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Become Well-versed in AI With This Easy AI Tutorial for Beginners


At the time when computers were evolving, they could perform only a few tasks, but gradually scientists have tried to increase their capability and day by day it is growing exponentially.McCarthy, who is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence said that Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent computer programs and machines. Through AI, scientists are trying to make a computer-controlled robot or are in the process of making software think intelligently. Scientists try to make the computer think just like humans.

AI is the technology that is all about thinking about the way in which the human brain works and the way in which computers learn, work and decide while trying to solve the problem. The study outcomes are then used to develop intelligent system software. So, in brief, we can say that:

  • Artificial Intelligence is that technology or branch of computer science that discusses the study and development of machines and software.
  • AI is the science that discusses the learning of machines to think like humans

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzz in today’s IT world. Here, we have brought the Artificial Intelligence tutorial and through this; you can get a complete idea of Artificial Intelligence and its applications. A number of the latest technological equipment and devices are using Artificial Intelligence as their backend operative software. Artificial Intelligence is known as the future of the computer world and is the intelligence that is exhibited by machines. Here, in this artificial intelligence tutorial guide for beginners,, we are going to introduce the Artificial Intelligence concept to learners, from beginners to advanced level. Get industry-ready with our professional Data Science Courses to be able to analyze and visualize data. 

Here, through this Artificial Intelligence tutorial, we will introduce the topic to beginners and for this, you are expected to know the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and the way in which it has evolved. The article will discuss the quick introduction to Artificial Intelligence, goals, applications of Artificial Intelligence, types of Artificial Intelligence, and other Artificial Intelligence components like Artificial Intelligence agents, bots, and other ones. So, let's start learning Artificial Intelligence together.

Let's take the example of a car driver case. Here, in this example, there are many components involved in the complete process. The agent type will be a car driver, while its percept can be GPS, Cameras, Microphone, and Speedometer. The actions can be steering control, acceleration, braking or passenger talking. The goals of the system are to provide safe, comfortable and legal advice to the user. Here the environment will be on roads, traffic and pedestrian roads.

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Artificial Intelligence Applications

The goals of Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence are to create an Expert System (A system that can learn, demonstrate, advise and explain human behavior perfectly) and to implement human intelligence in machines. AI or Artificial Intelligence has a number of applications and we are going to enlist some of them: 

  • Expert System: Some applications can integrate software, machines and special information to impart advising or reasoning. The advice to the user can be provided and explained as well.
  • Vision System: The visual systems can interpret, understand, and comprehend the input that is available in the visual form and can be provided to the users. The vision system examples are the clinical applications that are used by the doctors to diagnose the patient and a device that is able to take the photograph in a hidden way even the criminal identification application is also used by the police that helps them visually identify the criminals.
  • Speech Recognition: Some machines are so intelligent that they can hear, understand and interpret human languages. These machines can understand the sentences and their meanings when someone talks in front of these machines. They can also understand various slang, accents, background noise and any change in human voice due to weather or any other reason.
  • Handwriting Recognition: This software system is able to understand or recognize the handwriting of the user. Moreover, the letter and shape can also be converted to editable text.
  • Gaming: In some of the smart games like Chess, tic-tac-toe, and poker Artificial Intelligence plays an important role, in these games machines follow a heuristic approach to think of any larger number based on the current position of the token.
  • Natural Language Processing: Now, the computer can understand human language just due to these Artificial Intelligence software applications.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence

AI is a broad concept. After getting a well-rounded knowledge of AI, it’s time to explore its types based on two factors. Depending on the Artificial Intelligence capabilities and environments, it can be divided into the following categories. Let’s have a quick look at the image below-

AI-based on capabilities-

  1. Weak AI: It is also known as narrow AI, which focuses on one task. Weak AIs are not self-aware and genuinely intelligent. One of the most powerful Artificial Intelligence examples is iOS Siri, it can do a lot of things for the user, but while having a conversation with its virtual assistant you can see how weak this Artificial Intelligence is.
  2. Strong AI: These agents are smart agents and are also referred to as Trusted AI, these computers are smarter than the human brain. Artificial Intelligence can perform all the tasks of humans. Much research is going on in this field and there is still much to do. Examples are Imagining Matrix or I Robot.
  3. Artificial Super Intelligent: These Artificial Intelligence are super intelligent and can perform better than humans. They are much smarter than practical humans and make many decisions. Artificial Intelligence can learn all concepts properly and help the user as well.

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The environment of Artificial Intelligence components describes the actions and helps the agents to take the corresponding and appropriate decisions as and when required. Below-listed are AI based on functionalities-

1. Reactive Machine AI

This type of AI includes machines that only function from current data, taking into account only the current situation.Responsive AI machines cannot make inferences from the data to assess their future actions. 

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2. Limited Memory AI

As the name suggests Limited Memory AI, can make informed and improved decisions by studying past data from its memory. Such artificial intelligence has transitory or temporary memory that can be used to store past experiences and therefore evaluate future actions.

3. Theory of Mind AI

Theory of the Mind AI is a more advanced type of AI. This category of machinery is supposed to play a major part in psychology.This type of AI will concentrate mainly on emotional intelligence so that human beliefs and thoughts can be better understood.

4. Self-learning AI

This type of AI is somewhat far-fetched under the present circumstances. However, in the future, reaching a level of super intelligence may be possible.

Future Prospects of AI

According to a report published by Forbes, AI job opportunities are increasing continuously at 74%. AI is one of the most in-demand technologies which has an impact on almost every field. LinkedIn creates 5k+ job vacancies for AI in India and 15k+ in the USA. Learning AI, one can see himself in any one of the job roles- AI Cyber Security, Algorithmic Trainer, Computational Philosopher, Robot Personality Designer, and many more. According to AmbitionBox, the salary of an AI Developer ranges between 3.4 lacs- 24 lacs, with an average salary of 9 lacs p.a approx. Also, get to know what are the skills to build a career in AI from the image below-

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Final Words

In AI, there are a number of factors involved to make the decision. These decisions are part of the system. The agents play a crucial role in making decision-based on the situation and perception is also a crucial factor. Based on the perception. the appropriate action is being taken.

Moreover, in Artificial Intelligence, hardware, and software both components are to be used by the user in making these decisions. The complete system responsible for the decision can help the user and machine to perform the action. For more details on AI, you should join the Artificial Intelligence Certification Program at JanBask Training right away and get your dream job across top industries worldwide.

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Ans- The objective of our online Artificial Intelligence training is:

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Q2. What skills will I learn in this course?

Ans-  Here is all that you will learn:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Meaning, Scope, and Stages Of Artificial Intelligence, Industry Applications and more
  • Neural Networks
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders
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  • MLP And Regularization Techniques

Q3. What is covered in the beginner’s level of this course?

Ans- Our first week of the Artificial Intelligence online Training course is a beginner’s level. Wherein, the instructors will teach the theoretical concepts of Artificial Intelligence as:

  • Get a full-fledged Introduction to AI
  • Learn about the Components of AI
  • Learn about the advantages of using AI?
  • Learn about the Applications of AI in various industries
  • Learn about the Meaning, Scope, and Stages Of Artificial Intelligence
  • Get a sound introduction to the installation of Anaconda
  • Learn about the Creating of Environment with stable Python version

Q4. What can I expect after this course?

Ans- After completing our Artificial Intelligence certifications training online, you will achieve:

  • Competing knowledge & skills to be utilized during the certification exam of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Smart ways to enter & absorb in the lucrative Artificial Intelligence-led job markets.
  • An Artificial Intelligence Training Certification online, for training completion, by a highly recognized name - JanBask Training. Our Artificial Intelligence training certification declares the successful completion of your learning-filled best Artificial Intelligence training online for beginners to professionals with us.

Q5. Why are AI certifications necessary?

Ans- Artificial Intelligence certification course online is important to target after online training in Artificial Intelligence to have as it:

  • Helps in maximizing your job-ready skills.
  • Gives an edge while showcasing portfolio & CV to recruiters.
  • Enhances the possibility of getting hired over non-certified Artificial Intelligence professionals.
  • Support in asking for your desired salary, as Artificial Intelligence certification online reflects you have proven & competent skills.

Q6. How do you help with AI certification exams?

Ans- With Artificial Intelligence certification training, the trainers at JanBask Training introduces you to the skills/concepts that are examined in the Artificial Intelligence certification online exam.

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Q7. Do you help with resume building and interview preparation?

Ans- Our team does help with drafting & reviewing your resume for Artificial Intelligence professional jobs. We have trainers who are from the direct AI working industry and they know what type of resume/CV the recruiters hiring for Artificial Intelligence roles expect from the budding professionals.

They know how resumes are supposed to be drafted. You will just have to share your resume briefs with them and they will simply explain to you how to pen down your entire resume with perfection.

Q8. How to maintain a growing field in AI?

Ans- Here are the following few ways to have a speedy uplift in the Artificial Intelligence field:

  • By learning new innovations in Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • By appearing & qualifying for multiple Artificial Intelligence certification exams. The more Artificial Intelligence certification online exams you will take, the more will be your AI-based market demand.
  • Having effective and Artificial Intelligence skill-related discussions with the online communities to get more exposure to this Artificial Intelligence discipline in-depth.

Q9. What are the prerequisites for joining this course?

Ans- The best part is, there are no prerequisites for joining our Artificial Intelligence online course.

Also, it is not a mandatory requirement to have a technical background to take our online AI training course.

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Q10. What learning benefits will I get from this course?

Ans- Our online training in Artificial Intelligence is not just about serving you with theoretical knowledge for qualifying for any competent AI certification online exam, the goal is to deliver you the knowledge that can be practically applied in real-time job roles.

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