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Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path & Future Scope


In this Hadoop era, big data Analytics is the frontier of the IT field and has become crucial for almost every business. As more and more organizations are slowly adapting and moving towards Big Data and all are trying to deal with Big Data and helping organizations with valuable information processes from Big Data. Big data can provide competitive edge advantages and decision-making power to business owners. 

Here you may wonder, why I called this a Hadoop era. Well, Organizations need to understand, process, and Analyse that Big Data. Hadoop is one of the pioneer technologies that enable organizations to easily access new data sources and tap into different types of data to derive valuable business insights from that data.

Today, in this big data developer career path tutorial, we will discuss potential Hadoop Career Opportunities. Moreover, we will discuss big data developers’ career paths, big data Hadoop jobs, future of Hadoop. Also, we will discuss reasons to learn about Hadoop and top companies with which you can start your big data developers career. At last, we will see the job titles and annual average salaries of big data developers.

Why Choose a Big Data Developers Career Path?

Before moving to a big data developer’s career path, let see some powerful facts predicting the growing demand & shiny future of Hadoop professionals.

  • Hadoop Market is expected to reach $340.35 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 37.5% from 2020 to 2027.
  • McKinsey predicts there will be a shortage of 1500000 Big Data professionals by the end of 2021
  • The average Salary of Big Data Hadoop Developers  in US is $166,500 per year (ZipRecruiter salary data)

With the growing adoption and demand for Hadoop services are creating a huge need for skilled Hadoop experts in the industry, not only large corporations but also small and medium-sized businesses ready to pay a handsome salary to get the skilled talent. Hadoop Developer is one of the many coveted Hadoop roles in demand right now, exploring this big data Hadoop developer career path guide you on how you can grow your career with the industry's most demanding technology, Hadoop.

Before exploring Hadoop Career Opportunities.

Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path & Future Scope

Big Data Developers Career Path: Who can Learn Hadoop?

The requirement for Big Data professionals is rapidly increasing globally. This technology creates ample job opportunities for professionals. But, when one thinks about joining a Hadoop course, then one common question, which comes to mind is who can join this course or what skills are required to learn Hadoop? Anyone who possesses the following listed skill sets can easily learn Hadoop:

  • Software Developer
  • Senior or Experienced IT professional
  • Testing or BI professionals
  • Freshers
  • Mainframe professionals
  • Architects and DW professionals

In short, if someone is from an IT background or has some idea of programming and IT then he can easily learn Hadoop. There is no extra skill set required for Hadoop courses. You can learn any of the suitable Hadoop tools in which you have prior experience. Major roles for this include:

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Big Data Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer

As the data is increasing enormously due to social media and the internet, so as the opportunities are also growing for Hadoop professionals. Moreover, as per Forbes survey report the Hadoop market will reach $99.31B by 2022 and there will be a shortage of skilled professionals at that time.

Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path: Educational Requirements

Like few emerging data technologies, Hadoop doesn’t demand any specific educational background, it is the technology that needs to be mastered on its own. According to stats around half of Hadoop, developers are from non-computer science backgrounds like Statistics or Physics. So it is clear that the background is not going to hinder your entry into the Hadoop career. All you need is to hone yourself with industry-related & demanded skills. There are various good online courses available that can help you grow as a successful big data developer or Hadoop professional.

These are the popular Hadoop specialization that you can go for :

  • Spark – Scalable in-memory data processing engine
  • HBase – No SQL Database on top of HDFS
  • Beam – Streaming first approach data processing
  • Pig – Data transformation(ETL) scripting
  • Hive – Data warehousing
  • Mahout, Spark MLlib – Scalable Machine Learning on Hadoop
  • Apache Drill – SQL engine on Hadoop
  • Flume, Sqoop – Data Ingesting Services
  • Solr & Lucene – Searching & Indexing

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Let us move on and understand the skills that might give you a head start in your upcoming Hadoop developer career.

Big Data Developers Career Path: Industry Demanding Hadoop Developer Skills You Should Master


Hadoop Basics: You must have a sound fundamental knowledge of Hadoop basics, like what Hadoop is and what are its various components, its related technologies.

Hadoop Distributed File System(HFDS): It is the storage system offered by Hadoop that allows the storage and processing of large quantities of data at a very low cost. 

HBase: HBase is an open-source non-relational distributed database that gives a great fault-tolerant way of storing various sparse data sets. 

Kafka: Kafka is primarily used with in-memory microservices to build real-time streaming data pipelines and applications that adapt to the data streams and add durability.

Apache Sqoop:  Apache Sqoop is used to transfer data between HDFS and relational database servers like Teradata, MySQL, and Postgres. 

Apache Flume: Apache Flume allows you to collect and transport huge quantities of streaming data such as huge numbers of emails, network traffic, log files, and much more. It offers a simple architecture for streaming data flows.

Spark SQL: It offers great support for multiple data sources and allows you to efficiently weave SQL queries with code transformations. 

Apache Spark: Apache Spark offers an interface to program complete clusters with implicit fault tolerance and data parallelism. 

MapReduce: It is a  framework that lets you perform parallel and distributed processing on large datasets in a widely distributed environment.

 Apache Oozie: It is a server-based workflow scheduling solution that allows you to manage Hadoop jobs efficiently.

To use most of the above-listed tools and applications you must have sound knowledge of Python, Java, and Scala. 

Big Data Developers Career Path: Available Jobs For Big Data Developer

There are top 8000+ Big Data Developer jobs in India(LinkedInlinked

There are 45659 Big Data jobs available in the United States (Indeed.combig data

Big Data Developers Career Path: Salary Trend for Hadoop Professionals

As per the average salary of a Hadoop developer in the UK is between $92,512 to $102,679. The following graph shows a salary trend in the UK from, 2011 to 2017: Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path - Future Scope & Raodmap

While in India the average salary ranges between Rs. 4,05,880 to Rs. 5,825,000 and also depends on the experience of the professionals. Moreover, the certification also provides better salary hikes to the professionals.

The average Hadoop developer salary in the USA is $117,000 per year. Entry-level positions start at $103,513 per year while gaining experienced Hadoop big data developers can make up to $139,320 per year (

Big Data Developers Career Path: Roles and Responsibilities for Hadoop Professionals

In this section, of the big data Hadoop developers career path, we are focusing on what will be your roles and responsibilities as a big data developer.

The role of a Hadoop developer may involve coding like software developers because the job roles are pretty much the same. The job role and responsibilities of a Hadoop developer includes:

  • Pre-processing through Hive and Pig
  • High-speed querying
  • Building, designing, configuring, installing, and supporting Hadoop
  • Loading from disparate data sets
  • Hadoop implementation and development
  • Maintaining security and data privacy
  • HBase management and deployment
  • Propose best standards and practices

With plenty of growth opportunities, Hadoop is a lucrative and rewarding job role. To become a Hadoop professional for any of the above-listed job roles you must up-skill yourself with Hadoop and initiate your Hadoop career path.  

Hadoop professionals usually have the following responsibilities:

  • Hands-on experience in writing MapReduce jobs
  • Writing maintainable, reliable, and high-performance code
  • Must have analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of data loading tools like Sqoop
  • Understanding of other Hadoop concepts like Hive and HBase
  • Familiarity with Concurrency and multi-threading like concepts
  • Must be able to write Pig Latin Scripts

Apart from the IT sector, there is also a huge demand for Hadoop professionals in other sectors like Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Advertising, Manufacturing, Life Science, Telecommunications, Natural Resources, Government, and many more. 

Big Data Hadoop Career Path: Job Titles

If you are among those individuals who know that the tiny elephant Hadoop is planning to grow successfully in the future but don’t know how to start a career in Hadoop, then we are here to help you with this big data Hadoop developer career path. In this section we have listed all Big Data & Hadoop popular job profiles that you can obtain with your desired skillsets.

So, some popular Hadoop Big data job titles are:

  • Hadoop / Big Data Developer.
  • Software Development Engineer.
  • Big data Engineer.
  • Big Data Consultant.
  • Hadoop Administrator.
  • Data Engineer.
  • Big Data Architect.
  • Machine Learning Engineer.

Big Data Developers Career Path: Top Organization Actively Hiring Hadoop Big Data Developer

With the increase in data dependency, the demand for Big Data professionals such as Big Data Developers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Architect, are going faster than ever before.

Below is the list of Big organizations, who are actively hiring and paying hefty amounts of money to analyze their data for better results.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft
  • Flipkart
  • IBM
  • Facebook
  • MapR. 
  • Pivotal
  • Hortonworks

Big Data Developers Career Path: Sectors Leveraging Applications of Big Data and Hadoop

Keen to know the various industries offering jobs for big data developers, that you are going to work for as a big data developer in the near future.

Scope of Big Data Hadoop for Freshers

Here are the top 10 industries using Hadoop Big Data applications:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Natural Resources
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Retail and Wholesale trade
  • Transportation
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Banking and Securities
  • Communications, Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Education

Big Data Developers Career Path: Future Scope for the Hadoop Professionals

The Big Data Hadoop career path is much bright and this part of the article discusses its reasons.Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path - Future Scope & Raodmap

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  • Gigantic Job Opportunities

There is a huge difference in demand and the number of skilled analytical professionals across the globe. Big data is a hot job for the professionals and as per Me. Kinsey report by 2018 there will be a huge shortage of skilled analysts and managers. The managers who can take decisions and analyze the data properly will surely deficit by 2018 in the US.

Currently, India has the highest number of data analysts around the globe. But, still, the number of certified and skilled data analyst professionals is low. Therefore the demand for talented professionals is increasing day by day and organizations are outsourcing their work.

  • Rise in Salary

The wages for qualified Big data professionals is boosting day by day due to the strong demand. The annual pay hike of Hadoop professionals in India is 50% from last year. In the UK as well the growth is quite considerable.

Just because of salary hikes the exponential growth of jobs has also been noticed in India. The below graph represents the salary hike for various Big Data professionals in USD in last two years. Hence, the future scope of Hadoop developer is quite bright and they are most in demand. The tool is used in analyzing the data and decision-making process by the sales and marketing managers.

Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path - Future Scope & Raodmap

  • A High Priority to Data Analytic Tool

It has been proved by a number of studies that Big Data Analytics is a top priority software or data analytic tool for a number of organizations. The majority of organizations believe that the tool increases the performance of their organization to a great extent. The organizations use the Big Data Analytic tool to get insights into their sales and marketing opportunities. A number of organizations are boosting their social media marketing strategies with the help of Big data.

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The following image represents the interest and result of the use of Big data analytic tool in the organizations, which is a result of a survey conducted by Deloitte:

Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path - Future Scope & Raodmap

Final Thoughts On big data developers career path

Though Big Data is getting popular and considerable by a number of organizations, it still does not remove the need for human insights. Even now there is a huge need for skilled and compelling Hadoop big data developer professionals. This is the reason due to which even the professionals are getting trained themselves for Hadoop. Businesses and organizations are harnessing the power of Hadoop, so the analytic professional can take a jump start of his career and become an important asset to the organization.

If we forget to cover anything related to big data hadoop developer career path? Or any doubt left about the future of Hadoop? Or want to explore Hadoop DevOps, Hadoop development, feel free to reach us!!

 Other Resource Links for Learning Big Data Hadoop.

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