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AWS Developer Salary Guide: Get Real Numbers & Choose The Right Career


Amazon Web Services is the hottest cloud computing infrastructure with a predicted global infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) hyperscaler market share of 49 percent. With this growth, the industry demand for skilled AWS professionals is growing rapidly and so as the salary they are paid. AWS professionals are enjoying high-end salaries 

AWS professionals are taking a handful of salaries across all profiles including, AWS Cloud Architect, AWS Big Data Specialist, AWS Cloud Network Engineer, AWS DevOps Engineer, AWS Developer, and so on. But today our core agenda is to grab your attention toward AWS developer salary & factors affecting those salaries and most importantly the right AWS Develope Certification course.

Till the end of this blog, you will be able to understand:

  • Who is an AWS developer

  • The factors that may influence an AWS developer’s salary

  • AWS developer’s salary as per different job portal

  • AWS developer professionals salary based on their experience

  • Location wise Salary

  • AWS market overview

  • Roles and responsibilities of an AWS developer

  • Skill required to cater to the duties of an AWS developer

First thing first, let’s know who is an AWS developer.

Who Is An AWS Developer?

An AWS developer is a specialist who works with application software or programs using the cloud-based Amazon Web Services platform. Their role is very similar to other cloud developers but focuses only on AWS. Typically, they will be responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving cloud infrastructure, and overseeing the configuration of various features including push notifications and user authentication. They are expected to understand core AWS services to apply best practices for better scalability and security.

Considering the complexity of their role & responsibilities and lack of desired skilled talent, various giants are paying lucrative AWS Developer Salary with additional bonus benefits to attract the right talent. 

The average annual certified AWS developer salary is $103k. Well, this is an average AWS Developer Salary estimated one of the most trusted job portals, Payscale, evaluated on the basis of enlisted AWS developer’s salaries by recent joiners. But how much an AWS developer can earn depends more on the cloud computing certification they hold, experience level, location, and there are certainly other factors affecting the AWS developer's Salary. 

Let’s continue and see what are all factors that can affect your AWS Developer Salary

Key Factors That Affects Your AWS Developer Salary

1. The Location

  • Not talking only about AWS Developer Salary but even in various other job profiles. Your location lays a deep impact on your salary compensation opportunities. You can understand this as, with different economic levels, market requirements, lack of skill-set may give rise to fluctuating salary curves in different locations. Where some pay high, while some pay comparatively less, it's totally subjective to situational requirements.
  • Some of the countries you can think of relocating to for getting a good AWS Developer Salary are the USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia. As these countries majorly welcome skilled & certified AWS professionals from outside, at great negotiations.
  • You can have a better idea of how AWS Developer Salary varies as per location in the below location-based AWS developer salary graphic.salary per year

AWS Developer Salary Based on Different Location

  • AWS Developer Salary, USA- $103,000 per year 
  • AWS Developer Salary, Australia- $125,000 per year
  • AWS Developer Salary, Canada- $113,500 per year
  • AS Developer Salary, Germany- €63,000 per year ($70,595)
  • AWS Developer Salary, UK- £55,000 per year ($61,619)
  • AWS Developer Salary, India- ₹6,22,062 per year ($8,256)

2. Certification Specialization

  • Giant organizations and Job markets of national/international level are very particular about hiring dedicated, trained & certified AWS Developers. The certification validates your technical expertise in a particular specialty. The average salary of an AWS-certified IT professional is 27.5 percent higher than that of non-certified people. By getting certified, you can make your candidature prioritized over non-certified professionals, and grab the job with a heavy salary package.
  • According to our independent salary survey, 70% of AWS professionals interviewed reported an immediate salary hike of up to 20
  • If you take the accredited AWS developer training online, you can seem to be highly competitive and help you gain immense confidence to win the desired AWS Developer Salary.

3. Organization Size & Type

  • Every organization's salary allocation graph varies as per their scale, investment, operational skill requirement. The bigger the companies, the bigger will be their customer base and their organizational & operational requirements. In that case, they will pay a good salary package to get and retain the desired skilled talent. So your AWS Developer Salary majorly depends on the scale of the organization.

  • Top companies like Amazon, Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, TATA consultancy are always in search of a highly skilled and certified AWS cloud developer.

  • “When you take accredited AWS Developer Training online and upgrade yourself with  most demanded industry-specific skills, it becomes easy for you to approach  high-paying tech giants for jobs.”

4. Desired Skills & Knowledge

  • Every organization has its operational requirements and accordingly they seek skilled talent with relevant skills & knowledge, which increases your chances of bagging a high AWS Developer Salary. 

  • While applying for an AWS Developer job in any organization make sure to have an eye on their skills & job duty requirements & match that to whatever knowledge you have ingrained during online training or self-studying. And deliver the best of your knowledge!

  • Do not stay behind while it comes to hone your skills before apply for such an in-demand job role

5. Experience Level

  • Your experience level is one of the most important factors, considered by industry recruiters while hiring. And not only for AWS Developer job roles, it is true for all similar job roles. The more you grow in experience, the more AWS Developer salary you will get.

  • 91% of recruiters consider years of experience as one of the most important factors while hiring.

  • Although for a few job profiles, people with no experience or work exposure,  have to start their career with minimum wages but don't worry, with the growing demand for AWS developers, even without any working exposure, still you can start your career with a handful of AWS Developer Salary. 

  • By having effective AWS Developer training, obtaining the right certification & confidently putting yourself in interviews, you can still start your career with a very good entry-level AWS Developer salary.

Top Giants Actively Hiring for AWS Developer at Highest Package

Top companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook hire AWS developer and similar professionals time to time. The software engineer job profile and similar profiles make good money in these top-end companies. Let’s know how much salary they offer for such job roles.

  • For entry level jobs, Google offers a decent salary of $189,000. Top level engineers or developers can expect a salary amount of $608,000
  • At Amazon, cloud solution architects and similar roles gets paid between $90,800 to $185,000.
  • Apple offers a salary range of $82,000- $157,000 to an AWS software engineer.
  • Facebook offers an entry level software engineer and similar jobs a salary around $166,000 per year.

Let’s check out AWS certified developer salary according to different job portals.

Certified AWS Developer Salary: As Per Different Job Portals

Certified AWS Developer Salary by Glassdoor

As per Glassdoor’s salary report, the annual average certified AWS Developer Salary is $101,747 per year. Based on salaries submitted by employees & recruiters, the Average AWS cloud developer salary can range between $74k- $112k per year (fluctuating based on skills, experience, certification, location, interview, company size, etc.).

Other factors such as additional compensation or bonuses can also make the salary more lucrative. Check them below. 

amazon web development salry

image source: Glassdoor

Certified AWS Developer Salary by Indeed

Based on factors like location, skills, years of experience, company type, the annual average salary of an AWS developer can range between $100,000 to $145,000 per year.

indeed salary

Image source: Indeed

Certified AWS Developer Salary by Payscale

As per Payscale, the average AWS developer salary is $103k per year. Based on different estimations, the average certified AWS salary in the US ranges between $90k - $122k per year. As we have discussed earlier also, your AWS jobs salary and AWS developer salary majorly depend on factors such as years of experience, skills, locations, company types, etc.


Image source: Payscale

Certified AWS Developer Salary for Freshers, Mid Level & Experienced Professionals

Check out the AWS developer Salary based on the level of experience in the work industry.

Average AWS Developer Salary - Entry-level



Basic Salary

Texas, Arizona, Burlington Washington, Boston, New York

Yearly - $107,250

Monthly - $8,938

Weekly - $2,063

Daily - $413

Hourly - $64.21



Basic Salary

Vancouver, Quebec, Toronto, Windster, Ottawa

Yearly - $96,250

Monthly - $8,021

Weekly - $1,851

Daily - $370

Hourly - $49.36



Basic Salary

New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai,

Yearly - INR 800,000

Monthly – INR 66,667

Weekly – INR 15,385

Daily – INR 3,077

Hourly – INR 410

Average AWS developer salary - Middle level



Basic Salary

Texas, Arizona, Burlington, Washington, Boston, New York

Yearly - $125,204

Monthly - $10,434

Weekly - $2,408

Daily - $482

Hourly - $64.21



Basic Salary

Vancouver, Quebec, Toronto, Windster, Ottawa

Yearly - $113,500

Monthly - $9,458

Weekly - $2,183

Daily - $437

Hourly - $58.21



Basic Salary

New, Delhi, Bangalore Hyderabad, Chennai

Yearly – INR 1,300,000

Monthly – INR 108,333

Weekly – INR 25,000

Daily – INR 5,000

Hourly – INR 667

Average AWS developer salary – Expert level



Basic Salary

Texas, Arizona, Burlington Washington, Boston, New York

Yearly - $155,000

Monthly - $12,917

Weekly - $2,981

Daily - $596

Hourly - $79.49



Basic Salary

Vancouver, Quebec, Toronto, Windster, Ottawa

Yearly - $164,580

Monthly - $13,715

Weekly - $3,165

Daily - $633

Hourly - $84.40



Basic Salary

New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai

Yearly – INR 2,000,000

Monthly – INR 166,667

Weekly – INR 38,462

Daily – INR 7,692

Hourly – INR 1,026


Top Locations Where AWS Developers Can Earn The Most

If you have the flexibility to relocate & are willing to enjoy a heavy AWS developer salary package, here are the top 6 places where  AWS Developer Salaries are huge & worth taking. (Source: 

Average AWS Developer Salary in the USA 

The average certified AWS developer salary in the USA is $125,204 per year or $64.21 per hour. For an entry-level position, an AWS developer's salary is $107,250 while an experienced AWS developer professional can have a good salary of $155,000 per year. 

Average AWS Developer Salary in India 

The median salary of a senior AWS developer in India is ₹ 1,300,000 per year or ₹ 667 per hour. For an entry-level position, an AWS developer's salary can be ₹ 800,000 per year, while an expert AWS developer can make up to ₹ 2,000,000 per year. 

Average AWS Developer Salary in Australia 

The median annual AWS developer salary in Australia is $125,000 and $64.10 per hour. For an entry-level position, an AWS developer can earn up to $117,500 per year, while after getting experience AWS  professionals can make up to $140,000 per year.

Average AWS Developer Salary in Uk

The average salary of an AWS developer in the United Kingdom is £55,000 per year or £28.21 per hour. For entry-level positions, one can expect to earn £42,500 per year while after gaining a good experience, professionals can expect up to £75,000 per year.

Average AWS Developer Salary in Canada

The average salary of an AWS certified developer in Canada is £55,000 per year or £28.21 per hour. For entry-level positions, one can expect to earn £42,500 per year while after gaining good experience, professionals can expect up to £75,000 per year.

Average AWS Developer Salary in Germany

The average certified AWS developer salary in the USA is $125,204 per year or $64.21 per hour. For an entry-level position, an AWS developer's salary is $107,250 while an experienced AWS developer professional can have a good salary of $155,000 per year. 

Growing Demand For AWS Developer

The adoption of cloud computing has taken a high soar with the arrival of pandemics. In this vulnerable time, the ability to transform and innovate with agility and fulfill the demand with cost has been a boon to many businesses. The demand for cloud computing skills is going to get tripled by 2025.

If you are still unsure of why to go for an AWS developer career, see how many AWS developer Jobs are posted across different job portals with lucrative salary packages. 

In Linkedin, the number of jobs available for AWS developers in the US are more than 171,000.

In Linkedin, the number of jobs available for AWS developers in the US are more than 171,000.



Intriguing, right? Well, the profile with its popularity gives crucial roles and responsibility to the person in charge. Let’s know more about it.

Job Responsibilities and Duties of an AWS Certified Developer

An AWS developer is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the cloud infrastructure of web-based applications. The expectations from an AWS developer are to understand the core services and apply ultimate practices regarding security and scalability. If you want to know about the AWS career path, you need to have a fair idea about the responsibilities of an AWS Developer. Other responsibilities may include-

  • Understanding the current application infrastructure and implement changes to it
  • Identify and document unbeatable practices and strategies regarding deployment of the application and infrastructure management
  • Set up a monitoring stack
  • Developing, designing, and implementing cost-effective migration strategies
  • Operating software analysis, testing, debugging, and update to ensure that applications can be used on all web browsers
  • Developing various AWS services such as API, RDS instance, SDKs and Lambda to build a serverless application
  • Relocate infrastructure with no downtime to ensure high availability and scalability
  • Implement applications CI/CD pipeline using the AWS CI/CD stack

To perform Such important roles and responsibilities of an AWS developer, one needs adeptness, diligence and dedication. Let’s have a look at the skills you need to perform the above written responsibilities.

Skills That Positively Impacts Your AWS Developer Salary

  • Sound Knowledge of high-level programming languages like C#, Java, PHP, ASP.Net, or Python.
  • Good knowledge of AWS applications, core AWS services, uses, and basic AWS architecture best practices.
  • Skill in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS.
  • A good grasp of the software development kit (SDK) to communicate with services from your application
  • Ability to use the AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to write applications
  • Incredible code writing using AWS security best practices that can optimize performance
  • Capability to troubleshoot distributed systems
  • Good knowledge of writing infrastructure as code (IaC) using CloudFormation or Terraform
  • A better understanding of Linux/Unix administration
  • Good knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Knowledge about developing web-based applications using SQL, Advanced JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Past experience of large-scale systems design

Now, you know  AWS developer career path is lucrative and demanding and the roles and responsibilities and skills you need to start one. The next step includes getting aware of the required knowledge to take the plunge into this career field.

Steps to Become An AWS Developer


Assess Your Current Skills First

First test if you have the skills needed to become an AWS developer. Know if you have all the skills mentioned above or you lack some, then only you will proceed to the next steps of acquiring skills.

You can also contact our expert career counselors at Janbask Training to get help deciding your next step.

Do you Fulfill the Educational Requirements?

Check if you have the qualification to go for an AWS developer job. An AWS Developer role will need a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience, along with a strong understanding of the core AWS services. 

Validate your Cloud Expertise With Certification

Cloud training trends are responsible for business growth in 2022 according to AWS. 56% of organizations say training existing staff is a forming a bridge to their skill gap.

A formal certification can give you an edge in your career and can validate your cloud expertise to your current or potential employer.

Through an AWS developer certification:

  • You are going to get an upper hand in the employment market with a formal AWS developer certification.

  • You can learn essential skills needed to perform the crucial roles and responsibilities of an AWS developer efficiently.

  • You will get hands-on learning experience from industry experts.

  • Get knowledge of the latest AWS tools and techniques.

Sharpen Your Skills Through Internships

If you are starting off and you need some experience to show your next employer, doing an internship can not only add value to your AWS developer resume, it will help you hone your skill and will give you exposure to the real-world workforce.

You can check out job boards for internship opportunities-

  • Naukri

  • Freshersworld 

  • Internshala

  • Monster

  • Times Jobs

  • Shine

Acquire Some Knowledge from the Internet 

Internet can bless you with a plethora of knowledge and information if you check at the right place. There are a lot of online learning resources available in the form of blogs and online resources about AWS careers. Join the AWS community for better networking opportunities.

Also, social media like Quora, Reddit, Facebook are great learning platforms for aspiring AWS developers. Last but not least, YouTube videos are the best learning tools as they are both interactive and full of content that really matters.

Great! You have made it till now. Do not miss checking out some other related job salaries.

Other AWS Developer Related Jobs with Average Compensation

  • Software Engineer: $122,040
  • AWS Solution Architect salary: $1,22,506
  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer: $1,05,017
  • Senior Software Engineer: ₹1,113,984
  • Software Developer: $97,763
  • Full Stack Developer: $103,811
  • Cloud Developer salary: $127,353
  • Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer: $1,31,206
  • Source: Glassdoor

Source: Glassdoor

Frequently Asked Questions on AWS Developer Salary

Q1. What cities pay the highest AWS developer jobs salary?

Ans:-According to ZipRecruiter, the AWS developer salary is highest in cities such as Boston, MA, Santa Monica, CA, Renton, WA, and Berkeley, CA. Even in cities like San Francisco and California, you can expect to earn a good AWS Developer Salary.

Q2. How much is the Sr AWS Developer Salary?

Ans:- Amazon wed services salaries are always profitable. Glassdoor, the average salary for a Senior Software Engineer is $1,31,206 per year and beyond.

Q3. How to get the highest  AWS developer salary?

Ans:-To get the highest AWS developer salary, better take an accredited AWS developer training online that prepares you end-to-end for the AWS developer certification as well as this profile’s job responsibilities. 

Explore AWS career path in detail.

Final Thoughts on AWS Developer Salary

There is nothing to doubt about why AWS developers are compensated heavily, as they are expected to understand the core AWS services and apply best practices regarding security and scalability for performance excellence.

The demand for skilled and certified  AWS developers is higher than ever. Companies are willing to pay heavy salary packages to own the desired talent.

Hope this article has helped you understand the realistic AWS developer average salary. And get a revise on factors affecting your AWS Developer Salary-

  • The Location
  • Certification Specialization
  • Organization Size & Type
  • Desired Skills & Knowledge
  • Experience Level

To get a bright AWS developer career with a lucrative salary, you need to master the technical skills and you are just a click away. Get formal AWS developer Training of quick 6 weeks with us.

If you are interested in knowing about our AWS developer course module or anything in detail about the certified AWS Developer Salary, feel free to comment below!

Have a bright future ahead!!

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