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AI Engineer Salary - How Much Do AI Engineers Make [Actual Figures]


With 97 million jobs predicted for Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals by 2025, AI has become a hot topic in the talent market.  

As per a report, the artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to grow strongly in the coming decade. Its value of nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, up to nearly two trillion U.S. dollars. And because of AI’s deep use in every industry, from IT to healthcare to banking and more, the field has been reported to offer the highest AI engineer salary figures (even 6 figures) with parallel to excellent job profile satisfaction to skilled & certified AI engineers, starting from the entry-level. 

With increasing dependencies of automation-driven businesses for innovations like intelligent personal assistants, AR/VR, virtual gaming, face, speech & vision recognition, recommendation engines, etc, on Artificial Intelligence and its subsets like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, the hunt for AI engineers is shooting through the roof. You can be part of the success crowd with an artificial intelligence course.

Top 10 Industrial Al Use Cases

Human-based traditional jobs are not going anywhere; they will stay and run parallel to AI jobs with excellent remuneration. Want to know how much AI engineers make? Or, more explicitly, “What is the salary of AI engineers per experience & top locations?” Let’s explore the Artificial Intelligence Engineer salary based on specific parameters. If you have applied these factors, your remuneration will be incredible.

  • Top Tier Companies - The better the company you choose, the better you will get the paycheck. 
  • Years of Experience - The more senior you are in your profile, the more will be the compensation, but that doesn’t mean entry-level doesn’t get paid well. If you have proven knowledge, the AI field is advantageous in terms of a paycheck, even if you are just starting.
  • AI’s Different Job Roles - AI is a vast field & has various subsets like Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and so on. Your salary can also differ based on whether you choose AI as an explicit career or part of these sub-branches.
  • Diverse Geographical Locations - Every economy has a different payout. You can relocate to better-paying countries & cities. Some highly compensated areas with a standard of living are the UK, USA, India, Australia, and Canada.

Other than these, your AI engineer salary can also be differentiated by other factors like:

  1. AI upskill & certification - If you have prolific training & trusted certification, your chances of getting compensated increase.
  2. Your Negotiation Skills - If you can toot your horn, market yourself well, and ask for what you bring to the table, you are compensated for what you desire.
  3. Company Type & Size - Your AI engineer salary can also be based on the company’s size, funding & customer base. Even if you will become an asset to a small company or any big corporation in any way, be conscious of its funding, capital, and customer success, as this can define your paycheck.

So let’s start unfolding answers to your much-awaited query, “How much do engineers make?” based on top-tier giants, experience level, and the world’s top locations, one by one! At the bottom, don’t forget to read the skills that can get you reimbursed and the other skills you can shift your career to.

Human-based AI jobs are not going anywhere; they will stay and continue to grow and pay massive remuneration to AI engineers. Want to know how much? Let’s explore the Artificial Intelligence Engineer salary based on certain factors like:

  • Years of experience
  • Different job roles
  • Diverse geographical locations
  • Top-tier hiring companies

So, let’s get started with these factors one by one!

Who is an artificial intelligence engineer?

An artificial intelligence engineer is a proven IT individual who develops intelligent algorithms to analyze, learn, and predict future events.  The pivotal role of their jobs is to create machines with human-like brains capable of reasoning. They are responsible for developing Complex network algorithms and training programming. 

To excel in this field, an individual must have combined expertise in data engineering, data science, software development, and programming.

Artificial intelligence engineering is a satisfying job with challenges and constant learning. Artificial intelligence engineering salary is quite rewarding, and it is one of the most respected and demanding jobs in the IT field. Learn more about AI learning and the roles and responsibilities of AI engineers here

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AI Engineer Salary - By Top-tier Hiring Companies

Top-tier companies globally are endlessly looking for AI solutions to automate, expedite, and optimize business processes to achieve a compelling competitive edge. Let’s know the artificial intelligence engineer salary based on the top-paying recruiters first.

Top Companies Paying Highest Average Salary of Artificial Intelligence Engineer in the USA

  1. Google - up to $236,388 on average annually.
  2. Facebook - up to $257,846 on average annually.
  3. Walmart Labs - up to $265,698 on average annually.
  4. Uber: up to $314,746 on average annually.
  5. Netflix: up to $300-$900 on average annually.

Top Companies Paying Highest Average Artificial Intelligence Engineering Salary in India

  1. Bosch Group (Bengaluru): INR 400,000–2,400,000 p.a
  2. Adobe (Greater Noida): INR 1,200,000­–1,400,000 p.a
  3. Amazon (New Delhi): INR 500,000–700,000 p.a
  4. Accenture (Bengaluru): INR 600,000–800,000 p.a
  5. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Hyderabad): INR 3,000,000–6,000,000 p.a

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary --- As Per Years of Experience

As per Glassdoor, the average artificial intelligence engineering salary in the US is $163K --- which can go as low as $130,000 and as high as $250,000. And artificial intelligence salary per month ranges from $8,875 to $19,949.

AI engineers’ salaries vary depending on the professionals’ years of experience. 10+ years of experience AI engineers are bound to earn more than entry-level or junior-level AI engineers, but how much? Let's find out about that. 

However, The New York Times says that professionals with just a few years of experience can also expect to earn an average salary between $300,000 and $500,000 yearly (a skilled aspirant with a short work duration can earn millions pretty soon).

But one thing is evident since the demand for AI professionals is unwavering: even entry-level aspirants can expect to earn a higher package than other IT job roles (if they manage to prove their competent skill set). So, if you are intrigued to learn AI, you are on the right track. 

Salary for AI Engineer Based on Industry Experiences

Let’s know how much how much does an AI engineer makes as per different experience levels.

Junior or Entry-Level AI Engineer Salary

The Junior or entry-level AI engineers are composed of two kinds:

  • First, freshers who have just graduated from college and are looking for career opportunities.
  • Second, the professionals planning to switch between different IT careers. 

Suppose both entry-level aspirants take up a good knowledge of the AI field and its subfields via formal AI training online and plan to ace the certification exam. In that case, they can expect to earn reasonable remuneration from the starting point.

The annual average artificial intelligence engineer salary can range between $78,000-$100,000.

Mid-Level AI Engineer Salary

These professionals are entirely equipped and experienced in AI and have 2-8 years of experience working in AI and cognitive technologies. They earn quite a higher salary of AI engineer than entry-level professionals if they establish competent skills like:

Top Skills Entry-Level AI Professionals Must Possess

Most companies demand mid-level AI engineers. A study found that AI engineers switching companies can expect to bag a hike of 60-80%, whereas, in other IT skills, you will generally see a hike ranging between 20-30%.

The mid-level artificial intelligence salary can range between $1,00,000 to $150,580.

Senior Level Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary

When you evolve to senior-level AI talent, you get a massive paycheck as you now have extreme knowledge of the field and can help organizations build scalable and effective AI solutions. The demand for AI engineers with high salaries is quite prominent in sectors like eCommerce, Finance, healthcare, Software, and more. 

When you reach an experience level of 8-15 years and beyond, the annual average Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary you can expect to earn is between $150,000 to $200,000 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary --- By the Different Roles They Perform

Apart from the AI engineer profile, there are 5 more popular interconnected or interchangeable profiles that companies look for hiring, to meet their Business intelligence needs. And those 5 branches imbues great compensation as well. Let’s have a look at “how much does an AI engineer make” around these interconnected profiles.

1. Machine Learning Engineer Salary

Machine Learning is one branch of AI requiring excellent skills in predictive models, NLP, datasets management, etc. It is also one of the most in-demand career profiles, and an average AI Machine Learning engineer's salary is $121,106 per year.

2. Data Scientists Salary

Data Scientist is another very in-demand field that demands the knowledge of --- extraction and processing of data from large datasets via predictive analytics & machine learning models, and it requires great upskilling around top programming languages like Python and other big data tools & platforms like Hadoop and more. Data Scientists can be paid an annual average salary of around $117,345.

3. Business Intelligence Developer Salary

Business Intelligence developers have great analytical and problem-solving skills, and know-how to turn processes, tools, methods in favor of businesses to help them reduce IT costs and meet their bottom lines. The demand for MSBI or Microsoft BI Developer has soared significantly. The annual average salary of MSBI developer is expected at $90,430.

4. Robotics Scientist Salary

AI has a great application in robotics science as well, the need for robotics scientists is extravagant in the field of research, healthcare, security, space, and so much more. The annual average salary of robotics Scientists is somewhere near $83,241.

5. Research Scientist Salary

Using statistics and great logic, the research scientist’s role is to analyze, plan, and reason the data, processes, or systems. They make business process predictions using visual graphics like charts, graphs, tables, and more. The role demands a great understanding and application of AI and its subfields.

The annual average salary Research Scientists can expect to earn is $83,490.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary --- By Diverse Geographical Locations

You will find different pay scales in different cities, it is majorly because each city has a different talent gap, cost of living, expectations for skills and so many other reasons. The talent gap in the AI field is a worldwide issue and each day is gradually widening.

You will notice, 

  • The US has a 70% talent gap
  • India has a 64% talent gap
  • France has a 52% talent gap
  • Germany has a 55% talent gap
  • The U.K has a 52% talent gap

These talent gaps have ushered great payout opportunities for candidates. Candidates with good skills and knowledge can easily convince top-tier companies to pay heavy. If you are planning to relocate to these places, first, know how much worth of paychecks these places have for you to offer.

AI Engineer Salary in the USA

The USA with a 70% AI talent gap is planning to invest $1 billion in obtaining AI talent from wherever possible. 

  • The country is deliberately looking for AI talent to fill in its entry-level to senior-level AI positions. The skilled & certified professionals after AI training can get a handsome salary of AI engineers in US as big as $314,000 on average yearly.
  • The country is set to up with 2,50,000 Data Science jobs by the year 2024. 
  • The top recruiters of the US like GE, Intel, Uber, Samsung, IBM, Wells Fargo, and a lot of other recruiters are looking for professionals for AI and Machine Learning positions.
  • The key US cities like NYC, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. are witnessed paying the highest salaries for AI and machine learning skills. 

According to Indeed, machine Learning engineers top the average AI engineer salary in the US. Here are the top-paying US cities for AI and Machine Learning skills.

Bellevue, WA

** all Salary of AI engineer in US are median yearly salaries**

AI Engineer Salary in Canada

Canada is taking a strong & leading stance for AI development & science and is expected to invest in AI’s policy, legal implications, and framework.

There is a 1,069% growth in AI jobs within Canada since 2013, as per Indeed reports.

  • In Canada, an AI specialist can expect to earn a median salary between $70,000 to $90,000 yearly. Whereas, specialists with impeccable skill sets and years of experience can earn even as big as $130,000 or more on average, yearly.
  • Canada affirms that AI specialists on a Senior-level are paid competitive packages and even have scope to negotiate salary as per their desire.
  • A few of the big Canadian companies that are recruiting for the role of AI are --- IBM, Scotiabank, Amazon, Capital One, Royal Bank of Canada, and many others.

AI Engineer Salary in Australia

As per Indeed, there is a sharp rise in AI-related jobs in Australia. A study was found stating that AI will keep shaping its future in years to come. AI engineer jobs have doubled ever since 2012 in this economy. 2018 onwards, we saw an increment of 50% in its related roles.

While in Australia, you can earn a lucrative salary of an AI engineer up to AU of $111,021 per year on average.

Here are the top Australian cities with the highest salary of AI engineers:

  1. Sydney NSW
  2. Sydney Central Business District
  3. Docklands VIC
  4. Clayton VIC
  5. Melbourne VIC
  6. Perth WA
  7. Brisbane QLD
  8. Eveleigh NSW

AI Engineer Salary in Europe

Almost every city in Europe has a shortage of AI skills, but the main cities like London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Stockholm are few names that are excessively looking for AI-skilled professionals.

  • The most in-demand jobs in Europe are counted as AI and deep learning, Robotics, cloud security, Game development, Blockchain.
  • Finland is the only EU country that has initiated AI on a government level. The digital businesses of EU countries are gradually asking for government support & legal framework to implement such soaring innovations & technology in town. 
  • The huge talent gap in EU countries has made companies compelled to hire AI professionals outside Europe. 

In Europe, AI engineers can expect to earn an annual average package between €31,218 and €105,059.

AI Engineer Salary in Germany

There will be a shortage of 3 million AI specialists in Germany by 2030. 

  • 4 out of 5 German companies say they have great difficulty in looking for AI professionals, which is somehow restricting them from advocating new machinery and innovation.
  • Germany has gained around 60,000 highly skilled professionals ever since 2012, and going forward is looking for more AI experts to help support their innovation & science.
  • Germany’s talent gap isn’t getting sufficed by homegrown workforce or young Germans as their preference is somewhere else set, this is the reason why the country is looking for every means to hire professionals from global platforms.

The median salary of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in Germany ranges between  €59,360 and €105,194.

Artificial Intelligence Salary in the UK

The demand for AI skills in the UK is growing massively at a triple rate from the past three years --- even more than leading countries like the US, Australia, and Canada. 

  • In every one million, there are around 1300 vacant AI positions advertised within the UK --- which is 20% more than the USA and 50% more than Canada. 

Tara Sinclair, economist and senior fellow at Indeed say, “Britain is becoming a major hub for the AI sector, and is growing steadily in AI jobs by even outstripping the demand in major English-speaking countries”.

  • The advertised AI jobs were found to offer an average of £60,000 a year and 10% top positions an average of £105,500 yearly.
  • The country pays competitive salaries and even gives scope to choose and negotiate until the desired offer.

AI Engineer Salary in India

From farming to healthcare to recruitment, India has a lot of wide-open sectors for the application of AI.

  • India lacks an acute shortage of homegrown workforce for AI and Machine Learning fields.
  • The Artificial Intelligence Engineering Salary in India lifts upwards as the experience grows; the candidates with 2-4 years of experience can attract a yearly median salary package between INR 15-20 lacs (equals to $22,000 - 29,000), the 4-8 years can expect between INR 20-50 lacs (equals to $29,000 - 73,000) and 8-15 years can expect between Rs50 lacs to Rs 1 crore (equals to $73,000 - 147,000).
  • The metro cities where AI and machine learning development is massive are Mumbai/Pune belt, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore.
  • The most popular sectors where demand for AI skills and the average Artificial Intelligence software engineer salary is soaring are BFSI, IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, banking, and more.

The most popular sectors where demand for AI skills and the average Artificial Intelligence software engineer salary is soaring high are BFSI, IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, banking, and more.

Skills You Need To Know to Earn Lucrative AI Engineer Salary

Below are a few popular skills that recruiters look for while hiring and paying the hefty AI engineer average salary.

  • Machine Learning - supervised, unsupervised
  • Programming Language Python for AI & ML, SQL
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning with Keras, Tensorflow
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Modelling
  • Apache Spark
  • Scala
  • Neural Networks, Recurrent neural networks, convolutional neural networks

AI Engineer Jobs Are Posted in Great Numbers

Here are a few instances from popular portals with a number of AI-related jobs available.

Indeed, there are 9000+ jobs for AI engineers & their related roles in the US.

On Dice, there are more than 250,000 jobs for AI engineers & its related profiles in the US.

On Glassdoor, there are 12,000+ jobs under AI engineers & their related roles in the US.

Other Profiles That Pay Similar to Salary for AI Engineers

With little upskilling, here are some other roles that will compensate you fairly well and help move across other career opportunities, in case you feel stuck someday.

Machine Learning Engineers

So How Should I Go About Making a Career in AI?

Top-tier and small-scale companies are looking for AI professionals who can help them innovate & implement AI practices -- to brew up their competitive edge and bring speed to business decisions & processes. Everyone facing an acute to chronic talent gap is looking for skilled and certified AI specialists for different industries --- from healthcare to IT to banking and a lot more. And even ready to pay the highest Artificial Intelligence software engineer salary as desired.

If the above salary breakdown has created a spark within you to join this remarkably growing AI field, then the best way to claim a career in this technology is by joining an AI Training and Certification Program online. Not just training --- an artificial intelligence course that prepares you for AI certifications & job work with real field experts & business projects! 

Check our next AI batches, free demo sessions, and career counseling classes right away! Also, leave down your comments on any other query you have regarding AI engineer salary or career, we would be happy to answer!

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Parting Words:

AI Engineering is the future of the IT industry. If you want a job that stays relevant in the future, AI Engineering is your calling. The thrilling experience of working at the forefront of the IT sector with challenges, the satisfaction of overcoming them, and the exciting AI Engineer salary make it an interesting career option! 

If you dream of an exciting career as an AI engineer, sign up for JanBask's  Artificial Intelligence Certification Training and prepare yourself to take on the mantle!   

Frequently Asked Questions on Salary of AI Engineer

Q 1. What Is the AI Engineering Salary?

Ans: -As per Glassdoor, the AI engineer's average salary can be $116,549 per year.

Q 2. How Much Is the AI Machine Learning Engineer Salary?

Ans:- As per Indeed, the AI machine learning engineer's salary can be $150,300 per year on average.

Q 3. What Is the Salary of AI Engineers Hourly?

Ans: -The average hourly salary of AI engineers ranges between $42 to $50 per hour.

Q 4. How Much Is an AI Engineer Salary in the US?

Ans: -The AI engineer salary in the US is $111,187 on average a year and $53 per hour in case you go for freelancing or on a contract basis.


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