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QA Tester Salary: Unveiling What You Can Earn


Thinking about a career in QA testing? This guide will explore salary expectations, career potential, and what it takes to succeed in this field.

While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, this guide will delve into factors that influence QA tester salaries, including:

  • Experience Level (Entry-level, Mid-career, Senior)
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Skillset (Automation expertise, specific testing domains)

We'll also explore whether QA testing is a promising career path, highlighting the reported high satisfaction levels among testers.

This guide aims to answer all your burning questions about QA tester salaries and career prospects, including:

  • What is the average salary for a QA tester?
  • How much do experienced QA testers earn?
  • Where do QA testers get paid the most?
  • What skills are in high demand for QA testers?
  • Is a career in QA testing a good choice for me?

By the end, you'll have a clear picture of what a QA testing career entails and how much you can potentially earn.

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Factors Affecting QA Software Tester Salaries

While there's no one-size-fits-all answer to how much a QA tester earns, several factors significantly influence their salaries. Understanding these factors empowers you to make informed career decisions and negotiate effectively. Here's a breakdown of the key influences:

  • Experience Level: Entry-level testers, naturally, command a lower salary compared to seasoned professionals with proven track records. As your experience grows, so does your earning potential.
  • Location: Geographic location plays a role. Salaries tend to be higher in major tech hubs and big cities due to a higher cost of living and intense competition for skilled testers.
  • Industry: The industry you work in can also impact your salary. Certain sectors, like finance or healthcare, may offer higher compensation due to the critical nature of the software being tested.
  • Skillset: Your skillset is a major differentiator. Testers with expertise in automation tools, specific testing methodologies, or programming languages are in high demand and can command premium salaries.
  • Company Size and Reputation: Established companies and multinational corporations typically offer more competitive salaries compared to smaller startups.

Salary satisfaction

The Road to Success: Invest in Your Skills

While certifications can enhance your resume and earning potential, the most crucial factor is acquiring a strong skillset. Invest in learning relevant tools, methodologies, and staying updated with industry trends.

By understanding these factors and actively developing your skills, you can position yourself for a successful and rewarding career in QA testing.

Factors Affecting QA Software Tester Salaries

QA Tester Average salary working with the Top Giants

Various giants across the globe would love to hire QA testers at unique packages with other lucrative bonuses and medical health benefits. The QA tester salary bracket also depends upon the roles and responsibilities of a QA tester in top organizations. If you are planning for such a career going forward, it is important to have a look at the list of such important organizations that could be your future destinations for getting a lucrative QA testers salary. 

QA Tester Average salary

A QA tester salary in the top companies worldwide is offered at Cisco Systems, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, etc. 

  • Cisco Systems is the top QA tester salary payer, Inc., where the average pay is $141,893.
  • Some other companies that offer high software tester salaries for this role include, Apple, Tesla, and Keysight Technologies, earning around $112,133, $127,898, $128,842, and $111,242 respectively. 
  • Booz, Allen, and Hamilton’s lowest QA testers salaries are around $61,800.

The average QA software tester salary is $77,370 annually. However, it can vary depending on many factors and range anywhere from $67k to $85k, per

QA Software Tester Salary: Based on Experience

The average QA job salary depends on the years of experience as well:

  • Entry Level: The entry-level Software QA tester salary with less than a year of experience can expect to earn approximately $42,249.
  • Average Level: Software QA tester salary for Mid Level Experienced Professionals is the average salary of mid-experienced professionals, with an experience of 4 to 9 years, ranging from $78k to $ 86k.
  • Senior Software QA tester salary: The senior software QA tester salary might range from $89k to $100k. You can surely figure out how the graph rises with the increase in the number of years of expertise in the skill sets.

Quality Assurance Tester Salary Based on Location

Let us have a look at QA tester salaries across the globe. 













Well, maybe you don't know but a software testing career is among the most satisfactory job options with a lucrative QA tester average salary range. Read out a software tester’s salary with top locations and companies. Planning for your upcoming interview in any of these locations or industries, check out our comprehensive guide on QA Tester Resume for more details.

QA Tester Salary Based Industry

There are various industries where QA testers are required and the type of job requirement in these industries decides the QA testing jobs salary range. The QA Software Tester salary range can vary and here is a list of these industries:

  • IT - $55,173 per year
  • Insurance - $77,080 per year
  • Professional - $76,015
  • Pharmaceutical - $63,265 per year​
  • Gaming - $72,660 per year
  • Government - $64,969 per year
  • Finance - $86,999 per year
  • Source

What is Quality Analyst Testing, and What do QA Testers do?

Quality Assurance (QA) testing is an essential safeguard within the software development lifecycle. It's a systematic process for evaluating software and ensuring it meets specific quality standards. The core objective of QA testing is to identify and rectify issues before the software reaches users.

Behind the Scenes: The Responsibilities of a QA Tester

QA testers play a critical role in the success of a software product. Here's a breakdown of their key responsibilities:

  • Planning the Tests: QA testers craft meticulous test plans to streamline the testing process. These plans define what will be tested and establish the testing environment.
  • Designing Test Cases: Creating detailed test cases is vital. These cases specify the input, expected output, and overall test flow.
  • Executing the Tests: Following the predetermined plan, QA testers meticulously execute various tests. This involves interacting with the software, providing data, and evaluating its responses. Throughout the process, they document the results, along with any problems or anomalies encountered.
  • Reporting Defects: When testers discover errors, they report them to the development team using a defect management system. These reports comprehensively describe the glitch, how to reproduce it, and its consequences.
  • Regression Testing: After defects are resolved, the QA team conducts regression testing to verify if the software still functions as intended and to ensure no new issues have surfaced.
  • Compatibility Testing: QA testers meticulously test the software across various environments to guarantee it meets quality goals.
  • Performance Testing: To understand how the software performs under pressure, QA testers often conduct performance testing. This helps assess how the software responds to heavy loads.
  • Security Testing: Protecting against potential threats is crucial. QA testers are responsible for ensuring the software is secure and free of vulnerabilities.
  • Documentation: QA testers meticulously document test results, testing methodologies, and successful test cases for future reference. This documented knowledge serves as a foundation for subsequent testing cycles.
  • Collaboration: Effective collaboration across departments is key. QA testers work closely with other teams to ensure prompt resolution of customer issues and to deliver a high-quality product.
  • Continuous Improvement: QA testers actively participate in refining testing procedures. They suggest improvements to methodologies and practices to enhance the overall testing process.

By understanding these responsibilities, along with other factors, we can now delve into the world of QA tester salaries in the next section.

QA Software Tester Certification Course

Popular Skills Recruiters Look for QA Tester Jobs

If QA software testing is your cup of tea, then you need to know everything related to it. To become a QA software tester, you need to know foremost about your eligibility and the skills required to pursue this career. Here are the skills required to become a successful QA software tester-

The Technical skills required to bag a high-quality Assurance Tester Salary position are:

  • Cisco Networking
  • Jenkins
  • Embedded / Real-Time / RTOS
  • Matlab
  • R
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Data Processing
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Automation Scripting
  • ETL (Extract, transform, load)

Explore our blog on how to mention your essential technical in a resume to leave an impression!

Salaries Based on Jobs related to QA Software Tester

Other than QA software testers, there are undoubtedly other similar job profiles on which you can get high salary packages. We can now understand the average software quality assurance tester's salary; however, here, we have gathered a list of similar job profiles where you can go with the skills you have for QA. These job profiles also pay you decently, and here is a mention of these average salaries to help you have a clear idea. 

  • Software Engineer - $118,953 per year
  • QA Analyst - $84,827 per year
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineer and Testers -  $101,819 per year 
  • Software Quality Assurance Tester - $83,472 per year
  • Software Tester - $103,419 per year
  • Automation Tester - $99,133 per year 
  • QA Manual Tester - $76,810 per year

We are almost done. Just take a quick QA software quiz and keep going!

How Can I Get a High-Paying or Increase My QA Engineer Salary?

There are several ways to earn more as a QA engineer, and some of the practical tips that can increase your QA tester average salary is as follows:

Get Hold of a Professional QA Tester Certification course

Course Name


Manual Testing 

Selenium Testing Master 

QA Software Testing - Master 

Sharpen Your Testing Skills

If you want to raise your QA job salary, you should focus on improving your testing abilities. By mastering the skills and knowledge about a specific area, you will gain the advantage of getting better pay and various job opportunities. Some tips and tricks to improve your testing abilities are as follows: 

  • Have the extra edge: Stay updated with the latest technological advancements so you can incorporate them into your testing. This way, you can follow the trends and adjust accordingly.
  • Get certified: There are many options for getting certified as a QA engineer. Certification proves you have the necessary abilities and information to perform the task. It could be a potential motivator for better performance.
  • Read more: You can improve your performance by learning new techniques and strategies through reading about testing. It would also help you stay up-to-date with industry developments. You can also use your reading abilities to study for exams and interviews.
  • Attend conferences and seminars: Meetings and workshops can be helpful for networking, and we can also gain knowledge about our field while being around experts. This is a fantastic technique to uncover new concepts and innovations.

Manual and Automated Testing Go Together: Learn Them Both!

Before you start learning about automated testing, it is essential that you first understand the basics of manual testing. This will provide you with a strong foundation upon which you can build your knowledge of automated testing and lead to increasing your QA tester salary.

Automated testing is an improved form of manual testing. As a software quality engineer, you must understand technical concepts such as DevOps, security practices, and microservices. These concepts are crucial for staying competitive in the industry.

There is a need to promote creative thinking in the testing phase. There are countless ways that a software or app can malfunction, and it's hard to predict when it will happen. The main advantage of automation software is its ability to ensure accuracy. This makes it ideal for jobs that must be done repeatedly and over a long period. However, manual testing would sound more reasonable when flexibility is required; after all, it allows us to simulate end-users' behavior and arrive at more precise results.

Saas Testing

Cloud computing has become the backbone of any digital transformation. SaaS providers have offered pay-as-you-go solutions and boilerplate solutions, which allow IT companies to utilize software essentials without allocating vast resources for setting up IT infrastructure or hiring technical specialists.

The problem with SaaS is that even though it's easy to maintain, it makes the QA and testing harder. According to industry verticals, the healthcare industry has regulations to ensure the secrecy of patient records. Software quality is essential for compliance with factors such as SLAs and GDPR.

Visual Testing

It is essential to consider the user experience and interface of the software because if it is bad, users will stop using it, and the company will suffer losses. Visual aspects are equally important and should be considered while testing the functions. Someone who has mastered this can expect a significant jump in their QA Software Tester salary.

Functional testing checks whether the buttons are clickable, links are correct, or the user passwords are stored correctly in the database, using a student's tone. However, the text does not cover factors like texts lying on top of each other and making users unable to see the content on a particular call-to-action.

The applications that use AI reduce the chances of comparing tiny mistakes, which is excellent, especially for visual tests. This will save a lot of time spent on the different spotting tasks of the testing team in quality assurance as AI visual testing will find fewer false positives and fasten the testing cycle.

Enhancing your testing skills increases your potential to acquire a high-paying job. Software testers must understand the system's functioning, identify the flaws, and suggest the necessary modifications. As software testers gain more experience, skills, and certifications, they possess greater leverage for demanding a higher salary from employers. 

Increase Chances of Getting a High-Paying Job by Enhancing Testing Skills

For software testers to be effective at their job; they must have a thorough understanding of the system they are testing and its potential flaws. They also need to know what changes must be made to the system to fix these flaws. The more experienced and skilled the individual is, the more he would seek a higher QA tester salary.

Acquiring software automation testing training from skilled experts would enhance my ability and boost my employment prospects by allowing me to represent highly competitive salaries. The JanBask Training helps you to attain proficiency in highly demanded technical skills by imparting knowledge and practical experience on actual projects. 

When choosing a course, you can choose any topic that interests you, matches your profession, and may enhance your skills. Develop your testing skills with JanBask Training, and learn automation testing from the experts.

Get hands-on experience and expertise on various automation testing tools. Transition from manual testing to automation testing and increase your output efficiently.

Final words on QA Software Testing Salary

While some factors influencing QA tester salaries, like location and company size, may be outside your control, there's still significant power in your hands!

This guide has equipped you to make informed decisions about your QA testing career path. Here's how to maximize your earning potential and professional growth:

  • Invest in Skills: The most crucial factor is a strong skillset. Focus on mastering relevant tools, testing methodologies, and staying current with industry trends. Certifications can enhance your resume, but practical skills are key.
  • Target High-Demand Skills: Identify and develop skills that are in high demand among recruiters. This could include expertise in automation tools, specific testing domains, or programming languages.
  • Consider Career Growth: Seek opportunities within your organization or explore new companies offering competitive salaries and career advancement prospects.

Beyond Salary: Finding Fulfillment

A QA testing career offers more than just financial rewards. It's a fulfilling path filled with problem-solving, continuous learning, and the satisfaction of contributing directly to a product's success.

The Takeaway: A Well-Rounded Approach

By understanding salary factors, actively developing your skills, and pursuing growth opportunities, you can build a successful and rewarding career in QA testing.

QA Software Testing Training

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Q1. How Much Is a QA Software Tester’s Salary?

Ans- The QA software tester's salary might vary depending on various factors, and hence, there can be no fixed number when it comes to QA tester salary. You are advised to consider the factors before coming to any conclusion. Also, it is evident that the need for QA testers is ever-increasing, as is the market for jobs with this skill set. 

Q2: Is a QA Tester a Promising Career?

Ans- Of course, when you have the desired skill sets, you can have a lucrative salary and secure a job. It is also considered the second most satisfying profession people opt for. Most job portals have found out that most of the employees working as QA testers are happy with their roles and are satisfied with what they are paid.  There are various QA certificates that you can undertake to get into this career.

Q3: How Much Is an Apple QA Software Tester’s Salary?

Ans- The Apple QA tester's salary might depend on various factors, and the range might vary based on location, years of experience, additional knowledge of skill sets, etc. Moreover, your negotiation skills and previous work experience are some other factors that decide the QA software tester's Salary. One thing is that Giants like Apple, Google, etc. generally have a well-defined salary structure, and they pay their employees decently. 

Q4. What Are the Skills to Be Learned in This Course?

Ans- Here is all that you will learn:

  • Software Testing, Manual Testing & Database
  • Java & Oops (Basics of programming)
  • Selenium IDE & Selenium Web driver
  • Selenium WebElements, TestNG Testing
  • Page Object Model, Cucumber
  • Maven & Continuous Integration with Jenkins.

Q5. What Can I Expect After Learning From the Janbask Training Course?

Ans- After completing our QA software testing training online, you will achieve competent skills & knowledge all set to be applied during the certification exam of QA Testing. You will also learn smart & well-calculated approaches to proceed & absorb in the lucrative job markets.

Q6. Which QA Certifications Are in Demand?

Ans- Here are the few in-demand QA Testing Certifications that you may consider qualifying after finishing our intensive & real-industry assignments-based training for QA Tester:

  • CAST (Certified Associate In Software Testing
  • ISTQB Foundation Level Certification
  • HP Certification
  • Advanced Level Certification ISTQB
  • Advanced Level Test Manager kind of Exam
  • Expert Level ISTQB exam

Q7. How Do You Maintain a Growing Career in QA Testing?

Ans- Learning innovations, techniques, or upgrades in QA Testing methods. By qualifying for multiple software Testing certification exams. The more QA Testing certification exams you will take, the more you will attract the attention of recruiters. By having effective and QA testing skill-related discussions with similar-thinking online communities to get more exposure to this discipline in-depth. By taking a software QA Tester training online when you are looking to update your current knowledge.

Q8. How Can I Get Help With QA Tester’s Job Placements?

Ans- Along with theoretical & practical Training for QA Testing skills, we provide you additional support that could help you transform into a job market-ready QA Testing professional. At JanBask Training, we have our QA certification training online program. We inform you of the job market/businesses/industries with their current facts & figures. It gives you information on the actual scenarios of the industries/companies, the behavior of hiring, the time of hiring, the process, and everything else that could help you step on lucrative job options. Along with QA Software Testing certification examination preparation, we equip you with smart ways to enter the job market.

Q9. How Do You Help With QA Software Testing Certification Exams?

Ans- With our online QA training certification training, the trainers at JanBask Training introduce you to the skills/concepts examined in the QA Testing certification exam. Our team provides comprehensive & certification learnings via virtual classroom sessions and all-inclusive, varied, and fun-learning e-study tools like MCQs, eBooks, PPTs, real-time case studies, assignments & more - which are stored on our smart and intuitive e-learning management system - of which you can gain access right after enrolling for our training program.

Q10. What Is Covered in the Beginner’s Level of This Course?

Ans- At the beginner’s level, you will be able to learn- What is Software Testing, why we test software, the difference between errors, faults, and failures, the principles of Software Testing, the Fundamental Test Process, why software has bugs, how much testing is required, the difference between Priorihiring behavior, thelidatiorification, and SDLC and STLC.


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