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Changing Careers at 40 - Here are the Benefits , Challenges & Tips


Samantha Wheeler, a successful sales representative at a stable company, found herself dreading her work. The monotony and lack of connection to her long-term goals left her yearning for a career change. While the job provided a good salary, it didn't fulfill her. She admits to rushing into sales early in her career due to limited exposure to other options. Back then, career guidance and training platforms weren't readily available.

Samantha, now 42, lives in California and reached out to JanBask Training for help with a career overhaul. She exemplifies the fact that career changes can happen at any age. Today's talent market, while competitive, values real talent, skills, and certifications more than age. We see this often, with candidates from all ages and backgrounds seeking our guidance.

Our goal is to help individuals navigate a career path that aligns with their passions, skills, and earning potential. We want them to find work that motivates them and brings them a sense of accomplishment.

While career transitions can be challenging, they become easier with the right approach, expert advice, and knowledge of in-demand career options. This guide will explore:

  • Signs it's time for a career change at 40
  • Strategies for making a career change at 40, even without a degree
  • Promising job options for a new career at 40
  • High-paying career change possibilities

Let's dive in and help you make your dream career change at 40 a reality!

Benefits of Career Change at 40

At 40, pursuing a career change comes with both challenges and opportunities that are distinct. This phase of life usually adds more obligations like caring for families and rising living costs with an increased possibility of self-doubt. But it also offers an opportunity to capitalize on the knowledge and experience that the years have furnished. Here are some of the major advantages of this great life shift:

Career Change at 40 Benefits

Unlocking Personal Growth and Fulfillment

By 40 years of age, priorities and interests usually change. This age is the right time of life where you can sit back, reflect on yourself, and go after hobbies that may have been left over for later in life. A step to career change at 40 may reignite interest and job satisfaction and open new doors into a more rewarding profession. 

Gaining Financial Stability and Security

A new career at 40 can provide better opportunities for some individuals. It's a tactical shift, even more so if the current trajectory does not lead to financial objectives. To begin off, choosing one of the best job guarantee courses can open doors for higher income and potentially lifelong financial stability.

Expanding Skill Sets and Experiences

With the wealth of abilities and know-how over time, transitioning professionals can benefit in a new area. It can also be technical and soft skills such as leadership and problem-solving. In fact, these days, there’s also a rise in the trend of working from home, which will challenge your boundaries and make you understand the current market further.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Fitting one’s career with personal interests and values can dramatically increase mental and emotional well-being. This alignment decreases stress and increases happiness, which in turn leads to a better quality of life.

Longevity in Working Life

A satisfying profession can help people persist in productive activities long after normal retirement, which means that they may significantly prolong their actuarial existence.

Challenges To a Career Change at 40

Consider yourself standing at a crossroads, with one side leading to a tried and true path of your current career while the other takes you into an undiscovered land of a new profession. This metaphor captures the heart of making such a transformative decision at an advanced stage in life. Let’s check out the challenges to a career change at 40 so that you know how to properly upskill and climb the corporate ladder:

Navigating Uncertainty

At forty, the uncertainty is palpable with those willing to switch careers. The greatest of ambitions are often restrained by an individual’s fear of unfamiliar situations and desire to remain within the demonstrated comfort zone. It’s like walking into a thick jungle without an idea of what one will find at the next bend. Will the career bring satisfaction or regret? This uncertainty is like a trigger that starts the process of the grandiose inner transformation, making you gravitate toward a new career at 40.

Financial Responsibilities and Risks

The financial considerations render this decision-making process more complicated. By 40, many individuals are saddled with significant responsibilities: mortgages, children's education, and savings for retirement. Taking the plunge into a new career involves getting on at the bottom rung regarding salary, just as climbing back to progress. While it can seem overwhelming financially, it can also be the perfect motivation to make a lifestyle change and follow through on an old dream.

Skill Acquisition and Age Bias

One of the challenges is that people need to learn new skills or further develop their current ones to make a new career at 40. It is like learning a new language after being passed the ordinary age; even though it can prove difficult, it is achievable with hard work. Unfortunately, age bias in hiring prevails. Some employers are ignorant of the depth that rich experience and maturity can provide. Yet this obstacle doubles as a chance to break tradition and showcase the classic worth of well-acquired experience. You must even know the art of salary negotiation to deal with challenging recruiters at this age.

Personal Doubts and Societal Pressure

Battling self-doubts and societal norms is like swimming upstream. It is when society looks at career changes with suspicion and when there’s more stability than change. Such external voices can boost internal frets, making the decision harder. To conquer these, one should have a strong self-belief in oneself that no matter what, you are ready for the career change at 40 with no degree.

Learning and balancing a new profession with life commitments can be described as a juggling fire. It requires accuracy, concentration, and tolerance to the heat. This balancing act is also essential, whether handling family responsibilities or retaining their current obligations concerning work. It needs painstaking preparation and unshakable determination, but the benefits of balancing these can mean a more rewarding career choice.

When It’s Time to Let Go & Consider Career Change at 40?

Not everyone desires a sudden career change in their 40s (certainly most people fear midlife crisis). 40 is an age where you can’t afford to throw everything at risk, and just make decisions out of whim. But sometimes, it is the situation that wears us off and persuades us to take the big jump, in any aspect of life, especially career. 

Here are a few reasons why you must/may desire the best career change at 40. Few reasons why it might be time to stand up for yourself and seek what you truly desire and have tremendous potential for.

It’s Time to Let Go & Consider a Career Change

1. When You Feel Worn Out or Demotivated to Work in an Existing Career

When you dread the days and look for the weekends. The daily routine tasks feel like they are taking a toll on you. You feel like, “Maybe you should quit your career once and for all.” You feel like you are missing that drive and inhibition to keep working in that same career. In such a situation, you would not ask yourself what should I do with my life? But remember not to lose hope, and keep looking for career change at 50 ideas.

2. When You Don’t Want to Continue What You Do for the Rest of Your Life

We all have a dream job or career, but sometimes, in our primitive ages, it’s normal to pick the wrong career, maybe out of others' advice or due to how popular that career is. But in the end, if that career doesn’t resonate with what you want to do for the rest of your life, it could be time to re-evaluate and look for your favorite and best career change jobs at 40.

3. Is Money No Longer Good or Feel Like You Won’t Be Rewarded With More?

Not all jobs are meant to grow compensation and learning curve-wise. If you feel that your current job is not compensating you well and won’t ever soon, maybe considering a new career change at 40 that monetarily grows should be considered.

4. Do You Feel Your Qualities and Service are Underlooked & Could Have Been Justified Somewhere Else?

Different jobs have different ways of utilizing our capabilities. If you feel your current job is not getting the most out of you or your skills are not utilized fully, you might have to think of a career or job that does.

Other Uncontrollable Reasons Why It Could Be Time to Look For Career Change at 50 Ideas:

  • When a company is downsizing or restructuring - There is no harm in taking a foot back and thinking of job security.
  • When the company is dissolving - You can’t help but find yourself a stable title to live up to.
  • When there is job relocation - If you can’t move across geographical boundaries for the job.
  • When there is poor coordination with employees - Maybe you are stuck in the wrong profile with people who don't appreciate your efforts.
  • Efforts are not noticed in the company. Maybe the type of job you are doing doesn’t acknowledge your contribution and doesn’t motivate you to keep striving for the best.

There could be a gazillion reasons why you could feel stuck at your current job and would want to start a new career at 40. You are liberated to change any career at any time, provided you consider careful planning and steps to move to another career. 

If you don’t know how to break the odds and make the best career change at 40, with or without any degree, here are the tips that will help you the most. At the bottom are the best job or profile ideas for a new career change at 40.

How to Make a Career Change at 40 - The Best Ways Possible!

So, let’s start with a success story.
Did you know? Vera Wang, synonymous with luxury fashion, didn't start as a designer but spent nearly 20 years as a Vogue editor before a brief stint with Ralph Lauren. Her career shift at 40 led to the launch of Vera Wang, a renowned women's bridal wear brand. 

From art major to editor and now a celebrated designer, Vera's journey highlights the transferability of experience. Her time at Vogue shaped her understanding of great fashion, which she successfully translated into her unique brand.

So Vera Wang’s journey tells us that age is not a barrier if you consider a career switch and are ready to stay focused on it. So, if you have re-evaluated your decisions about a new career change at 40, here are a few tips to go about and make that career change in 40s a reality, without maybe any degree, prerequisite, or some first-place experience in another skill/technology.

1. Research for a Career that Fits your Personality & Interest Like a Glove

How to change careers at 40? You need to assess your personality, interests & strengths altogether to decide the right career. Knowing your personality will help you know what kind of career is suitable for you. Supposedly, if you are an extrovert personality, maybe customer-facing roles like Salesforce Consultant could be your cup of tea. At the same time, if you are reserved, you would know careers like Azure developers with back-end settings are more suitable for you.

Other than personality, your skills, strengths, and passion also should be evaluated. Surround yourself with people who are family, and ask what kind of traits they see in you. Do they often tell you to have an analytical mind perfect for data science, or do they tell you that you are a problem solver & would dissolve best in a business analyst role?

For more clarity on how to change careers at 40, there are hefty tools online that suggest a solid career based on your personality and your interests. All in all, you have to look within and think of a career change based on what interests and drives you. Also, post that, you should know what to consider when looking for a new job, as the market is very lucrative and challenging.

2. Upskill in the Chosen Career Field as Learning is Way Important

New Career change at 40 isn’t a fun party, you have to move a few paddles to row your boat. Especially since there is tough competition in almost every popularly growing work field, you will have to work hard on building the skills suitable for the job role or career you are looking for.

Almost two decades into a different career, enrolling in university programs or college degrees can be challenging. This is why online training or self-learning courses as a new contemporary learning style are the best way to upskill under any skill in a quick & shorter duration (as short as 6 weeks or as long as 8 weeks). By grabbing industry-recognized certifications, you can validate your knowledge & make a strong statement in the talent market.

Almost every trending IT and management skill you know of has an accredited certification, which we can help you achieve with our innovative & industry-relevant course curriculum. Here’s a brief look at few of our trending and most in-demand IT certification courses (you never know what may align with your interests:

3. Brush Up Your Resume with Updated Information

Don’t think of going with the same resume that you created two decades ago. Since you are now looking for a new career change at 40, you need to have information detailing that role.

You can put up your past work experience and mention the essential transferable skills, both professional and technical, that would be needed in your current profile. Supposedly, if you are applying for a Business Analyst job, make sure your resume sounds as you have:

  • Got the desired skill-building training
  • You have worked on getting the Business Analyst Certifications (oh, there are plenty of them, more the merrier)
  • You have qualities and interest that make you an ideal Business Analyst 

Recruiters have 6 seconds to glance over a resume, ensuring making it as per today’s market needs. And create different resumes according to the different companies’ requirements. Check out this Tableau Developer Resume; for instance, this is how your technical resume should be drafted!

To get the best resumes made for your new career at 40, it’s about getting the help of the best resume builders, as they will make your work easier, craft attractive resumes, and catch the attention of recruiters.

4. Stay Active in your Professional Network

It’s time to update your professional networks if you have been out of the game for pretty long. Update your profiles on job networking and social media handles. Stay in touch with any hiring managers, friends, or old colleagues who could help you embark on new employment opportunities in your newfound career.

If you choose dominating technologies as your career, yes, you won’t have any trouble landing a job, even despite your growing age numbers. But you should know how to prepare well for these technical interviews to get your desired role!

5. Watch an Inspiring Interview, Movie or Documentary

Being 40 years old and no career can seem nerve-wracking, but with the right overdose of confidence, you can take that big step. The best way to find that much-needed confidence is by watching a movie, watching famous interviews of celebrities who didn’t fear a career change at 40, or watching some documentary that helps you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Well, if you are up for good movies, movies like “The Intern” starring Robert De Niro & Anne Hathway, where a 70-year-old realizes that he is not cut out for retirement yet & decides to start over his career as an intern. 

Such resources can help you break free from your comfort zone and realize that age is just a number and nobody has to tell you when the right time to do this or that is.

6. Stop Fearing this New Transition

Do not fear this new transition of looking for career ideas for women and men. At first, it is expected to feel quite anxious about what you are doing, but don’t let that feeling consume you for longer. Think of all the positives rather than counting the repercussions of you being dynamically shifting careers and looking for ways to get a job with no experience in this new field. Instead, go ahead and think of:

  • How your past corporate work experience won’t let you sink in your next job
  • How you have finally decided to do something you are passionate about
  • How you would give your heart & soul to your newfound career & call it a day
  • How you won’t any longer have to drag yourself to work

Just think of positives and gradually strike out all the negatives. Things cannot possibly go wrong when you get skilled in your career, get industry-recognized certification to validate those skills, and have a dash of confidence & determination pinned along with you to prove to the hiring manager that you are made out of the tough soil. 

7. Think Whether You Want to Start Something of Your Own or Not

With two decades of corporate experience and vouching over new skills with accredited training, surely you can start something of your own, if you ever dreamt of a one-man show, all by yourself. Decide whether you want to start your own entrepreneurial journey or keep finding solace in being a dedicated, confident, and persistent employee within a new career field and organization.

8. Have Faith And Start Applying for the Jobs

If you do your hard work, you can go places. Once convinced of a career change at 40 and equipped with new skills, start applying for jobs with mainstream companies. If you have done your upskilling right, you can start applying to the top multinational corporations. 

At JanBask,  we take complete responsibility for shaping your career “from” and “until” any age. We help you choose popular skills, get upskilled with professional trainers and real-time projects, clear the authorized certifications, prepare for the interview with persuasive resume writing, and help you until you get the call letter. With us, you can have your complete career path plan fulfilled.

Some One-on-One Tips for Career Change at 40

Now, we are confident that you will be able to pursue the career that you love the most, but still, here are certain tips or pieces of advice that shouldn't be escaped by you while learning how to make a career change:

  • Be Practical - While you may have professional experience beforehand but don’t overestimate it and consider it enough for your next career. Make sure to do the necessary upskilling from scratch via professional training online and acquire proper certifications to honor your abilities & knowledge.
  • Salary, should it matter? Starting a new career can make you land entry-level positions with maybe meager pay (than your previous job), so be open about that. If you don’t have financial baggage or specific livelihood responsibilities, don’t strike off the new skill or job you're passionate about because of slight or high paycheck differences. If that new career excites you, motivates you, and keeps you happy, choose that over everything else. 
  • Gather a lot of information - When looking for new career changes, keep your research tight at every step of preparing and presenting your candidature to the hiring manager. Know what’s in and out in the talent market, and you will be able to make an impact.
  • Take baby steps - Don’t expect progress overnight; be cautious, and take time to be certain of the career you have been finalizing. Take advice from superiors, colleagues, or any confidante who can clear the air and guide you in the best manner.

Now you know what steps & tips to follow, let’s help you unwind the career change at 50 ideas for skills/technology.

Best Career Change Jobs at 40 - Know Your Options!

If you are into IT and management, here are the few best career changes at 40 ideas that are heavily paying, growth-prone, excellent at the learning curve (you do learn something new each day), and have great flexibility to shift to other roles without any drop in salary. If you know the skills that companies are looking for in 2024, you can easily make the transition.

1. Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Developer - Salesforce Administrators are often tasked with customizing and operating the company’s Salesforce CRM systems. They adopt the platform, personalize it to fit specific corporate requirements and, build business practices, establish responsibility mechanisms for users' access and secure data. As a Salesforce Admin, you will be constantly changing to new system features and remaining up-to-date with best practices.

On the other hand, Salesforce Developers focus on a technical approach. As a result, they create custom code while developing applications in the Salesforce infrastructure. This job involves programming in languages like Apex or VisualForce and linking Salesforce with other platforms.

A career in Salesforce is very profitable, as the average salary of a Salesforce admin is $96,817, and of a Salesforce developer is $122,507 per year. 

2. Data Scientist - Their job is to analyze, process, and interpret versatile data to help companies make actionable steps & decisions. Data scientists use data analysis techniques, machine learning algorithms, and visualization tools to identify patterns, trends, and potential. This career is characterized by continuous learning as data science and technology constantly evolve.

You can earn an average salary of $129,824 per year as a data scientist.

3. SEO Expert or Digital Marketer - Their job is to ensure the website or any digital asset is visible in the SERP and helps drive traffic & engagement from the internet for more business opportunities. 

Digital Marketers have a larger sphere of responsibility than SEO primarily, which covers social media marketing and content launching or e-mail, especially as far as paid advertising campaigns are concerned. In these roles, it is necessary to follow the latest algorithm SEO and trends in digital marketing.

As an SEO expert and digital marketer, you can earn an average salary of $72,500 and $62,500 per year respectively.

4. Business Analyst - The role of a business analyst is to analyze market data and ensure the quality of product lines for ultimate profitability. Other functions in business analysis include process optimization, requirement gathering as well as project management. Strong communication and problem-solving skills are critical for success in this job.

As a business analyst, the average salary you can draw is $62,500 per year.

5. AWS Engineer - Their duty is to plan, build, and implement the AWS infrastructure for the ultimate scalability & security of businesses. This position is characterized by cooperation with different AWS services such as EC2, S3, and RDS; keeping abreast of AWS certifications and best practices is therefore required for a successful career in this field.

As an AWS engineer, you can earn an average salary of $136,468 annually.

These are a few best career change jobs at 40 with no degree making rounds in the talent market. They can be pursued without any prior specialization & work experience. Given you just need to have quick upskilling and certifications in these, then you will be good to break free and explore the unimaginable but certainly the best career run.

Apart from these, gazillions of high-paying career changes at 40 choices can be explored without difficulty. Check them out here Trending IT Courses.

Choose JanBask Training To Easily Get Yourself Ready To Change Your Career at 40!

Deciding to take up the services of JanBask Training precisely for your career change at 40 with no degree is a route that offers all that contemporary professionals want. JanBask Training was born in the state of Virginia, an online training company provider that has grown into a dynamic force. It wants to train the future class of tech learners as innovatively and extensively as possible.

JanBask has numerous programs, including Digital Marketing, DevOps Engineering, Data Science, and Cyber Security, which are based on the foundational levels without previous technical exposure. This makes it suitable for the mid-age career changers, who at 40, often need to start from scratch while exploring a new field. The real-time learning content and technical job skills that these courses have to offer make them ideal for learners, as they not only get certified but are also ready for the industry.

Final Thoughts on Career Change at 40!

This was it, your complete guide to career change at 40 with no degree of specialization, along with ideas. Whenever you feel stuck in your career, you just need to reevaluate your career and take some bold moves to transition toward a new career that satisfies you truly and makes you feel motivated to go to work.

The above tips & choices are equally for people transitioning from other careers or as well as for those who haven’t been into a career at all (yes, life happens). It is never too late or even early to start a job or change jobs. 

Today’s IT jobs are very receptive to candidates who are smart, vocal, skilled, and ready to make things happen even without any specific college degree but just accredited real-time training and certification to prove their knowledge.

If you happen to be in your midlife, colluding with the thought about “how to make the best career change at 40”, then let our expert career counselors guide you for free, treat your dilemma, list down your reasons why you should bloom into a different career, and suggest you most relatable and best jobs for career changers over 40.

FAQs on Career Change at 40!

Q 1. How to Make a Career Change at 40?

Ans:-To make a career change at 40 happen, you need to research the new career of your interest that’s stable, highly compensating, future-proof. Once identified, take upskilling training courses online, start sharing resumes, be active on job hunt sites, make your desired skills stronger and more impressive. In the end, just believe in yourself and be there.

Q 2. What Is the Best Career to Start at 40?

Ans:-Age is just a number only if you are a go-getter & have tremendous potential to carve a niche for yourself. Any career of your interest, choice, or which is in demand can be pursued, provided you need to have really effective upskilling or reskilling around it to have an impressive candidature for the hiring managers.

So to answer the best jobs for career changers over 40 is anything that interests you, pays you well, has a trail of growth in the future, and in the end, makes you eternally happy. If you are still unsure of “what is the best career to start at 40”, our deemed career counselors can help you for free!

Q 3. When It Is Too Late to Change Careers?

Ans:- There is never too late or too early to change a career. You can be 20-ish something and be miserable in your career journey or you can be 40-ish something and decide to take a detour in your career path. 

With the evolution in technology & its related career, the barriers of age factors have started to become blurred. People can stop and start over now easily at any age as long as they are determined and fully there to commit to a new thing.

So if you ask when it is too late to change careers, we would say, when you really dread a career change and still keep holding onto the thought of it. When you know you will be happy pushing the boundaries and you keep resisting change, that’s where you go late.

Q 4. Is it possible to for career change at 40 with no degree?

Ans:- It is possible to opt for a new career that can be started at 40 without having a degree. Attention should be given to areas where the practice centers on practical skills and experience is of high priority. Opt for online courses or specialized IT programs that will provide you with the required knowledge. Some industries, those involving tech and creatives in particular, care far more about what you can do and your professional portfolio than they would any formal academic qualification. Transferable skills from your prior experiences can also serve as the perfect basis for this change.

Q 5. Which of the best career change jobs at 40 might be good for a person without a degree?

Ans:- At the age of 40, many careers can be satisfying even for those who do not have a degree. For instance, digital marketing provides a flexible environment where creativity and analytical skills are valued. IT support and cybersecurity also offer a great career path that is often through certification gained by dedicated study. Sales positions can be financially rewarding and depend mainly on people’s skills and knowledge. Business ownership is also an alternative, where you can transform a passion or hobby into a successful venture.

Q 6. What are the possible career ideas for women at 40?

Ans:- A lot of career paths are available to women who reach the age of forty. Project management can serve as an ideal match that capitalizes on organizational and leadership skills. Content production, whether it is blogging, podcasting, or creating videos, supplies creative ventures that can result in nice profits. Fulfilling as well are health and wellness coaching or consulting roles where the passion for helping people improve their lives. This route usually provides options to work not on a rigid schedule which is good for solving the dilemma of balancing work and private life.

Q 7. If I’m 40 years old now and I want to know what career I should take, how do I go about it?

Ans:- First, reflect on what you are interested in and your talents. Networking is critical; interact with professionals from different industries to learn about them. It may be worthwhile to investigate opportunities through internships, volunteer work, or part-time employment in areas of interest. This practical experience can offer perspective and guidance. It is also possible to acquire basic skills in a new field by enrolling in online courses or attending workshops, and this makes the whole transition easier.

Q 8. Is it practical to consider a career switch at 50 years?

Ans:- Changing careers when you are 50 years old is not only feasible but it can also be extremely rewarding. As a crucial element in search of career change ideas at this age, you should consider pursuits that fit with your accumulated experience and passions. As an example, fields like consulting coaching, and mentoring tend to be outstanding options because they often require a degree of wisdom that comes with age. Furthermore, positions in not-for-profit organizations or voluntary community services are satisfying and rewarding because they allow you to return some of your life skills and experiences back to the communities. One must remain receptive to new skills in the sense that they may acquire relevant certifications, which will increase their employability in a different field.

Q 9. What is the best career to start at 40 in the technology sector?

Ans:- At 40, starting a new technology career is a possibility and can be done. Start with finding particular niches within technology that you are passionate about; for instance, web development, data analysis, cybersecurity, or software development. There are several IT programs and certifications offered by online platforms, for people who do not have any prior technical knowledge. These courses often have a practical training element, which is an important factor in developing competency. Networking through tech groups and participating in industry conferences can also supply useful information and contacts. It is a fact that the tech industry hires people on their skills and problem-solving ability, rather than their level of education.

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    Invest some time in reading this article! You will not regret it. Such thoughtful messages to script out. Hats off, Janbask Team!

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    Superb and inspiring article! Wanna read more articles like this from you guys!


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