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67 Unique & Simple Python Projects for Beginners to Advanced in 2024


Your best investment for the year 2024 will be the acquisition of Python expertise through real-time projects. Learning Python can be very challenging. You can spend time reading a textbook or watching videos, but you will have difficulty actually putting what you’ve learned into practice. 

So, if you are a Python beginner, the best thing you can do is take a comprehensive Online Python Training program and start working on some real-time Python project ideas.

In this blog, we will be providing you with the best Python projects for beginners & experienced so that you can easily learn Python by implementing your knowledge.

To make the best use of this blog, we recommend you to go through the blog end-to-end to learn:

  • What do you need to do before you build your first project?
  • Top 67 Python Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners, intermediate and advanced. 
  • Why Building Python Projects Is the Best Way to Learn
  • Which Project Platform Should You Choose?

So, let’s get started! Quickly bookmark this, dedicate all your time to implementing the projects & become industry-ready.

Python Projects: Why Are They So Important?

When you pursue a career in software engineering, working on your own projects is vital for aspiring software engineers. But first, let’s address the more pertinent question that must be lurking in your mind: Why build Python projects?

If you work on live projects, it will help:

  • Boost your confidence

Working with genuine Python project ideas, technologies, and tools, you'll gain confidence in your abilities while also recognizing your weaknesses.

  • Improve Your Efficiency

A project-based method also works because there is no time interval between learning and practicing the skill. You’ll be focused on learning the best Python project ideas & won’t waste time learning irrelevant information.

  • Understand the SDLC

If you build a project from scratch, you can learn more about the software development lifecycle. You can plan ahead of time before you write code, run code, manage the test process, fix errors, deploy code and update it.

  • Get a Passionate Job 

The fourth and final reason for building Python projects for beginners is that you can get a head-start on getting your first job. 

Python projects can help in

Do you know the Average Python developer salary in the USA is approx $$114,144 per year, and with a professional Programming Python Certification Course and experience in easy Python projects, the salary jumps to approximately $$123,284 per annum as reported by Indeed? Hence, this blog on Python Projects Ideas and more will be worth reading for you.

Let’s start with the Python projects for beginners. So, here are a few Python Projects for beginners to work on.

Python Projects Ideas: Beginners Level

This list of python project ideas for students is best suited for beginners, and those just starting out with Python or Data Science in general. These python project ideas will allow you to move forward with all the functionality you need to be successful and help you select your Python Career path

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So, without further delay, let’s jump straight into some Python project ideas that will strengthen your programming skills. 

1. Mad Libs Generator 

Working on Mad Libs Generator is one of the finest ways to start exploring hands-on python projects for beginners. This project is ideal for those who have just started coding software. This project will instruct you on how to edit the data entered by the user inputted data by focusing on Strings, Variables, and Concatenation. 

2. Number Guessing 

This is one of the easy python projects yet an exciting one. You can even call it a mini-game. This is particularly useful for python projects for beginners. Make a program where the computer randomly selects a number between 1-10, 1-100, or any range. Then provide users with a clue to guess the number. Very quickly the user guesses false, he obtains another clue, and his score is reduced. The index can be multiple, divisible, more or less, or a combination of everything.

3. Website Blocker

We are all aware that while surfing the Internet, so many of these undesirable websites come to divert our attention. This python project idea comes in handy in such situations because it can be set up to prevent particular websites from loading. People who are easily distracted and switch to social media sites while working on something severe may benefit from the program.

4. Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a well-known game that can be an effective Python project for beginners. There are many ways to implement this game in code based on your familiarity with Python. Due to the random element attached to the game, you will have to use a random function to determine each player's hand. In any case, the creative factor involved in the conception of the game will allow you a ton of flexibility in your approach & enhance the overall experience.

5. Dice Rolling Simulator

In this Python project for beginners, the idea is to simulate rolling dice. This is a more interesting Python project idea because it generates a random number with each dice roll. The user can use the dice as many times as he wants. The application will create a random number between 1 and 6 when the user rolls the dice. 

Interested to learn Python programming in 2 hours? See video here:

6. Binary Search Algorithm 

In this easy Python projects program, you can create a random number list from 0 to 100 whenever you want, with each succeeding number having a difference of 2 between them. When the user randomly enters a number, the program checks to see if the number is included in the list. He does this by creating two halves from the list. If the program comes up with the number in the first half of the list, it will eliminate the other half and vice versa. The search continues until the program finds the user's input number or until the sub-program size becomes 0.

7. Hangman


In entry-level Python projects ideas, Hangman is one of the popular games in which a word is chosen either by the opposing player or by the program, and the player has the whole alphabet set available to guess letters from. The target word will be displayed with a majority of missing letters. It is the player's job to select alphabets based on an associated hint with the word. If the letter is accurate, all possible occurrences of that letter will be filled in the respective empty spaces, and if it's not, the trial count will increase. These types of projects will increase your Python skills.

8. Email Slicer

Ever wondered how notifications work? These Python projects for beginners with code will shed a bit of light on this point.  Desktop notifier applications run on your system and send you information after a fixed time frame. We recommend you use libraries such as notify2, queries, etc., to build such a program.

9. Desktop Notifier App

Ever wondered how notifications work? These python projects for beginners with code will shed a bit of light on this point.  Desktop notifier applications run on your system and send you information after a fixed time frame. We recommend you to use libraries such as notify2, queries, etc. to build such a program.

10. YouTube video downloader

Working on a YouTube video downloader is one of the best ways to begin with your practical python projects for beginners. Even if YouTube does not provide this option, you can design an application with an easy user interface that allows you to download. This project appears difficult initially, but it is simple once you start.

11. Leap it!

It's one of the easy Python projects. Here, you enter a year and see if it's a leap year or not in that Python code. To do this, you will need to write a feature that recognizes the leap year model and may try to incorporate the entry year into it. Finally, a boolean expression can be used to print the result.

12. What’s the word?

This name concentrates on the user who must guess the word generated at random. You can create a list from which the word should be guessed and also set a limit on how many guesses are allowed. After this, you can create the rules yourself! For this, you will need a function to check if the user is inputting alphabets or numbers and displaying error messages appropriately.

13. Python Story Generator

This is fun but one of the most interesting Python projects for beginners. In short, the computer will ask users for entries like the name of a place, an activity, and so on, and then create a story based on the information. The plot will always be the same, with minor modifications in the input. Python is not only interesting but one of the top web designing languages at present.

14. Sentiment Analysis

It's one of the most trending Python project ideas worked on in various fields. It uses natural language processing, computational linguistics, text analysis, and biometrics to identify, extract, and systematically study affectivity. Most enterprises use this technique in various fields, such as e-commerce and review/poll systems.

15. Customer Segmentation

These Python project ideas generally catch the eye of recruiters. In this, the customers are divided into groups based on common characteristics or features so companies can tend to each group effectively and appropriately. Generally, NumPy, Pandas & Matplotlib are used from the Python library to create this project. 

16. Object Detection

It's a computer vision method and a popular Python Projects Ideas that allows us to identify and locate objects in an image or video. We can use this technique for a variety of tasks: counting objects in a scene and identifying and tracking their exact location while accurately tagging them.

17. Arithmetic Calculator

You will learn how to build a graphic user interface while working on these Python projects for beginners with code, as well as familiarize yourself with a library like Tkinter. You can use this Python library to create buttons that perform various actions and view the results on the screen.

18. String Reversal Program

This easy python projects program will ask you to take a Python string (array of characters) input by a user and reorder the string in reverse order, displaying the output to the user. The first obvious approach will be to simply reverse all the string characters, but you can further enhance this project by modifying various programs.

19. Number Guessing Game

Consider these kinds of Python projects for beginners with code as an introduction to the use of Python functions. Take a player's starter number and ending number and generate a random number between those two constraints. The goal of the game is for the player to guess the number which was randomly generated. To implement it, if desired, you can create a function that takes two numbers and generates a random number among them to implement your use case. Other functions can also be created for hint and comparison purposes.

20. Choice-based Games

Without the use of a complex user interface or graphic engine, you can develop a game that simply prompts a player to make text-based selections. You have the option to make this game as efficient as possible with multiple endings based on the choices made by the player. To go further and add real motion to your game, you can also use 2D array grids to implement gaming environments or maps. This will be extremely helpful in dealing with bigger industry-level programming projects in the future. 

21. Twitter Bot

A Twitter bot can check and manage a Twitter account through the Twitter API. The bot can independently perform all possible tasks, such as tweeting, re-tweeting, liking, following, and unsubscribing, among other things. To operate this bot, you’ll need Tweepy & Tkinter Python library functions to create GUI applications. 

Along with these projects, if you are  a Python enthusiast you also need to have a clear conception of vital Python tools.

22. Fibonacci Number Generator

In this Python project, you request the position of the Fibonacci number needed by the user and simply generate it. Once generated, you can display the output that you want. You may go further and show the user the whole series up to that point with its mathematical functioning as well. This is one of the best Python projects for beginners who want to introduce themselves to the concept of the recursive function.

23. Days Calculator

The assumption for this easy Python projects program is relatively straightforward. You must create a program with two entry dates: a start date and an end date. After the data has been entered, the program will calculate the number of days between the two dates and give the result to the user. You can take the input dates in the DD-MM-YYYY format and extract the relevant settings from the above-mentioned string.

24. Counting the Frequency of Each Unique Element 

After attaining familiarity with Python project ideas, this particular project should not be that tough. You need to make a list as an entry for a user and find the number of each unique item in it. There is plenty of room for time optimization here, as well as plenty of flexibility in the approaches you can take to resolve this issue. Note, that any method that avoids going through the entire list in every iteration is preferred here. Hence, regardless of the programming language, be it Java or Python, it’s crucial to get a clear conception of these kinds of projects. 

25. User Record

After you understand the lists, the next step is to understand another key data structure, called Python dictionaries. Dictionaries are data structures with a key-based NoSQL architecture and are optimal as objects that store the records that can be searched. With dictionaries, you can easily implement programs that have database functionality and create user records.

Note: Your application should take in multiple names, contact numbers, and ages as the input and store it within a dictionary.

26. Pattern Printer

In Python projects for beginners, model printing programs are a great way to test embedded loop design skills. Basically, all you have to do is print the text in such a way, using loops, that they look like symmetric models.

For instance, a pattern looks like this:

  • 1
  • 12
  • 123
  • 1234

27. Quiz

Some Python project ideas are very simple yet stunning. In the quiz, You will need to create a question bank with multiple choices for each question and then implement a rating system for players who attempt. Try to save the score of each player by using a file or database at the end of each quiz attempt. 

Having said that, we thought we’d let you know about some most asked Python interview questions that we’ve jotted down for you just to help you land your dream job with confidence.

28. Steganography

Steganography is the art of concealing a secret communication in another kind of medium, such as a coded message hidden in a video or picture. These types of python projects for beginners with source code allow you to quickly encode and decrypt images. It is suitable for undergraduate seekers seeking to improve their coding skills. You can develop a program to protect photos that contain messages for you. 

29. Python Website Blocker

In this real-life Python project, you build a program that blocks unwanted sites from appearing when you work. Building such programs will boost beginners' confidence in Python because they are familiar with its basics. This program benefits students who want to study without social media distractions and also those who don't want to be distracted by unwanted websites while working.  

30. URL shortener

With Python project ideas, such as URL shorteners, beginners will learn how to build their own URL shorteners like using Python and Django. Your Python project URL shortcut will provide API endpoints that can receive various types of HTTP requests. Each endpoint will perform an action that you’ll specify. This is a great Python project for those who want to learn FastAPI design, CRUD, and interaction with a database.

31. Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys 

Work with exit surveys from employees. These are unique real-life Python project ideas, where you will learn the usage of plotting functionality and implement the use of the data sets to find the results. 

32. Sorting a List Of Elements

The optimization of software is crucial in development, ensuring efficient use of computational resources and enhancing application performance without impacting other system processes. A common optimization task, often discussed in job interviews, involves 'sorting,' which is implemented in various ways with different time complexities.

This program is designed to accept Python lists as input and sort them in ascending or descending order for numerical lists and in alphabetical order for lists containing characters or words. It's important to note that Python is a high-level language with extensive built-in functionalities. To enhance your skills, it's advisable to implement the sorting function manually rather than relying solely on Python's built-in sort function.

33. Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe stands as a widely popular and accessible game, often enjoyed on various platforms. Its concept is straightforward: players take turns aiming to align a set of circles or crosses diagonally, horizontally, or vertically within a 3×3 grid to secure a win.

Crafting this game presents a notable challenge, primarily revolving around mastering 2D array indexing and devising strategies for checking diagonal alignments. Once these hurdles are overcome, the coding process should be streamlined considerably.

Note: Play the role of a data analyst and pretend the stakeholders want answers to important data questions.

Intermediate Level Difficulty

34. Calculator With A User Interface

User interfaces through visual means like GUIs are essentially unavoidable when making your applications available to the masses. A straightforward method of getting into the GUI development would be to create a user interface for your arithmetic calculator application having buttons and a screen as the output just like the normal calculator on any electronic gadget. Undertake to achieve a friendly, smart, and presentable layout. The use of GUI development in Python projects can also be an effective method to gain a competitive benefit in the field.

35. Tic-Tac-Toe with a Click-to-play UI

Since this is a game and a mundane command-line terminal is not feasible in terms of enjoyment, it isn’t ideal. Instead, you’ll work on a project that will implement the game backend logic and use a Python GUI library such as ‘Tk’ to implement a click-to-play feature. This strategy greatly increases the appeal of the game, promoting a steady exchange of fun interactions between friends. Moreover, it acts as a great learning experience while going through the online Python courses; it prepares you for the complexities of joining frontend and backend development designs. Not only will this project help you attain a more engaging game, but it also will help you understand how the different components of software development work harmoniously. 


36. Encryption/Decryption Application

Cryptography is not just important, but it forms the backbone of organizational security. It encompasses the pre-communication encryption of messages and data that are decrypted upon reception by intended recipients. It is advisable to begin by familiarizing with diverse cryptographic algorithms and devise an application that will encode input text into ciphercode and read it with the appropriate key. In this respect, improve the user experience by adding a menu driven user interface. Moreover, gradually develop the process by introducing new cryptographic algorithms and increasing the variety of their menu to provide the client with a diverse choice. This method, however, not only provides strong protection but also ensures a user-friendly dynamic cryptographic tool.

37. Resume Web Page

This Python project is ideal for those interested in delving into Web Development. Leveraging Python Flask, a lightweight web framework, enables the creation of fully functional websites. The initial task involves developing a single web page to showcase your resume, requiring only basic HTML and CSS proficiency.

Start with a simple design for your first iteration, then progressively enhance the website by refining the frontend and incorporating additional features, such as database integration using Python libraries. As you delve deeper into the project, each technological insight gained will fuel further improvements.

It's essential to employ version control software like Git to organize and track project files. Utilizing Git ensures that the working source code is consistently backed up in the main project branch, facilitating seamless development iterations.

38. A Sample E-commerce Web Page

Another apt and one of the easy Python projects about which you can work to make your resume stronger in the product sector, where there is cutthroat competition, is building an e-commerce website. By featuring e-commerce content on your portfolio, you automatically provide real relevance for employers, especially if it is in companies with the online sale of products. The ability to create a project like this from the ground uplet you clearly define and outline the features introduced by you and specify their role, thereby substantially increasing your employment opportunities.

39. Time Clock

In this task, you are supposed to develop a clock in the UI form using Python frontend libraries that should look as close to the real digital and analog clock. Generate an executable file to turn on the clock, enabling users to launch it effortlessly. The clock must synchronize its time by adjusting the second to reflect the real-time updating.

40. Currency Converter

The currency converter is another Python Project idea that involves the development of a simple software or an app that converts a currency to another to check its corresponding value. You can use Tkinter, the standard Python interface within the Tk GUI toolbox that comes with Python.

41. Temperature Converter

Temperature conversions can be executed in mathematical formulas that are already predefined; there is no need to use a third-party application for retrieving conversion criteria. Learn how to transform temperatures between the Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin numbers, and finally, you should apply these formulas in a UI-based application.

42. Blog Page Creator

Your project goal in this web application is the creation of an application that makes it easy to add, edit, and delete blog posts. The server is powered by Python backend frameworks that have the best performance possible. Adding this project to the list of Python projects ideas that you have is a surefire way to improve your career and salary as a Python professional because it makes it easier for you to demonstrate the skills that are required of you.

43. Web Browser with Python

With the use of Python and PyQt, you can create an app that will mimic the core aspects of a web browser. One of the features that will be available for users in this app is entering custom web addresses in the URL bar. In order to provide better navigation, it is recommended that ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons are introduced, enabling an easier browsing experience. Moreover, you may also incorporate an extra feature, such as a ‘refresh’ button, which would enhance the user interface.

44. Memo Notes

It is akin to developing a Post-it notes style note-taking application that remains open on your desktop. This enables you to make brief notes on the reminders and work to be performed so that they are visible by the time you get back to your bay. Moreover, you can add time-based expiration settings to the notes, in which, after a given interval, they will get deleted. To further improve functionality, marry the memo feature with a Python-based alarm clock and then trigger a beep sound when the notes reach their time of expiring.

45. SQL Server-based Phone Book

Instead of using libraries such as SQLite try to install a MySQL server directly onto your machine for the objective to build a phone book application. A contact database is nothing more than a data repository that enables its users to input, store, modify, delete, and search for contact data through the user interface (UI). With this approach, individuals are offered a practical chance to learn ideas on server and database integration that play an essential role in backend Web Development.

46. Image Resizer

In this Python project for beginners, you're going to build an app where a user can resize an image file by modifying its dimensions to the target settings. An introduction to image processing is necessary to complete this special project. They can also be a great resume builder. It can also turn out to be an excellent resume builder when attempted successfully.

47. Python File Browser

To become familiar with integrating an operating system and file system using Python get started with developing a Windows Explorer-like file browser. This means integration of your application completely with the file system of your computer without any visible signs. On your app, make sure to have an ‘open’ button included in the UI for users to open any file that is accessible through the browser.

48. MongoDB Server-based Phone Book

To gain experience with NoSQL databases, consider developing a Python project centered around a phone book application that utilizes a MongoDB database to store user data. This approach can be particularly advantageous when needing to dynamically add new fields to the user database.

Advanced Level Difficulty

Having explored beginner to advanced Python project ideas, let's delve into some more intricate options at an advanced level. 

49. E-commerce Website with a Recommendation Engine (Machine Learning)

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In determining the success of any online business or website design, the user interface factors are of great significance, with targeted advertising being vital for developing user experience from a marketing perspective. In essence, because your e-commerce site can now recommend items to a customer on the basis of variables – like past purchases, location, gender, and age – among a host of others mentioned above increases the opportunity for business.

This recommendation system is based on an ML; although this tool may be intricate it is, in a way, vital. Traditional ML algorithms using established Python libraries can work well to yield results desired by new users. ML technology in present times is one of the most viable and highly remunerated professions not only in India but also around the globe. Due to the simplicity of using various ML libraries within Python, it is one of the most popular programming languages in developing such systems as recommendation engines and all applications that, in some way or another, have a need for ML libraries.

50. Ludo Game

In this Python advanced project, the goal is to design a Ludo game for four players where the interface would be easy and seamless. One of the biggest difficulties involves parametrically integrating data structures with GUI so as to have a smooth playing experience. You can readily go about selecting a GUI library that suits the aesthetic preferences you need for the game’s appearance and means of interacting.

Ludo Game

51. Speed Typing Test

This type of project was quite popular in Windows XP and earlier Windows versions. You may create a program that does something similar to measure your typing speed. First, you will need to create a user interface with a library such as Tkinter. Lastly, create a fun typing test that demonstrates user accuracy, speed, and words per minute. 

52. Object Detection Tool (Computer Vision and Machine Learning)

For an innovative Python project, combining computer vision with Machine Learning presents a compelling option that is gaining increasing attention. This project entails merging image processing techniques with Machine Learning algorithms to identify objects within images or videos based on the model's training data. For example, the application should be capable of categorizing objects captured in live camera feeds or still images into predefined classes.

The number of object categories is customizable based on your requirements. However, it's essential to ensure a sufficient dataset of images depicting the chosen objects for effective training of the Machine Learning model. To enhance the algorithm's accuracy, additional training on objects outside the target categories can be beneficial, providing a broader reference point for the application. Embarking on this project can offer a stimulating introduction to computer vision leveraging Machine Learning capabilities in Python.

53. Graph Creator

Here you are required to develop a data visualization application tailored to help beginners generate simple data designs conveniently through basic information feeding. The application should come with user-friendly enhancements, in addition, such as the click-and-drag functionality and capability to import provided datasets by way of the USER. The insights that you obtain from participating in this project are priceless and reveal a lot of information about the Python Matplotlib library in the online Python courses.

54. Library Management System:

If you're currently enrolled in a university or college, it's probable that your campus includes a library facility. While many colleges with extensive book collections may have already implemented library management applications, you could consider this topic for one of your semester projects. Developing a system that directly benefits your college could result in a high grade and provide valuable learning opportunities. If you choose to pursue this project, reach out to your library to begin planning. It's among the top Python projects ideas for undergraduate students.

55. University Time Table Management System

A challenging project that you can undertake is creating a university timetable management system. This involves checking for classrooms, having a look at the schedules of faculty members, and checking where there are vacancies. The target is to develop an application that helps to automate balanced timetables through an assignment of courses at appropriate locations and minimization of clashes and conflicts. This type of system aims to simplify the timetable construction and modification process, abolishing the need for manual checking of what to do in incongruities and contradictions. These kinds of projects help you learn Python quickly

56. Python Selenium Tester

This project involves developing an application that utilizes the Selenium libraries for Python to test the functionality of a website. It's an excellent Python project idea for individuals interested in entering the field of software testing.

57. Handwriting Analysis (Machine Learning)

Here's another advanced Python project centered around ML models. You'll be creating an application capable of interpreting handwriting by leveraging carefully trained Machine Learning models and image-processing techniques. Recommended libraries for this project include TensorFlow and Keras.

58. Detecting Intrusions via CCTV (Computer Vision and Machine Learning)

 In this project, you will use live CCTV camera feeds in addition to your Python application to detect suspicious movements within your home or neighborhood, or other relevant areas. The existing method of detection of intruders in a building is to monitor camera movements; however, these approaches offer numerous false positives. The more efficient strategy entails using Machine Learning in combination with computer vision algorithms that help to decide whether the moves caught on the camera are, in fact, suspicious.

59. House Price Prediction (Machine Learning)

You have the opportunity to employ Predictive Analytics coupled with Machine Learning to analyze internal pricing data and forecast both macro and micro-term price fluctuations over time. This project entails transforming this capability into an application featuring a graphical user interface (GUI) for enhanced convenience and user-friendliness. Additionally, users should be able to adjust variables within the application to observe their impact on pricing dynamics.

60. Music Player 

How about building your personal music player? Create and build not only any other music application but also an application that searches across files and explores your program directories in search of music. Build an interactive music app by adding features like volume control, song/artist/ album/ movie display, track navigation, database management, algorithmic building, and data processing to develop a fully functional interactive application. This is a very successful example of Python projects for beginners with source code.

61. Credit Card Fraud Detection (Machine Learning)

In this project, you will create a 2-layer credit card validating system. Firstly, it will carry out superficial tests for errors and then perform deep Machine Learning methods to find statistical inconsistencies in the source data.

62. Automated License Plate Recognition System (Utilizing Computer Vision & Machine Learning)

Similar to handwriting analysis, you can leverage images or video feeds from CCTV cameras to capture the license plates of vehicles using text recognition automatically. This application can particularly benefit gated communities, campuses, and security checkpoints. Adding this project to your portfolio can significantly enhance your resume, especially among computer vision-based Python project ideas.

Additional Python Projects Ideas

Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented scripting language, and if you’re looking to increase your chances of success, you must build Python projects. Below are a few additional Python projects for beginners once they are well-versed with the basics.

63. Content Aggregator 

It takes a lot of time to browse multiple websites and articles looking for great, reliable content. These kinds of Python projects for beginners with source code will help you find articles quicker by analyzing popular websites for relevant content and then compiling it all and presenting it to the user as unbiased information.

64. Plagiarism Checker 

This is one of the most interesting Python projects for beginners. The idea behind this project is to construct a graphic application that you can use to verify plagiarism. To build this project, you must use a natural language processing library with the Google search API that will find you the best articles.

65. Web Crawler - 

A web crawler is one of the most useful Python projects for finding timely information. You should use a multi-threaded design for such a program. You can use Python's request module to create a crawling bot, or you can use Scrapy. This is Python's open-source web crawling framework specifically designed for web scraping and data extraction using APIs.

66. Instagram Photo Downloader 

This would be an app that automatically downloads all Instagram images & content. As Instagram is growing daily, it's one of the useful Python projects, and it's pretty similar to the command-line application above as this app will use your credentials to open your account, then search for your friend's ID and upload their pictures and content. 

Note: These Python project ideas are known to catch recruiters' attention.

67. COVID-19 Spread Analysis 

In this project, you will learn how to preprocess and merge data sets to calculate required measurements and prepare them for analysis. This live dashboard will provide many insights for the study of the spread of coronavirus. Here, you’ll work with the COVID-19 dataset & and merge these datasets to identify the relation between the spread of the virus in a country and the no. of people affected by it.

That concludes our list of Python project ideas. While Python is known for its accessibility, its potential for complex projects is vast. If you're interested in Python and eager to explore projects like these alongside Machine Learning topics, you might consider enrolling in JanBask’s Data Science Course along with Machine Learning course. This course covers Python fundamentals along with advanced ML concepts, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Why Building Python Projects Is the Best Way to Learn?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be around 11.5 million new jobs for Python Programming professionals by 2026. 

Whether you want to develop the skills you need to get your first Python programming job or use your Python project ideas to create an app. You will need a solid foundation in Python programming, and the above Python Projects for beginners are mentioned to give you those core skills, fast.

But if you are looking to match the current industry requirements and demands then a comprehensive Python online course will help you work on real-time projects and become a certified developer to Clear PCEP, PCAP, and PCPP Python Programming Certification Exams in your First Attempt.

Here are the other top reasons why a Python programming course can assist you:

  • You will learn how to do desktop programs, web applications, data applications, API, web scrapers, and more from scratch
  • You will learn other programming tools and techniques such as SQL, HTML, deployments, debugging, and more.
  • You can also share your experience, learn & network with fellow python professionals in the Python Community.

Further, if you are a beginner with no prior knowledge, then check our comprehensive Python tutorials section to get started.

Which Project Platform Should You Choose?

Wondering what project platform to use for your Python projects? Developing your software projects on a particular platform is essential so that others can also use your product. 

Below are the three main platforms on which developers construct Python projects:

Python Projects

1. Web-  Web applications are accessible on any device that has an active Internet connection; it is not necessary to download them individually. Therefore, if you want to develop a public software product, the Web is the best platform for you.

Web apps are complex undertakings that include both the backend and the frontend. Python can deal with all your front-end and back-end programming requests. Anvil is a Python-only package that removes the need for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Besides Django, Flask, Web2Py, CherryPy, and Pylons, there are lots of other Python-based web frameworks to choose from.

2. Desktop GUI (Graphical User Interfaces)- Building a desktop application is among the best Python projects ideas for both intermediate-level Python developers and freshers, as desktop apps are frequently utilized by people all around the world. The best aspect of creating desktop GUIs is that you don't need to know anything about frontend technologies. To build desktop apps, all you need is Python.

Python comes with several frameworks that can be used to build office applications. PyQt5 is a strong graphical framework based on Python, while PySimpleGUI is a simple-to-use Python framework.

3. Command-Line- The term "command line applications" refers to programs and applications that depend only on the shell and terminal for user interaction; these programs run inside a console window. As a result, they lack any kind of graphics or visual interface for people to see. Therefore, to use the apps that run on the command line, you must enter specific commands.

Click, docopt, Plac, Cliff, and Python Fire are just a few of the helpful command-line frameworks in Python that make sure command-line applications are robust and powerful.

Get Ahead of the Curve and Become a Python Developer Today

In this blog, we have looked at 67 Python projects for beginners to advanced that can be completed very quickly and boost your credentials to land a high-salary job. If you are wondering how you can acquire the skills needed to enter this hugely popular technology industry, we suggest you enroll in a comprehensive Online Python Training program

We hope you found this blog about Python Projects Ideas useful. If you have any specific questions for us mention them in this blog’s comments section, and we'll have our experts answer them for you at the earliest!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Learn Python?

Ans. Amongst the different programming languages available on the market, Python has made its way to becoming one of the rapidly growing languages. Python can be used for many applications like building web applications, game development, machine learning, and scientific and numerical computing. Python projects for beginners are an easier way to gain valuable experience and become a data scientist, machine learning engineer, data analyst, or even software developer.

Q2. What Should My First Python Project Be?

Ans.  Start from any of the Python projects for beginners that are mentioned above. Once you master Python with simple projects like the creation of MadLibs Generator, Rock-Paper-Scissors, or Website blocker, you can switch to creating other projects.

Q3. Is Python Suitable for Large Projects?

Ans.  Python works with all types of projects, especially long-term projects. To manage a major project, you need loose coupling and great cohesiveness. A large project essentially needs an orthogonal structure to carry out small sub-projects and Python can indeed be a great language to handle every such demand, efficiently. 

For instance, pydev provides support for auto-completion and debugging for python with all other eclipse goodies such as svn support.

Q4. Which Python Libraries Are Prerequisites to Getting Started With the Project Development?

Ans.  Python has a wide variety of libraries and rich modules which make it one of the best and most versatile languages for development. The following are some of the most popular Python libraries - TensorFlow is a boon to Machine Learning engineers. This library is developed by Google and can be considered a computational library.

Q5. What Are the Major Components of a Python Project?

Ans.  The following components highlight the most general architecture of a Python project. 

  • The problem statement is the basic building block for the overall project.
  • Dataset is a very critical component for your project and must be chosen with care. Only sufficiently large data sets from trusted sources should be used for the project.
  • The algorithm you are using to analyze your data and predict the results. (I.e.Regression Algorithms, Regression Trees, Naive Bayes Algorithm, and Vector Quantization).

Q6. What Python Projects Should I Build to Get a Job?

Ans.  You have to do a lot more than execute Python project ideas to get a job. First of all, you should focus on getting the groundwork. Projects like the merge sort and calculator go over some of these important concepts. Also, you can enroll in a quality Python certification program that will help you land a job.

Q7. What Skills Should a Python Programmer Know?

Ans.  Python programmers should have a firm understanding of Python basics along with object-oriented programming concepts. According to the field of work, Python enthusiasts should be familiar with the related frameworks and libraries. They should also have a good understanding of ORM libraries, front-end technologies, version control systems, and more. Our Python certification is one of the best ways to develop such skills.

Q8. Is the Python Course Difficult to Learn?

Ans. JanBask’s Python course is the first step beginners can take to gain expertise in this language without any difficulty. The course curriculum is designed by industry experts and all the concepts are explained in detail so that even an individual with no programming experience can understand.


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