What can you do if you are getting help text of more than 255 characters?

211    Asked by DaniloGuidi in Salesforce , Asked on Aug 22, 2023

 I want to apply help text in Visualforce with only one custom field. But I am getting 255 characters in help text with one field. Even though I know how to create an image of text, and present the image onMouseOver. But I want to find another answer. Can I get a solution for that? 

Answered by Dan Peters

The Salesforce help text character limit is 255. So if you want to use help text with a custom field, you can use . This help text attribute present in this part fits with the balloon. By putting long help in the custom label, you can translate the same into standard help texts or any other language. However, if you are good at JavaScript and you know how to use JavaScript libraries, you can use the following line of code:

 in the visualforce page. You can use the following code: 
HTML code:
CSS coding:
JavaScript Code:

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