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20 Best Resume Builders in 2024


Resumes mirror the professionalism of a job seeker, and the best way to make your resume look professional would be taking the help of some of the best resume builder websites.

There are several resume-building websites offering services for resume creation; some are completely free resume builders, while others offer limited features in their free versions. Even if paid, the subscription charges are just a few bucks. 

The basic idea behind offering resume-building services is to help the job seeker represent their skills and capabilities in a structured way. A structure that meets the industry standards and that the HRs find easy to deal with.

Despite many available options, beginners are usually stuck creating a new resume. The reason is incompatible resume templates that do not deliver the desired results. While some look satisfying, users usually end up wasting their time as the websites do not allow downloading the resume for free or ask for a subscription fee to download the resume. 

Our best resume builder guide is an attempt to help our readers make a perfect resume with ease. Job seekers or students can utilize these resume builder websites to create a resume that talks about their skills and certifications at length. If you don’t have a relevant certification in hand its time to earn one through online IT certification training courses to add substance to your profile.

Why Use A Resume Builder?

Building a resume on Wordpad or Google Docs may sound easy. Still, it becomes a cumbersome job when you try to adjust the layouts to make your priorities visible in one sight. Resume-building websites provide premade templates to help you highlight your resume-worthy skills. Additionally, best resume builder websites provide industry-specific templates with headings and subheadings that guide adding in-demand data to the resume. 

1 in 4 hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds looking at a resume; use a resume-builder to get the attention!

Let’s take a listicle view of the benefits of using the best resume-building sites:

  • Provides Pre-made resume templates to suit various experience levels
  • Guides you with industry-specific resume pointers that a professional resume must have
  • Saves time and effort; Pre-made templates are like fill in the blanks like documents that self adjust the margins and wrap up the text to give your resume a professional look.
  • Make the resume reader-friendly as it allows displaying the critical pointers on one page.
  • Provides options for easy customizations.

Let’s move towards the “Top 10 best resume builder websites in 2024”  list and review each one on various parameters stated ahead.

10 Best Resume Builder Websites in 2024

The basic idea behind testing many resume-building websites and selecting the top 10 best resume builders was to help our readers accomplish the hectic task of resume making fast and efficiently.  We also intended to suggest websites that help our readers create multiple versions of their resumes to suit the varying job role needs, that too, maybe for free or at a minimal price.  As such, we made sure our list covers utterly free resume builder websites, too. 

Let’s take a quick look at the list and explore them ahead.
Top 10 resume builder site

Now, Let us move towards understanding these best resume builders in detail.

1. Novoresume

Paid or Free:

Free Version:  Under the free plan, the user can create only one version of the resume with a length of 1 page only. Font supports are limited to three in numbers with no cover letter support. 

Paid Plan: The paid version charges an annual subscription fee of $99.99 and offers multiple features to support a multipage resume created in multiple versions.


Novoresume is a truly modern and sophisticated resume builder that offers sixteen different categories to choose templates. It implies there is something for everybody with Novoresume. 

The signup process is quick and easy; with Google’s account– it's just a click away. 


  • Novoresume templates are ATS-friendly hand-crafted templates, also templates to highlight your certification in the resume.
  • Free plan allows downloading the resume
  • The templates can be customized to meet the experience level of the job seeker.
  • Novoresume comes with an AI analyzer that provides suggestions to make the information niche-specific.
  • Novoresume displays a dynamic preview of the changes you make to your resume.
  • Besides resume templates, Novoresume provides the user with a dedicated CV template section to help experienced professionals meet their extended needs.


  • No cover letter support under the free plan
  • Limited feature support in basic plan

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2. Zety

Paid or Free:

Zety is a paid but best resume maker. It charges an annual subscription fee of $71.4. Zetsy doesn’t offer a free plan, though a 14-day trial can be availed by paying $2.7. If you opt for a trial, make sure you cancel the plan well within the trial period because the plan auto-renews at $23.7 billed every four weeks.


Resume making with Zety starts with choosing a template of your choice from the twenty it offers. The process continues with filling data section-by-section with a dynamic preview available after every section. Somewhere towards the completion, you get options that allow customizing the resume and adding additional sections. 

The customizer allows spellchecking your resume and changing the template or the template theme color. With formatting tools, the user can change the fonts; increase or decrease line spacings, and paragraph and section spacings.

Zety offers 18 templates to choose from and is an ATS-friendly resume builder so whether you are looking to make a Salesforce professional resume or anything else, Zety can help! The resume templates can be a good match for various industries' job roles, but for creative professionals, we recommend opting for a different resume builder.


  • Cool customization: The entire layout can be changed even after filling up the data.
  • Auto suggestions: Zetsy provides feedback and suggestions to make your resume look more professional.
  • The interface is simple, easy to use, and intuitive.


  • A free plan allowing the user to download the resume could have made this resume-making website even more attractive.
  • Resume templates are similar-looking templates and may not be suitable for professionals working in design fields.

3. Canva Resume Builder

Free or Paid:

Canva works on the freemium model. It allows making a resume using free templates or creating a resume from scratch with free elements. With Canva, even the free elements or templates are sufficient enough to make a resume that highlights your professional skills. To use the premium features and elements, one needs to pay a subscription fee of $119.99 a year.


Canva represents the most innovative way to build a resume. There are thousands of templates that can be further customized with elements and images; In fact, it is the best site for resume templates. Customzing these templates is easy and simple. Even beginners can easily change the layouts or can do micro changes in specific sections including fonts, colour, and line spacing

If you do not want to use templates, you can start on a blank page and incorporate sections of your choice to make the resume look the way you want it to look. Despite all these, a Canva-built resume may not pass ATS (Application tracking system) as the entire resume is built using text boxes. 


  • Thousands of free and paid templates.
  • The free plan allows downloading the resume.
  • Allow building professional resumes with hundreds of free elements under the free plan
  • One can incorporate graphic elements, styles, and images to resume with Canva


  • Canva-built resumes can find it hard to pass the Application Tracking systems.

4. Indeed Resume Builder

Free or Paid:

Indeed resume builder is a complete free resume creator.


Prominently Indeed is known for providing job vacancies, but it also offers useful learnings and tools to help the jobseeker understand the job market. One such tool is its resume builder. Indeed Resume Builder is a completely free resume builder that provides ATS-friendly resume templates. Despite offering limited resume templates, Indeed can be the best resume creator for job seekers of all experience levels.  Whether you are looking to make a perfect AWS developer resume or any other profile Indeed can help!


  • Free to use and allows downloading the resume in PDF format.
  • Building a resume with Indeed is easy.
  • Interface is simple and Intuitive


  • Limited templates with basic layout
  • Do not offer customization options

5. Resume Genius

Free or Paid:

Resume Genius is available in both formats i.e. under a free plan and by paying an annual subscription fee of $95.4. One can also choose to use this best resume builder for unlimited 14 days of use by paying $2.95. The subscription auto renews at $23.95 after 14 days forever 4 weeks.

While there isn’t much difference in features between the free and paid plans, the free users need to convert stuff into Google Docs or Wordpad and make changes there. On the other hand, paid users get expert help and AI support to craft an interview-winning resume with technical skills highlighted.


Resume Genius is a super resource for building professional resumes. It offers various resume templates under eight broad categories, and above those eight categories, it offers genius resume templates with instructions on how to use them for free. All you need to do is to explore this resume-building website to get the best out of it. 

There are two ways one can use the Genius template:

  1. Use the Genius templates in Google Docs or Microsoft Wordpad and edit it with your data to download in all available formats for free.
  2. The second way is for people not comfortable using the template with Google Docs. Such users need to take a subscription and can use the Resume Genius platform to fill up the information and generate a professional resume. 


  • Resume Genius is easy to use and offers more than 50 templates under different categories.
  • It provides professional and value templates under its free-to-use options.
  • Resume Genius is designed to create ATS-friendly resumes
  • AI assistance and expert support make the paid version a popular choice


  • Layout customization is not available with ResumeGenius templates, but can be customized if using Google Docs.
  • ResumeGenius could have provided some of its own platform-based free resume-building options. This would have helped absolute beginners create their initial resume quickly and effortlessly. However, they are excellent and one of the best resume builder websites of 2023.

6. LiveCareer

Free or Paid:

LiveCareer is a paid resume-making tool that charges a monthly subscription fee of $5.95, or one can take a paid trial for 14 days by paying $2.95. The trial subscription auto-renews at $23.95 after 14 days, billed every 4 weeks.


LiveCareer has been shaping the jobseeker’s career path with its resume assistance since 2005. They are experienced professionals in the resume-making business and understand how critical a resume template can be to job seekers. As such, they provide ATS-friendly resume templates like the selenium tester resume and allow customizing the resume with fonts, theme colors, and spacings throughout the resume.


  • Simple and intuitive resume templates; more than 30 in number.
  • Fast and easy to use ATS-friendly resume templates
  • Allows changing theme colors and making spacing-related alterations


  • The resume templates look identical and may not be a popular choice among creative niche job seekers.
  • Resume templates that allow embedding photos were not found.

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7. KickResume

Free or Paid:

Kickresume works on the principle of providing free and premium templates. Free templates have customization and some additional limitations while paid templates give access to premium features at a subscription fee of $7 a month for a yearly subscription, $13 a month for a quarterly subscription, and $19 every month for a monthly subscription.


The first and foremost attraction of KickResume is it feature that allows selecting a template based on the profession. On applying the profession filter, Kick Resume displays a group of templates consisting of both free and premium templates. You may find most of them premium there, but there would be some free templates too. Kickresume’s free templates too look very modern and professional. However, if you do not like them, you may select a free template from an unfiltered general resume template list. Combining the two, KickResume offers around 45 templates to choose from.

After you select a template, KickResume asks you to fill in your personal as well as professional information. While doing so you get an option to add custom fields. Kickresume also allows changing the position of various sections with simple drag and drop action.

As you move on to filling in the data, the kick resume algorithm keeps feeding you suggestions and tips with its AI writer and section analysis feature. Towards the right-hand side, you get a preview of everything you do.

The premium plan allows users to add premium sections to their resume that include certifications, awards, achievements, etc. On the left-hand side, you get navigational features that include features to analyze, proofread, download, or share the resume on social/professional platforms. 

Downloading the resume in PDF format is allowed in the free plan.


  • Resumes can be downloaded under the free plan
  • Profession based resume templates are available
  • Wide range of ATS-friendly resume templates


  • Color customization is not available under the free plan.
  • Only two fonts are available under free plan.


Free or Paid: is a 100% free resume making platform. The only requirement for using this platform is having an Indeed account. It allows signing in with Indeed only as they have partnered with Indeed to provide better resume making services.

Description: is an always free kind of resume building website and is one of the best resume builder websites for professionals of all experience levels. On starting it asks for the experience level and recommends templates accordingly. You can change choose a resume template from the recommendations or choose a new one. 


  • ATS-friendly resume templates 
  • Always free for users, partnered with Indeed to provide enhanced and professional resume support.


  • Basic resume templates, maybe unsuitable for creative professionals.
  • Must have an Indeed account to access or save resume templates.


Free or Paid: is a paid resume-making tool and offers three subscription plans: a 7-day trial subscription for $2.95 (renews at $24.95 every 4 weeks), a 6-month subscription plan for $44.95, and 12-month subscription plan for $74.95.

Description: offers 30 truly modern resume templates categorized into 4 broad categories: Simple, Modern, Creative, and Professional. We are recommending for its unique resume templates and flexibility to add as much as you like to the resume. Perfect for professionals to make a resume like a software test engineer resume.

The resume editor is wisely designed to take care of the main and related sections in the resume, making the data flow intuitive, Additionally, the AI support provides support for quick description of job roles. Embedding social links is easy with


  • A wide collection of professional and creative resume templates


  • Resume customization not available
  • ATS friendly not guaranteed.

10. CakeResume

Free or Paid:

Cake Resume works on the freemium model. While many of its features are available in the free basic plan, the paid plans: i.e $10 a month, the Advanced plan, and the $15 a month Pro plan offer flexibility to create more than 1 resume, access to 20 premium snippets, and remove the CakeResume branding from your resume. The Pro plan allows you to track resume views with Google Analytics.


CakeResume is perhaps the most innovative platform for resume creation online. It allows super customization. The editor opens as a wordpad with various customization options. Your journey to build a resume with this best resume builder starts with adding your personal and professional details like experience, job role, and preferred work location to make a profile with a cake resume. In the next step, Cake's resume asks you to either import your professional details from your LinkedIn profile or enter them manually. 

As a next step, you choose a template to create a resume. Templates with CakeResume are truly modern and contemporary. They are around 50 in number and additionally, Cake Resume offers 20 color customized premade templates to facilitate creative professionals representing an enhanced work portfolio.

As a user, you can also start with niche-specific templates from the resume link in the navigation bar.

Choosing the resume template will display your resume in an editor. You can make changes here or preview before you publish. Publishing the resume will give you a link that can be shared with recruiters to navigate to your resume. You can even download the PDF version to share in soft form or to get it printed.


  • 50 plus free resume templates
  • Full customization allowed under the free plan
  • 20 premium resume snippets
  • Truly modern template design
  • Social Media link embedding


Sorry, we don’t have one.

How To Get Started On Creating Your Resume Online?

The process of creating a resume online with various resume-making websites is more or less the same. It involves:

1. Choosing a resume making website

Identifying the resume needs of the industry that you are seeking a job in, and choosing a resume making website that offers relevant templates. You can also choose a general template and customize it to suit your industry needs best. This of course would need one of these best resume builder websites that allow customization. You may follow our reviews above to learn about the features and flexibility these best resume building websites provide.

2. Deciding on Type of Subscription

Decide on the type of subscription that you would like to avail. It can be a paid subscription or a free one. Distinguish between the features and choose one that suits you. This step is important to end up downloading the resume in your desired format. Skipping this step may result in enormous time and effort wastage that you will be deploying to fill your information on the resume-making website.

If you want a completely free resume builder, we recommend going with or you may copy a template to edit it in Google Docs with KickResume.

3. Sign up for your best resume builder website.

Signing up on the resume making websites helps reaccess your saved resumes time and again. Also, one can save their favorite template, or create a personal one for future use.

4. Get ready with your data 

Get ready with your personal as well as professional records to speed up the resume-making process. Mention the IT skills, certifications, and projects to make a call-worthy resume!

5. Selecting the right template

Resume making websites provide pre-made resume templates to fill up with your own data. Filling the data with resume builders is a faster process with previews displayed by the work area side with most of the resume making websites. Select a resume that suits best your professional resume needs, and fill it up with your own data.

6. Making customizations, if needed.

Resume making websites allow customization of the rows and columns, allowing you to add or remove a section based on your resume requirements. Customize the resume template to add all relevant information to your resume, if needed.

7. Preview and Downloading the Final Copy

Post filling in your personal and professional information; preview the resume template for structural or text alignments. Once everything’s good, save your resume, and download it in the applicable/desirable formats 

Tips for a Good Resume

Some Tips for creating a good resume that suits the job role requirements and passes the Application Tracking Systems (ATS) are as follows:

Tips for creating a strong resume

  1. Study and Understand the job role needs and requirements, and consider tailoring your resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences for each position you apply. Make points on a notepad before you actually start filling in the resume template.
  2. Choose the right resume format. Understand your Industry and select the best resume builder that offers industry-specific resume templates. The resume templates should also have sections that represent your skills and requirements in the best possible ways. Many resume making website asks for your experience level and then suggest resume templates.
  3. Your resume should not have irrelevant skills. Even if you have some additional certifications check them for a relevancy degree and include the certification skills if you find them helpful for the job role you are applying for. Irrelevant skills and certification, however good, may create a negative impression and lead to resume rejection. Your resume should aim to provide relevant information in a direct way.
  4. Start with a professional objective. It should not sound superficial. Your objective should create a normal yet professional impression to the recruiter. It should be crafted to sound natural and not like a common and copied one.
  5. Prortize displaying the relevant skills first, preferably on a side panel. Highlight your achievements, and use action verbs to display your last job responsibilities in a listicle form.
  6. Identify the main keywords that the job role demands and incorporate them throughout the resume to help Application Tracking Systems match its relevance for the position.
  7. To make your resume ATS-friendly, avoid templates that use boxes for text integration. One such example would be Canva.
  8. Use a professional and positive tone to describe your experience and skills. Keep the descriptions concise and direct.
  9. List your certifications and skills, and please be honest about them. Adopt a properly spaced template or customize it to make it intuitive. Use clear, readable, and standard fonts. 
  10. Try to represent everything on one page if you are someone with up to 5 years of experience, or have switched up to three companies so far.


The process of job hunting is a cumbersome one, and it starts right before building a resume. A job seeker should focus on developing skills and gaining practical know-how followed by selecting the best resume builder that allows representing the skills in a sophisticated and direct way. 

In our drive to suggest some best resume building websites, we have covered various tools that make resume building fast and easy. For jobseekers seeking free solutions, we have recommended tools that help generate professional resumes without paying a penny.

A job seeker should show utmost professionalism while building a resume as it represents your skills, experience, and aspirations to the hiring manager, and can be a crucial factor in securing a dream role. However be sure to have a solid certification in hand to gain an edge!

Good luck with your job search; may your resume open opportunity doors to you.


Q1.What is a resume, and why is it important?

Ans: A resume is a compact and concise way to introduce yourself and describe briefly your skills to the hiring manager. It’s essential because it gives the hiring manager a good reason to interview you.

Your resume should indirectly convey to the hiring manager why are you a good match for the job role you are applying for.

Q2. What is the ideal length for a resume?

Ans: Your resume should be compact, concise, and direct about your personal and professional information. As such a better idea would be to present all your experiences and other information on one page only. If you are highly experienced and have switched many companies, you should attempt to lay down things in two pages, or even more depending on the experience.

Q3. Should I include a photo on my resume?

Ans: Photo adding is a debatable topic in resume building. There can be Geographical variations in opinions on adding a photo to the resume. For example, US-based companies may not consider adding photos professionally. They rather focus on skills in the resume. On the other hand European and Asian prefer adding photos in their resumes. Further, It may depend on the resume format too; a professional engineer’s profile would look better without a photo while a creative profile would give a better sense with a photo. 

Q4. What is ATS, and how should I optimize my resume for it?

Ans: ATS stands for Application Tracking System. ATSs are basically softwares that employers use to filter resumes based on keywords. To optimize your resume for ATS, you should avoid complex formatting in the resume and use keywords throughout.

Q5. How do I explain employment gaps on my resume?

Ans: Being honest about gaps is the best way to explain them. One can additionally show skills acquisition or freelance work during that period.

Q6. Do I need to take an online training to learn resume building?

Ans: Resume building is a business in itself. Various resume building websites offering free and paid services are basically doing a business. So if you aim at starting a similar business, or getting a job in the resume making industry, you should get some online certification. But if instead, you just want to write a good resume to get a job, we recommend following the best resume builder websites we have listed above


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