How to solve the insufficient access rights on cross reference Id?

207    Asked by Aalapprabhakaran in Salesforce , Asked on Jul 31, 2023

The error message is being displayed. While inserting the Opportunity followed by Opportunity Line item from the VisualForce page through the controller, I am logged in as a user whose profile license is “authenticated website”. However, while logged in as another user whose license is “customer portal manager” the code works well. Both orgs possess Opportunity OWD “read only” and opportunity line item “controlled by parent” To fix the issue I used “without sharing” on a class that runs the insertion code, and it works well from “authenticated website” user. Can you fix the error?

Answered by Darsh K

 The object access can be verified for the profile. Teh error is seen while trying to insert a thing which cannot be inserted logically. You wish to update a record that is absent. You attempt to update the object field that can’t be created explicitly. The fields can be updated implicitly. You are aiming to provide authority but you don’t possess the permission. While trying to share record X with user Y and you don’t have access to record X the error is seen.

Also if you possess record types on the Opportunity or Line items, verify that user’s profile has access. This will be provided for SysAdmins, in “without sharing’ as well. Ensure that you do not upgrade a record that is absent or build-in, and you do the action through the user who has not the correct access to alter the object.

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