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Artificial Intelligence Redefines a New Generation of Programming


From the Glimpses of Everyday Life Example

From the voices you hear in Alexa after you deliver your message to play soundtracks to the opening of glass doors once you stand in front of it, all these magical prowess of an IT sector is the real-sound work of AI. 

 artificial intelligence

What exactly is AI?

AI is an acronym of artificial intelligence that generally works in demonstrating some of the best behaviors associated with human intelligence that includes planning, learning, reasoning, manipulation of coded data, creativity, and social intelligence. 

What exactly is AI

Tools of AI

Speech and language recognition are the two of its evident tools and these tools are quite evident from the Siri virtual assistant on the Apple iPhone and the voices that run in self-driven cars are the reflection of what types of products are used by the AI developers. 

What recent surveys have said?

According to a study released by Gartner, there will be a huge jump in the job creation market of AI as by 2028, more than 2 million jobs will be created in this domain of IT. 

Advantages of understanding AI-

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Advantages of understanding AI

  • Enhances the coding and programming languages and opens new doors of opportunities. 
  • Consumes less time in automation and thus far better than former manual and automation testing methods. 
  • It has eased the work of technicians and on-site executives. 
  • Opened many avenues for the budding IT aspirants and also offered a chance to existing IT professionals to transform their lives. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of Artificial Intelligence Professionals?

There are some obligations and responsibilities that led AI engineers to perform. Moreover, these types of duties are given below in detail to allow one to know what types of roles are required by the data scientists while working at their jobs. 

  1. Performs Statistical Data Analysis- A data scientist’s major work includes statistical data analysis and machine learning techniques such as Bayesian, regression, classification, clustering, time series as well as deep learning AI. 

  2. Collaborates with Technical Team - A data scientist’s major work includes collaboration with the entire AI imaging team and its external collaborators include in creating datasets, designing, training, analyzing as well as deploying models that are meant for executing documenting work and in presenting it to numerous stakeholders.

  3. Develops Machine Learning Methods- Being a data scientist, his major work includes developing new and novel machine learning methods that include supervised, self-supervised, and unsupervised learning techniques. 

  4. Conduction of Deep Learning AI- He/she also conducts deep learning like Image analytics by using Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, Python, PostgreSQL, and much more.

  5. Knows Data Science Techniques- He/she also works in NLP like the modeling of data, topic modeling, contracts, and chatbots and involves various data science techniques. 

  6. Fully Understands Python- He/she also works around relational database systems such as SQL Server, and Python programming and on a lot more programming languages.

  7. Succeeds Early Development Plans- A data scientist also needs to participate in major machine learning pilots because he/she needs to ensure successful completion of IT projects. 

  8. Problem Resolver- As a data scientist, he/she needs to resolve problems by using mechanistic, bottom-up thinking, and also work by using the top-down approaches.

  9. Reinvents New AI methods- As a data scientist, he is also required to establish and apply new AI methods to specific problem domains that lie within functions that carry strong machine learning knowledge and hand-on experience for solving real Artificial intelligence and machine learning problems.

  10. Builds Market Maximization Algorithms- He is also required to build and is considered as the main master behind the propagation of various business process simulations as well as market optimization algorithms. 

  11. Implements AI tools- An AI developer’s major work also includes designing and implementation of AI tools in Golang.

  12. Processes Data- An AI developer knows how to access, manipulate data of large volumes, and that too from diverse sources and also in curating datasets and in developing experimentation protocols. 

  13. Execution of machine learning algorithms- An AI engineer is the one who develops and implements novel mathematical algorithmic techniques that include machine learning applications of AI projects.  

  14. Apply Deep Learning Approaches- As a data scientist, he can apply machine learning and deep learning approaches to model and analyze numerous business challenges that require the application of natural language processing tools that are considered to be quite necessary for offering smart features like reading comprehension functionals.

  15. Open to work in different frameworks- He/she can work around different ML frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, and much more.  

  16. Build Best Solutions- He/she can deliberately work in building solutions that include algorithms, optimizations, reinforcement learning, artificial neural networks, discrete event simulation, and case-based reasoning. 

  17. Understands Linear Programming- He is regarded as someone who is highly experienced while working with function and path optimization and also upon the set of more common algorithms which even include linear programming too.

  18. Designs New Algorithms- An AI developer is also known for designing and evaluating new experiments that include the implementation of new algorithms. 

  19. Highly Experienced with DL Frameworks- As an AI engineer fully understands storage system design and memory optimizations as well as the knowledge of deep learning algorithms and know many ways of experimenting with DL frameworks. 

  20. Highly Proficient in C++- An AI engineer also ensures high-performance that includes computing and optimization of tools and proficiency in C++ and python. 

What are the skills required for one to become an AI developer?

To become a leading professional in Artificial Intelligence, an individual requires to gain mastery in the technical as well as personality skills which are given below. 

Technical Skill

  1. Expertise in Programming Languages like Python and R- As an AI developer he needs to carry greater expertise in the field of coding and should be thorough with the concepts of programming languages such as Python, R, and Java C++. 

  2. Programming Skills- As an IT professional, he should work upon advanced programming languages such as Python and he needs to carry a commendable experience in creating multiple IT projects. 

  3. Thorough with Data Science Concepts- He/she needs to have a clear understanding of data science fundamentals that include data analysis, data manipulation, and data mining too. 

  4. Understands Global AI Fundamentals- Apart from the rediscovered AI techniques, a data scientist is required to carry a sound knowledge of practical applications of AI happening across the world. 

  5. Database and Clustering Mechanisms- To become an AI developer, a budding IT professional is expected to carry a great experience in creating relational databases and must have worked on complicated IT projects. 

  6. Machine Learning Algorithms- An AI engineer is the one who knows how to reinvent new AI techniques because he is already thorough with the concepts of machine learning algorithms. 

  7. Big Data Analytics- An AI developer’s profession is labeled as the jack of all trades because he also works upon the Big data tools like Hadoop and also coordinates with business analyst teams. 

  8. BI tools like Tableau- To master the concepts of AI, an IT professional should carry a deeper understanding of practical usage of tools like Tableau. 

  9. Uses Statistical Tools- As an AI developer, he understands different uses of statistical models and also prefers the usage of calculus for modeling the data. 

Personality Skills

Highly Critical Thinkers- AI developers are generally cast as professionals who are highly critical thinkers because they envision a large change by exuding IT-led AI projects. 

Systematic and logical thinking- AI developers are capable of solving complex queries and are usually termed as logical thinkers who can systematically resolve any technical problem too. 

Communication Skills- AI developers are the ones who are often classified as great communicators and are known for collaborating with different teams. 

Detail Oriented- AI developers are usually classified as the people who thoroughly understand the concepts about the machine and deep learning algorithms. 

Result-driven- The groups of AI professionals are very keen on arriving at specific results, in other words, they work to bring back good results.

What are the job roles one can look forward to in the field of Artificial Intelligence?

Given below are some of the fast-growing and top-notch industrial demand job roles in the field of AI that one should aim to learn through online training and within a period of 2 to 3 years he/she can turn out to be one. 

  1. AI engineer-  It is an advanced level of a computer science engineer because after becoming an AI engineer the same person is expected to work on Big Data Analytics tools such as Hadoop and reinvents new machine learning tools. 

  2. AI scientist-  If an IT professional wishes to dwell more into the concepts of machine learning and his curiosity level remains high in understanding the mechanisms of deep learning framework then the job of an AI researcher is aptly suited for him. 

  3. Business Analyst-  An AI professional can also work as a business analyst whose major work lies in understanding and researching the vast field of sales and marketing domains that would allow them to enhance the business of an organization. 

  4. Data Mining Analyst- A type of AI professional who extracts data from internal and external web-servers for coding the databases as well as in mining the exact information needed for running the AI programs. 

  5. Business Intelligence Developer- A different type of AI professional who works in forecasting the downfall of the business by binging the best set of changes. 

  6. Video Game Programmer- One of the most exciting career delight associated with this field is that it churns out the video game programmers who are experts in building coded programs. 

  7. Robotics Programmer- A newly unconventional field that runs on the emphasis on machine learning is developed by the hands of AI developers. This profession can boost your career to a new scale that will remain unmatched to numerous techies in your field. 

  8. Software engineer- AI developers are the masterminds behind the development of biggest IT projects as they not only lend their efforts in structuring the architect of software but engage heavily in core software engineering too. 

  9. Machine Learning Researcher- With Oracle, Java C+ being the language of the end decades, an AI developer is the inventor of machine learning languages whose ability in fostering innovative changes comes with the blend of coding and programming skills. 

Know the exact salary of AI professionals.

AI Engineer- The powerhouse professional of an IT set-up withdraws salary amounting more than USD 80,000 and it can go till USD87,500.

AI Scientist- Being called by the national-level research organization, the perks offered to an AI scientist go beyond USD1,00,000 and it can even reach USD 1,50,000.

Business Analyst-A modern-day mindset capable of letting the organization penetrate the market is gifted not only with incentives but also with a whooping salary that is measured to be around USD 80,500 and can even go beyond USD 1,00,000.

  • Data Analyst- An IT professional who analyses data frequently is rewarded with a salary of USD 78,500 and can even earn more than USD 90,000. 
  • Data Scientist- Analyzing and deriving data from different sources is the task of a tech-nerd and these nerds are data scientists who earn more than USD 90,000. 
  • Data Mining Analyst- A data mining analyst is rewarded with an annual salary of more than USD1,00,000 and less than USD 1,22,000.
  • Business Intelligence Developer- A type of professional responsible for enhancing the business in different horizons earns an annual income beyond USD 83,500 to less than USD 1,20,000.r
  • Video Game Programmer- An AI developer who clinches every technique in computing and programming the video games doesn’t only earn big-time fame but is heavily rewarded with an annual salary going beyond USD 94,500. 
  • Robotics Programmer- A unique AI professional whose prospects are forecasted to be brighter than any professional takes away the deal of more than USD1,38,000 at his first job only.  
  • Software Engineer- A 360 degree IT professional who is the sole founding partner of any IT project’s initiation remains fixed with the company’s contract stating an annual income beyond USD 1,20,000. 
  • Machine Learning Researcher- Reinventor of many new machine learning languages always remains on the hunt by top tech-giants and to persuade his love for coding, a machine learning researcher withdraws more than USD 1,00,000 annually. 

How to learn AI online through different modes?

Certification courses in AI are in demand because they have transformed the lives of millions of IT professionals are the training courses you must keep your feet on. 

Learning them is next to get a hike, yes you read it right

By certifying yourself in these courses, you will not only get a hike in your salary but you will add more value to your resume. 

Here are some of the best AI certification courses just meant for you to see them.

More than a million students across the globe have thrived their capabilities to succeed and rediscovered fields that measured their level of interests and later on they loved their career paths. 

Money is not everything but happiness is surely what you seek

There is no certainty that after completion of any course you might become a millionaire but what matters, in the long run, is whether you have accepted your journey and feel like the IT sector is your second home. 

If yes, then you are a tech-geek who loves to understand engineering drawing, software architecture and your whole world awaits in finding what all are the new concepts developed by the West in Computer Sciences. 


A wise man once said,” There is no happiness in remaining where you are from the past ten years”, in today’s time it seemingly sounds so true and especially to you amidst a bunch of IT professionals whose career either goes up or goes downhill post-recession. 

Thus, the wisdom lies in accepting the need to re-learn and in strategizing the plan that safeguards you from the external uncontrollable forces that always hang around your neck unless and until you lose hope. 

No, wait for more days, when there is an abundance of time for you to upgrade. 

For any query, you can post your comment below and we will reach out to you. 

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