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AWS Developer Tutorial: Pave The Path To A Successful Career


We are not going to tell you what everyone is making a noise about!

You must have read about the much talked about cloud computing platform that has more than 1,00,000 users; in the second quarter of 2021, this cloud platform has brought in a record $14.8 billion in net sales, and its founder has been one of the world's wealthiest and most influential personalities. 

You guessed it right; we are talking about AWS, which has provided the required agility, innovation, and cost-effectiveness to businesses dreaded because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies like Netflix use AWS for nearly all its computing and storage needs, including databases, analytics, recommendation engines, video transcoding, and more—hundreds of functions that in total use more than 100,000 server instances on AWS.

And so, it is no surprise that the experts with an AWS certification are and will always be in high demand. Therefore, if you plan to get an Amazon Web Services (AWS) training and certification, give a pat on your back! You have reached the right AWS Developer Tutorials that will make your journey stress-free and informative.

In This AWS Developer Tutorial, We Are Going to Answer Every Question Related to AWS Developers.

  • AWS Developer Tutorials
  • What Exactly Is Aws
  • An Aws Developer Roles And Responsibilities
  • Aws Developer Certification And Career Path
  • Future Prospects And Salaries, 
  • Essential Tips To Start Your Journey As An Aws Developer

Read On!

A Comprehensive AWS Developer Tutorial Videos

This Aws Developer Tutorial for beginners is a comprehensive guide to get you every bit of detail about an AWS Developer. With a keen eye for more information, this tutorial speaks about Cloud, cloud service models, their advantages, AWS overview, along with a detailed demo.

Stay tuned for the best insights on AWS and an AWS Developer career path.

What Makes AWS Cloud Platform So Special?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and what makes it so unique and the global market leader in Iaas - Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service (PaaS) industry is its wide range of remote cloud services designed for enterprises on any scale.

Have a Look at the Product Range AWS Offers AWS Cloud Platform

AWS offers database storage options, computing power, content delivery, networking, developer tools, IoT, security, enterprise applications, and other functionalities to help organizations scale up. In addition, it allows companies to select the desired solutions while they pay for exactly the services they consume only, called a pay-as-you-go basis. 

In 2006, the Founder, Jeff Bezos, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in web services -- now commonly known as Cloud Computing. 

Check Out Some Worth Noting Facts About AWS We Have Curated for You!

  • AWS has a bouquet of services, and that's one of the reasons that AWS is a tough competitor to players in the cloud environment like IBM, Google, Microsoft. Its range of services includes storage, servers, networking, mobile development, remote computing, email, and security.
  • As of Q2 2021, AWS accounts for over 13% of Amazon's total revenue.
  • Amazon owns about a third of the cloud market, nearly twice as much as its nearest competitor.
  • AWS is like an 800-pound Gorilla in the room; as of the first quarter of 2021, AWS has a market share of 31 percent, with Azure following behind at 22% and 9% of Google Cloud.
  • AWS has its servers located in 81 availability zones. Overall, AWS spans 245 countries and territories. 
  • In 2021, DISH Network announced it would develop and launch its 5G network on AWS.
  • According to Amazon, it has an active AWS user of 1,000,000 plus. As a result, almost every enterprise looking to scale up is dependent on AWS.
  • Do you know that in the year 2013, the CIA bypassed IBM and chose AWS for the private cloud!

Isn't these facts motivating enough to get a cloud computing certification? Keep reading this AWS developer tutorial to figure out how critical an AWS developer's role is and what tremendous opportunities and value this certification holds for you!

What Makes An AWS Developer Jack Of All Trade!


Within the Amazon Web Services cloud-based platform, an AWS Developer works with application software or programs in the AWS SDK tutorial video. Their primary responsibility is to optimize an organization's utilization of AWS services, which encompasses anything from developing code to data storage. 

They are in charge of developing and setting up cloud services and being tasked with deployment and regular maintenance. They guide the scalability and implementation of security guidelines. The AWS Developer will often construct or maintain the mobile hub and supervise the configuration of various features. There are quite a several responsibilities they shoulder. 

Roles and Responsibilities Of An AWS Developer

An AWS developer has expertise in multiple subjects covered in the AWS developer tutorial pdf, and the role and responsibility may vary as per the company's requirements. Some of the possible responsibilities would include:

  • Overseeing effective design, development, and validation. 
  • Knowledge management.
  • Develop cost-effective designs
  • Working on code, writing codes using CloudFormation.
  • Defining best strategies around application deployment and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Working on monitor stack
  • Migrating Infrastructure with minimal downtime.
  • Working on sprint agile implementation.
  • Implementing service capacity planning strategies.
  • Working on development with Lambda functions and integration with the backend system.
  • Use ReactJS to develop a front-end UI; as a result,  also covered in the AWS certified developer associate tutorial video.   

With this set of responsibilities as mentioned in this amazon web services developer tutorial comes some niche skill-sets which an AWS developer possesses. Therefore, if you want to make a successful career as an AWS developer, you need to enroll in a certification course that has the mentioned skill-sets in its curriculum. 

Aws Developer Tutorial - Skills Required By An AWS Developer

These Are Some of the Much-Required Skills-Sets That Recruiters Look For While Hiring an AWS Developer.

  • Understanding of Linux/Unix administration.
  • Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes spoken at length in the AWS developer associate tutorial  
  • Proficiency in at least one programming language Ability to troubleshoot distributed systems.
  • Writing Infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Experience with building or maintaining cloud-native applications.
  • Knowledge of core AWS services, coveted in the tutorials dojo AWS developer associate
  • To develop, deploy, debug cloud-based applications using AWS
  • Ability to use SDKs, AWS APIs, AWS CLI, for developing applications
  • Know-how CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS
  • Understanding of Java, MySQL, Docket, etc

By now, if you are motivated to go the extra mile to get the best skill-sets in your armor, you need to enroll in a professional certification course that will get your foundation strong along with making you job-ready. 

Keep scrolling AWS developer associate tutorial pdf to know about AWS certification and its prospects for you.

AWS Developer Certification & Career Path for A Rewarding Career

As Guided in the AWS Developer Tutorial for Beginners, to Be an AWS Developer, There Are Two Certifications You May Pursue. 

  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate: Those with experience of at least one year maintaining AWS applications should go for this certification. They achieve code-level knowledge and understanding for AWS application design, development, and maintenance through the certification. 
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional: You may take up this certification with at least two years of hands-on experience managing AWS. Professionals learn about continuous deployment and automation of AWS processes and implementing them into the AWS architecture through the certification course. (Check out AWS SDK ruby tutorial video for more details)

Eligibility - Those looking to secure an AWS Developer role require a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or relevant industry experience, along with an understanding of AWS services. 

AWS Certified Developer – Associate, can be taken up by anyone with a minimum of one year of experience developing and maintaining an AWS-based application. 

Exam Format

  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Delivery Method: Testing Center or Online
  • Time: 130 Minutes
  • Fee: $150 USD
  • Language: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

AWS Developer Learning Path - While you enroll for a certification course, the course curriculum gets you details about cloud computing, AWS paradigm, AWS DB services, knowledge of DevOps with AWS methodologies, AWS techniques that include decoupling of architecture to design, CI/CD, Serverless, and implementation and support.

To know about the complete curriculum, check out the detailed guide 

AWS Developer Training 

If you are still not sure that pursuing an AWS certification course is worth the effort, we have some facts in this AWS developer tutorial about why this certification is the best career decision in 2022.

Why Is AWS Certification So Much In Demand?

Through this aws developer tutorial, we have some actual and not superlative reasons to make a career as an AWS developer. 

Cloud Computing Skills Are Required For IT Professionals

Because Artificial Intelligence has become crucial to businesses, all industries are shifting to the cloud for data management and many other related functions. IT workers must be familiar with the cloud and its features to manage the radical shift.

Demand Is Overpowering Supply

As per the data available on Google, there are almost 26,00,000 jobs available worldwide. These numbers indicate how much the skill-sets are in demand and will keep growing. However, employers have been facing trouble finding a certified and skilled AWS developer, which has led to individuals taking up a credible AWS developer certification course which this AWS developer tutorial covers at length.

AWS and Cloud Go Hand-In-Hand

AWS is the market leader, it controls about a third of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Market, and these numbers will keep increasing. Obtaining an AWS certification in 2022 is thus a secure career choice for IT professionals and individuals looking to make a career on this well-known platform.

Increased Cloud Migration To AWS

SMEs and established businesses across all industry sectors are increasingly transitioning to the cloud, and to solve the challenge of this huge migration, they need customized solutions. Solutions that come under the expertise of an AWS developer. As a result, there is a huge demand for an AWS developer certification. 

A handsome Compensation

In the US, AWS Developers earn an average annual salary of US$122,799, according to ZipRecruiter. However, developers' salaries can range from US$100,000 to US$151,843 per year, depending on their experience.

Individuals who have earned AWS certifications are among the highest-paid professionals falling in a six figures bracket. 

By now, reading this aws developer tutorial, you must be triggered to get going with an AWS certification. So we'll sweep you through the best tips on initiating a worthwhile career as an AWS Developer.

Essential Tips To Kick Start Your Career As An Aws Developer

While there are no abiding steps to get an AWS certification, in this aws developer tutorial, we have mentioned below some winning strategies that will make the journey trouble-free.

  1. Learn about an AWS developer's certification, roles, and responsibilities before deciding on a career path. Go through job descriptions on job portals like to understand industry expectations and have a fair overview of what you are getting into.
  2. Go for online consultation if required. Many online certification courses have expert consultants to guide you through the complete course details and take it up.
  3. Enroll in an AWS certification course that has an extensive course curriculum along with real-time industry exposure.
  4. Review study material, exam guides, videos, AWS developer tutorials are available to sharpen your knowledge. Also, read multiple AWS whitepapers, they have extensive information related to the subjects.
  5. Remember, practice will make you perfect. So do rigorous preparation to stay confident and stress-free on the exam date.
  6. Work on getting in-depth knowledge of programming languages.
    1. Read about core AWS services use and basic AWS architecture best practices, including the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, application lifecycle management.
    2. Get industry experience and proficiency in development, deployment, and fixing cloud-based applications using AWS.
    3. Work on gaining knowledge about the AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to write applications Understanding of cloud-native applications to write code
  7. Enroll for an AWS certified developer- associate examination - AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam. (DVA-C01). The cost for taking the exam is 150 USD, and it takes 130 minutes to complete the examination. 

We hope this AWS developer tutorial has helped you understand the core of making a career in this domain. On that note, we wrap up with a quick recap of what we have learned!

What We Have Learned!

A recent study by IDC shows that companies that move to AWS experience a 51% reduction in cost and a 94% reduction in downtime. So the question is not any more "Why Aws"; it's how to implement it fast and effectively. The expertise lies in the hand of an AWS developer to smoothen the overall process, which has motivated a lot of individuals to get their hands on a credible AWS Developer certification course, details well covered in this AWS developer tutorial. 

Tell us if you have enrolled in any IT certification courses? Do share your experience with us. If not, our experts are here to get you the best piece of advice!

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