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What Are The Highest Salary Jobs In India-2023?


You have put all your energy into earning those grades during graduation to make a winning career for yourself!

You aim for a career that uplifts your personal and professional life, and a "Paycheck" is a big motivator.

There is no denying that well-esteemed jobs are the pick of the bunch. After passing so many years of rigorous education, one ought to deserve high-paying jobs in India. The job market witnessed an uptrend, especially in healthcare, eCommerce, manufacturing, IT, and many more. Organizations are looking for candidates with specialized skill sets and credible certification. To fit into some of the highest salary jobs in India, getting the top IT professional certification is the best thing to become noticeable and secure your career. 

Along with organization, job role, and responsibility, Money is among the most significant considerations nowadays for freshers and even professionals. To help you decide on the right career direction, we must enlist the high-paying jobs in India that you should learn about and plan your career path accordingly. Whether you are a fresher or experienced, this blog serves the purpose for all aiming for a job that pays them well and adds to making a quality lifestyle!

Go through the blog from the beginning to the end so you don't miss out on any detail. 

Let's get ready to navigate India's top 10 highest-paying jobs.

Top 10 high-paying jobs in India

Top 10 high-paying jobs in India

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is in demand for all computer systems. A cloud architect is an IT professional who sees a company’s cloud computing strategy, including cloud adoption plans, administration, management, and monitoring. In the USA, there are about 227000 cloud computing job professionals created on LinkedIn which is one of the highest paid salaries in India. Thus, there is no denying that cloud architecture is one of the high-paying jobs in India for cloud professionals.

  • Why is cloud computing on the rise? 

One of the most important reasons for the rise in cloud computing is its security. Service providers ensure that all their data are secured from cyber attacks. With cloud computing, modular software development is easier for organizations, even from remote locations. Forbes has predicted that by 2020 & beyond, 83 % of the enterprise workloads will shift to the cloud & 41 % will be migrating to public platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.             

The future of cloud computing is bright. With the recent trends, cloud computing has become more flexible and more scalable than before.  The cloud computing market in India stands at $2 billion and is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 30%. As per research analysis, cloud computing can be worth $68.5 billion by 2025. Even top brands and Fortune 500 companies are shifting to cloud professionals.

  • Salary insights- According to Indeed, an average salary of a cloud computing professional ranges between approx 10-12 lacs for an experience of 0-3 years. However, with greater experience of 4-6 years, the salary stands between approx 17-19 lacs per annum.  According to Interviewbit, the average salary of a cloud computing professional in TCS ranges between 4lacs- 8.8lacs pa, in Accenture it ranges between 4.5 lacs- 11.7 lacs pa, in Tech Mahindra it ranges between 4lacs- 7.5lacs pa and in Oracle it ranges between 7lacs- 13 lacs pa.
  • Eligibility - To become a cloud computing professional, a candidate must secure a  minimum of 50% of marks in his Class 12 and have completed a bachelor’s degree in science or any related field.

  • Certification- To become a cloud computing professional, you ought to have good technical skills in project management, automation, and programming. With the above-discussed core concepts of cloud computing, you can understand that a course in Cloud computing can make you a professional cloud computing expert. The kinds of job Profiles you gain are Network and Cloud Architect, Cloud Network Engineer, Senior Cloud Consultant, and Cloud Database Administrator.

2. Python Developer

The demand for Python Developers is increasing day by day. It goes without saying that this is one of the highest paying jobs in India in 2022. Python is one of the top 3 programming languages in 2022. Python Developers are programmers who specialize in writing server-side web applications. Due to its rising demand, aspirants are seeking a professional Python Developer certification course to get a better understanding.

  • Future Scope- The demand for Python developers is growing especially in the USA. Top job sites provide 60,000 job listings for python. This proves its increasing demand and career prospects. Python has become a core programming language in the top I.T companies. Small, big and start-up organizations choose python to meet their customer requirements. Python has been voted as a favorite language rather than C and C ++. 

  • Python continuously serves to be the best programming language for applications. It is a multi-programming language and supports all types of programs. It is the chosen language for AI and Machine learning. It is designed for better code readability and has a large set of tools which makes it one of the high paying jobs in India.

  • Salary insights- Python developers earn an average salary of Rs 5,78000 in India. An entry-level python developer can earn Rs 4,90,361 while a mid-level python developer earns Rs 9,80,242 and an experienced python developer earns Rs 14,48,276 per annum. According to Ambitionbox, the average salary of a Python developer in TCS ranges between 3.6lacs-8lacs pa, in Wipro it ranges between 3.1lacs-8lacs p, in CTS it ranges between 3.8-8.5 lacs and in IBMit ranges between 3.5-8.5lacs pa.                   

  • Eligibility - You need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information management. 

  • Certification-  To become a python developer, you need to have a stronghold in core python concepts, a sound knowledge of the front-end technologies, analytical skills, communication skills, and technical skills. Learn foundational to advanced level skills that let you qualify the industry’s competent Python Certifications and prepare you for a career as a prolific Python programmer/coder. Job roles you gain are Python Developer, Python & UI Developer, Software Engineer Python, and Data Analyst.

3. Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a comparatively new and in-demand job that accounts for one of the highest salary jobs in India per month. LinkedIn has rightly termed it as “the most promising career”. A Data Scientist collects and analyzes a large amount of data for an organization. Data Scientist is one of the high-paying jobs in India.

  • Future Scope-  The future of data science is bright and its prospects are rising with increased applicants. The need for data scientists is not just limited to technology. It is a need for every industry. Data science is a broad career and is undergoing developments that promise abundant opportunities in the long term.
  • The demand for data scientists is rising. With a competitive salary, high opportunities and numerous perks, data science promises to be one of the high paying jobs in India. Businesses across the globe have realized the importance of data science and hence, there is a high demand for data scientists. Companies have started to look for professionals who can handle data because data is the biggest asset of any organization.
  • Salary insights- The average salary of a data scientist in India is around Rs 6,07,193. Professionals need to improve their skills to get a better package. A fresher gets Rs 4,77000 while those with more than 5 years and less than 10 years of experience fetch Rs723,000. Whereas, professionals with more than 10 years of experience get around Rs1,380,000. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Data scientist in TCS ranges between 4.5lacs-16lacs pa, in Accenture it ranges between 5.8lacs-23lacs pa, in IBM it ranges between 5.3lakhs-25 lacs pa and in Capgemini it ranges between 4.8lacs-14.6lacs pa.
  • Eligibility-   An undergraduate or post-graduate degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, Information Management, or any other relevant field can make you a Data Scientist.
  • Certification- You need to have knowledge of programming languages like Python, Perl, SQL and Java. You also need to know about processing large data with deep learning of mathematical concepts like statistics and probability.

A data science training program lets you master the concepts of Data Science based real-life industry cases increasing your job market value. The kind of jobs you can get are Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Architect, Data Engineer.

4. Business Intelligence

Just like Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Analysts account for the highest salary jobs in India per month . It is predicted that the global business intelligence market is expected to rise to $ 33.3 billion by 2025. This makes it clear that Business Intelligence Analysts jobs are one of the highest salary jobs in India. Analysts use and interpret data for an organization.

  • Future Scope- The scope in the area of BI is ever-increasing and big businesses are improving their analytical skills to get their data correct. Studies show that the job market for BI will grow at a CAGR of 14.3% by 2026. Not only the bigger ones but also small-scale enterprises focus on BI analysts. BI has revolutionized by establishing a market for itself. With its advancing technology, increasing accessibility and user-friendliness, BI analysts are at their peak. It helps in better data quality with improved and accurate reports.Increase in revenue is one of the major reasons for its high demand.
  •  Salary insights-  The average salary of a Business Analyst for a fresher starts from 3 lacs pa. A mid-level Business Analyst gets an average of 7 lacs while an experienced one gets as high as 13 lacs pa. According to Ambitionbox, the average salary of a BIAnalyst in TCS ranges between 3.olacs-12lacs pa, in Wipro it ranges between 4.2lacs-15.5lacs pa, in Genpact ranges between 4.5-9.0 lacs and in Deloitte it ranges between 5.0-12lacs pa.
  • Eligibility-  Candidates must complete 12th or equivalent examinations level before enrolling in a Diploma course. Candidates must get an average of 50-60% in 12th-grade mathematics and statistics to be able to apply to Undergraduate programs.
  • Certification-  Must know how to manage data tools using common data tools, knowledge of services like Tableau, and coding languages like Python, Java, and business knowledge.

As part of the training, you will gain hands-on expertise in reports creation, data integration, dashboards, cubes, data analysis, etc. The training will assist you with clearing the MCSE: Business Intelligence Certification.  The job prospects for this job are Big Data Developer, ETL Developer, BI Consultant.

5 . Artificial Intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence has a broad outlook as a career and is considered to be one of the top 10 highest paying jobs in India. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 31.4% rise in the number of artificial intelligence analysts by 2030. AI Analysts are focused on maintaining and delivering organized reports on the information gathered by artificial intelligence systems.

  • Future scope-  According to a report by Indeed, the need for AI skills has doubled over the past three years, with job postings going over 119%. The scope of AI in India is developing in all the major sectors like healthcare, education, infrastructure, transportation, and agriculture. AI can make products or services smarter and more efficient, can analyze data faster and is more accurate than human beings. For businesses that rely on data, AI does a better job by analyzing more complex decisions. This has made AI, one of the high paying jobs in India in 2022.
  • Salary insights- The national salary for an AI Analyst is Rs 6-7lacs pa. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a AIAnalyst in Apple ranges between 7 lacs-9 lacs in Lenovo it ranges between 8 lacs-12 lacs and in Infosys it ranges between 3 lacs-14 lacs pa.                 
  • Eligibility- The basic qualification to become an AI engineer is to have a bachelor's degree in a related field, like information technology, computer science, statistics or data science. After gaining a bachelor's degree, you can also pursue a postgraduate degree specializing in the field of AI.
  • Certification- To become an artificial intelligence analyst, you need to know about programming languages, data analysis, data engineering, and modeling. Get your AI career started with our Artificial Intelligence training program and gain practical learnings around deep learning and Machine Learning, and the clean-coded & effective programming languages. The kind of job roles that you can gain are AI engineer, Software engineer, data scientist and Machine learning engineer.

6. Full Stack Developer-

The demand for Full Stack Software Developers is at its peak because there is a high demand for professionals with I.T skills. and is considered one of the highest salary jobs in India in 2022. A Full Stack Developer works both at the front-end and back-end of a software and can develop software. Their primary responsibilities include designing user interactions on websites, developing servers, and databases for website functionality, and coding for mobile platforms.

  • Future scope- The Indian IT industry is projected to grow to US$ 350 billion by 2025, creating around 2.5-3 million job opportunities across the country. This proves that the demand for Software Developers, including Full Stack Developers is only going to increase in the coming years. Full-stack developer jobs are rapidly increasing and are set to grow by 20% in the future making it one of the highest salary jobs in India. Full stack developers are an asset to their companies. Their extensive knowledge allows them to be flexible, adaptable, and agile, which are essential for a company.
  • Salary insights- Freshers can earn upto Rs 3,75000 pa, while mid-level and experienced developers can get Rs 5.5 lacs to Rs 13,75000 pa. According to Ambitionbox, the average salary of a Full stack developer in Boeing ranges between 8 lacs-18 lac pa, in Deloitte it ranges between 6 lacs-15 lacs pa and in CTS it ranges between 4 lacs-11 lacs pa.
  • Eligibility- An individual must possess a bachelor's degree in computer science with proficiency in CSS, Java, HTML, PHP, MySQL and, Angular JS.
  • Certification- A full stack developer must have a good understanding of the software development cycle with a knowledge of HTTP and basic web architecture.

Take your career to  new heights with our full stack web developer course and become an expert in front-end and back-end JavaScript technologies, MongoDB, AngularJS, NodeJS, etc. The kind of jobs you can get are software engineer frontend and backend.

7. DevOps Engineer

Today DevOps Engineers have successfully grabbed the highest salary jobs in India per month. The global DevOps market was at $6.78 billion in 2020 and is set to reach $57.90 billion in 2030. This has made this one of the high-paying jobs in India. A DevOps Engineer generally uses tools and methods during the entire process of the software development cycle.

  • Future scope- According to surveys, DevOps has created numerous jobs over the past few years and continues to do so. As companies are being digitized, there is a need for DevOps engineers which makes it one of the high paying jobs in India in 2022. The future of DevOps is bright and is increasing day-by-day. With the implementation of DevOps, every company can automate their tasks in a more controlled way.
  • Salary insights- DevOps engineers’ salary with less than 2years starts from Rs 4.2 lacs pa. Engineers with 2-6 years of experience can fetch an average of 5-8lacs pa. As per data by Ambitionbox, the average salary of a DevOps engineer in HCL ranges between 4.1 lacs-11 lac pa, in Mindtree it ranges between 4.2lacs-8 lacs  and in SAP it ranges between 7.5 lacs-20 lacs pa.                     
  •  Eligibility- To become a DevOps engineer, a qualified degree in computer science or related field is mandatory. Also, proficient knowledge of scripting languages like Python and Java and tools like Linux and Unix.
  • Certification- For this role, one needs to have a clear concept of CD theory, automation, observability and configuration management.

In a DevOps certification training journey, you will get practical industry-based learnings around DevOps tools and methodologies. The job opportunities are DevOps test engineer, DevOps cloud engineer and DevOps architect.

8. Cyber Security Expert-

Although a few might have doubts about choosing cyber security as a career, a Cyber Security career can fetch you one of the high paying jobs in India as a Cyber Security specialist. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of information security analysts will grow 31 percent from 2019 to 2029 which marks its entry into the list of the highest salary jobs in India . The primary work of such a specialist is to ensure that a company’s data is safe from internal as well as external threats.

  • Future scope- Cyber security jobs are among the fastest growing careers all over the world. Tech giant companies are looking for cyber security specialists to protect their data from hackers. The scope for cyber security is high in almost every region. One main reason for the growth of cyber security is because companies cannot afford a data breach. A data breach costs $3.62 million which might throw a company out of its business. As the number of data breaches increases every year, a growing demand for cyber security specialists can be noticed.
  • Salary insights- A cyber security specialist earns an average of Rs 5,13169 per year. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Cyber Security expert in TCS ranges between 1.5 lacs-11 lacs pa, in PWC it ranges between  3.7lakhs-10 lacs and in Google it ranges between 5.2lacs-17 lacs pa.              
  • Eligibility- Cyber Security experts ought to have multiple skills like technical skills, and computer forensic skills with a degree in computer science.
  • Certification- A cyber security expert needs problem-solving skills, communication skills, fundamental computer hacking skills with a knowledge of security across various platforms.

The Cyber security course will help to build a strong foundation in the Cybersecurity domain. You will learn about a plethora of Cybersecurity essentials that will make you a certified expert. The kind of jobs waiting for you are Cybers security analyst, Security architect, Network security engineer and Cryptography engineer. 

9. Blockchain Developer

A successful career in Blockchain opens up multiple job paths and is considered to be one of the best skills to demonstrate on your resume. Blockchain software developers build applications on the existing blockchain platforms. They handle front-end and back-end development and maintenance easily.

  • Future scope- Investment in Blockchain in India has increased to a whopping 103.4% since 2018. Between 2019-2025, Blockchain investment is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 47.3%. Blockchain forms a part of the government’s NITI Aayog policy. The use of blockchain allows users to exchange information securely and can save upto $12 billion using the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology ensures quick and secure transactions and helps to manage risks.

  • Salary insights- The average salary of a blockchain developer ranges from 6lacs-8lacs. For freshers, the starting salary ranges from 1-3 lacs and goes up to 25lacs for experienced professionals.   According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a blockchain developer in Mind Deft ranges between 5.0 lacs-9 lacs pa and in TCS it ranges between  3.9 lacs-8.5lacspa.

  • Eligibility- To become a blockchain developer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information security. Also, you need to have a sound understanding of Blockchain architecture and Bitcoin.

  • Certification- A solid understanding of the blockchain architecture, data structure and cryptography is needed. Also, you need to be well-versed in blockchain platforms like Ethereum, FABRIC, etc. to get employed in one of the high paying jobs in India. Learn Blockchain online with our Blockchain certification course and become an expert in Blockchain technologies. The future job roles are Blockchain developer, Blockchain project manager, Blockchain UX designer and Blockchain solution architect.

10. Digital Marketing

Marketing is the core of any business. In this era of digitalization, digital marketing is one of the highest-salary jobs in India. Covering a vast horizon of SEO, SMO, PPC, Content marketing and many more, digital marketers have a sound understanding of all these domains. The digital marketing industry stands at $65,33  billion in 2022 and is one of the highest paid salary in India.

  • Future scope- The future of the digital market is a bright one as there is more dependence on the use of digital tools. Businesses use a number of digital tools to collect data and build brand awareness. People come to know about a brand over the internet. Digital marketing plays a wide role in building brand awareness. Business owners use social media platforms as a platform for popularizing their products or services. The ROI is comparatively higher than in offline marketing.
  • Salary insights- The average salary of a marketing manager is Rs 7,01,945. Entry-level professionals generally get around 4-6lacs whereas mid level professionals earn 10-12 lacs and higher-level professionals earn as high as 15-22 lacs. According to Ambitionbox, the average salary of a digital marketing expert in Amazon ranges between 3.3 lakhs-8.4lacs pa, and in Adobe it ranges between 9.6lacs-14lacspa.                       
  • Eligibility-  A bachelor's degree in Marketing Management or Business Administration is the basic qualification required to pursue a career in marketing management.
  • Certification- A digital marketing expert must possess effective communication skills, must know how to plan effective marketing strategies, must have leadership skills and a collaborative attitude. Our Digital Marketing Online Course gives you end-to-end learnings via real-time industry projects & experts to prepare you for Industry-intensive certifications & jobs. The best jobs you can get are Content writer, Social media marketer, SEO expert and Web developer.

Top Companies Hiring Certified Professionals With Great Salary Packages

Earning a six-figure salary is a dream for every job seeker. Getting the highest salary jobs in India can turn into reality by having a look at these 11+ jobs that pay 6 figure salary



Cloud Architect

Accenture, TCS, Oracle, Amazon, IBM.

Python Developer

The NineHertz, TCS, CTS, Cognitive Clouds.

Data Scientist

VMWare, Walmart, Microsoft, Amazon, Google.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Deloitte, Capgemini, TCS, Accenture.

Artificial Intelligence Analyst

Intel, Facebook, Samsung, Lenovo, Adobe.

Full Stack Developer

TCS, Barclays, Dell, IBM, Siemens, SAP.

DevOps Engineer

TCS, CTS, Infosys, Capgemini.

Cybersecurity Expert

Apple, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Intel, Boeing.

Blockchain Developer

Auxesis, Signzy, Open XCell, MindDeft.

Digital Marketing Expert

Google, Accenture, Amazon, RedVentures.

Wrapping up!

If you want to gear up your career, these high paying jobs in India can make your career secure. The answers to most of your questions are provided in this blog. However, it is recommended to view all courses before taking the leap. The opportunities for high paying jobs in India are many. One needs to be clear of his goal before utilizing the opportunity to its fullest. There will also be quite a few challenges and hardships while taking up one of the highest salary jobs in India. Any of you who is already working in any of the high paying jobs India, can share his/her realistic experience with others. We would be glad to know about your experiences. 

We shared everything about the top 10 highest paying jobs in India, covering this title’s job duties, salary in top companies, certification, top recruiters, skills & qualifications, and how to become one. Hope all this helps you to approach your career in any one of them with full confidence & zest to learn and grow. Start learning with our top online certification program courses to become a competent professional.


Q1. What will I learn in the Cloud computing course?

Ans- We have many courses designed for learning cloud computing since it is one of the high paying jobs in India. There are courses on AWS, Azure, DevOps, Salesforce and VMWare under cloud computing that will give you greater insight into the course. In the AWS course, you will learn about EC2 and Scalability, S3, AWS SDK and Storage, AWS Security, Advanced Solution Architecture, Security Token Service (STS), Identity Federation & Cognito, Directory Services and Advanced Solution Architecture.

Q2. What is the objective of learning a Blockchain course? 

Ans- The online training course of Blockchain has been carved out with an objective to help all the students in mastering the concepts of Blockchain in a more comprehensive way.

The ultimate aim of the course is to ensure job success and to help you clear your certification exam in the very first attempt. The course will primarily teach you about the basics of Cryptocurrency, Currency Mining, Blockchain so that you can efficiently handle all the transactions that are performed using Blockchain.

Q3. What skills will I learn from the Data Scientist course?

Ans- In this course, you will learn what is Data Science, understanding the importance of Data Science, how is data science different from BI and Reporting, what is Python, importance of Python in Data Science, types of Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, NLP, Hadoop Architecture, Distributed Storage and Data Visualization with Tableau.

Q4. How will the BI Analyst course help me?

Ans-  The course provides a unified and comprehensive training that imparts you basic to advanced concepts/skills of Business Analysis techniques & processes. It also teaches you the intelligent ways how each business demands drawing of insights from their products, process, data, and resources available. 

Q5. What is covered in the beginner’s level of the BI Analyst training course?

Ans- Our Business Analyst online course starts with the basics of everything. Our first week of training is considered a beginner’s levelBusiness Analysis Introduction & career Path

Business Analysis Framework & Techniques, SDLC Models Overview,Stakeholder Identification & Management, Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement techniques and Critical analysis of Business Process.

Q6. What can I expect after the completion of the online Data Science course?

Ans- After completing our Data science Certification training, you will end up having competent skills & knowledge that is ready to be applied over the certification exam of Data Science. You will learn intellectual ways to penetrate in the in-demand job roles.  

Q7. Shall I get better job opportunities after these courses?

Ans- After learning these courses, you will get a better insight into the specific domain which will enhance your chances of getting hired by greater organizations. These courses will make you ready for the industry-specific workforce and earn recognition for your skills.   

Q8. Why are Digital Marketing certifications necessary?

Ans- Digital Marketing certification online is important as it validates your job ready practical skills, gives an edge while representing portfolio & CV to recruiters, maximizes the possibility of getting hired over non-certified Digital Marketing professionals, supports in demanding the desired salary as Digital Marketing certification online reflects you have proven & competent skills and brings confidence.   


    Abhijeet Padhy

    Abhijeet Padhy is a content marketing professional at JanBask Training, an inbound web development and training platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. He has been honored with numerous accreditations for technical & creative writing. Also, popularly known as “Abhikavi” in the creative arena, his articles emphasize the balance between informative needs and SEO skills, but never at the expense of entertaining reading.


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