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What Is Average Salary Of Database Admin In Philippine?


A database administrator is a person who is in charge of planning, securing, and guaranteeing that the organization's database runs effortlessly; they are regularly in charge of different databases too. These managers work close by other IT experts, office staff, and division heads, and they supervise database associates. 

A typical database admin works with PCs and PC frameworks day after day, running numerous screens and frameworks to check their precision and functionality, just as to investigate and fix any mistakes that are found. 

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Normal tasks incorporate composition of code for a program, testing it to ensure that it works, and actualizing it into their organization’s programming structure. Today we shall discuss what are the Database administration salary trends and average salary in Philippines for experienced or advanced workforce and intermediate level. The Philippines average salary trends are quite impressive and discussed in detail below.

Database Administration Salary Trends of Various Cities

What Is Average Salary Of Database Admin In Philippine?This chart clearly depicts that the average salary in Philippines for a database admin is highest in the city of Mandaluyong. Cities like Fort Bonifacio and Pasig are not far too behind.

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Senior Database Administrator Average Salary in Philippines?

The normal compensation for a Database Administrator is Php 43,347 every month in the Philippines. This pay rate has been calculated after analyzing 152 pay rates submitted secretly to Indeed by Database Administrator workers, clients, and collected from over a wide period work commercial on Indeed in the last 12 months.

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Junior Database Administrator Average Salary in Philippines?

The average salary philippines for a Junior Database Administrator is Php 24,912 every month in the Philippines. This pay rate has been calculated after analyzing 96 pay rates submitted secretly to Indeed by Database Administrator workers, clients, and collected from over a wide period work commercial on Indeed in the last 12 months.

Average Salary Philippines with the kind of Work Required in Top Cities

The average salary philippines for database admin profiles of various cities are different because the usual work description of the Database Admin professional is different. Here is an analysis of the three highest paying cities. This analysis will guide you concerning the responsibilities & qualifications of different cities.

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Philippines Average Salary, Mandaluyong

Salary- 578,838 PHP

It is the average database administrator salary philippines in Mandaluyong. We will also discuss skills and qualifications required for this profile.

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  • Monitor database execution and react to issues
  • Monitor execution of planned employments including support plans and reinforcements, and recoup fizzled or coming up short procedures
  • Maintain legitimate capacity of replication through Always on Availability Groups
  • Perform SQL Server establishment and setup as per archived measures
  • Provide peer-audit of establishments and arrangements
  • Perform SQL Server refreshes/fixing and overhauls
  • Document procedures and strategies as required in English
  • Provide help with robotization exercises and SQL content improvement as required
  • Provide help examining database execution dependent on DMVs and information contained in observing devices
  • Provide help examining database server limit and suggestions for future limit prerequisites
  • Ensure classification, honesty, and accessibility of customer information
  • Adhere to all security strategies, procedures, and necessities
  • Provide available to come back to work support for issues with the database server's twilight
  • Provide nightfall support for booked upkeep of windows as is required from time to time

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  • 5+ years of MS SQL DBA experience on Windows Server
  • 3+ years' experience with SQL 2008 or above
  • Experience with SQL 2016 strongly preferred
  • B.Sc. in an IT-related field or proportional IT-related work understanding
  • Extensive involvement with T-SQL questioning and content creation
  • Experience with Always On Availability Groups
  • Experience with SQL Server execution investigation and tuning
  • Previous work as an MSSQL applications DBA including ERP
  • Previous work as an MSSQL designer preferred
  • Experience in an enormous scale facilitating condition preferred
  • Experience with AWS
  • Working knowledge and experience of Windows
  • Experience in a 24X7 creation condition
  • Ability to work with negligible supervision
  • Ability to work in a group environment
  • Good verbal and relational abilities

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Philippines Average Salary, Fort Bonifacio

Salary: 493,334 PHP

It is the average database administrator salary philippines in Fort Bonifacio. We will also discuss skills and qualifications required for this profile.


  • Responsible for actualizing part or the majority of the specialized answer for the customer, as per a concurred specialized structure.
  • Occasionally in charge of giving a point by point specialized structure to big business arrangements.
  • Understands a wide range of organization innovation to give a part of the majority of an itemized specialized structure that meets client necessities.
  • Often drives little to medium specialized activities.
  • Works with and under the course of the Project/Technical Manager and with client selected agents.
  • Liaises with Solutions Architect as fitting.
  • Provides specialized help and contribution to the utilization of innovation to a characterized business portion.
  • Provides counsel on arrangement and reconciliation chances to characterized portions.
  • Provides specialized administration on explicit reconciliation exercises that are a piece of a commitment.
  • Provides arranging and configuration support for the advancement of arrangement designs that will be actualized in a different framework condition.
  • Communicates crosswise over customer network, and is seen as including esteem.
  • Demonstrates the execution of the organization methodology.
  • Contribute to data instruments and networks, and guarantees venture learning are reported and shared.
  • Role models Knowledge sharing and re-use inside training or calling.
  • Proactively energizes enrollment and commitments of others to proficient network — Utilizations callings to meet the pertinent accreditation and expert principles.
  • Produces inside distributed material, for example, learning briefs, administration conveyance unit parts or modules, and so forth.
  • Participates in the selling procedure in C&I and works with deals/principals on pre-deals exercises.

Skills Required

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  • Has adequate profundity and expansiveness of specialized learning to be separately in charge of the structure and extent of expectations inside a field of skill.
  • Has driven small teams in the conveyance of a particular deliverable.
  • Has acted in any event one specialized control with solid learning in at any rate three noteworthy innovation territories.
  • Possesses propelled dimensions of business, specialized, or practical learning.
  • Has the capacity to perform/drive goals of issues on mixes and communications of items.
  • Ability to apply innovation and counseling to take care of a customer business issue.
  • Able to convey and give complex issues affirmation and certainty. Exhibits the utilization of counseling abilities, including addressing, tuning in, thoughts improvement, authorization and affinity, and impacting.
  • Ability to direct/lead oral status/specialized trade gatherings with customers on little to medium estimated commitment.
  • Owns and produces client documentation. Capacity to interpret specialized subtleties into the compact and straightforward composed structure. Capacity to compose significant segments of a proposition record (for example answer explicit RFP questions). Capacity to interpret verbal prerequisites from eye to eye customer gatherings into necessities archives, proclamations of work, and recommendations.
  • Ability to work with a group to give composed reactions to specialized recommendations and reports/documentation for conveyance.

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Philippines Average Salary, Pasig City

Salary: 469,573 PHP 


It is the average database administrator salary philippines in Pasig City. We will also discuss skills and qualifications required for this profile.

  • Introduce and arrange MySQL cases, databases, and replication for ideal execution
  • Provide DBA support over the dev, QA, organizing and generation conditions
  • Perform support and streamlining of value-based databases and huge database information stockrooms to address perpetual issues
  • Automate routine DBA assignments through scripting (Bash, and so on.) or potentially open-source apparatuses
  • Setup checking answers for genius effectively catch, break down and resolve database related issues
  • Ensure that databases frameworks meet security, execution, accessibility, limit and unwavering quality necessities
  • Configure frameworks for high accessibility (HA) and business progression, including reinforcement and recuperation plans.
  • Troubleshoot complex issues with respect to the databases, applications and improvement instruments just as perform complex occurrence, inquiry tuning, and execution observing
  • Ensure that capacity, chronicling, back-up, and recuperation systems are working effectively
  • installation new forms of the database the board framework (DBMS), its apparatuses, and whatever other instruments that entrance the database.

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  • A bachelor's qualification with five years of related work involved in the BPO Industry must-have nature with operational/business measurements.
  • The high dimension of the capability of MySQL, Talend, MS Excel, and Visual Basic, Jasper soft, and Crystal Reports
  • Strong direction over MS Excel
  • Strong logical and deduction abilities
  • Skilled at keeping up numerous activities and reports
  • Excellent relational and communication abilities

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You now know the top salary trends prevailing in the Philippines. Not only this, but you also know about the roles and responsibilities along with the qualifications that are required to get the mentioned Salary package. It is up to you to see what is the best fit for you. If you have any doubts or queries, do let us know.

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