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Artificial Intelligence Certification Guide: Salary, Exam Details and Exam Tips


Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way we think, learn, eat and work. It’'s presence can be felt around us from the field of finance to healthcare to mobile apps. What’'s more interesting is that AI has been an integral part of our daily lives for so long that we’re not even aware of it. It is the Gmail reply prompt, Spotify music recommendations, Youtube video suggestions, and of course, our precious AI assistants. From Alexa, Siri, and Ok Google to various virtual player games and social media apps, AI is everywhere. It is the most wanted and exciting career domain right now in the market. 

So What is AI Exactly?

John McCarthy, an American computer scientist who coined the term artificial intelligence, defines this discipline as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.” Mainly, AI works by collecting and collating massive data via fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, it basically studies patterns or features in the data and then performs human-like functions of thinking and learning. 

So, if you’ve questions like what is Artificial Intelligence Certification? Where can I earn Artificial Intelligence Certification online? What is an Artificial Intelligence Certification course? What has the AI certification cost?

What is the AI Certification exam format or what is its career aspect? What are the most in-demand and highest-paying artificial intelligence jobs now?

You’ve come to the right place.

This blog will give you a detailed overview of the AI Certification course Path along with the job profiles that you can go for after successfully completing the AI certification and give your IT career a boost.

Why Should I Earn an AI Certification?

There has been a constant debate as to how AI tech will replace the need for human labor in the coming years. This has worried a lot of job seekers. But on a flip side, the way technology has been evolving and growing, artificial intelligence (AI) has been generating buzz both as a future technology as well as a creator of jobs! The demand of professionals in AI continues to grow as more and more companies take the digital route. However, there has been a shortage in supply of the worthy candidates. By 2022, AI is expected to create 133 million new roles, but cause 75 million jobs to be displaced, which is the net gain of 58 million jobs created.

According to a 2019 report by Gartner shows that enterprise applications for AI have grown 270% in four years with 37% of them employing AI in some form. Fueling a level of demand that outstrips the current supply of qualified job candidates. This comes as a great career opportunity for those individuals seeking machine learning jobs and related careers in artificial intelligence. But if you need more reasons that read on:

1. The Skill of the Century

By 2022, 133 million new jobs will be created by AI, according to the World Economic Forum. The business value created by AI will reach $3.9 trillion in 2022 and worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $77.6 billion during the same year. You need to be part of this fast-growing tech.

2. AI is Everywhere

The Automobile Industry, Music Recommendations, Smart Home Devices, Online Customer Support, Detecting fraud, & Healthcare. It’s omnipresent. Every industry big or small is trying to customize websites with unique user experience as it is the need of the hour.

3 You’re Their go to Expert for Problem Solving and to Optimize Project Delivery

They hire you so that they can trust your visions, solutions, and deliverables to try to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience.

4 To Give Customers Greater User Experience

As an organization, it wants to avoid mistakes and 'human error', provided that AI systems that are set by you mine data & use insights to predict customer preferences and offer them a better, personalized experience.

5 To Get Full Return from What They Invest

When they hire a truly skilled & trained professional, they know they can get sure of the value returns from such a dedicated & certified professional.

Boost Your IT Career with an Artificial Intelligence Certification

Doing an IT certification has several benefits from getting you an edge over your colleagues to a lucrative job offer and if it’s an online AI certification then it’s cherry on the top. Whether you’re a software engineer, or a Graduate in Maths, Science or Computers, Artificial Certification is for you. How? Well, you can easily transition towards becoming an artificial intelligence engineer by opting for a college degree that has AI and machine learning as a discipline or major or you’ve another option of taking up certification/courses with an AI focus which can either from an offline learning mode or on an online learning platform. 

One of these AI courses, certifications, or training programs will help you get a deep understanding and proficiency over the basic fundamentals in artificial intelligence and machine learning so that you can earn one of the highest paying IT certifications.

We’ve curated a list of the top 5 platforms from where you can earn your Artificial Certification and sky-rocket your IT career like anything! But first, let us figure who all are eligible for pursuing Certification in Artificial Intelligence.

Who all can do Certification in AI?

There is no specific qualification to earn online AI certification, however, an aspiring candidate must know:

  • That anyone with a background in computer technology and math can apply for.
  • Certain AI qualifications like math fundamentals, working knowledge of Bayesian networking or Graphic modeling, data science fundamentals, machine learning algorithms, etc
  • That a bachelor’s degree is a must for entry-level positions while a leadership or administrative role demands a master’s degree and relevant field experience.  

Best Artificial Intelligence Certification Online to Pursue

One of these AI courses, certifications or training programs will help you gain proficiency and prepare you for a promising career in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let’s have a look at the trending and in-demand Artificial Intelligence Certifications in the market:

IBM AI Enterprise Workflow V1 Data Science Specialist: C1000-059

IBM AI Enterprise Workflow is a comprehensive, end-to-end process that enables data scientists to build AI solutions, starting with business priorities and working through to taking AI into production. 

  • AI Certification Exam Format: MCQ Type Questions
  • Number of questions to pass: 44/66
  • AI Certification Exam Duration: 90 mins

Retake Policy: You can retake the exam but don’t take the same exam more than twice within any 30 day period of time. The second attempt is not free, you must pay for it.

 The Artificial Intelligence Board of America’s The Artificial Intelligence Engineer ( AIE™) Certification Program 

The AIE™ covers concepts of Machine Learning, Regression, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforced Learning, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Computing, and Deep Learning covering each function of Artificial Intelligence

Prerequisites: It is divided into 3 Tracks which are:


Should have completed Associate Degree/ Diploma in Computer Science/ Technology/ Business/ Other Related Disciplines (with Mathematics/ Statistics as one of the subjects)

Minimum 2 Years of experience in any of the computing sub-functions


Should have completed Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/ Technology/ Business/ Other Related Disciplines (with Mathematics/ Statistics as one of the subjects)

Experience not Mandatory; a good understanding of computers is desirable


Current & Past students of Master's Degree in Computer Science/ Technology/ Business/ Other Related Disciplines from any of the ARTIBA-Recognized institutions (with Mathematics/ Statistics as one of the subjects)

Experience not Mandatory; a basic understanding of computers is desirable

  • AI Certification Cost (Exam): $550
  • AI Certification Exam Format: MCQ Type Questions
  • Number of questions: 60
  • Passing score: 65% or higher cumulatively 
  • AI Certification Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Retake Policy: You can retake the exam, candidates shall be required to pay a nominal fee of $50 from my ARTIBA account to reappear for the exam.
  • Certificate Validity: 3 years

Microsoft Azure AI Certifications

  • The Azure AI Certifications by Microsoft is divided into 2 types:
  • Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: Exam AI-900
  • Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and how to implement them on Microsoft Azure.
  • AI Certification Cost (Exam): $99
  • Exam Format: MCQ Type Questions
  • Number of questions: 53
  • Passing score: 700/1000 
  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes
  • Retake Policy: A maximum of 5 retakes in a year
  • Certificate Validity: Don’t Expire

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer – Associate Exam AI-100

  • Prerequisites: More than 1-year experience in building and deploying AI solutions on Azure with being familiar in Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service. 
  • Exam Cost: $165
  • Exam Format: MCQ Type Questions
  • Number of questions: 40-50 questions (maybe a few use cases to study)
  • Passing score: 700/1000 
  • Exam Duration: 210 minutes
  • Retake Policy: A maximum of 5 retakes in a year
  • Certificate Validity: Don’t Expire

SAS Certified AI & Machine Learning Professional

This AI & Machine Learning Professional Certification by SAS concretes your understanding of how to use open-source tools to extract meaning from data, via analytics & AI skills.

Prerequisites: Must have SAS Certified Specialist: Machine Learning credential, the SAS Certified Specialist: Forecasting and Optimization & the SAS Certified Specialist: Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.

  • AI Certification Exam Cost: $180
  • Exam Duration: self-paced
  • AI Certification Exam Format: Multiple-choice and/or Short-answer questions
  • Number of questions: 50-55
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Retake Policy: Candidates can attempt each certification exam up to five times in a 12-month period, waiting for a minimum of 14 days between attempts.
  • Certificate Validity: Don’t Expire

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

This is for individuals who intend to perform a development or data science role. It validates a candidate's ability to design, deploy & maintain machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (DL) solutions, adding new insights and value to the business process.

  • Prerequisites: Ability to incorporate operational and deployment practices. Candidates need to
  • have 1-2 years of experience in developing, architecting, or running Machine Learning/Deep Learning workloads on the AWS Cloud
  • AI Certification Exam Cost: $300 
  • AI Certification Exam Format: Multiple-Choice and Multiple-Answer   
  • Passing Scaled Scores: 750
  • AI Certification Exam Duration: 170 Minutes
  • Certification Validity: 3 Years

How To Become An Artificial Intelligence Certified Professional? – Let’s Find Out!

AI is a broad term, encompassing general artificial intelligence, machine learning, expert systems, data mining, and more. In today’s world, AI capabilities are in high demand across industries—gaming, robotics, face recognition software, weaponry, speech recognition, vision recognition, expert systems, and search engines.

If you’re-evaluating career options in this emerging field, look at these top five jobs in artificial intelligence and the skills that you’ll need to transition into these roles:

Salary of AI/Machine Learning Engineer

An AI/ML Engineer you build AI models via machine learning algorithms & deep learning neural networks to design business insights that help businesses in making meaningful decisions. You also communicate complex AI processes to people who are not programming experts. Liaise with stakeholders to analyze business problems, clarify requirements and define the scope of the resolution needed.

AI/Machine Learning Engineer

Salary of Data Scientist

Data scientists play with data, structured or unstructured. They are analytical experts who utilize their skills in both technology and social science to find trends and manage data. They try to uncover solutions to business challenges and help them in creating business objectives.

Salary of Data Scientist

Salary Of Business Intelligence Developer

A Business Intelligence (BI) Developer to create and manage BI and analytics solutions that turn data into knowledge using BI interfaces. Those include query tools, data visualization, and interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and data modeling tools.

Salary Of Business Intelligence Developer

Salary of Big Data Engineer/Architect

They understand real-time data processing, offline data processing methods, and the implementation of large-scale machine learning. They develop, maintain, test, and evaluate big data solutions within organizations, providing architects with input on needed hardware and software.

Salary of Big Data Engineer/Architect

How to Prepare for AI Certification Exam

Are you considering taking Artificial Intelligence Certification online? But don’t know what are the steps that you should follow? Don’t worry, here we will walk you through some effective tips that will help you pass your upcoming Artificial Intelligence Certification online exam with flying colors:

1. Explore your interests & trending job profiles

Before opting for the vast options of Artificial Intelligence certifications, you need to consider your interests and the job profile trends. Many organizations are utilizing AI Professional services as it is universally available and accessible. However, you need to ensure where your interests lie? Is it deploying, monitoring, or managing the data?  

2. Study the Exam Pattern & Course

Study the eczema pattern and follow the study guide, consider factors like:

  • Objective
  • Syllabus, concepts, topics
  • Prerequisites
  • Professional experience
  • Current exam version name & details
  • Exam format, question types, duration, passing score, delivery mode, etc

You will easily find this information on official websites, through peers, colleagues, forums, etc.

This will help you strategize your study plan with all the plus and minus points of yours.

3. Identify the Mode of Learning & Study Materials

Some prefer self-study, while some prefer to study Artificial Intelligence Certification online. If you go for the second option, you will have easy access to:

  • Professionals who have real-time knowledge in the AI field. 
  • Easy and time convenient access to study guides or materials 
  • Additional benefit of having someone identify and fill the gaps in your knowledge and skills. 

If you plan to take our accredited Artificial Intelligence certification training, along with nurturing the right skills, we will also help you with resume feedback & interview preparation as well.

4. Follow a Dedicated Study Timetable

Irrespective of whether you choose to study yourself or via some training platform, you do need to have a dedicated learning timetable. Identify the hours, days & time limit you will study.  If you are taking the online classes, make sure you do have time to revise separately, as this will help to revise your concepts.

5. Keep on Taking the Real Online AI Certification Dumps

Just practice, and apply your gathered knowledge over the previous exam dumps, which you can easily get online. And if you are studying online, your trainers will conduct the mock tests timely to examine your knowledge.

You know the best part about learning online is, they conduct mock tests, just like real certification exams. Types of questions, mode of exam, time duration are all quite similar to real ones. This makes you head-on prepared for the real-time exam, which is quite not possible when you are self-studying (isn't it so?).

6. Learn. Practise. Rest. Repeat

Take adequate amounts of sleep, have a balanced diet, keep your body active. All this will help keep your brain cells & body charged for more focus & retention. Don’t get hard on yourself - It’s fine, don’t take it as a life battle. Just don’t fret & keep your spirits high, learn in your capacity, and hope for achieving the best. 

Best of luck with your online AI certification preparation!


Being a certified IT professional not only boosts your career in the IT field but also gives you an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and receive a high paycheck. Owing to the rising advancement of Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of our life, IT professionals have the chance to be part of the future. So cement your chances by having the Certification and then keep yourself up to date with the technologies in the field to stay one step ahead. We recommend you to choose a job profile which is suitable for you both as an interest as well as to give you perks of having job satisfaction. 

Still, confused about the best AI Certification path? Relax, we’ve got you! Talk to our career counselors for free.

If you wish to start your career in the best Artificial Intelligence Certification or an already software working professional who wishes to update or expand his/her knowledge and wish to know more about the courses or how to crack the online AI Certification exam, you can reach out to various e-learning platforms and educational consultancies. They will assist you in mapping out a certification that will take your IT career to new heights.

If, at any point, you are confused amidst the chaos of Artificial Intelligence certifications, feel free to drop a message in the comments sections and we will get back to you with answers.

Are you a working professional in AI or in any of the Job profiles where you use this tech, comment below and share your experience and help the aspiring students?




1. Which online AI Certification is best?

The best Artificial Intelligence Certification course can be chosen based on the kind of job profiles you’re looking for, what interests you, and the expertise you have in the field. So, the certification which is good for you is the one that is suitable for you based on your skill-set, interests, and understanding of the workings of the AI.

2. How much Artificial Intelligence Certification costs?

Artificial Intelligence CertificationCost varies from $99 to $550 or even more depending on the types of AI Certification you choose. It is advisable to explore the options suitable for you and know the details from any Artificial Intelligence Certification course preparation guide online or visit the desired AI Certification website. 

3.  Is Artificial Intelligence Certification difficult to learn?

Artificial Intelligence Certification is just like any other exam. You need to work hard on it to earn it and sharpen your understanding of the concepts and then you must implement whatever you have learned. The more the number of projects on which you work more will be the more perfection you will get.

If you are a beginner and want to learn about Artificial Intelligence from the scratch, you must go through this online training module.

4. How to pass Artificial Intelligence Certification? 

You need to start your preparation in advance and do research on the syllabus which you have for the Artificial Intelligence Certification course. Then, you need to have a clear understanding of the course modules of the Artificial Intelligence Certification. Once you’re through it, either purchase the study guide provided by AWS or attend online or off-line tutorials to have a better understanding of the core components. You should also go through the recommended AWS Whitepapers and finally schedule an exam according to your own comfort. 

5. What are job options after Artificial Intelligence certification?

Here are the few fast-growing & top-notch industries demanded job roles in the Artificial Intelligence field that you should aim for via our comprehensive & best Artificial Intelligence course online:

  • AI Engineer
  • AI Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Mining Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Video Game Programmer
  • Robotics Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Machine Learning Researcher

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