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How can AWS SysOps Certification Spur your Career?


Thinking about progressing your career in IT?

Your answer could just lie in the AWS Training Certification. Why? The reason is simple. You grow and get paid for your growth. 

Take it this way, talking of the 21st century and not tasting the cloud technologies is an impossible scenario. Cloud technologies have taken over all endeavors of life. There is no escape going forward. Things are and will continue to remain connected. Why do I say that? 

94% of all enterprises have already moved to the cloud. It has been stated by many surveys and studies that by 2020 as much as 83% of the workloads of the organizations will be shifted to the cloud. Not only that, Gartner in its latest report has stated that by 2022, the shift to the cloud will affect nearly $1.3 trillion of expenditure in IT. 

And of all the cloud service providers, guess which has the largest market share-AWS that stands at 67%. The figure is not matched by any other service even closely although there has been a growth seen in the adoption rate of Azure. Google Cloud is way behind in the third position and the gap being so high cannot be plugged in easily. 

There is no looking back on the fact that AWS is the most sought-after certification in the world of IT. Okay, and if you are talking about salary then who minds pocketing an average amount of $108, 047-170,140. Whoa!

This is not the end. You go places and things will take you to a different level. I am going to share every bit of information that I think will help you make up your mind. Not only that it will help you to tread forward without wasting around much time. 

Let us start from starting itself. 

What is AWS certification?

what is aws certification

AWS or Amazon Web Services certification is the way by which you will get to learn the designing and software management skills on the cloud platform by Amazon. AWS is the most popular cloud platform. You can scale the scope yourself that the kind of growth a certification in AWS can bring in your life. As businesses shift their strategies and focus to cloud solutions, they see an apparent increase in the benefits like efficiency, budgetary savings, speed, reduction in risk in addition to tight security of the organizational data. There are no leaks. It is secure and reliable.

Is it like other IT certifications where the whole focus is on the main pain-point? No! and this is precisely the reason why it gained so much popularity. AWS certifications often cover many other Amazon services. They ensure that people who take time to sit for these certifications, enter the professional world with a much better footing. Not only these individuals get good jobs but are also well-absorbed in the system. This is purely due to the scale of knowledge these guys come loaded. 

Now, this certification unlike others will not just test you for a particular area but will require that you know something about everything. Of course, you do not have to master the skills but definitely need to have proper information about everything. For instance, an apt knowledge about networking, processing, storage will be highly handy. 

If you are planning to take the certifications and give new wings to your career, then the information that follows will be of great help. 

Let us now explore why will you want to take this?

Advantages of Taking the AWS Certifications

If you actually come to count the benefits of AWS certifications, then they are absolutely numerous. However, I have outlined some of the major ones:

  • Certification if any, usually acts as proof of the fact that you know what you are talking about and have studied the same. Likewise, a certification in the AWS backs the fact that you have gained a reasonable amount of knowledge and gathered the required skills. 
  • Certifications help you be a part of more interviews as you meet the eligibility criteria. No wonder you also qualify for a higher salary slot. This definitely is a great attraction.
  • The primary benefit of this will be realized later in your career path as it acts as a foundation that can be built on later. Many basics learned during this span of time really prove to be highly useful even in the future. 
  • The training is holistic in the real sense of the term. It covers much more than only the course mentioned. So, you basically end up learning many new things than you had thought of before. 
  • Another great benefit of taking up training is that you get connected to people who are in the same field. Even in the case of online training, you can always get hold of the community that has been built. Many times it has been seen that these community forums prove extremely useful for carrying out meaningful discussions. 
  • One more feature of the training is that it requires recertification at regular intervals. No, do not get bogged down by thinking that it is an endless process and you will never be fully certified. I know of people who used to think that way. Imagine, it is all about growth and the way you see things. Amazon makes sure that no matter where you work, you are always updated about the new features and skills that have been introduced. In fact, it becomes a proof that you are committed and want to be a part of the story. So, brushing up your skills is essential especially in the world of IT. 

aws sysops role

What Concepts will you Learn with the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification?

Once you have done this certification, you will feel the difference in terms of knowledge. The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate certification becomes proof of your technical knowledge on aspects like deployment, management and other operations of the AWS platform. The certification validates that you have gained proficiency in subjects like:

  • Knowledge about deployment, management, and even operations about the most common and fault-tolerant systems on Amazon Web Services.
  • Migration of the applications that are present on-premises to the AWS.
  • Implementation and directing the flow of data both to and from AWS.
  • Selection of the aptest AWS Service, based on various requirements of the client like computation, data, and even security requirements.
  • Identification of best practices of the AWS.
  • Finally, even the usage costs and identification of operational cost control mechanisms are also important.

So far, so good! Isn’t it? But the question is who should be taking this particular certification? I mean is everyone eligible and should opt or are there any deeper considerations that have to go into the decision. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the Free AWS Quiz

Who Should be Taking AWS SysOps Certification?

Who Should be Taking AWS SysOps Certification?

Well, generally put it is mostly the system administrators or the operations managers who opt for getting certified in AWS. But that is not the norm. It is always the underlying interest that decides who will opt for which certification and when. Hence, anyone who wants to learn something new and futuristic, or is planning a shift in career or is simply trying to diversify one’s skills should be effectively opting for the certification. One more certification in your bag and that so of this level will be a great advantage to your career.

Things to Know before the Exam

There are some things that you should know before you take the exam in order to be more at ease with the same.

  • A clear understanding of cloud architecture.
  • Working experience on AWS CLI or SDK/API tools is also highly recommended.
  • Good knowledge of virtualization technology.
  • Hands-on experience with monitoring and auditing of the systems experience.
  • Thorough knowledge of networking concepts.
  • Also, one should know how to translate the requirements of architecture.

What impact will it have on Your Career Path?

The impact is always determined from inside-out. This means it will be defined by your level of interest. One of the major impacts that you will love to see is the corresponding increase in your pay-scale. AWS SysOps Administrator certification is one of the highest paying certifications in IT. Next, of course, is that you will be able to scale up your career ladder faster than expected.

The certification is quite holistic in its spread. It outlines many significant topics both in practical and theoretical terms. You will be able to see the real use in your certification exam. Training is thus very important for taking up the certification.

What comes next is the preparation strategies that have to be followed.

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The Best Tips for Preparation for the Certification

It does matter where you opt to take your training from. A good and known training platform will be highly effective in taking your career further. Not only the course content but also the way it is taught matters. Make your choice wisely.

The Best Tips for Preparation for the aws Certification

JanBask Training provides the best in class training and certifications in AWS to take your career to new heights. The course is comprehensive, well-knit and taught by experts. The best part is that it can be taken up at one’s own pace alongside your job or studies. The following tips will be handy:

  • Live Training by Instructors: One of the most common options of getting training is to take live training under some instructor. It is advisable to take training from authorized partners as they have the right trainers. Right means the trainers have experience and knowledge to explain and clear your doubts. Moreover, such training portals are also updated and have a track of the latest trends. 
  • Framework Whitepaper: AWS has a well-knit collection of five whitepapers that are considered highly important. The whitepapers are said to comprise the contributions from the best practices determined from the interactions with the customers. A very useful resource for preparation. It is given a lot of weight by AWS as many questions in the exam are often based on these. These are seen as a must-read for the ones who are considering to build their first set of systems on AWS. The importance of these can be gauged from the fact that even if you have been using them during work, it is recommended that you go through them once before you sit for your exam.
  • Video Courses Online: Many portals offer online video courses on this. If taken from a good portal they act as a great complement to the instructor-led training courses. These courses give good insights about the topics, however, if you face any glitch during the same or get stuck then you are mostly on your own. 
  • AWS YouTube Channel: Yes, you read it right. It exists and is often enriched with the latest information. They have information in the form of light presentations that enrich you with information ranging from beginner to advanced level. The channel is comprehensive and covers almost all aspects of the course and the exam. It is definitely a must reference.

Tips to Attempt the Exam

Apart from preparing the technical parts, there is also something called the basic exam approach. Both are essential to pass the exam. So, here is a quick run through the tips that will be useful in attempting the exam.

  • Take the exams in three-phase.
  • Let your first phase be dedicated to the questions that you are completely sure of and will not take more than 10 seconds to attempt. 
  • The next phase will demand consideration of those questions that require some thought. These are the ones that will need at least 30 seconds to attempt.
  • Finally, the last phase is devoted to the tougher ones and which might need some thought. 

AWS Quiz

The strategy works as nothing is left out and your brain is also at pace with the exam. You know what you have attempted and with every question attempted right your confidence goes up. Your work experience on AWS will be a great help. Every next certification exam in AWS has at least 3-4 questions that do not have anyone correct answer. In such a case you have to look for answers from your kitty of experiences. Getting hands-on experience with different tiers is very important. 

The test results appear soon after you finish the same. Also, apart from this, the AWS also sends you an email in the AWS certification account profile. Once you have cleared the certification you will get access to many new logos, badges, e-certificate, sharing of the transcript, etc. 

In a case, if you are not able to meet the passing score, which I personally wish that it never happens, you will have to face the cool-down period. The latter means that you will have to wait before you can re-take your exam. Yes, you will have to repay your examination fee to sit for the same again.

Remember, the certification is only valid for 2 years, after the passage of which you will have to get yourself recertified for maintaining validity. The recertification exam is often always easier than the original certification. You get a window of up to one year before you can opt for re-certification after the expiry of the first one. 


The world is moving towards cloud computing in a huge way. There has already been a great shift as organizations of all sizes are increasingly investing in cloud technologies. Amongst all the cloud providers, AWS stands at the top of the list.  The cloud computing certification opens new avenues of growth in career paths as you become eligible for many advanced roles. Not only that the pay scale for certified professionals is different from the routine ones. There are many roles that you don after certification like AWS Cloud Architect, SysOps Administrator, Cloud Developer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, etc. 

There are many aspects of the certification and all are significant. Address every query that hits your mind and leave nothing unattended. It is essential to have a purpose defined before you actually hit the floor. Have a clear sense of what exactly is the certification, why you want to take, are you really eligible, what kind of benefits you can possibly draw from it, and what are the ways and means to get it. There are so many courses available, so make sure you opt for the best ones. Also focus on exam strategies. Prepare your technical part well. The AWS certification comes with a validity post which you have to sit for recertification.

There is a lot to do and with the rapid pace of growth all around you basically do not have enough time.  If you are reading this, then I guess you enjoyed your read and I hope you found answers to your question. Please do share your experience with us. Don’t forget to join the JanBask Training Community for professional guidance and career scope. 

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