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AWS Career Path - Complete Guide to Start your Career in AWS

Does cloud computing fascinate you? Do you want to make a long term career around it, more specifically in AWS technology (hello, leading cloud technology)?

Then we are sure you might be surrounded by these questions for sure...

  1. What’s the demand for the AWS career like? Does AWS career path/role provide you great stability?
  2. Which companies are hiring for AWS Cloud professionals?
  3. Is it easy to learn & make a career in AWS Cloud technology? What particular educational or technical background do you need to pursue a career in AWS?
  4. Which AWS role should I go for --- AWS Solution Architect, AWS Developer, AWS SysOps Admin, AWS System Engineer, AWS DevOps Engineer?
  5. Is it easy to get jobs within the AWS Cloud technology?
  6. Should I go for AWS Certifications, if yes, which one should I go for?
  7. I am working in some different IT technology, can I make my career in AWS?

We were right, you do have these questions, don’t worry you will have answers to all of them. It’s great if you are dedicated to enrolling yourself under AWS technology. AWS is an excellent choice for graduates to IT professionals to self-employed individuals having no hard & fast technical background or knowledge. Once you are in, you get amazing AWS career opportunities with…

  • Work-life balance

  • Established companies

  • And wealthy paycheck

AWS Careers can add majorly to your earning & career goals!



AWS offers services more than just computing & storage, they have 70+ services around the database, networking, mobile, software & more.



AWS has millions of customers all across 190 countries --- including 2000 government agencies, 17,500 NPOs, and 5000 educational institutions.



AWS Solution Architect is the most popular cloud certifications in IT.

About AWS as Company --- “Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History”

Amazon’s History, Past & Beyond!

Who coined Inc.?

  • was founded by Jeff Bezos in July 1994 in Seattle (because of the availability of technical talent).
  • It went public in 1997 and started selling video games, home improvement items, consumer electronics, and much more.
  • In 2002, the company initiated AWS (Amazon Web Services) which rents cost-effective computer processing power & simple storage to businesses via the internet.

Amazon’s all-time Acquisitions

  • 2011 onwards, Amazon stuck its focus on buying technology startups to flourish its Amazon Web Services & Amazon Echo business units.
  • Amazon made acquisitions in diverse business sectors and “Whole Food Market” worth $13.7 billion on 16th June 2017 was one of its biggest bids ever.
  • 2017 was the year of acquisition, as the company managed to take 11 companies (maximum) under its hood.
  • Amazon owns 40 subsidiaries, including names like IMDb, Goodreads, shop bop, Zappos, Twitch & More.

Amazon’s Customers

  • There are over 130 million active customers profiles over
  • AWS has surpassed its customers by over 1 million (businesses of all scales) in 190 countries globally.
  • AWS is leveraged by popular brands like --- Netflix, LinkedIn, Twitch, Turner Broadcasting, Facebook, ESPN, Baidu & BBC.

Locations where Amazon’s offices are located

  • Amazon’s main corporate office is in Seattle, Washington, US.
  • Amazon has offices around more than 30 countries across the globe.
  • AWS has 77 Availability Zones (physical locations with one data center & complete infrastructure to make applications available) within 24 geographic regions across the globe

Amazon’s work culture - what it’s like to work in Amazon?

  • Amazon was ranked the “best place to work” in 2018 -- leaving behind Google’s workplace.
  • Amazon’s work culture is mainly driven by 4 principles - customer satisfaction (rather than focusing on competition), long-term thinking, operational excellence, and continuous invention.

How much revenue does Amazon earn?

  • Amazon’s net sales amounted to 280.5 billion U.S. dollars.
  • AWS revenue accounts for 13% of Amazon’s total revenue.
  • In Amazon’s total operating income of $3.1 billion, 52% comes from AWS.

Can you work with Amazon too?

Yes, you too can easily work at Amazon if you have proven skills & confidence.

  • You can apply for the job based on business category, location, job category & certain key terms.
  • You can prepare your skills around their AWS unit by taking a comprehensive yet quick  AWS Training Course
Career in AWS

AWS Career/Job Trends & Opportunities Globally!



AWS has millions of customers with opportunities around different business verticals like ---- software, IT, automotive, Advertising, education, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, government, gaming, energy, NPO, travel & hospitality, and more (Woah, so many options to choose from!).



The share of job posting for AWS roles has increased by 232.06 in the last couple of years.

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80% of Fortune 500 companies are based on top of AWS cloud infrastructure for more scalability, security & automation.



Job portals like Indeed, Glassdoor is characterizing the cloud market as “bright” as many small to big businesses are shifting from “costly hardware systems” to “budget-friendly remote cloud servers”



AWS has a 31% market share in cloud infrastructure services, which is highest amongst its next 3 immediate competitors. AWS still has dominance in the market & is leveraged by companies to the fullest --- which is why there are massive job opportunities in AWS. Check out the top job profiles after AWS Certification

“Higher Employers are suggesting ambitious individuals make a career in cloud computing technology --- because it is the roadmap to future work!”

Look What All Companies are Actively Hiring for AWS Career Options/Profiles

AWS Career Path

AWS Career Choice--- Which AWS Role is the Best Fit for Me?

Here are the 5 AWS Career Choices/ Roles you can explore and plan to make a long-term career with:

AWS Solution Architect

If you are interested in developing, designing & maintaining AWS services, bringing technical discussion with clients & recommending the best solutions to meet enterprise’s custom cloud computing needs --- You can go for the AWS Solution Architect profile with an AWS Solution Architect Training.

AWS SysOps Admin

If you are interested in running & operating & provisioning servers, configure AWS cloud management service, manage virtual cloud resources, fine-tune infrastructure systems, ensure complete automation, security & cost optimization --- You can go for AWS SysOps Admin profile with an AWS SysOps Admin Training Course.

AWS Developer

If you are interested in developing & maintaining the cloud infrastructure of web apps, implementing the app’s CI/CD, set up monitoring stack, assess existing app infrastructure for improvement with best AWS tools & practices --- You can go for the AWS Developer profile with an AWS Developer Training Course.

AWS System Engineer

If you are interested in building & maintaining operational tools for monitoring, deployment, & analysis of AWS infrastructure & systems, love administering & troubleshooting the Linux-based systems --- You can become an AWS System Engineer.

AWS DevOps Engineer

If you are interested in deploying, managing, automating production systems for scalability, availability & performance --- You can become an AWS DevOps Engineer!

AWS Career Pathways

AWS Careers is for Everyone --- Even you Technical to Non-Technical Aspirants Out There!

To explore & pursue AWS career options:

  • You can focus on grasping basic knowledge about cloud computing, AWS technology, Linux. It’s fine if you don’t carry any basic knowledge, you can easily learn about them during our AWS training’s beginners level module (our trainers like to teach from scratch!)
  • You can explore AWS career levels & opportunities, irrespective of your technical or non-technical background (yes, you heard it, you can learn it too with little dedication & our experts' hand).
  • Even you can be a college graduate, corporate professional in IT, or any self-employed individual ---- willing to bloom into the cloud computing world with no. 1 technology which is --- AWS.
  • If you are a professional from the IT field, working around AWS technology -- that’s great. But even if you aren’t familiar with the IT field or finding AWS technology overwhelming to proceed with --- hey, AWS is no rocket science 😊. With little dedication, time, a few weeks of training, and self-study, you can make a brilliant career in AWS.

If you don’t believe us, we have success stories of individuals who knocked on our doors from different educational & work backgrounds, and ended up taking a shot at learning AWS & eventually managed to attract amazing AWS career opportunities with established companies!

AWS Career Path - What is the Average Pay of AWS Professionals?

Do you know --- The title “Senior Solution Architect” makes the annual average salary of $155,729 at Inc?

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Check out what distinct AWS Professionals are paid in the top 4 countries across the world.
USA flag USA flag
India flag India flag

Here are a Few Tips on How You Can Attract Wealthy Paychecks Right from the Beginning

Gather real-field skills & knowledge

Aspirants who display complete knowledge & skills about the AWS cloud technology during the interview, get high chances of asking for the desired salary from the initial level.

Relocate to High-paying cities

Every country has a different pay scale. Some pay heavily in comparison to the rest. If you are up for relocating for better earning opportunities from the start, you can think of moving to countries like the UK, USA, India, Canada, Australia & more such metropolitan & developed countries.

Increase your Professional Network

Right after completing the AWS Training, focus on expanding your professional network & reach. The more professionals you get surrounded by the more will be your chances to start a career as an AWS Developer and earn high paychecks from the beginning level.

Keep on Adding to your Learning Curve

Soon after you are done with your AWS cloud Training, keep on practicing the skills you have acquired. Practice the concepts, and keep on learning about the new things being added to the AWS cloud technology. Companies like resources who are up-to-date & well-learned.

Focus on improving your overall personality

Companies get greatly influenced by employees who exude great confidence, professional body language, and ultimate communication skills. Work on grooming your personality & communication along with knowledge building.

Don’t lose hope!

In the end, keep your self-belief always up. Know your capabilities & talent, stay confident, work hard & the right opportunity will lead you in the best way.

AWS Careers

AWS Certifications --- Know Why Need to be a Certified AWS Professional!

After completing the AWS Training, don’t go ahead without writing the AWS Solution Architect, AWS Developer, AWS SysOps Admin Certifications --- for a more competitive edge & pay.

What are AWS Certifications?

  • An AWS Certification is the benchmarks that validate your real-time industry skills & knowledge around AWS cloud technology.
  • With certifications, you prove that your industry knowledge around AWS technology is truly tested by the highest authority & is applicable to be applied within enterprises looking for scalable cloud computing solutions.

Why must you obtain AWS Certifications?

By writing the in-demand AWS Certifications you can:

  • Get great recognition for the interview invite or screening process.
  • Get a great preference in the selection process over non-certified professionals with poor knowledge.
  • Experience huge preference during the negotiation process & convince recruiters for your desired paycheck.
  • Feel self-accomplishment & confidence to take up any job or project in the market.

Remember! AWS Certifications won’t guarantee you jobs if you lack relevant knowledge, skills & confidence. Better focus on making your knowledge around AWS technology more effective while you write for the AWS Certification exam.

What all AWS Certifications can you go for?

Here are the in-demand certifications you can choose based on different AWS career options:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02)
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
  • AWS Certified Security – Specialty
AWS Careers

AWS Career Pathways --- 6 Steps on How to Start AWS Career

You can claim the SQL Careers in these 6 simple steps!

Step 1 - Do your research around AWS cloud technology?

Conduct complete research on AWS Cloud technology to know:

  • How is AWS the right fit for you to learn & make a long-haul career with?
  • What all core components & job profiles it entails?
  • How easily can you learn it & plan your professional growth?
  • How practical is this skill/technology to make a full-time career or in a different industry?
  • What salary package & increment opportunities it clearly offers?

Get answers to all these questions before you finally say “yes” to AWS careers.

Step 2 - Avail a quick career counseling

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  • For more clarity, have a little chit-chat with professionals or seniors in the IT field. Or more specifically someone who is working around AWS cloud technology in some way or other -- to explore all positive AWS career prospects.
  • If you don’t have anyone around to give you advice on the AWS career track, you can talk to JanBask Training’s Experts Counselors; who will guide you end to end about why & how to pursue your career for AWS.

“Now is the Best time to Get that quick advice on awaited AWS career opportunities.”

Step 3 - Don’t hang on, decide that career now!

  • After dug-deep research & consultation of AWS career levels & opportunities, don’t take long enough to decide.
  • Decide what you want to pursue. Don’t hold up for 6 months to years to decide the right time to start (because now is the time to get yourself ready for future jobs).

Start Now to Build a Thriving Career for your Future Self!

Step 4 - Get that formal AWS Training

To enter the AWS cloud world, having the right skills & knowledge is a must. And there is no better way than joining a professional AWS Solution Architect Course. A Formal AWS Training will:

  • Give you real-time knowledge of AWS job roles & responsibilities.
  • Help you prepare & qualify for the AWS Certification exams.
  • Make you fully prepared for AWS careers & job opportunities.

“You are a 6 Weeks Training away to make your long-haul career with AWS cloud Technology”.

Step 5 - Highlight your skills with AWS Certifications

“AWS Certifications are like an ultimate benchmark”. So prepare for them during the AWS training, qualify them, and give your CV a quick boost during the recruitment process”.

  • AWS Certifications highlights your complete skills & knowledge which are tested by the highest authorities & gives you effective push during the hiring & negotiation rounds.
  • Do you know, even some companies find certifications as a mandatory thing. (Just saying!)

Keep this in mind! Owning just certifications won’t help, focus on grasping complete knowledge along with confidence too!

Step 6 - Expand your professional network & start applying for the jobs

  • Expand your professional network with experienced AWS professionals (you will find them in bulk over LinkedIn) for knowledge-sharing, get some AWS career advice, and attract some amazing AWS career opportunities.
  • Always practice whatever concept you have learned & as well as explore innovations around AWS technology -- to sound updated.
  • Start applying for AWS internships, projects & jobs to lead your AWS career scope positively.
AWS Career Pathways

AWS Careers Drive You Great Flexibility --- To Move to Another Career!

What if one day you feel uninspired in the AWS career levels or options?

What if you want to switch to other profiles to explore better career pursuits?

With AWS technology, you can easily switch & make a career wherever your heart wants!


Without starting from scratch, you can easily escalate your career in other dominating cloud computing technologies like – 

To enjoy better earning perks & growth levels.

So Better Start your Career with AWS to Enjoy the Flexible AWS Career Scope!
AWS Career Pathways

Trending Questions on AWS Career Opportunities on the Internet - Asked by You!

How is AWS career? Is AWS a good career?

Forbes made this prediction that by 2025, 80% of the enterprise’s workload will shift to the cloud. And AWS dominating at the number spot in the cloud technology market keeps us at no surprise why AWS will be the go-to option for companies to lead their business over the cloud.
Talking from a career front, AWS is getting leveraged by corporate campuses (small to big groups). The lookout for the AWS Solutions Architect, Developers & SysOps Admins is each day maximizing. The AWS career benefits are many --- like the pay is amazing (even from the beginning level) and the best part is you won’t have to be from a core technical background to pursue it.

If you are still struggling with “how is AWS career” or “Is AWS a good career” --- take a free career counseling with our experts.

Is the coding necessary for learning AWS?

No, coding is not a prerequisite to learn AWS technology. Though you may need to have a tad bit of programming knowledge, developing & deploying apps in the cloud requires coding. But don’t worry, even if you are not from a CS background, our instructors during the AWS training will guide you right from sheer basics.

We will help you understand complete technology and by the end will lead you towards the best AWS career options (like profiles) or AWS career opportunities & how to approach them.

How to start AWS careers?

Follow this 3 steps AWS career roadmap to meet your ultimate AWS career objective:

  • Step 1 Enrol in certified AWS training --- To understand the technology in-depth & gain competitive knowledge, enroll in AWS training.
  • Step 2 Take the certification - After training, focus on clearing the certification to improve your marketability & worth.
  • Step 3 Pursue jobs & projects - Look out for AWS career opportunities & jobs with a solid candidature, resume & real-time applicable knowledge.

By following these AWS career pathways, you will be within a desired career in no time!

Closing Thoughts on AWS Career Path!

AWS is a desirable career in terms of pay, job satisfaction, learning, growth & whatever else conditions you often look for. And with this cloud computing technology’s crazy demand (today & in years to come) in cost-effective & scalable entities, you won’t have to be worried about your AWS career growth. With this complete AWS Career Path or guide, we hope we helped you find answers to your endless queries regarding:

  • Why AWS career path? “Or how is career in AWS good?”
  • How is the AWS career in 2020 or beyond?
  • What AWS roles or profiles to choose & how?
  • What is the demand for AWS roles like?
  • What is the average pay of a AWS Solution Architect, developer & Admin?
  • Why are AWS certifications so much in demand?
  • How to start career in AWS?

Don’t remain undecided about the exciting AWS career opportunities. If we have left some of your doubts still unanswered, we would love to hear from you in the comments down below. Or if you are interested in more detailed AWS career advice, how about scheduling your free AWS career counseling with us?

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