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Top Salesforce Project Ideas to Make An Effective Resume


Do you know how popular Salesforce projects can boost your profile once you add them to your resume? We’ll tell you! Salesforce project ideas have always been at the core of discussions among Salesforce users and aspirants. As a prerequisite to understanding the Salesforce ecosystem, Salesforce Projects are effective and proven ways to achieve operational expertise. 

Driven by high salary inspirations and sustainable career prospects, folks pursuing Salesforce training and Certification courses are high on gaining competencies in Salesforce skills, and working on real-time Salesforce project ideas that give the practical know-how just adds an extra edge to the profile. 

Salesforce owns a vast business spectrum in the CRM domain, and  Salesforce professionals serving these domains often need to switch niches in the interest of their companies, raising a need to practice Salesforce projects in the new business domain to meet the client's expectations. On the other hand, beginners work on Salesforce project ideas to boost their practical understanding and demonstrate competency to take on the job roles.

This symbolizes that Salesforce projects are needed by all. Whether an aspirant is a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced user, Salesforce projects can help individuals realign their operational competencies with the job’s needs, career goals, and professional interests.

Analyzing the critical importance, we at JanBask Training leverage our year-long experience and expertise to bring inspiring Salesforce project ideas for beginners, intermediates, and the experienced, including Salesforce lightning project ideas. These Salesforce project ideas will help the aspirants navigate the hierarchy and explore the various possibilities to accomplish their professional interests.

Salesforce Project Ideas

Let us now discuss some popular Salesforce project ideas for beginners, intermediates, and experienced professionals. The projects have been selected meticulously to help an aspirant start as a novice, attain expertise with advanced Salesforce project ideas, and explore the Salesforce career path.

Salesforce project ideas

Salesforce Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Data Import and Cleanup Salesforce Project

The tasks involved in the Data Import and Cleanup project would include importing data from external sources (e.g., spreadsheets) into Salesforce, cleaning them up, and representing them as standardized data.

To do this project, Identify data sources and the requirements. Map data fields between source and Salesforce. Perform data cleanup activities (e.g., removing duplicates and standardizing formats) and Import data into Salesforce using Data Loader or Data Import Wizard.

This Salesforce project will help beginners learn data structures in Salesforce, tools for importing data, and data cleansing techniques in Salesforce.

2. Custom Object Creation Salesforce Project

The major task of this Salesforce project would be to create custom objects in Salesforce to capture specific business data.

The steps to do this project would involve:

  • Collecting requirements from the stakeholders
  • Designing a custom object schema, including fields and relationships
  • Creating custom objects, fields, and relationships in Salesforce setup.
  • Test the custom objects to ensure they meet business requirements. 

3. Workflow and Automation Project

The task involved in this project would involve setting up workflow rules and automating the process to streamline the business flow.

The steps to meet the objective would include:

  • Identifying manual processes that can be automated
  • Defining criteria and actions for workflow rules
  • Configuring the workflow rules, field updates, and email alerts
  • Testing and validating the automation rules

Completing this project would boost the workflow automation concepts, including the rule criteria, action, and testing of the automation.

4. Reports and Dashboard Creation Project

The objective would be to create reports and dashboards with Salesforce to visualize and analyze data.

Doing this project would need:

  • Identifying the key metrics and reporting requirements
  • Building custom reports using Salesforce Report Builder.
  • Creating dashboards to display report data visually.
  • Sharing the reports and dashboards with stakeholders.

This project would help to learn about the report types, report filters, dashboard components and insights into data visualization.

These beginner’s projects can effectively help you land a lucrative entry-level Salesforce job

Salesforce Project Ideas for Intermediates

1. Process Automation Project

This project would aim to automate a complex business process using Process Builder and Flow.

Steps to meet the objective would involve:

  • Analyzing the usual business process and documenting it.
  • Design the process flow using Process Builder and Flow Builder.
  • Implementing automation for multi-step processes.
  • Testing and Validating the process automation

This salesforce project would give hands-on experience with process automation concepts, Flow design, and error handling.

2. Integration Project with External System

This project would involve integrating Salesforce with an external system (For example: ERP, Marketing automation platform, etc.)

Key steps for this project completion would involve:

  • Identifying an external system for integration with Salesforce followed by integration requirements and endpoints.
  • Designing the integration architecture and data mapping.
  • Configuring integration tools such as Salesforce Connect, REST APIs, and others.
  • Testing the data synchronization and error handling.

Key learnings from this project would involve exposure to Integeration patterns, API authentication, data synchronization, and others.

3. Advanced Reporting and Analytics Project

This project would involve building advanced (complex-type) reports and dashboards with advanced analytics features.

Steps to meet the objectives would involve:

  • Identifying advanced analytics requirements (e.g., forecasting and predictive analytics)
  • Using features such as Joined Reports, Bucket Fields, and Custom Summary Formulas.
  • Implementing forecasting models and trend analysis.
  • Presenting insights and recommendations to the stakeholders.

Doing this project would give exposure to Advanced reporting features, data analysis techniques, and interpreting the data. 

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4. Salesforce Mobile App Customization Project

The task under this project would be customizing the Salesforce mobile app to optimize the user experience

Identify the changes that could optimize the user experience with a Salesforce Mobile App. Change the layout or call to action to meet the desired objectives. Configure offline access and mobile notifications, and conclude with testing the customizations on different devices.

This salesforce project will give you hands-on experience with app customization features and configuration.

5. Community Portal Development Project

Use the Salesforce Community Cloud to design and develop a community portal.

In this salesforce project, the developer needs to define community requirements and user personas followed by designing the community layouts, themes, and branding. Configuring the community features such as forums, knowledge bases, and Chatter would be imperative need before launching and promoting the community to users.

The project will give practical exposure to Community portal set-up techniques, user engagement strategies, and community management requirements.

Let us now move on to some Salesforce project ideas for experienced professionals. 

Salesforce Project Ideas for Experienced

1. Salesforce Lightning Migration Project

The job in this Salesforce development project would be migrating from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning Experience. 

The developer needs to assess the current Salesforce setup and customization and then plan a migration strategy to the Salesforce Lightning experience. After executing the strategy, the developer needs to customize the Lightning pages, components, and apps. 

This project could help the developer explore Lightning Experience features, learn the best practices for migration, and craft a strategy for similar jobs ahead.

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2. Global Implementation Project

The project involves implementing Salesforce across multiple regions or business units globally. 

Steps to meet the objective will include:

  • Defining implementation strategy and rollout plan.
  • Customizing Salesforce to meet regional requirements and compliance standards.
  • Coordinating with local stakeholders and project teams.
  • Conducting user training and providing ongoing support across regions.

This salesforce project gives hands-on experience with global implementation considerations, cross-cultural communication, and change management.

3. Salesforce DX Project

The task under this project would be to Implement Salesforce Development Experience (DX) for source-driven development and continuous integration.

This project would majorly involve:

  • Setting up Salesforce DX project structure and version control.
  • Developing Salesforce application using Salesforce CLI
  • Implementing CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment.

Key learnings would comprise the Salesforce DX concepts, source-driven development, and DevOps practices.

By far, you must be having a good understanding of the various Salesforce project ideas, now, let’s delve into the basics and understand why one should understand the dynamics of Salesforce projects. 

Why One Should Know of Salesforce Projects?

Salesforce projects are a robust way to strengthen theoretical learning by doing projects sought in other industries. With Salesforce projects, users can develop skills that employers value. While the coders should target development-related projects, non-coders can work on Salesforce admin project ideas that include tasks such as managing data, setting up workflows, or creating reports. These projects will give real-time experience for tackling the challenges associated with project implementation. Hence, apart from a robust Salesforce Certification preparation, these Salesforce Project Ideas are necessary to shine in your path. 

For instance, a data import and clean-up Salesforce project idea for beginners can give hands-on experience with data importing/ exporting, data cleansing, and duplication. 

Similarly, process automation and integration projects can help intermediates gain expertise in Process Builders, Flow creation, Approval processes, Salesforce Integration, API usage, and other related skills.

With a thorough understanding of Salesforce features and practical hands-on experience, Salesforce project ideas can help aspirants in career advancement, resume enhancement, and problem-solving skills, ensuring active participation in business growth and sustainability.

Skill Sets That You May Acquire Through Salesforce Projects

Salesforce projects can be an effective way to explore and earn in-depth experience in various salesforce skills, including the following:

Skills earned from salesforce projects

  1.  Project Management: Apart from a PMP Certification course, A user can enrich the skills of project management through project planning, Scope management, task and time management, resource allocation, risk management, communication and collaboration, and change management.
  2.  Data Analysis and Interpretation: Reports and dashboard preparation in Salesforce can enhance data analysis and interpretation skills through visualization, Predictive Analytics, Data integration and analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  3. User Management: Salesforce customer relationship management projects involve user account creation and access upgradation, imparting a thorough knowledge of user management and liaison.
  4. Technical Skills: Salesforce projects involve navigating through complex tasks, including data management, use of APIs, security, and compliance. The wide exposure can enhance the technical capabilities of the aspirants.
  5. Marketing Skills: Salesforce reports and dashboards are designed to provide useful insights with campaigns and lead management activities, enhancing the marketing skills of the user.

Common Challenges in Implementing Salesforce Projects?

Salesforce projects can provide real-time experience, but they often come with challenges. Users who are keen on mastering what is Salesforce and its implementations should devise strategies to overcome these challenges. Some common challenges in Salesforce projects may include:

  1. Data Migration: Transferring data from legacy systems to Salesforce can be complex and time-consuming.
  2. Data Mapping: Inaccurate or incomplete data mapping may lead to data losses, data duplication, and data integrity issues. 
  3. Lack of clarity: Inaccurate communication with stakeholders or conflicting priorities may lead to a lack of clarity in designing/developing or implementing correct measures in Salesforce projects.
  4. Bad Data: Data sometimes comes with flaws. This may include Poor quality,  inaccuracy, or incompleteness. These data may be referred to as Bad Data that can undermine the effectiveness of the Salesforce projects.
  5. Security and data privacy concerns: Threats associated with unauthorized access, data leaks, or insecure integration with an external application may raise security and data privacy concerns.
  6. Customization and configuration: Customizing complex Salesforce projects may be a tough job for a layman. Even experienced professionals can face issues of platform limitation for client demands, leading to complexities with configuration and customization.

Salesforce Real-Time Project Examples and Skill Development

This section focuses on skill development with Salesforce real-time project examples, outlining the diverse exposure with Salesforce projects. Also, start developing your skills to ace the Salesforce interview with these top 200+ Salesforce interview questions and answers.

Let us examine some real-time Salesforce project examples:

Real time salesforce project examples

Real Estate Management System

A salesforce project for real estate management incorporates a dashboard that allows the owner to list properties, handle client inquiries, and ensure secured transactions. On the other side, the dashboard has to be user-friendly, allowing the end users to mark their favorites and receive matching recommendations.

Doing a Salesforce project would impart the user with hands-on experience in:

  • Salesforce features such as custom objects, fields, workflows, process automation, and data management tool utilization. 
  • Familiarity with interface, navigation, and functionalities.
  • Data Management and manipulation skills including data validation, data cleansing, and data reporting.
  • Project Management skills include planning, organizing, managing timelines, priorities, and managing resources.

Human Resource Management System

A Salesforce project building a Human Resource Management System will intend to simplify and automate recruitment and employee management activities. Doing a similar project will bring practical experience with:

  • Automating the shortlisting of job applications, followed by scheduling interviews and updating the status.
  • Communication features and skills, including collaboration between the technical and the HR team.
  • Data management records such as salary details, performance reviews, etc.

Customer Service Management System

A customer service management system can be built with Salesforce to effectively manage inquiries, complaints, and customer service records. Key learnings from this project would incorporate:

  • User account management kills
  • Communication skills, task management, prioritization, and time management.
  • Data retrieval and analysis
  • Feedback management
  • Automation and workflow configuration

Integrated Supply Chain Management System

An Integrated Supply Chain Management System can ensure streamlined supply management. Doing this salesforce project would bring hands-on experience with the following:

  • Inventory management includes stock monitoring and threshold setting.
  • Automate quotation requests with new vendors, encompassing email follow-ups.
  • Automatic notifications for inventory run-outs.
  • Logistics management and order processing.
  • Shipment tracking and delivery management.
  • Insights for deviations, resulting in improvements in the needed areas.

Quality Assurance Tracking System

Doing a Quality Assurance Tracking System Project would ensure a streamlined approach to meeting the product quality standards and would give exposure to:

  • Product lifecycle management
  • Quality control records
  • Insights for quality improvement
  • Generating reports, visualizing data trends, and identifying patterns and insights to drive quality improvements.
  • Customer feedback management and retention.

Real-Time Salesforce LWC Project Ideas, Examples

Introduced in 2018, LWC has converted the Salesforce user interface into a more intuitive and interactive dashboard. Applications using LWC are optimized for performance and convenience. Let us see a few real-time Salesforce LWC projects that we interact with quite often.

  • BMI Calculator: An application utilizing forms and data to calculate the Body Mass Index. Users need to enter their height and weight to get the desired outcome. 
  • Currency Converter: This application utilizes the live rates retrieved from an API to convert currencies between different currencies. Working with API is working with external data sources in this project.
  • Weather App: A Weather app would be another real-time Salesforce project example that uses API to fetch live weather data.
  • Employee Directory: An employee directory is a real-time example that practices data manipulation and filtering within the LWC to display employee information like name, department, and contact details. 
  • Real-Time Chat App: A Real-Time Chat App uses web sockets or server-sent events for real-time updates. 

How Can These Projects Add Value To Your Resume?

Salesforce projects can be regarded as value investments in resumes. Mentioning them in a resume demonstrates the extent of exposure a user has to the Salesforce platform. It showcases hands-on experience and proficiency in operational competency. Employers get an effective means to question and explore the user’s knowledge and suitability for the vacant position.

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Highlighting hands-on experience in designing and implementing custom solutions narrates the user’s ability to meet business requirements such as:

  • Creating workflows
  • Automating process flow
  • Demonstrating problem-solving abilities
  • Insights into real-world application
  •  Analytical capabilities
  • Data management skills
  • Creating reports and dashboards
  • Communication proficiency, and others.

Why Salesforce For Your Career (Uses of Salesforce)

Among more than 340 competitors in the CRM domain, Salesforce is the leading CRM provider, with around 24.7% of the market share. Its revenue has grown at a CAGR of 51.22% over the last 20 years. This suggests that Salesforce is going to get stronger with time. Let’s look at some data outlined below to get a better sense of Salesforce's importance for the career.

Salesforce can be a rewarding career option due to its

High Demand:

According to a report, Salesforce registered a 30% growth rate in its strength from 2020 to February 2022. Trends suggest that the Salesforce ecosystem will create more than 9.3 million jobs by 2026. 

Above Industry Average Salary:

Salesforce jobs are high paying with an average salary of around $98000 a year for freshers. As such, pursuing a career in Salesforce would be the best course to go for in 2024.

Diverse Career Paths:

 The Salesforce ecosystem offers many career paths. An aspirant can choose to become a Salesforce developer if he/she is familiar with coding or an admin role if unfamiliar with coding.

Cloud Based Platform:

Since a cloud-based platform, accessing the Salesforce platform is easy with login credentials. This easy accessibility enhances communication and collaboration with team members and clients. Further, the model is built to ensure business recovery in disastrous situations, manifesting sustainability and unwavering commitment to growth.

Continuous Learning:

Salesforce is constantly evolving, so there's always something new to learn.  Salesforce provides a free learning platform, Trailhead, with various trails and modules to keep you updated on the latest features and technologies.

Remote Work Opportunities:

Many Salesforce jobs offer remote work options, allowing for greater flexibility and work-life balance.

So why wait? Start hunting for and enrolling in the best Salesforce Certifications to skyrocket your career.

Future of Salesforce

The future of Salesforce looks bright and innovative, with a focus on several key areas:

  • AI Integration: Salesforce is heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is integrating it across its platform
  • Seamless Customer Experiences: Providing a unified customer experience across all platforms is a priority with Salesforce inspiring innovations ahead.  
  • Industry Cloud Expansion: Salesforce is expanding its industry-specific cloud solutions to cater to the unique needs of different sectors. 
  • Low-Code/No-Code Development: Salesforce will likely make it even easier for users with little to no coding experience to build custom applications using drag-and-drop tools and pre-built components.
  • Focus on Sustainability: Salesforce is committed to sustainability and is likely to develop tools to help businesses track their environmental impact and operate more sustainably.

Overall, Salesforce is moving towards a future that is more intelligent, connected, secure, and adaptable. This will allow businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences, operate more efficiently, and achieve their strategic goals.


Salesforce is a leading CRM provider globally with its clientele spanning over the favourites among the Fortune 500 companies. It ranks 15th fastest-growing IT company globally, adding jobs in millions annually. Fetching a dream role with Salesforce requires expertise and operational proficiency. Practicing the Salesforce project can help understand the industry-specific challenges and trends and hone the technical skills to match the expectations of the hirers. 

So, whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, practicing Salesforce projects is a proven way to progress toward your dream job. Start with Salesforce project ideas for beginners listed above and excel in the ever-evolving realm of Salesforce through continuous practice and learning along with enrolling in an effective Salesforce Certification Course.


Q1.) What are some Salesforce projects?

Salesforce projects depend upon the companies and their objectives, yet some common salesforce projects include Business Process Automation, User Interface Customization, Reporting and Analytics, and Data Migration and integration.

Q2.) What is a real-life example of Salesforce?

A real-life example of Salesforce would ideally be a business that uses Salesforce for customer relationship management and growth. For example Canon.

Canons utilize Salesforce capabilities to track leads, manage sales pipeline, inventory, track customer cases and inquiries, history, logs, email marketing, etc. Once the user creates an account with Canon, Salesforce’s tracking system automates the process flow to engage its customers and device growth.

Q3.) What is the Salesforce project role?

Salesforce project roles can be defined as the niche positions/ professionals that contribute to the overall success of the project. Some examples would be Salesforce Project Manager (SPM), Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Business Analyst (BA), and others.

Q4.) Which Salesforce is in demand?

Beginners usually start as either the Salesforce admin or Salesforce developer. Positions like salesforce architect or consultant come as promotions with experience over time. Out of these two roles, Salesforce developers are usually in higher demand, but an aspirant needs to have coding skills to become a Salesforce Developer. On the other side, Salesforce admins are non-coding roles dealing in various domains like business intelligence, customer support, and others.


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