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Hadoop Developer & Architect: Role & Responsibilities

Big Data does not need any special introduction and it has enough of jobs everywhere. People who are skilled in this are very much in demand throughout the world. Hadoop professionals are the one that works on Big Data. If you are also willing to make a big move in your career by becoming a Hadoop professional and want to do, what are Hadoop Developer Roles and Responsibilities then this piece of the article should not be amiss.

In order to clear all of your doubts about becoming a Hadoop professional we will discuss following points:

  1. Who is Hadoop Professional/ Hadoop Developer?
  2. What are his roles and responsibilities?
  3. What are the skills required to become a Hadoop Developer?
  4. Roles & Responsibilities of Hadoop Architect

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A lot of people are still confused about what is the basic difference between a normal software developer and a Hadoop Developer. The roles are kind of same, but a Hadoop developer work in the Big Data Domain. Let’s know some more about them by discussing above-mentioned points in detail.

Who is a Hadoop Professional / Hadoop Developer?

Let us understand what is Hadoop?Let us understand what is Hadoop?It is an open source Java-based programming framework that is responsible for processing as well as storage of large data sets. Hadoop Developer & Architect Role: Job Description & Responsibilities Hadoop professionals-They are skilled when it comes to the components of Hadoop ecosystems. They take the sole responsibility for Hadoop application programming. Hadoop Developer & Architect Role: Job Description & Responsibilities People like Data management professionals, data warehousing professionals, Business Intelligence professionals or any other graduates can become a Hadoop Developer if they have the necessary skills for the same.

Hadoop Developer Roles & Responsibilities.

There are plenty of tasks that are being taken care by a Hadoop Developer. This may include loading data from various data sets, sourcing huge quantity of data through the different type of data platforms, they even sort the essential data for different business requirements with the help of streaming APIs or through any of the user-defined functions.

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In many cases, Hadoop developer is the person who defines Hadoop Job Flows, they are efficient enough to tell about transaction behaviors through fetching impression streams, click stream data, and many other unstructured data. Managing every possible type of Hadoop log files and then reviewing all of them also comes under roles and responsibilities of Hadoop developer. Here is a short list of some more responsibilities;

  • Install and maintain the complete Hadoop environment.
  • Create Hive tables
  • Assign schemas
  • Manage HBase clusters
  • Deploy HBase clusters
  • Make new clusters of Hadoop
  • Ensure the security of Hadoop clusters
  • Find out any kind of runtime issues in Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Debug runtime issues

Hadoop Developer is no doubt gives a promising career.  Hadoop developers are required in every industry like travel, retail, finance, healthcare, advertising, manufacturing, telecommunications, life science, natural resources, media and entertainment, trade and transportation, government, etc.

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What are the skills required to become a Hadoop Developer?

Skills are the main factors that can give you plenty of opportunities to lead your career in the right direction. Whenever there are discussions about Job Responsibilities Hadoop Architect, a wide range of responsibilities come into the picture. An individual can open a lot of opportunities for yourself only if you have relevant skill sets on your resume. Let’s take a glance skills required to become a proficient Hadoop developer.

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  • End to end knowledge of Hadoop
  • Back-end programming knowledge. You can increase your knowledge of , OOAD, JS, and many more.
  • HiveQL is an advantage
  • Writing ability for MapReduce jobs, Pig Latin scripts.
  • Appropriate knowledge of all principles, practices, theories, and structures that are used in this profile.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to write highly proficient and perfect codes
  • Good aptitude is always required for these kinds of profiles.
  • Good knowledge of maintaining and securing Hadoop along with installing and maintaining the same.

There are other designations other than the Hadoop developer who plays a great role. Professionals like Hadoop administrator, Hadoop Architect, Hadoop tester and Data scientists whose role can’t be ignored. Hadoop Architect roles and responsibilities must be known to every aspiring Hadoop professional. We are mentioning their routine work for your idea. Have a look.

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Jobs Responsibilities of Hadoop Architect

Hadoop Architects play a crucial role. Here are some of their key roles and responsibilities.

  • They work on platforms like Horton Works, Cloudera, etc.
  • Have proficient experience in handling Hadoop Distribution platforms mentioned below.
  • Hadoop Architects are the ones who take sole responsibility for every organization’s Hadoop life cycle.
  • They are the intermediates between engineers, data scientists and other professionals who are involved in this process.
  • Expert in Java, Hive, HBase, etc.
  • They make sure that the Hadoop solution is going to be deployed perfectly.

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So here we discussed; who are the Hadoop professionals, what are their key roles and responsibilities, skills required to become a Hadoop developer, roles, and responsibilities of a Hadoop Architect. Now you must be clear about the end to end details about Hadoop Professionals by reading this piece of content.

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