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Tableau Developer Resume Sample + Complete Guide on How to Make One


Any recruiter on average takes a deep look at a resume for about 30 seconds to 1 minute only. Recruiters or hiring managers pan around any resume hardly for just a few seconds but they know what to look for in a resume while shortlisting it for further rounds. 

So even if you are drafting a Tableau Developer job resume, you can’t take it lightly, as one wrong move in your resume creation can encourage the recruiters to hire one of the 300+ Tableau Developer applications. 

If you know Tableau Developer skills in-depth but cannot pin it down the right way in your resume, how do you think hiring companies will know what you are capable of? 

Are you looking for “Tableau resume samples“ or “Tableau sample resumes for 3 years experience for senior Developer roles”? Put your searches to an end, as in the following guide you are about to see a completely professional Tableau Developer resume example that will help you to land on jobs 10x faster. 

Just a Tableau Developer resume sample? We knew it would be coming, don’t worry you will even have a complete guide on how to build it from scratch with complete dos and don’ts - all suggested by industry experts.

Tableau Developer Resume Sample

tableau resume sample

Guide to writing Tableau Developer Resume From Scratch

Here are the complete steps to flawless and ready-to-get-you-a-job Tableau Developer resume writing. Instead of dividing your attention into 100 different Tableau Resume Samples, follow this below guide carefully, get inspired by it while drafting your actual resume and there you will have your resume that fulfills your dream of working with the leading company at Tableau  Developer Salary of 6 figures.

  1. Decide a clean & readable format of your Tableau Developer Resume
  2. Write a catchy objective or resume summary
  3. Add genuine work experience to your Tableau Developer resume
  4. Make your education or qualification section look promising
  5. Put the Tableau Developer key skills - all from technical to personality ones
  6. Add extra sections to show your other expanded knowledge or expertise
  7. Tableau Developer cover letter? Yes, create it too!

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Clean & Readable Format

Decide a clean & readable format of your Tableau Developer Resume

Don’t think that recruiters won’t shrink your scope of selection based on the format of your resume. Formatting plays an intense role in pleasing the recruiters. A well-formatted and drafted resume conveys how serious you are about the job and reflects your patience and dedication to draft it.

Here is how you should format a template of Tableau Developer Resume:

  • Choose a reverse chronological order to detail things like putting the latest work experience on top, followed by past work experiences, education, and so on.
  • To make your resume texts read clear, don’t go for cursive or stylish fonts, instead go for Calibri or Verdana ones.
  • Leave around 1 to 1.15 line spacing between different sections.
  • Make sure your text is not hitting the border of page lines, it should have a 1-inch gap from its sides.
  • Keep the font size for heading between 13-14.
  • Always send PDF files of your resume.
  • Write the correct spelling of your name with correct contact information.
  • In the resume summary, highlight your career’s best achievements or highlights of the entire resume.
  • If you have any other achievement outside your job role, any projects you worked on, portfolios of past work - link them in the resume’s bottom.

Keep a very minimal and non-cluttered resume format. Ensure it is viewable and readable.

Write a Catchy Objective or Resume Summary

Do you know the scary part? Most recruiters don’t have time to skim through the entire resume, which is why most of the time when they receive applications in abundance, they just focus heavily on the resume's objective or summary section. 

The one where you most of the time just put phrases like “To be the greatest support to fulfill self and company’s goals in long-term”. 

Don’t go diplomatic, instead write this objective section in a way where you make the company realize how you are going to help them for real.

Things to unwind in your Resume’s objective or summary section-

  • Use strong adjectives like professional, determined, skilled, dedicated.
  • Add your job title to Tableau Developer.
  • Add years of experience.
  • Include your best achievements in your Tableau career.
  • Put an example of previous companies about how you helped them. 

Let’s help you understand better with the two examples & their comparison:

Job Summary Example for Tableau Developer 

Example 1

Example 2

A skilled & Professional Tableau Developer with 3+ years of experience in SQL and BI reporting. Looking forward to enhancing business intelligence for (future company name). At (past company name) designed a data warehouse model based on given requirements that helped with increasing efficiency by 30%.

Highly driven & motivated Tableau Developer having experience in designing and developing data models. Looking forward to designing amazing visualizations and data warehouse models based on requirements for an innovation-seeking company.

Which example did you find most appealing? It has to be the first one. In the first example, the use of numbers, stats, and achievements makes the candidate look more professional, skilled, and dedicated to the role. The second example is nice, but without numbers, the objective looks unapproachable and too basic for any company. 

Add Genuine Work Experience

Add genuine work experience to your Tableau Developer resume

In your Tableau Developer resume, you need to put your work experience in a way it seems approachable and makes you look like a true asset to the company. 

 Here are the ways how you need to put your work experience in your resume:

  • Always start with the latest or just previous work experience and then proceed to past ones.
  • Keep at least a two-line description for each job in bullet points.
  • Go like adding companies' names first, then the time duration of working with them.
  • Put your best achievements in each job description as additional points- highlighting why you are a true asset for any company or why they should hire you.

Let’s explain this point with the comparison of two examples.

Example 1

Example 2

Tableau Developer
(Previous Company Name)
(period of employment like June 2015- July 2016)

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Worked with DevOps and management teams to create data visualization solutions for a firm dealing in consumer products with $90M in annual revenue.
  • Contributed & helped with Sales targets with cohort analysis which increased upsells by 40%.
  • Prepared smart Tableau dashboards that allowed to track and improve customer units KPI by 20% just in a month.
  • Created 60+ dashboards to help the company analyze POS data.

Key Achievements:

  • Developed a full-suite business dashboard with 20 panels that became a proven sales tool for the company.
  • Worked with Client different teams of finance, risk, and others to gather key requirements for designing a data warehouse model, which successfully raised efficiency by 30%.
  • Was responsible to design dashboards using action filters & parameters.
  • Created standard monthly reports via Tableau.
  • Carried development of Tableau visualization solutions.
  • Was responsible for making ad-hoc reporting.

Which one do you think will get the response from recruiters? Of course the first one. In the first one, you are precise yet elaborative, and usage of facts and strong adjectives like prepared, supported, worked looks impactful. While the second one is nice but is too straight, it looks like you got the work, you did it just for sake of doing it.

Make Your Qualification Section Look Promising

Education or qualification on the resume is another one aspect that you don’t cover just for the sake of informing. Even if you have done computer science, you should back it with some bullets to describe it a little extra. Put points that explain how seriously you took your education, a few qualities you received during the education, any additional cause or college program you participated in & actually learned a few great things from it. 

Let’s help you understand this via an example:

Education or Qualification

Bachelor in Computer Science, (University name or institute)

  • Joined summer internship with (company name) to learn and apply knowledge around BI and Visualization. 
  • Was scored highly in the database management classes.

In the above, you can see how you showed your level of interest around job roles since college time. You can put any point of achievement or any extraordinary thing you did - anything you feel can help you elevate amongst others. 

Put the Tableau Developer Key Skills

Hiring managers along with the education and work experience also look for some strong technical to soft skills for the Tableau Developer position.

Here are tips on how to add the Tableau Developer skills in your resume:

  • Make a separate section for all your skills, somewhere in the resume.
  • Add a section as technical skills and soft skills in your resume.
  • Make sure the skills you are listing are everywhere in your resume.
  • Add and highlight the skills the hiring company is looking for.

Here are the Technical to soft skills to put in Tableau Developer resume

Technical Skills

  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • What-if Analysis
  • Client Interaction
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Warehousing
  • Statistics
  • External Services Integration
  • Python, R
  • Tableau Desktop
  • SQL (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Presentation Skills
  • ETL frameworks

Soft skills

  • Attention to Detail
  • Analytical Skill
  • Great Problem Solving Skills
  • Time Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Customer Service Skills

If the hiring company put the requirement for skills like - Data Modeling, BI, subreports, mobile dashboards, you can use these master words while drafting your skills sections like:

  • Designed more than 20 data models which increased efficiency by 30%.
  • Deployed 30+ mobile dashboards for the organization’s mobile app.
  • Managed more than 6 BI products.
  • Developed drill-downs & subreports using SRRS.

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Add Extra Sections

Add extra sections to show your other expanded knowledge or expertise

Have you worked on any project outside the job? Have any additional achievements to add inside your resume? If yes, create an additional space to show your other credible accomplishments as doing this will boost your employability 10x.

What additional things to add?

Tableau Developer Cover letter? Yes, Create it too!

Do you know 5 of 10 hiring teams ignore resumes with no letters? 

A Tableau Developer cover letter as an addition will grow your chances of getting hired even more. It will show how dedicated and anticipating you are for the applied job role. 

A few tips to draft your Tableau Developer cover letter:

  • Start your cover letter by mentioning the Hiring Manager’s name.
  • Select a minimal and simplified format of your Tableau Developer cover letter.
  • In the middle paragraphs, put words that describe your familiarity with the asked job duties.
  • Put words that describe how you are the best investment for the company while closing the cover letter.
  • Keep the entire tone of the letter as engaging and based on practical facts and to-the-point strong words.

Finals Thoughts

Finals Thoughts on Tableau Developer Resume Sample & How to Make One!

Hope the above guide on Tableau Developer Resume sample and how to create a professional resume for the hiring company was clear enough to run down on your endless searches of “Tableau resume samples”, “Tableau Developer Resume sample”, “tableau sample resumes for 3 years experience”. 

Create a resume that the hiring manager anticipates - a professional, precise yet elaborative one. Use the above mentioned smart techniques in addition to your personal touch. If you feel it is very taxing for you to create a Tableau Developer resume all by yourself, you can join our Tableau Developer training, where you can re-skill or upskill in a Tableau Developer role, and have end-to-end preparation for the jobs with resume building and interview questions preparation from scratch.

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