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How Much do Cloud Engineers Actually Make in a Year?


Cloud engineer is one of the sought-after job profiles for any IT career enthusiasts - as it pays a hefty package and gives tons of scope to move upward in the career ladder, layer by layer.

Cloud engineering is now the most competent yet reimbursed field because it is helping businesses move towards more scalable, secure, and competitive solutions. This is the reason small to top-tier companies are now migrating their physical infrastructure to cloud computing and are on a serious talent hunt for skilled & certified cloud engineers to meet their needs.

If you are looking for a career that pays heavy right from the beginning and gives tremendous growth-prospects, then you should go for cloud engineering --- It is one of the top 15 Highest Paying Jobs as per Forbes.

But how much does the field pay? This is what exactly we are going to unfold in the blog now. By going steeper into the blog, you will find out:

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Is cloud engineering the right career fit for you?
  • What do these cloud engineers do?
  • Skills you need to become a Cloud Engineer
  • Best AWS Training Course for a Cloud Engineer 
  • Cloud Engineers Annual Average Salary
  • Junior to senior cloud engineer salary
  • Cloud Engineer Salary as per different roles
  • Cloud Engineer Salary based on different locations
  • Cloud Engineer Salary by top-tier companies

What is Cloud Computing?

 Cloud Computing

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce says “cloud computing is an improved way to lead your business”.

Cloud computing is the shared use of remote servers to store, manage, safeguard business’s proprietary data, activities & applications. 

The technology/method/solution stands cheap comparative to physical infrastructure to enterprises and makes access to the data stream from anywhere -- and this is the biggest reason why startups to legacy companies are in awe of it.

The managing vice-president of Gartner says --- cloud services are like the magazine subscriptions to the business, when they are no longer needed, they can be called off on subscription anytime. Talking about cloud services, there are three toughest cloud vendors that are fighting for the number one spot --- AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, and Google Cloud. Out of these, AWS is the leading cloud service provider with a 33% market share and the highest AWS cloud engineer salary. 

Migrating a business to cloud solutions requires complete know-how, and this is the reason cloud engineers come into play.

Is Cloud Engineering the Right Career Fit for You?

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What do these Cloud Engineers Do?

cloud engineering

Cloud engineer performs technical know-how around cloud computing to help organizations --- design, develop & deploy cloud systems to store & manage data & applications safely over it.

In smaller companies, you’ll see a single cloud engineer responsible for managing the entire cloud computing tasks. While in big-scale companies, the roles for cloud computing are often divided into AWS Solution Architect Roles, Cloud developer, Cloud engineer, SysOps Admin, consultant, and a lot more.

1.Cloud Platforms Familiarity

Cloud Platforms Familiarity

To start with the basics, you need to choose the cloud platform that you want to be in. The three popular choices are AWS Certification, Azure Certification, and Google Cloud Certification.

AWS is the top cloud platform with a 33% market share and is trusted & leveraged by many organizations from small to big scale levels. Azure is the Microsoft product, is the best fit to integrate with the Microsoft stack. While Google cloud is the big name in the big data & software development markets.

You need to decide on the platform based on the company’s requirements, salary range, and your learning preference and should get hands on any of them via a formal training & certification program online.

2. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage

Since data is an integral part of cloud computing, an individual should know how to manage and store data in the cloud: based on the type & amount of data the company wants to store & manage. Individuals should know how to store & manage data in the cloud to make it count as a great data engineer skill. 

The S3, glacier AWS services, and data lakes Azure services are a few options that organizations can use for their requirement. You must decide the platform you are ready to go for --- AWS or Azure, and then learn their data storage services.

3. Virtualization


Virtualization helps organizations become more fault-tolerant and scalable as it reduces hardware assets and allows running on multiple virtual machines altogether over the same hardware. 

Organizations use Virtualization services like Lamda and EC2 AWS virtualization services. You must learn them to make your skills count.

4. Virtual Networks

Virtual Networks

As centralized computing resources are shared for clients over the cloud, the cloud engineer is responsible for building solutions that ensure that the networks are responsive to end-users.

As a cloud engineer, it is necessary to know how to build automatic adjustment procedures via complete knowledge of networking and virtual networks.

5. Linux

30% of servers that power Azure are Linux based. Linux is a popular choice because it is secure, customized, and open source. 

By seeing the power and popularity of Linux, you should know how to design and maintain Linux servers in a cloud environment.

6. Web Services & API

Web Services & API

Web services are important as they help developers to get ways to integrate web applications over the internet. You should know how to use XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI open standards to tag & transfer data, explain and list out all services available. And API for doing the integration.

Real working experience with websites will greatly help to develop cloud architectures.

7. Cloud Security

Cloud Security

By moving everything to the cloud, it is necessary to ensure that every data application moved there is safe and is getting a good hang of it. Cloud security is needed to protect data, infrastructure, applications over the cloud. As a cloud engineer, you must know how to take preventing measures as:

  • Data at rest encryption
  • Intrusion detection systems & event logging
  • Data centers with robust physical security
  • Internal firewalls for apps & databases
  • Top of the line perimeter firewall

8. Programming/Scripting

Cloud Security

Since cloud engineers are required to develop, deploy, and manage the applications over the cloud, they must have great programming skills. Some of the options for them to learn could be:

  • Python - for analyzing & managing the portions of data in the cloud.
  • SQL - for data manipulation & processing.

XML with Java Programming for data description

9. Containers


Containers provide a logical packaging mechanism, where applications can be abstracted from the environment where they actually run. This allows container-based applications with easy & consistent deployment despite the target environment is a private data center or public cloud.

Knowing about popular containers like Docker & Kubernetes will help in adding a lot to your resume.

10. DevOps


AWS DevOps is an excellent skill to learn and reflect on because DevOps brings the operations & development teams together along with popular cloud services like AWS. You should rake in the great hold of DevOps skills to meet the classic development to operational challenges and help organizations move towards more effective, efficient building, deploying, and managing applications over the cloud.

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Cloud Engineers Annual Average Salary

The annual salary of cloud engineers can go as low as $69,000 & as high as $173,500. The annual average salary of cloud engineers was found at $129,363 per year by ZipRecruiter.

Cloud Engineer’s Salary depends & varies on:

  • The location they are in
  • Their qualification, training & certifications
  • Demand: Supply
  • And a lot more...

Let’s take a dig at some facts to understand why Cloud engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in the world:

  • According to Gartner reports, the average salary for Cloud engineers in 2018 was noted as $146,350 (an increase of $22,050 in 2 years from $ 124,300).
  • The profile is quite popular in US industries --- there are around 8,215 new job openings for cloud specialists per month in the US.
  • Forbes has predicted that by 2020 & beyond, 83 % of the enterprise workloads will shift to the cloud & 41 % of them will be migrating to public platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
  • 26 % of firms spend $6 million & more on public cloud yearly, while 52 % spend more than $1.2 million yearly.
  • 20 % of firms are planning to double their public cloud spend, while 71 % are planning to grow public cloud spend by more than 20%.

Junior to Senior Cloud Engineer Salary

Experience is another factor that also creates nuances between the salary allocation to cloud engineers. If we talk about cloud vendor AWS, here is what the junior, entry-level to Sr cloud engineer salary gets.

Experience Level

Average Salary

Entry-level Cloud Engineer Salary (0-3 years)


Sr Cloud Engineer Salary (4-6 years)

$152,809 & more.

Note: The junior to senior cloud engineer salary depends on the level of skills, knowledge, certifications, company you are applying to, location, and various other factors. If you have great skills to possess via formal training, you can pretty soon climb up in your career ladder. Now you know what entry-level to Sr cloud engineer salary is, let’s get into cloud engineer’s salary for different vendors & roles.

Cloud Engineer Salary as per Different Roles

In bigger organizations, there are different job roles to honour cloud computing solutions than just cloud engineers. You will find different profiles as Cloud Solution Architect, SysOps Admin, and Cloud Developer in either technology AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Each profile requires rigorous training & certification to understand the job know-how. Some companies use the term cloud engineer interchangeably with Cloud Developer, Solution Architect, and System Admin. If you prepare for any of these roles, you will be called a cloud engineer only. Check the AWS quiz to prepare yourself better.

If you choose to elect between these three profiles --- AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, here are the AWS Cloud Engineer salary, Azure cloud engineer salary, Google cloud engineer salary

AWS Cloud Engineer Salary



AWS Solution Architect


AWS Developer


AWS SysOps Admin


Azure Cloud Engineer Salary



Azure Solution Architect


Azure Developer


Azure Administrator


Google Cloud Engineer Salary



Google Cloud Architect


Google Cloud Developer


Google System Administrator


These were the AWS cloud engineer salary, Azure cloud engineer salary, and Google cloud engineer salary, now let’s talk about cloud engineer salary in different global locations.

Cloud Engineer Salary Based on Different Locations

The salaries of cloud engineers vary by location. Check out the compilation of Cloud Engineer Salary different US location wise --- list courtesy by Indeed.

US Locations

Annual Average Salary

Atlanta, GA


Austin, TX


Chicago, IL


New York, NY

$139, 440

Boston, MA


Check out the Salary of cloud engineers in Indian locations too:


Average Salary


INR 1,600,398

Tamil Nadu

INR 1,317,345


INR 1,794,332

Cloud Engineer Salary by Top-tier Companies

Here are the few powerful brand names that are hiring for cloud engineers at a very good package.


  • Cloud engineers at Amazon are paid a median salary of $131,000 per year.
  • AWS is the brainchild of Amazon and thus presently there are 2000 cloud-related jobs at Amazon.


  • IBM offers $124,000 as an average annual to cloud engineers.
  • Has 262 vacancies on Glassdoor for cloud-related jobs.

Booz Allen Hamilton

  • It offers a $122,000 annual average to cloud engineers.
  • There are 100 vacant cloud-related jobs globally.


  • It offers $118,000 as an annual average to cloud engineers.
  • There are 200 vacant cloud-related jobs.


  • It offers an annual average of $122,000 to cloud engineers.
  • There are 50 vacant cloud-related jobs across the US.


  • It offers an annual average of $114,986 to cloud engineers.


  • It offers an annual average of $134,793 to cloud engineers.


  • It offers an annual average of $160,996 per year to cloud engineers.

From top tier to startups to legacy firms, everyone is hurriedly looking for Cloud Engineers to meet their serverless computing requirements.

How would you like Cloud Engineer Training with any of these two popular --- AWS & Azure?

If the cloud engineer career has got you all curious and made you feel “this is it, I want to own this career” kind of feel, how would training for AWS or Azure (any vendor you choose will give you a solid career start) feel like?  A training that will brush up your skills around how to build, deploy and manage the organization’s pivotal data to the application to infrastructure with great security, scalability, and fault-tolerance and will transform you into a complete certification holding and job-ready AWS Cloud Architect or Azure Cloud Architect.

Note: The junior to senior cloud engineer salary depends on the level of skills, knowledge, certifications, company you are applying to, location, and various other factors. If you have great skills to possess via formal training, you can pretty soon climb up your career ladder. Now you know what entry-level Sr cloud engineer salary is, let’s get into cloud engineer’s salary for different vendors & roles.

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