How To Make A Current Git Branch Track A Remote Branch?

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I am aware of how to create a new branch that tracks remote branches, but how to make a current branch track a remote branch? Also, I want to know how to set a local branch to track a remote branch? 

Answered by Dan Peters

It is possible for the local branch to track the remote branch through git-branch with long option - - set - upstream - to = or short option -u. The command creates the branch name tracking data. When no branch name is given, it defaults to the existing branch.

The process to make the current branch track a remote one is as follows:
Upgrade the local meta-data through the below-given command.
Git fetch - - all
Glance at the remote and local branches by this command:
 Git branch -a
Shift to the target branch, that you wish to connect with the remote branch:
 Git checkout
You can now connect the local branch to the remote one through the below given command:
 Git branch - - set- upstream-to
The path can be derived through this command:
Git branch

A local branch can track the remote branch deploying git-branch with long option - - set-upstream-to= or short option -u.

Another way to make the existing git local branch track the remote branch, is by navigating to the local git repository and cloning the remote repository in the local one. After that, show the list of the existing git local branches. Then download the upgraded remote repository on the local one. Finally, run the “$ git branch - set - upstream- to = ” command.

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