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Is Tableau Certification Worth it as They Really Say?


There is this famous saying which goes like this, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and that is pretty true. With that said, you would be in a position to gauge the importance of something that contributes to the pictorial representation in general. With the steep increase in the volume of data generated these days, it has become a mandate to derive meaningful insight out of it. 

Tableau is one of the most powerful tools that focus on data visualization. Since it has many advanced features that literally do wonders, it is a huge plus point to be called a certified tableau expert as it increases the chance to get involved in projects that require analytics skill sets. That is when you will get the feel of ‘Tableau Certification worth it’. 

1. Is Tableau Certification worth it? - The whats and whys of Tableau.

Tableau is a smart business intelligence solution that makes data visualization and analytics easy. Though Tableau has potential applications in various domains, it finds its best use in the business analytics domain. Today’s current scenario clearly depicts that we are living in a data-driven world. Also, as mentioned earlier, data science has significantly contributed to the increased volume of data that is present today. Thereby it has become a need to understand the hidden meaning and pattern that lies amidst this huge volume of data.

There are many reasons that answer the ‘Why Tableau’ question. Of all, the features that it offers best fit the ‘Why Tableau’ well and in fact, that is what makes ‘tableau certification worth it’ in the first place. The following are some of the distinguishing features of Tableau:


  • Eminent Data Visualization
  • Effective Optimization
  • Easy to use
  • Better and Faster Analytic Results
  • Efficient Data Exploration
  • Cost-Effective Tool
  • Periodic Updates
  • Reliable Security Options
  • Control over Data Visualization
  • Mobile Compatibility

The above key offerings of Tableau serves as the sole answer to the generic question, ‘Is Tableau Certification worth it?’.  Unless and until you know the advantages and essential features that this Tableau tool offers, you won’t be able to come to the conclusion that ‘Tableau Certification worth it’ after all!

2. How is Tableau Certification worth it?

It is now an established fact that Tableau is very much worth it. Let us see how in this section. Tableau is one of the most looked out business analytic tools because it is user friendly. Here is a list of how’s with which you can make the best use of Tableau:

How is Tableau Certification worth it

2.1.  Drag and Drop will enable the Visualization

Tableau enables you to do a lot of analytics like:

  1. Data Trends Exploration
  2. Result Analysis
  3. Processing Correlations, etc

The above mentioned and more analytics options can be done by simple drag and drop options. You don’t need to know sophisticated coding to work with Tableau. Once you know the theoretical aspect of it and how it works, you can draw many meaningful insights that are very crucial for the project either your own or for the company that you are working for!

2.2. Advanced AI and ML Algorithms used

Tableau uses extensive AI and ML algorithms which means the scope of it is in accordance with the current trends. As the basics of the technical aspects of the AI and ML algorithms will be dealt with, in the certification classes, it will be useful for you to make the best use of this technical insight. 

It is true that no formal certification is mandatorily required, however, getting yourself certified as a Tableau expert means a whole different thing in your professional arena. Once you experience that importance you will understand the ‘tableau certification worth it’ impact. 

2.3. Data Sources Integration

One of the most mesmerizing features of Tableau is Data Integration. Tableau uses multiple data sources to obtain the following:

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  • Semi-Structured Data
  • Relational Data
  • Raw Data

When Tableau is launched, tableau connects to the pool of data both on the system and on the cloud via many cloud tools like:

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google Analytics
  • Salesforce, etc

It may seem easy to go through online materials for these topics, but again, trained professionals teaching these topics will be helpful from a practical point of view. The reason being, when you self-learn, you may tend to find yourself lost in the ocean of these cloud tools. But when you take up Tableau Certification Tool, you will be guided properly and will be exposed to the latest tools available in the market. This way, you will develop an extensive knowledge base on the domain which will help in making you a domain expert. This will only increase the impact of ‘tableau certification worth it’.

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2.4. Real-time Analytics Provisions

The importance of a tool is its ability to handle live real-time data, analyze and process it. The effective analytical performance is measured by the real-time analytics performance indices. Tableau tops in this aspect hence it serves as an essential data visualization tool.

When you get to learn about a tool, especially a tool that focuses on live real-time data analytics, it is important that you learn the troubleshooting mechanisms when encountered with live issues. The perks of enrolling yourself for a Tableau certification course is that you get to learn about those kinds of scenarios from the experienced people who teach you the modules. They would have faced challenges and would have found solutions to humongous issues. When you take up Tableau Certification courses, you will get to learn the troubleshooting mechanisms better from the instructor than that you will be learning from online resources. 

2.5. Interactive Dashboard Options

One of the many essential features of Tableau is the interactive dashboard. Being a data visualization tool, Tableau has an amazing dashboard with so many interactive features. Of course, you will be able to figure out the uses of those features from online resources, but, when you learn it from the people who have used it extensively, you will get to learn more shortcuts fluently. 

Chances are that you might miss some features and there might be easy ways to get certain things done, but due to your lack of awareness, there are chances where you might end up breaking your head figuring out how to go about those things. Taking up a Tableau Certification course will help you get a detailed knowledge of the options available on the interactive dashboard from the instructor who would have worked on it explicitly for a long time. 

2.6. Natural Query Language Options

Among the many features of Tableau, ‘Ask Data’ is pretty special. The reason being, it is important that the query language ought to be something causal than something that has to do with coding. Tableau’s query language is natural, meaning you can type in just as you would talk to someone. 

Having an instructor teach you about options like ‘Ask Data’ will help you know more about what Tableau has to offer. You may get to know things that the instructor would have used to carry out analytics. There is a huge difference between using query options after knowing something and before knowing the essentials. The reason being, though Tableau enables users to use natural language for queries, it will be fruitful if the user knows what exactly he/she is asking in the first place. That’s where ‘tableau certification worth it’ comes into the picture. 

2.7. Visualization Preview Options

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool and to highlight that feature, the ‘Show Me’ option is predominantly used to display the data visualization preview. There are many preview options available and depending on the chosen option, Tableau displays the data visualization preview. 

There are theoretical reasons why each type of preview was built. You may get insights into the types of previews from a generic point of view from the information that is available on the internet. But, here is where the ‘tableau certification worth it’ comes into the picture explicitly. The reason being, a trained instructor will be teaching you the types of preview from the theoretical point of view. 

When you learn something from the theoretical point of view from an instructor, you will get to know the ‘why to use and where’ clearly. This is essential when you professionally use the tool. Anyone can get the task done, but to get the task done with the technical insights incorporated is something more. This is why the answer is a strong yes to the question, ‘Is Tableau certification worth it’?

Tableau Online Training & Certification

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2.8. Mobile Friendly

So again, this is where the certification helps you. Nowadays it is essential to have a mobile compatible version of the tool and to be able to use well is another thing. ‘Tableau Certification worth it’ happens when you are taught all the aspects of the Tool inclusive of the mobile-friendly version usage. So, when posed with the question, ‘Is tableau certification worth it?’, the answer to it is a Yes for sure.

3. Which Tableau Certification is good?

Now that you know the importance of taking up Tableau Certification, the next question is to know which tableau certification is good! Let us have a close look at the following case study to check that out.

3.1. Case Study

Mr. Arnav has joined as a Business Analyst in a reputed company. The immediate task that he had to take up was to carry out a market research analysis and find out the scope of launching a new software into the market which already has heavy competition. Since there were many projects running in parallel, he had to immediately start off with that task without any formal training. 

The Team Lead told him to Google and find out the required technical basics required and asked him to submit a report and present it to the panel members within a week’s time. Arnav took up the task enthusiastically and started head-on. 

He was completely into the task. He approached his Team Lead for the necessary files for completing the task, and his Team Lead led him to the knowledge database cabin where all the documented files were arranged neatly. Arnav got to work there as well. He carefully fished out the required files and took them to his desk.

Arnav spent so much time researching. He took down so many notes and started to derive his perspectives. He then went to his Team Lead and asked if there was a licensed Tableau tool available. His Team Lead smiled and told him where he would find it and asked him to do the bare minimum. Nevertheless, Arnav dug deep into the task and put his maximum effort into the task at hand.

He used Tableau Tool extensively for the last two days of the week. He did so many simulations and penned down the inferences. Then, on the last day morning, he went to his Team Lead and told him that he was ready with the reports and the presentation. His Team Lead was kind of shocked, but he was pretty much curious about the new joiner’s work. He then arranged for the meeting and all the members of the panel were present there. He then asked Arnav to start with his presentation. 

Once Arnav completed his presentation, the whole panel applauded seeing his result. His Team Lead was equally impressed with Arnav’s work. He then took Arnav for coffee and started a conversation with him. 

Team Lead: Arnav! That was something Man! How did you manage to pull it off in a week’s time that too, the first of your joining and without much input or training?

Arnav: Sir, first and foremost thank you for your trust in me for having recruited me. When the whole recruiting panel had second thoughts about my candidature, you were the one who supported me in the first place. It was really something Sir. That is when I decided to make you proud. 

Team Lead: I saw something in you Arnav. I knew that you had that urge to prove yourself!

Arnav: Well, Sir, thank you for your trust in me. I hope it completed the task properly.

Team Lead: More than expected Arnav. But, how come did you manage to use the tool effectively?

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Arnav: Thanks to my Tableau Certification! I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing when I took the certification, but now I see that the ‘Tableau Certification worth it’ all!

Team Lead: Wow! I never knew certification would help so much, especially Tableau Certification! 

Arnav: Certainly Sir. It did help me a lot. I took up my Tableau Training from JanBask Training. The instructor was an experienced person. He taught from his experience. I wanted to be my best version of Business Analyst. Hence I paid close attention to the class and learned in detail, Sir.

Team Lead: Perks of being a good student huh?

Arnav: You can put it that way as well. But, I believe that the intensive training and real-time examples made me grasp the technical details of Tableau even more clearly, which came in handy to complete the task that you assigned me, Sir.

Team Lead: Good job Arnav! I’d like to give a talk on the usage of Tableau to our team so that they can use it effectively as well. And Arnav, you did make me proud. Thank you. And all the best Man! 

The above scenario depicts clearly the importance of ‘Tableau certification worth it’! Arnav was able to nail his first task with the help of the training he got during the Tableau Certification.

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Tableau is slowly but steadily becoming one of the most sought out for Business Analytics Tools. Big and small scale companies have started to use it predominantly. Thereby having a certification in Tableau will only add a feather to your cap. But, be known that it is not a mandate, however, having a certification in Tableau comes in handy for you to take up challenging tasks and complete them like a pro. 

There are many online platforms that are offering Tableau Certifications. It would be better if you read the reviews carefully before enrolling. Also, it would be really helpful if you go through the details of the modules in detail. So, the overall answer to the question, ‘Is Tableau certification worth it?’ is a big confident Yes!

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