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What Is The Average Salary Of AWS Certified Developer?

The AWS Associate level Developer exam is one of the most challenging exams. Each certification of AWS brings an average salary of more than $100,000. The average salary of AWS certified an IT professional is 27.5 percent higher than the non-certified people. The most popular skills include creating web applications using Amazon Web Services.

The certification validates technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on AWS. The certification exams help in the understanding of not just AWS but the cloud paradigms that are used in Cloud computing, for example, Serverless. Due to the advanced concepts included in the development of cloud computing, this certification makes it incredibly valuable.

AWS Certified

As a part of the certification exam, an individual will be able to: -

  • Exhibit the understanding of AWS core services, uses, and fundamental architecture and its best practices
  • Exhibit proficiency in development, deployment, and debugging of cloud-based applications using AWS

If we go back to the market trends of the previous five years, we’ll be able to understand how fashion has changed. Find below the points that determines the change in the trends of AWS badges:-

  • AWS certification exams are now available in different languages (You can now take this exam in your native language. AWS support languages like – English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean)
  • You may find test centers for the certification exam around the world.
  • There is an increase in the number of IT professionals who are showing interest in AWS Certification rapidly
  • People are already performing multiple certifications in the AWS technology (a single certification or a combo or may be more).

Due to the above trends, AWS has already established a firm position in the market. And if you foresee how AWS certification would be in the upcoming year, then you can have a glance on search engines to know the highlights of this job profile, salaries as per different regions, etc. AWS has become highly popular in the IT sector. Almost all the small-sized, medium-sized, large organizations have already started implementing their data on the cloud. Cloud management provides reliability, manageability, and strategic edge to the data.

What Is The Average Salary Of AWS Certified Developer? infographic

AWS cloud services are famous by organizations around the globe. Salaries of AWS Associate Developer has also revised annually among different regions around the globe. If we consider only Amazon, you will be amazed to know that only Amazon controls 33% share of the cloud computing market, which is three times bigger than the other competitors. And the growth is increasing with time. Currently, AWS is achieving year-on-year growth of 43%, which indicates that AWS is likely to dominate the cloud computing market a far more shortly. With these different numbers, we cannot deny the importance of AWS certification and high-requirement of AWS experts in the market.

Almost 16,000 IT professionals who participated in the Global Knowledge 2018 IT Skills and Salary Survey, 807 respondents said that they hold and AWS certification. The standard salary of AWS certified IT professionals is estimated at approximately $113,000, which is the highest salary of all certifications in the United States and Canada.

According to the reports of Google Trends, below is the report of the last two years of the IT professionals getting certified-

Below is another graph that shows the job requirements of the certified developers in two years as per Google Trends-

As per the survey conducted on the salary of AWS certified professionals done by Jefferson Frank, almost half of the respondents reported an increase of the salary of 0-10 percent, while 23 percent said their salary increased by 11-20 percent after getting AWS certification. And almost 13 percent of respondents reported an increase in the salary of 31 percent or greater.

Salary of an AWS developer depends upon the experience level one has attained. Also, geographical regions may also be the other factor that varies the salary range. Every certified developer will not get the same salary.

Average salary of an AWS Developer - Entry level

USA Regions Basic Salary
Texas Arizona Burlington Washington Boston New York Yearly - $78,000
Monthly - $6,500
Weekly - $1,500
Daily - $300
Hourly - $40
Canada Regions Basic Salary
Vancouver Quebec Toronto Windster Ottawa Yearly - $73,875
Monthly - $6,156
Weekly - $1,421
Daily - $284
Hourly - $37.88
India Regions Basic Salary
New Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Yearly - INR 1,80,000
Monthly – INR 15,000
Weekly – INR 3,462
Daily – INR 692
Hourly – INR 92.31

 Average salary of an AWS developer - Middle level

USA Regions Basic Salary
Texas Arizona Burlington Washington Boston New York Yearly - $126,750
Monthly - $10,563
Weekly - $2,438
Daily - $488
Hourly - $65
Canada Regions Basic Salary
Vancouver Quebec Toronto Windster Ottawa Yearly - $120,000
Monthly - $10,000
Weekly - $2,308
Daily - $462
Hourly - $37.88
India Regions Basic Salary
New Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Yearly – INR 2,250,000
Monthly – INR 187,500
Weekly – INR 43,269
Daily – INR 8,654
Hourly – INR 1,154

Average salary of an AWS developer – Expert level

    USA Regions Basic Salary
Texas Arizona Burlington Washington Boston New York Yearly - $175,500
Monthly - $14,625
Weekly - $3,375
Daily - $675
Hourly - $90
    Canada Regions Basic Salary
Vancouver Quebec Toronto Windster Ottawa Yearly - $165,750
Monthly - $13,813
Weekly - $3,188
Daily - $638
Hourly - $85
    India Regions Basic Salary
New Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Yearly – INR 2,500,000
Monthly – INR 208,333
Weekly – INR 48,077
Daily – INR 9,615
Hourly – INR 1,282

 Average AWS Developer Salary Across the USA

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AWS Developer Salary Salary Range (Percentile)
25th Average 75th
Annual Salary $100,500 $121,181 $141,000
Monthly Salary $8,375 $10,098 $11,750
Weekly Salary $1,933 $2,330 $2,712
Hourly Salary $48 $58 $68

The following figure demonstrates how much an AWS Developer in Germany may earn-

AWS Developer in Germany

As per the pay scale survey, years of experience that an AWS Certified Associate Developer acquires ranges below-

AWS Certified Salary

The ratio of gender who avail the job of AWS developer, following is the criteria one can find today-

AWS Certificate Salary

Job Responsibilities and Duties of an AWS Certified Developer

An AWS developer is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the cloud infrastructure of web-based applications. The expectations from an AWS developer is to understand the core services and apply ultimate practices regarding security and scalability. Other responsibilities may include-

  • Understanding of the current application infrastructure and implement changes to it
  • Identify and document unbeatable practices and strategies regarding deployment of the application and infrastructure management
  • Set up a monitoring stack
  • Relocate infrastructure with no downtime to ensure high availability and scalability
  • Implement applications CI/CD pipeline using the AWS CI/CD stack

Educational background and Skills

  • Good knowledge of AWS applications
  • A good grasp of the software development kit (SDK) to communicate with services from your application
  • Incredible code writing that can optimize performance
  • Application security at the code level
  • Capability to troubleshoot distributed systems
  • Good knowledge of writing infrastructure as code (IaC) using CloudFormation or Terraform
  • A better understanding of Linux/Unix administration
  • Good knowledge of Docker and Kubernates
  • Past experience of large-scale systems design

Prerequisites for the AWS Developer Associate certification exam

To take the AWS Developer Associate certification exam, you must have earned an AWS Technical Essentials Certification, or have relevant hands-on experience. The requirement also includes familiarity with messaging, queueing services, and the development of API interfaces. People seeking this associate-level certification of AWS should also have a better understanding of stateless and loosely-coupled distributed applications, relational, and non-relational databases.

AWS Certified Salary vs. Non-Certified Developer Salary

The true value of certification lies merely in the process of studying for the exam itself. Adding certification may not just increase your base in your skilled domain but also increase your paychecks. The salary of a non-certified AWS Developer is approximately $53,827 - $154,416. And for the Certified AWS Developer, salary is beyond that (refer to the table above).

How does AWS certification add leverage to your big paychecks?

Well, there are numerous advantages of adding AWS certification in your resume. It not only adds the badge to your profile but also leverage your salary. Certifications may give you the advantage to stand out in a competitive market. No doubt, getting certification is a time-consuming process. It takes a combination of time, effort, and commitment. The level of commitment makes a really good impression on prospective employers and partners. Other benefits of getting AWS certification are: -

  • Adding certification demonstrates a commitment to the profession
  • It demonstrates credibility and dedication to the career path of cloud computing
  • Certifications are recognized industry-wide as well-designed and reliable technical credentials
  • It provides access to the network of like-minded people and thought leaders of AWS
  • AWS certification is consistently among the highest paying technical certifications worldwide
  • It gives you a new level of expertise
  • AWS certification is a door opener for the new opportunities
  • It will boost your confidence

Become AWS Associate Developer

Apart from the job benefits of AWS certification, it also benefits to the businesses. Businesses make benefits of AWS developer certification by hosting, developing, backup and disaster recovery, storage of big data and analytics, custom projects in the areas like IoT, and much more. The organizations that successfully implement AWS solutions are likely to increase efficiency, cost-savings, high speed, tighter security, and easier scalability.





Difficulty Level

AWS Developer

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Should have completed AWS technical essentials course or significant hands-on professional experience with various AWS services

Associate as well as Professional


Examination Total cost



Online Course


Mock Test



$425 to $575

 Examination Format

Exam Duration

130 Minutes

Practice Exam Registration Fee


Exam Registration Fee

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Exam Format

Multiple Choice Type Questions / Multiple Answer 0073

Exam Type


Difficulty Level

Medium to high

Exam languages

English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese

Experience required

One year of problem-solving and implementing solutions in the cloud industry

 Are you ready to level-up your career?

There are numerous job opportunities for the AWS Certified Developer, but remember that more opportunities and more candidates also increase the competition. So, it becomes mandatory to have a sound knowledge of the objectives of the exam covered in the associate level of AWS developer exam. Browse training programs that offer certifications which could be a self-paced program or an accredited college degree. Well, you should highly consider taking AWS Technical Essentials Certification if you are a novice to cloud computing.

It will clarify your fundamentals and will help you to prepare for some more advanced level programs and certifications further. For further how to build web applications using AWS platform may proceed the online classes on JanBask Training. By the end of the training, you’ll find yourself well-prepared to pass the AWS Certified Developer Certification exam at the Associate level.

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