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How to Start a Career in AWS as a Developer?


Amazon Web Services or AWS is a dynamic and growing business that has provided companies of all sizes with a cloud-based infrastructure platform. The increased usage of cloud computing is the biggest reason why Companies from start-up to large enterprises are moving on to the cloud. This faster adoption of the platform by industries results in plenty of job options for learners. Here, the question is how to start a career as an AWS Developer? Are you following the right career path to becoming an AWS Developer?

With the boom of cloud computing, many IT professionals see AWS as an opportunity to grow their careers. However, when planning to switch careers, you must take a specific career path and understand how AWS technologies are valued more than traditional data storage techniques. The job postings related to the AWS domain continue to grow as compared to other IT skills or cloud computing services.

According to Indeed.com, AWS is ranked among the top 10 high demanding IT skills and witnesses fatty salary packages too. With the right skills and expertise in AWS, you can shine your career in the IT industry right away. 

Moving ahead, let us see how you should start your career as an AWS Developer and why AWS certifications hold such prominence in the initial phase of your career. We will also discuss the different types of AWS Certifications and how are they significant for your career. You can now build your career in AWS seamlessly with the help of the right training and certification. This blog will discuss how to become an AWS Developer, how to start an AWS career and much more.

Why are AWS Certifications important for building a career in AWS?

Amazon Web Services began the certification program in 2013. In merely three years, these certifications turn out to be one of the finest possessions that you can have if you require to enhance your occupation.

Why are AWS Certifications considered vital?

As per IT Services and Income Survey, salaries of AWS-certified IT professionals are amplified by 10% relating to 2016. A similar review says that AWS Amazon certifications are in the top five best-paying accreditation that you can have.

Amazon proclaimed that it had launched a knowledge hub for ambitious Amazon Web Services (AWS) designers. As per the Magic Quadrant statement released by Gartner, Amazon’s cloud infrastructure facility is graded as first in class through Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. The new-fangled certification and training portal will permit for exam registration using an intuitive dashboard, making it simpler for AWS designers to grow.

To use the new-fangled portal, you can effortlessly generate an original account or merely log in with your existing/prevailing Amazon account. If you already have an AWS Training interpretation, you can migrate to the new-fangled platform using your old credentials.

According to recent research, Amazon is one of the most amazing places in the globe to work today. The business bagged 3 Conservatoire Awards for its significant accomplishments in the pouring industry and grew its major services by millions of new subscribers. These were great achievements of the Company and all that happened in one year.

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How much time does it take to Learn AWS?

You must be wondering how to start a career in AWS, How much time will it take to learn AWS, etc. Well, we have the answers for you. A career in AWS is not an overnight journey. It needs patience and time. AWS certifications stand out in evaluating the skills of a person. With more than one million customers, AWS still leads the cloud space with its amazing products and services. If you want to work in the AWS space and prepare for a certification, it can help you in strengthening your skills by understanding concepts in depth. For a beginner, it can give a platform to start his career journey in the right direction.

For enterprises looking for hiring people, certifications validate your hands-on expertise and knowledge of using best practices in cloud architecture, security, and management. Getting AWS certified means you have all essential skills that are vital to speed up the delivery of prominent cloud projects.

So, how should you prepare for the certification? You need a well-organized content that can help you to clear the exam in the first attempt. Go beyond your skills and expand your knowledge base by joining the AWS certification program at JanBask Training. The course aims at delivering all essential skills and knowledge that are considered significant to pass the AWS certification exam.

With constant dedication and efforts, it takes 120 hours of study or three months to learn AWS. We recommended joining our three months training program and start your learning with fundamentals first and move to the advanced level later when you sure of basics.

A career in AWS - How to become an AWS Developer?

There are not set-in-stones steps on how to start a career in AWS  or how to become anAWS Developer. Still, we will discuss the most recommended career path, followed by the most successful AWS experts.

Success path to start a career as AWS Developer

A). Take the Training:

Register for an online AWS training program that will certainly enhance your existing skills and make you more competitive in the AWS job market.

B). Focus on Guidelines:

When you are preparing for a particular certification exam, don’t forget to focus on the exam guidelines that are quickly available on the web.

C). Go through Whitepapers:

Whitepapers are researched contents that hold valuable information and may answer many of your queries.

D). Keep Practicing

The practice is the key to success that helps to ease your stress through constant learning. You may outperform in your exam when you know everything minutely.

E). Register for the Exam:

The preparation of the AWS certification exam takes around 80 to 120 hours of constant practice. This timeline may vary a bit from person to person based on his learning speed and past experiences. Usually, everyone can prepare for the certification in the given span.

A few Interesting Facts about AWS Certification

Here we will discuss a few interesting figures that will make it understood why AWS is the wonderful choice as an IT career.

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  • Job postings in the AWS space are increasing almost every year as per the indeed.com.
  • A hike of 39 percent was seen in job posting from 2016 to 2017, and it became 32 percent higher in 2018.
  • AWS can manage complex business needs and occupational functions to a large extent.
  • AWS certifications are highly significant in the IT marketplace, and you need to recertify every two years.
  • AWS certifications can open doors to practically limitless jobs with competitive salary packages.

Fundamentally, AWS is a platform that offers various computing measurements at operative costs. And AWS training helps in building necessary skills and bag jobs with competitive pay scales.

Choosing the Best Certification for your Career

AWS currently offers 11 certifications, and each of them has its significance and benefits. Let us have a close look at the most important ones that can be taken by an AWS Developer. Once you go through, you will get a quick idea of which certification suits you the most as per your expertise and interests.

1). AWS Certified Cloud PractitionerAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

It is the newest entry-level certification that is designed to validate the candidates’ overall learning of the AWS cloud platform. A minimum of six-month experience is required to attempt for the certification. The exam will continue for 90 minutes and consists of multiple-choice questions. This certification costs 100 USD and comes under the “Foundational” category.

2). AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

To attempt this certification, the person should have some experience in designing or building distributed apps. This certification is designed to validate the candidate’s ability to design, manage, and deploy apps using various AWS tools and techniques. It was updated in 2018 to include more AWS services and best practices. The exam will continue for 130 minutes and consists of multiple-choice questions. This certification costs 150 USD and comes under the “Associate” category.

Topics covered under this certification include network technologies, designing/building apps in AWS, enabling security in apps, deploying hybrid apps, designing highly scalable apps, AWS infrastructure, cloud concepts, etc.

3). AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional

AWS Certified Solution Architect – AssociateBeing a professional solution architect, you should be able to evaluate complex business needs and make architectural suggestions to implement or deploy apps on the AWS platform. To clear this certification exam, one needs a high level of technical knowledge and hands-on expertise in designing AWS apps.

To attempt this certification, you should clear the AWS solution architect associate certification exam first. You should have a minimum of two years of experience in building or deploying successful AWS architectures. The exam will continue for 170 minutes and consists of multiple-choice questions. This certification costs 300 USD and comes under the “Professional” category.

Topics covered under this certification exam include choosing the right AWS service for a product, best practice for designing apps, migration of apps, and cost optimization strategies, etc.

4). AWS Certified Developer – AssociateAWS Certified Developer – Associate

This certification is all about developing and maintaining high-end AWS apps. You should know how to write the actual code from scratch and how to access apps securely within a complex business environment. The exam will continue for 80 minutes and consists of multiple-choice questions. This certification costs 150 USD and comes under the “Associate” category.

Topics covered under this certification exam include depth understanding of the AWS architecture, practicing core AWS services, getting hands-on expertise in designing, building, deploying, and maintaining high-end AWS apps, AWS databases, workflows, change management services, etc.

5). AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - AssociateThis is the only certification that is completely geared towards system administrators. It requires both technical and conceptual learning. If you have the basic idea of LINUX/UNIX, then it can be an added benefit for you. The exam will continue for 80 minutes and consists of multiple-choice questions. This certification costs 150 USD and comes under the “Associate” category.

Topics covered under this certification exam include the deployment of apps within the AWS platform, data exchange procedures, using the best AWS services, provisioning, or managing systems in a secured AWS environment.

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6). AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – ProfessionalAWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

This certification is all about managing apps on the AWS platform. The exam is highly focused on CD (Continuous Delivery) and process automation. One should know how to work proficiently in a DevOps environment.

To attempt this certification, you must clear AWS sysops administrator associate certification in advance. Also, you should show experience in designing or operating apps on the AWS platform. The exam will continue for 170 minutes and consists of multiple-choice questions. This certification costs 300 USD and comes under the “Professional” category.

Topics covered under this certification include basics of CD methodologies, implementation of CD systems, setting up/logging/monitoring AWS systems, implementation of scalable AWS systems, process automation, etc.

So, these are the six most important certifications that can be taken by an AWS Developer. There are a few AWS specialty certifications too. They are related to the big data and networking domains. So, we don’t have to discuss them here. Next, the most important concern is how to stay up to date when AWS announces new products and services almost every year. To stay up to date as per the latest industry trends, certification holders have to recertify every two years. The recertification exam continues for 80 minutes, and it costs around 75 USD.

Here are some tips for you how can you keep your skills current.

  • Read newsletters to check on the latest updates.
  • Practice new services constantly to get hands-on expertise.
  • Attend seminars to learn about the latest market trends.
  • Test your skills if you can give an exam or needs more preparation.
  • Take the training and discuss with a team of well-informed individuals striving for excellence.

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What to do Next?

AWS Developer is indeed an excellent career choice because of the huge demand and competitive pay scales. It will definitely continue to dominate the cloud space for many years to come, and companies are also in dire need of hiring skilled people who can play with the cloud architecture. According to the zip recruiter, the average salary taken by an AWS Developer is $127K per year. There are huge chances of salary advancement with increased experience and skills.

With a promise of tremendous career growth and amazing salary packages, AWS development is just the right space to bang on. Here, the decision is completely up to you. Would you like to take the AWS training online and earn a certification, or you want to master the AWS concepts yourself?

Google has reported ‘how to start a career in AWS’ and ‘how to start an AWS career’ as the most searched items. I am sure you now have a very clear idea about a career in AWS, How to start an AWS career, how to become an AWS Developer and a lot more. 

I will strongly recommend taking the training online that can help you in multiple ways like personality development, resume building, skills enhancements, project-based learning, etc. Trust me, it is not as expensive as classroom training. SO, what are you waiting for? Just take the right step heading towards a successful career journey, and don’t forget to share your success stories with us!

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