience you have under your belt, the more your package grows, down the line.

4. Company scale & type

Every company has a different investment size, customer base & resource requirements, which is why they all differ in manual tester payscale. The bigger the company will be, the bigger will be its QA manual tester salary allocation and vice versa.

5. Interview & Resume

Manual Tester interview & resumes also define the pay scale. The better you are able to show your caliber through them, the better the manual QA tester salary you will get.

Top Giants Paying Highest Manual QA Tester Salary

Here are few renowned names of brands that are all year hiring & paying lucrative manual QA tester salary to freshers & experienced ones.

  • Google - Average between $67,871 - $113,874 per year
  • Facebook - $74,969 - $145,000 per year
  • Amazon - $100,796 on average per year
  • IBM - average between $51,489 - $108,578 per year
  • HP - average between $44,434 - $109,356 per year
  • Microsoft - $81770 on average per year
  • Fast Switch - $89,000 on average per year
  • Synechron  - $70,000 on average per year
  • Randstad USA - $87,000 on average per year
  • Populus group - $96,000 on average per year
  • Hexaware Technologies - $61,000 on average per year
  • Alliance Consulting Group - $73,000 on average per year

Let's Cut the Chase - How Much is the QA Manual Tester Salary?

The average manual testing salary is $70,263 per year, which could be equal to $33.78 per hour.  But this is just the average, the salary, in reality, differs based on the above factors that we just discussed like job skills, locations, employer, negotiation skills & more such related factors.

Manual Testing Salary for Beginner, Mid-Level & Advanced Professionals

  • The entry-level manual tester salary on average can be between $55,000 to $$63743 per year.
  • The mid-level QA manual tester salary can be between $63,743 to $70,263 per year.
  • While the senior manual tester salary can be between $93,448 to $120,000 per year.

Manual Testing Salary in Different Work Locations - Across the Globe!

If you are up for relocating, you like to travel across the globe for a better manual testing salary, then here are your options.

  • A Manual Tester Salary in the USA
    • An average tester salary in the USA is $78,566 per year, which could be $33.78 per hour --- says a report by ZipRecruiter.
  • QA Manual Tester Salary in the UK
    • As per Glassdoor, the manual tester earns an average annual salary of £44,568 in the UK.
  • QA Manual Tester Salary in India
    • The average manual tester salary in India is INR 700,000 per year.
  • QA Manual Tester Salary in Canada
    • As per Glassdoor, the average manual tester salary in Canada is CA$70,000 per year.
  • QA Manual Tester Salary in Australia
    • As per PayScale , the average manual tester salary in Australia is AU$66353 per year.

Manual Testing Jobs are Posted in Great Numbers

Dice alone has job postings of more than 17,000 for Manual testing roles in the US.

Indeed has more than 900 Manual tester jobs posted in the US.

Linkedin has over 10,000 Manual testing jobs in the US alone.

Manual Testing Salary in Different Industries - Let’s Know How Much they Make?

In the finance sector, manual testers can earn an average salary of $92,918 per year. Here are the few industries other than finance, where manual testing salary is worthwhile.

  • Tech - $70,000 on average yearly
  • Healthcare - $79,000 on average yearly
  • Telecommunication - $78,000 on average yearly
  • Manufacturing - $73,000 on average yearly
  • Professional - $78,000 on average yearly
  • Energy - $89,000 on average yearly

Skills to Add in Resume for Better Manual Testing Salary

Here are the few key technical & people skills you must have in your manual tester resume to land better jobs & paychecks.

  • DevOps & Agile Methodology
  • Test Planning & Documentation
  • Testing tools & techniques
  • Test Case Design Techniques
  • Automation
  • Project management
  • Levels of testing
  • Web & Mobile Technologies
  • Programming with Python, Java, R & more
  • Social Networking
  • Logical Thinking
  • Rational Analysis
  • Testing support
  • Oral & written communication skills
  • Customer/client management

Other Jobs with Salaries Related to QA Manual Tester Job

If you do not want to restrict yourself in the same profile & want to explore more career titles & opportunities after completing the QA manual tester training with further upskilling, then here are your options:

  • QA analyst - $87,000 on average per year
  • System Tester - $88,000 on average per year
  • Automation Engineer - $84,000 on average per year
  • QA Engineer- $79,000 on average per year
  • Test Engineer- $80,000 on average per year
  • Software test engineer - $77,000 on average per year
  • Automation test engineer - $78,000 on average per year

Parting Words on Manual Testing Salary!

Manual testing isn’t dying anytime soon as long as automation & manual testing are collaborating in action-based testing, where manual testers can help prepare for testing & check the product from human usability and automation testers can automate tests for faster product rollout.

We discussed what manual testing salary you can earn based on the world's popular locations, your experience level, with industry types & top giants. We also talked about what skills you should add to your CV, to give it a boost for great negotiation. However, we also talked about the probable job titles that you can opt for, in case you want to switch for better job opportunities & paycheck.

Don’t hold up, manual testing is still a soaring profile. Plan a professional career around it by taking an effective Manual Testing Training & Certification with us, start with a free demo class!

Frequently Asked Question of Manual Testing Salary

1. Is manual testing a good career?

As soon as digital products such as websites, web apps, games, software are increasing at multiplying rate, the need for manual testers would also multiply. Though we are seeing the rise of automation tools & engineers, the role of manual testers will not be easily replaced, as they are also needed to look & test the product in terms of user experience, which automation tools can’t humanely do. 

The purpose of both manual & automation testing is to fill each other’s shoes. Automation testers aim is to speed up the process of finding & fixing the bugs, with 100% test coverage, without clerical mistakes, while the role of manual testers is to check the gaps these tools missed and to test the overall human experience & usability for those digital products & software (which are ultimate to be consumed by humans not machines). 

While if you are still afraid about “is manual testing a good career”, plan an upskill for the future in Automation Testing as well & become a complete resource who does both sides of manual & automation testing.

2. How to become a manual QA tester?

To become a manual QA tester, take the manual training online, clear the certification, apply for the entry-level QA manual tester jobs or internships & start seeing a progression in your career. To branch into more wide career scope & paycheck, upskill & learn automation testing while walking down the experience line.

3. Where are you paid the highest manual QA tester salary?

The locations like Washington DC, Mountain View, CA, Baltimore, Raleigh, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware pay quite the highest manual QA tester salary(s) to skilled & certified manual testers.

4. How much is the entry-level manual software tester's salary?

When you are starting, you can expect to earn an average manual software tester salary between $55,000 to $65,000 per year.

5. How much is the senior manual tester salary?

The average senior manual tester salary can be between $90,000 to $120,000 per year.

Also, let us in the comments below what do you think about the manual testing future, is it bright or gloomy? What other thoughts you have about the manual testing career, pour them out in the comments down below!


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