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Which SQL Server Role You Need to Practice for the Highest Salary in 2020?


SQL Server is one of the most sought-after SQL skills and plenty of SQL Server databases are hosted in the cloud daily. To maintain these servers, millions of professionals are working on these active SQL Server databases to manage them. So, if you are planning to enter the database world, then let’s which SQL Server profiles and SQL skills can give you the highest salary in 2020? Also, add these SQL skills in resume to get more attention from recruiters.

After a lot of research, it was clear that SQL Server DBA is such a great profile that witnesses awesome career growth and an amazing salary package to the skilled people. The one thing common among all DBAs is that everyone has their own style of looking at things. This diversity makes them unique as a DBA. They are active on both parts either backend or frontend. 

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Most successful DBAs have to work on different profiles having different SQL Skills. Almost every industry today relies on data for driving the decision-making and DBAs help them to gather, analyze, and transform the data into meaningful insights. The best thing about the SQL Server DBA role is that you can work on different job profiles as per your expertise and SQL skills test. Here is a complete list of the most popular SQL Server DBA job profiles that you should know.

SQL Server DBA Job Profiles

1). Database Developer

A database developer is held responsible for designing and implementing databases for different apps. He should have a depth idea of SQL commands and how to work on ETL solutions.

2). ETL Developer

Another common profile for SQL Server professionals is the ETL developer. ETL means Extract, Transform, and Load the data from one database to another. For this purpose, a set of integration services are also used. 

The ETL process takes time and effort. The best idea is using tools to make the overall process easy and faster for you. Check a list of ETL tools that are frequently used by Companies and gain hands-on expertise and related SQL skills test on the same.

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3). Data Scientist

A data scientist is a relatively new profile and his SQL skills test concerned with ML, AI, data mining, and Big Data. He is the person responsible for predicting, collecting, and analyzing the data to improve the overall performance of a business. 

Data scientists are usually hired by all Companies who process voluminous data daily like the telecom sector, healthcare Companies, e-commerce sites, etc. The only condition is that a data scientist needs to be proficient in computer science, mathematics, statistics, etc.

4). SQL Developer

If you can write code in any programming language then the SQL developer profile can be the right choice for you. The better you know about the database, the better the performance you can achieve with certain modifications and implementations. 

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There are plenty of tasks that can be executed efficiently using T-SQL, not the UI. SQL Server is also suitable for performing different administrative tasks. It would be great if you can learn indexing and other performance tips to enhance the overall user experiences.  Also, add all these SQL skills in resume to get more attention from recruiters

5). Business Intelligence Developer

BI developer is a common job profile concerned with reporting, data warehousing, and data transformations. As a SQL BI Developer, you have to work on different BI tools like SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, etc. You should have the basic idea of query languages like DAX or MDX. Also, add all these SQL skills on resume to get more attention from recruiters

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6). BI Administrator

BI administrator is held responsible for running ETL processes, backups, cubes handling, etc. He has to work on cubes using tabular or multidimensional models. He should hands-on expertise in SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, etc. He should have the basic idea of security and maintenance environment. Also, add all these SQL skills in resume to get more attention from recruiters

7). MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)

As the name suggests, being a certified trainer, you have to teach the student about the SQL Server and other Microsoft courses. With great teaching and technical skills, there are huge chances of getting success in this domain.

8). SQL Server Writer

As a SQL Server writer, you have to write articles or blogs on SQL server topics and you will get good payment for the same. As a writer, you have the flexibility to work from home as well at your preferable times with no pressure at all.

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9). Big Data Expert

Being a SQL Server professional, it is common for working with huge data files as well and you have to deal with various big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, or hive, etc. You should have hands-on expertise on all either one of the big data technologies to enter this profile. Also, add all these SQL skills on resume to get more attention from recruiters

10). Cloud Experts

One more common profile in this domain is Azure and AWS experts. These two are the most popular cloud services in the world that are frequently used by Companies for cloud hosting. Getting expertise and SQL skills test in one of these profiles can open the door to success for you. Also, add all these SQL skills on resume to get more attention from recruiters.

11). Database Engineers

A database engineer works very much similar to the Database developer, but the roles and responsibilities may vary as per the Company requirements.

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This is just a brief idea of various job profiles that you can apply for during a job interview. The list is pretty long but we have listed the most common profiles here.

SQL Server DBA Job Market & Salary Trends

According to the field of Labor Statistics, the field is projected to grow by 23 percent from 2016 to 2026. It is much faster when compared to all other occupations in the IT industry especially SQL server space. It is the reason why DBAs are expected to win the SQL Server domain in 2020 with the highest salary package.

The sad thing is that industries are not able to find skilled resources that can help them to sense their technical data to make better business decisions. To become a DBA or data analytics expert, you need a different skill set that must be unique to your profile. As a DBA expert, you must be able to club your technical and business knowledge together.

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There are an expected 3.5 million job options by 2020 in the SQL server space. Out of this, 2.7 million jobs are predicted for skilled DBAs and Data analytics experts. Because of the shortage of talent, skilled resources are generally paid higher, and there are chances that you can earn between $85K to $135K as per your expertise, location, skillset, etc. To get attractive salary figures, Don’t forget to build an impressive SQL Skills Resume that can be noticed worthwhile.

Highest Paying Industries for SQL Server DBAs in 2020

Industries that generate voluminous data daily need SQL Server DBAs and Data analytics experts to manage their data. According to the salary guide, top industries that can pay the highest in 2020 are:

  • Financial Industry
  • Healthcare Sector
  • IT Industry
  • Banking Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

To maximize your earning potential, career experts suggest that you should focus on four major areas. For getting selected by top industries, prepare one attractive SQL Skills resume now to get noticed by companies worldwide.

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Interesting idea of how to increase your salary in 2020

Other than the SQL skills resume, other things you should focus on are discussed below.

Interesting idea of how to increase your salary in 2020

1). Master all required Skills

The skills that are in higher demand today may become obsolete tomorrow. So, it is necessary to earn skills as per the current industry trends that can make you more eligible for various job options. If you are looking for a career in database administration space then it is vital to master popular databases like SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, etc. 

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If you are an expert in the SQL Server domain then it may raise your salary up to 8 percent respectively. If you acquire programming skills then it will increase your earning potential. When you have all in-demand skills for a particular job profile, you are in a better position to ask for higher salary packages. 

Your degree can certainly give you the basic knowledge needed to become a DBA. Still, to expand your skill set and to enjoy an edge in this competitive edge, you should consider taking an online course.

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2). Earn an Advanced Degree or Certification

Businesses are having a tough time finding qualified individuals with the right mix of skills, training, education, etc. This is the reason why salaries for these professionals are also competitive. Entry-level DBAs or data analysts can complete their education in math, science, computers, IT, statistics, etc. But pursuing an advanced degree can fast-track your path to promotion and salaries. According to IBM, more than 39 percent of DBAs need an advanced degree to gain competitive advantage and good salaries.

The best idea is seeking out a program in database programming, modeling, science, etc. if you don’t have sufficient time and budget for pursuing an advanced degree then you can opt for online IT training and certification programs. 

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For example, JanBask Training offers online SQL Server Training or Oracle Training which equips students with a deep understanding of SQL Server Space, related roles and responsibilities, and advanced concepts too. If you are planning to market yourself as a DBA or data analyst down the road then a bachelor’s degree and one certification are considered vital to grow and sustain in the SQL Server space.

3). Earn Extra Experience

Either you have completed your graduation or enrolled in an advanced DBA program, there are steps you should take for boosting your earning potential. First, gain hands-on expertise through internships or project work and add the same to your resume. When you have the basic knowledge, a little practical exposure will definitely help you to boost your earning potential. 

One of the most impressive ideas to get a hike on your salary is to show the interviewer how you have brought value to the past projects and previous employer. Additionally, stay active in online communities that will increase your visibility and may help you to get associated with more potential employers.

4). Don’t compromise on Salaries

When you are already working as a data analyst or DBA and seeking promotion in pay then you should prepare yourself for that conversation with your manager. There are plenty of ways to check how compensation in your field stacks up in the market like PayScale, indeed, zip recruiter, etc. Basic research is essential for most productive conversations with your managers or recruiters. When you are sure at your side then it can strengthen your case in terms of getting good salaries.

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How to advance your DBA Career?

If you are already working as a DBA professional and looking to advance or enhance your career then this section will definitely help you. To advance your DBA career path, here are two paths suggested by experts:

How to advance your DBA Career?

Advance your Career by Public Speaking

Build your career smartly and don’t hurry up before moving to the next level. Start with project works first that will help you in gaining a lot of domain-specific knowledge and how to work on tough technical problems to solve them gracefully. Initially, you have to spend a healthy number of hours working on building a strong resume. At the next level, start with public speaking.

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Public speaking can help you with excellent negotiation and communication skills. You can talk to the people working in a similar domain and get feedback on how to solve complex jobs at your workplace. In this way, it is possible to shape your career in a completely new way. 

It makes you a good listener and ask for questions from the audience and think over those questions for a long period. It makes you more confident in solving problems and improves your ability to execute things. Ultimately, you can be a better technical resource with extraordinary skills and knowledge base.

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What’s Next?

There is no shortage of job options for skilled DBAs in the current job market. When more and more businesses rely on data for decision-making purposes, the demand for data specialists will definitely grow in space. If you think that a career in SQL Server space is the right decision, consider these ways to get a break into the field and to build a successful high-paying career ahead.

Online SQL Server Training can help you to kickstart your career and increase the earning potential eventually. If you want to take the first step in the database world, then start your career journey by downloading our SQL Server ebook, a comprehensive guide for learners to swim in the database career pool and earn all SQL skills test. Also, get all related SQL skills and prepare impressive SQL skills resume to get noticed by top companies and recruiters. After this, you should take the online course and complete your learning systematically. Feel free to reach us for any queries. We are happy to hear from you.

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